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The Teotihuacan

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Year 309. Romans founded many settlements along the coast of Terra Nova, and they started massive quest to the west inlands.

My Map of coastal areas of Terra Nova can be seen there, with main villages, rivers and settlements there.


Just near the first large mayan city, they found rock altar on the big hill. Rock altar with human bones and skulls inside...


But, that were last signs of culture in that area, area close to the coast. So, they sterted to explore and march to the far

away west areas. After days of march in wet and hot jungle, after hundreds of miles, they finally found houses and people.

But this was something another. There was truly massive amount of houses. They reached massive city.


They entered the mighty mayan capital city. The Teotihuacan.


They soon entered inner parts of the city, full of stone temples and priests.


But, they still don't reached the true center of the city. The square just near the pyramide larger than these in egypt, was full

of sacrificed dead bodies. These people were brutal.


But the Pyramide of Sol was amazing. Outstanding work of architecture, what was probably built by very advanced civilisation.

Although it was build for pagan, barbaric purpose.


This time, many battles were fought around rome, thousands of men died, but nobody still won... For Now.

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Incredible. Firstly you've shown us great Roman settlements, and now you continue to impress by taking the Romans overseas to this amazing Mayan city.. I'm lost for words, really..
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[b]heitomat[/b]: Thanks! Also, in entries before, Romans also explored China, Germania, The Terra Palmis(remnants of Atlantis), and The Persia, if you don't read them yet. And there will be even more!

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