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Trip to the Barbarian Lands

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The Barbarian lands are changing...


Also, why don't take this trip? At first, we will go to the harbor, we will get on the board of the ship what will sail to the Britannia,

and finally, we will start our long sail to the Germania. After two weeks, we will finally reach the land, the coast of the Britannia.


The forests there are truly beautiful, with many wild animals and flowers, and massive trees. The true wilderness.


The major part of the Britannia is covered by dense forests. But, the Britannia is also known for its terrible climate,

mostly windy, foggy and rainy. But, this is also making it so unique.


People there are mostly friendly, and they built many small villages in the dense forests. There are not many large cities in Britannia,

largest being Londinium. All of them are on the south and are built in roman style.


But, the Pagan gods and entities are still worshipped there, along with trees and nature. The forests are so untouched because

the native barbarians consider them truly sacred places.


The old civilisations there built many huge shrines for the gods of nature, also serving as burial areas. Most of them canbe found

in the northern part of th Britannia.


Finally, we will visit the Ireland, island on the west of the Britannia, known for his stone walls from ancient times.


Our trip to the Britannia finished. Hope you had great time.


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I love those medieval hutts, but could you make the pictures a bit lighter, I couldn't see some of the pictures but
great job
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Interesting work, quite unique!! I suggest trying to keep your pictures in JPG format, they load a lot faster than PNG. :)
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[b]escilnavia[/b]: Thanks, pictures were easily viewable on my Laptop, maybe you should only increase lightness, this should solve it.
[b]Mikeaut1[/b]: Okay, I will try to keep them in JPG. Also, thanks!

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