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Update 26 | Nanjing - Southside, and Tanjing.




Well, welcome back everybody, followers, newcomers, friends. :)

We're back in Nanjing today, but we'll be taking a tour of the Southside and Tanjing Districts.

Tanjing is mainly a low-income neighborhood, but there are also some medium and high-wealth condos and such here as well. The low-income houses are so smooshed together, some of the houses press against each other. It's a rainy day today! :)


Nanjing is known not only as a major business and cultural center, but it's also known as the fishing capital of the world, because the city is home to over 400 major fishing companies and also a mass amount of people work as fishers by their self.


As an east asian type country, Astey and Nanjing are susceptible to typhoons also known as cyclones or hurricanes and also kamikaze. :)


The season lasts for months, in unlucky years there is multiple major typhoons.


But, always remember there is a bright tomorrow, and there's always time to party! :P


Thank you for viewing, I encourage you to comment, and also rate! :) Tell your friends too!

I love critique so please give me some. :)

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i like the shore scene on the 2nd pic. those nightlights are really nice. what seems a bit strange are the almost empty street. maybe adding something thats evokes the felling of a lively town would be nice. superb photoshopping btw :thumb:
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Nice photoshopping, I didn't realise the Hyundai building in that last shot was actually edited in. You could use a monorail skin though :whatevs:
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Nice City! It reminds me of my hometown of Manila as well as various Southeast Asian cities... I love your typhoon season look, even though it reminds me of flying rooftops and uprooted trees... :D Can't wait to go back to Manila... Thanks simfreak1998!
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uhm... i've been trying to find those little houses you have for your suburbs... could you tell me what and where i can get it?
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