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1700 - 1710




Ordinary Sim

Indeed it is fun!

Keep up this CJ at least until the industrial revolution, please!

Yes, i will :P


Esto es la CJ dela Photoshop ?

hehe! no it's really good and your cities are well built.

Danke Schön Herr Eduardo de las Torres :D


Gostei do photoshop velho =D

Obs: Escrever "Queen Elizabeth 1698" no paint não é tão facil quanto parece

É, como naquela época não tinha computador e impressora, escrevi a mão mesmo :P


Great work aging those pictures. Nicely done.

Thank you! :)


Wow!!! Such awesome picture editing and a realistic town, excellent work with the realism! Keep up these fantastic updates!

Thanks, is so good to hear (read) that!


Great work, Paulo!

Thank you Sam! :D

1700 - 1710

It’s founded the first public market, where the farmers and fishermen sell their products, like fruits, greeneries, fish, fleish, sauces, milk, cheese, salami and ham.


The Quarentine and Little Italia neighborhoods starts to grow. The actual population is 57.000 inhabitants.

The city is kind of going down, because of the violence and the dirt on the streets.

With the imigrants coming, thinking that they would get na easy job, they unfortunately got unemployed , and then started to steal. Quarentine is the dangerous neighborhood, the criminals go to Little Italia to steal, from time to time, someone could hide into a ship and go to Queen Elizabeth. But what was really terrifying the city was the murders.


The buildings are getting in a large number, housing a big number of people in a small space, in bad conditions. Those buildings doesn’t have bathrooms, or ventilation, that causes diseases and epidemics.





The yellow fever, that contagious Quarentine, its starting to spread for all the city, because the criminals are going to another neighborhoods.


Small clinic in Little Italia

The first cemetery of the town was constructed.


Saint Bartholomeu Church

The Mayor decided to change the name of the city to New Buckingham, as a referee to the Buckingham Palace, in England, symbol of power. Also, the city is now divided in more neighbourhoods. Now the English part of the city is divided in: Gold, High Land, Industrial District, Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Village.


Enjoy and please comment.


How do you make the photos black and white, it looks really cool
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This is a great journal. I wanted to do this with my journal, but it never really panned out. Great great job!
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