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The Flag of Larna

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Perhaps I should had have to add this topic in the first post, any way, this is the flag of Larna, it represents the People of the Hipanic American United States, mixed bloded of American natives and the Spanish - Portuguese citizens.

The flag is made with the simbols of Aztec simbol of the Eagle fighting the snake, and the Royal coat of arms of the Spanish-Portuguese Empire ruled the first time by Felipe II. King of Spain. In the Midle of the flag a cross symbolises the truth faith that allowed this two cultures to get together in a single people. The white color of the Cross means the purity of the Catholic faith, and the blue color is the color of the holy virgin Mary, who by the faith of spanish people and the Guadalupe fact, got joined this two peoples in a common vision.


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[quote name='escilnavia' timestamp='1306234011']
Very nice, how do you make flags

Well, The coat of arms I got them from Wikipedia, they are the coat of México,and the coat of King Felipe II of Spain. the blue color and the white color are squirts made in Power Point, then I copied the Flag and the coats as a flag into Paint and created a file .jpeg that way is easy.

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