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Ephraim, Australia

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Ephraim Transportation Authority (ETA)

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Since i have last updated the Intro to this, Ephraim has grown quite large, to a total population of just about 500,000.

Like with any large city, and rapidly growing one at that, there were transpiration issues. The freeways and roadways in the city were getting just a bit to crowded, and the citizens demanded an alternative. Shortly after, the ETA (Ephraim Transportation Authority) was born. The ETA first established a large fleet of hybrid metro buses and taxis. Not much later the ETA-MSE (Ephraim Transportation Authority- Monorail System of Ephraim) branch was formed to bring a new form of Rapid Transit to the city, the monorail. At the current time the monorail serves only the central city of Ephraim, and a couple of closer suburbs. The MSE is currently in the works of creating the world's largest monorail system.


Some ETA-MSE Trains operating


An ETA Bus station


A newer ETA Monorail station, with ETA Bus stations.


Older standard ETA Monorail station


Another ETA-MSE Train operating

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Monorail is a very underused part of SC4, I am glad you had an update featuring it! :)

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I thought the very same way. In all of my other cities, i used the elevated rail. But in Ephraim here i decided to use the monorail because the city's focus was clean and modern, and this monorail fits that.

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I agree with DC---glad to see someone using Monorail. You may want to consider using a monorail skin to add some differences with your trains. :)

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