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The Other Half

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Once again, thanks for your comments!! This'll be a pretty short update.

Rock Creek was once home to plenty of public and subsidized housing, part of LBJ's Great Society. Much of this has been demolished

recently as part of "community development" programs, and replaced with barren grass fields. Those displaced by these demolitions

have either moved out to the county or set up vagrant communities such as this one.


And here's my 1st attempt at a mosaic, centered on the South Rock Creek neighborhood of Edmonson. Notice the burned out building

at top and the hydroxide tanks facing the county jail


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Um, those trees on the last photo at the bottom, where did you get them from, and if they're simfox's pecan trees, how do you get them to work, because i downloaded the DAT file, but it doesn't appear in trees? Help. Anyway, this city is really amazing and inspiring.

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You've really managed to capture the feel and resentment of a gritty industrial city. The Maxis Hwy works, a rarity in SimCity, over the RHW.

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That is beautiful. Really. And how the roads are so creative and the trees are amazing

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Really great work. I love the mix between the rowhouses, industrial buildings, and fast food joints. However, I think the city could gain an extra wrinkle of grittiness if you incorporated some of the large housing projects. Marcszar has a bunch of New York styled housing project BATs on the LEX that would look great in a run-down city like this one.

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