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BTT: 5 May 2011

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Hi, simfreak1998. And you're one step up this week.

Hi, 998. I don't choose the Top Ten +10. I enter data into a formula which gives a score each week for every CJ in which there was activity (updates and/or non-author replies), then rank the CJs. The scores of the previous 3 weeks also count a little bit towards the score.

Hi, penguin1634. I don't reveal the entire formula. You'll just have to trust me that it is based on objective data, and fair for all CJs.

Hi, simfreak 1998. See above comments.


Ben's Top Ten

Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms stays at number one this week. Al Jakkab Emirate,in it's first week out of the blocks, and Soviet Rust are new, and Schulmania and Republic of Llithustania are back.

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

San Pedro & Mesias by panthersimcity4

New Chandler 2.0 by k50dude

Corsica by Yan077

Urland by Nardo69

Hong Kong 2.0 by TowerDude

Schellingen Stadt by mrtnrln

United Kingdom of Cattala by Thomaskrules

Berlin by peterycristi

Rock Creek City by jacksunny

Republic of Baldur by LastTrueChamp

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There's outstanding stuff this year on the BTT. It's only a matter of time (and updates) to see the new Berlin there...

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