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BTT: 26 May 2011

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Hi, 9988. Congratulations - your new CJ made it into the top ten in its first week.

Hi, Simfreak1998. Your CJ has been doing well lately.

Hi, terring. Well, you should be happy this week as all three of the CJs you mentioned climbed this week. And thanks for providing that link for escilnavia.

Hi, escilnavia. terring provided the link for you - this CJ was also linked to from the front page slideshow last week.

Hi, Skimbo. :)


Ben's Top Ten

Dragon Islands Cities knocks Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms off the number one spot in a big jump from the +10. The other re-entry is Alien Worlds at eight. The Island of Okumara and Valles Marineris are new entries at seven and nine, and Slovakia is new at number ten in its first week!

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

Soviet Rust by penguin1634

Republic of Baldur by LastTrueChamp

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

Red River by beebs

Journey through Paengia by paeng

Valiosa by hijodecordoba

My CXL Sketchbook by DCMetro34

Auburn by GreekMan

Auckland & Greater Region by Craig-Abcvs

Inaka Desert by KHRYSTOF

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i've been left out of the loop of this top 10 thing (it's my own fault though lol)...i went back and looked at all the entries and this is the 3rd time Alien Worlds has been in the top 10 and even Arrowhead was in the top 10 four times and I didn't even know it haha!...woohooo :party: congrats to everybody else in the top 10 and +10 too!

p.s. we should all help each other to combat rating abuse if it's happening to your CJ..we can help by giving fair ratings for each entry we view...this rating abuse stuff has been happening to Alien Worlds and even Arrowhead fell victim to it way back in the day when it was first able to be rated back on the old Simtropolis. Of course we all know that the people who do this rating abuse stuff are just jealous of talented CJs..but justice must be served!!!!!!!!!!!!! :read:
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if this rating scale the same at the one in the old section? Is it overal comments and post from the past week?

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