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My CXL Sketchbook

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500,000 And Counting

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Hello everyone!!

Samerton: Thanks for commenting each week, Sam! :D

Mithokey: I hate your comment, but since it's so awesome, I like it! :P

Simfreak1998: Thanks Chip, that's saying a lot coming from a SC4 player like you. :)


I promised you some pics of my 500,000 person city that actually showed what the city looked like, and today I have just that. :D

As for the MTA train, progress is slow and steady at this point. When I get one thing to work, something else goes wrong, but that's how it goes, huh? :P It's a real challenge getting some of the textures to line up on the sides, but I'm working on it. ;)

And this is my current version of the MTA train...


I know the border doesn't fit this pic at all.... but I couldn't find a shade of pink that looked right, either. :P


In the upcoming days I will take some more pics, and have a big update with my re-texturing of vehicles!

Until then, take care! :D


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very nice pics dc !
that is amazing how fast you got to a half million already. you havent played that much of this game ! :golly:

your friend, Brian

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[b]GreekMan:[/b] Thanks!
Escilnavia:[/b] Thanks for the comment... and why not?

[b]Schulmanator:[/b] Thanks Schul! :D

[b]Simfreak1998:[/b] Haha, thanks for stopping by Chip. :)

[b]B22rian:[/b] Thanks Brian, glad you like it.

[b]Plane-Crash12000:[/b] Yes, it is; if more people tried it, they would like it. :D Thanks!

[b]Mithokey:[/b] Plenty of room, sure! :)

[b]Samerton:[/b] Thanks Sam! :D

[b]Sumwonyuno:[/b] Thank you very much!

[b]Ccecill:[/b] Thank you for stopping by!

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