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Fall of The Caesar

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Year 311. The Monarchistic system finally fell.


But this was issued more than two weeks after the defeat of the Rome. Just near the city, people were living serene, peaceful life,

as farmers or craftsmens. Just near rome, many villages were founded by the soldiers. But city walls were almost impenetrable, and

rebels don't wanted to destroy this magnificent work of architecture. Due to lack of food, Rome will fall soon.


The famous roman roads were full of wandering farmers or soldiers, walking just near fisherman's houses or nearby brewery.


But still, new and new Caesar's soldiers were marching to the rome, to fight the rebels. All of them either joined the forces, rout

after the fight, or were killed.


And finally, one nice day, Rome surrendered. Thousands of soldiers and brave revolutionarists marched to the city, and exiled the Caesar

to the northern lands. The Republic was announced. The new age begun.


Manifestations lasted for weeks. The Imperial Monarchy ended. The second Roman Republic was there.


And, the new High Consul was voted instead of the Emperor. Because the Imperial system has many positives, the Consul's power was only a

bit less than power of past emperors. But there was democracy again. The High Consul's palace was build in the Optimia, and for that it

finally had become more important that Rome.


This time, more and more ships sailed and landed at the coast of Terra Nova. Many large settlements and colonies were founded there, and

Romans begun trading with the Maya.


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Nicely done. And a dramatic new age begins. Where is the Caesar going? And will he be back to fight for what was his? Only time will tell...
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