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Isla Imperialea

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Late Year 308. Things are changing...


The city of The Optimia Magna is much bigger than one may think. Many areas haven't been introduced yet.

One of them is one of the most beautiful areas in the Optimia, the Isla Imperialea. It is located about

three miles off the coast of the Optimia.

It is quite small island, only about one mile in diameter, but it is full of beautiful houses, trees, parks, and

gardens. At first, we will look on the Grand Lighthouse of Optimia, what is also located there.


The coast of island is very rocky, with small harbor, and many patrician ships what are sailing around.


The Major city on the island is built on rapid slope, what is also making it so wonderful for romans. Trees

and gardens surround all buildings.


The island was long time autonomous, but, because Optimia was growing rapidly, it became part of the city

in year 239.


Another part of the city is located just near the shore. Every month, famous market is held there,

although much less famous than The Grand Market of Optimia.


At the higher areas of the island inlands are present mansions of the richest patricians in the whole city,

surrounded by natural areas and trees. Many of these mansions belong to the military generals and legates.


The Isla Imperialea, maybe not big, is really worth visiting.

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I'll gladly visit Imperialea over and over again. Beautiful pictures, and the story is excellent as well. I really get the sense of the Roman age, the feel of Optimia.. everything! Great work.
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[b]heitomat[/b]: Really thanks!

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