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Sotoa City(Part 2) The Coast, and Storm,



Hey everyone, I'm back and this may be the last update for a while

because I'm going to Brazil for the Summer! Hopefully it will give me a little

inspiration when I come back, anyways if not the next one will be. Here's Sotoa

after a couple days of storms and showers, please enjoy

Oh, replies in the next update, but thanks to the people who commented, I really appreciate it

The beach resorts:


An intersection and bridge leading to the Island of Gardanan:


That looks a bit scary to me:




Also in the news:

the map will be in the next update hopefully

The West Coast Shipping Co. (a shipping Co.) bought a

smaller competitor after gaining more and more profits internationally

Oil profits are down this month with attacks on oil refineries supposively

by the South Vandals (other update)

A new segment: Escilnavia's top 3 updates of the week next update as well

bye hope you enjoyed please comment

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Really nice update. The rain looked good. Realistic landscapes too.
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Nice work on the rain and of course the city looks good. But, the rain will not make for a good beach trip. Enjoy your trip to Brazil... post us some pix so we can see how awesome it is!:ducky:
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it looks pretty good. i like the rain effect. could it be that the water is all plopped?
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@USA Patriot: Thanks man, the rain was photo shopped and I used a different flora then before

@Schulmanator: Thank you, I'll totally take pictures, and probably start a topic on the forum and show you
I may even recreate it. :boggle:. A little ambitious, but it could work our

@Jorge_carrillo: Thanks

@ hijodecorbodobaz: surprisingly, yes, It's my thing to use plop water. I don't like using slope in sim city 4 and
if I make a beach area resort, it would have to be this way

@everyone: thank you

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