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1 - The Introduction



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  1. 1. Have you ever been in Slovakia?

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So, after the start, we are beginning our journey to the Slovakia. The Capital of the Slovakia is Bratislava, located just near the Vienna, on the far southwest of Slovakia. It is very old city, just near can be found ancient roman forts and settlements. It has been usually most important city in the Slovakia, and very important city in Greater Hungary, where even the empress Maria Theresia was crowned. The most known buildings in the city is the Castle of Bratislava, the New bridge through Danube built in 1960, but with surprisingly futuristic design, or the Cathedral of Saint Martin, what can be also seen on the image below, what has been teaser in previous entry, along with the part of historical city just near the Danube and Castle hill.


Another popular part of Slovakia, as said before, is The High Tatras mountain range. It is very small, only about 200 square kilometers, but it contain hundreds of beautiful sharp mountains and peaks, with endemic fauna and flora, and well known popular ski resorts.


Although the Slovakia is modern country, one of the most modern in central Europe, the sheeps are still traditionally grazed by shepherds in many places on the north of Slovakia, not talking about many traditional craftsmen.


The nature of Slovakia is also beautiful at many places, with many waterfalls, caves, mountain lakes, and rare flora and fauna.


But, as every state, Slovakia has also its darker sides. Dirty industries are polluting villages and nature, criminality is also quite high there, and numerous Roma community lives in cardboard slums or devastated tenements, with ground covered with garbage. Lunik 9 is most known example of this, and it is located only about one mile from ice hockey stadium where the part of world cup was recently held.


Hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed it, please comment! More coming soon.

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As a revelation to me, the more that already at the first screenshot I can see my two tenements taken in BAT. Other photos also great. Waiting for the next presentation and I will follow your actions. Start good. Regards.
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Wow, what a coincidence. I was just in Bratislava not long ago... I took a boat there from Vienna. It was a very beautiful city, I absolutely loved it. I haven't seen any other part of Slovakia though.
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That church seems very simmilar to me, but that picture of the Tatra realy reminds me of Slovakia, I've been in the Tatra at Liptovsky Mikulas (I don't know how to spell it), at least I believe it was in the Tatra because
I remember it of the aquaparc Tartralandia(:blush:). Anyway: great work and keep it on! :thumb:
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[b]The Replies:[/b]
[i]KHRYSTOF: Thanks!
Wiecher:[/i] Slovakia is great place for vacation! Also thanks!

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