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Sotoa City(Part 1): The Capital, 3 way intersect+ Replies

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Hey guys thanks for all the positive comments, usually I focus on small cities

but today its Sotoa City the largest city in the country. It's lush and green

because all of the Oasis' no desert here :ohyes: I hope you guys like it,

its probably the best large city I've ever made.


Schulamanator: Thanks for noticing, they are both different regions of the country

Archean: Well its kinda hard to tell what they are, There's a way to make bats into

props, I might do a tutorial on it. And a story, I could use some suggestions, besides I'm not a good writer

I use to many commas. The region shot, its weird, when ever I take a region shot it turns out blurry (IDK) :???:and I can't upload it to Image shack

CO2: No, but I'll take it that I need to give my cities more life to them

Here we go, I guess:

A 3 way intersection:


An apartment near the intersection (IDK I thought it looked cool):


In the News:

PSN still down! :angry:

Sotoa opens oil trade to Aurelia (see map on Intro)

Eursea, Sotoas neighbor claims Fuscum Sea as its airspace, Soatoa is angry at

this action.

bye I hope you liked it please leave comments BELOW, Thanks bye

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maybe you can choose another type of tree instead of using mangroves... a capital city must be full of concrete jungles and must be highly urban. This is just a suggestion... ^_^
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