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Hello Fellow Simcity lover.

i discovered simcity way back when. i think i was about 6 and bought sim city 2000.(which i beleive came out in 1996)

i got hooked. and played simcity 2000,3000, and simcity 4 none stop for many years.

about 2 years ago i started working as a cook. and i worked 13-17 hours a day almost every day.

this meant i coulndt find time to play and as time went on i lost interest.

until a week ago. I no longer longer work so much (got F***ed over by my old boss) and i am for the next few weeks on vacation

in a part of Denmark called Thy. i have lots of free time here so i have started playing simcity again.

Im not very good at posting fancy pictures or making fancy headlines or anything like that but i think i am pretty good at playing simcity. although i most say from looking at other city journals it looks like costum buildings and modding has come very far in the last two years.

This City journal is about my rediscovery of sim city. about how my style of building and eye for detail will develop as i begin playing again.

i am very bad a spelling in danish and english so you will have to bear with me if i cant figure out how to spell some things.

To start with i will post a few picture from my old cities. just to give you a taste of my SimCity style.

First is the city of New Wals. One of my biggest cities. Its european and very wall to wall.newwals19aug75126503942.png




And then from another city called Belfast. Its not as big. but much greener. also european. i only make european style.





Hope you all liked it.

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