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The Soviet Navy

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The Navy.

Isn't it simply glorious?

If it wasn't for the Kronstadt sailors during the October Revolution, the mighty Soviet Empire would never exist.

At this isolated Soviet naval base, all kinds of activity is to be found.


At these docks, patrol boats are stationed, waiting to be deployed to keep the Soviet seas clear of imperialist invaders.


Soviet submarines wait patiently nearby the patrol boats, resting before another long Baltic swim.


Of course, the Soviet Navy needs to stay updated! That's why drydocks are close by, used to repair and build new ships.


Here, fuel tanks hold large amounts of oil and gasoline to power the great fleet. (Sorry for the English words, didn't have enough time to 'shop them out.)


At these marine foundries and storage facilities, all kinds of parts and materials are stored and produced in order to keep the fleet ready for battle at any time.





P.S. Sorry for some of the English words. I didn't have enough time this week to Photoshop (or in my case 'GIMP) them out.



DCMetro34: Thank you my good friend!

Schulmanator: I try to go for a dirty, gritty look for each entry. Thank you for the compliments!

TekindusT: Thanks! Glad you like it so much! If you want them, they're all here on the LEX.

hetiomat: Thank you!

Benedict: Thank you for the compliments! I'm just trying to go for something new, I guess!


usfighter15: Thank you! I'm sure that they are trained like this, though. After all, all the signs and such on the lots featured are in English.

Mithrik: Thanks! I was really excited when I found them all. I had no clue they existed, but they sure are sweet. I'm thinking on doing a whole series on the Soviet Military, so stay tuned.

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Thank you so much for offering us this kind of updates... I've never been into military stuff (boty in RL nor in SC4) but this update could make me change my mind...
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Excellent job, as on all of the work you have done to this journal!

How about doing a Soviet Air Force? I have some MiG and an Sukhoi models finished and if you want, I can send you copies of them.
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