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Exploration of Terra Nova

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The same time when rebel forces besieged rome, most of other ships reached the coast of

Terra Nova, with many Roman camps and settlements. Over three thousands of explorers and soldiers

were now ready for beginning of the grand journey to the unknown, massive Terra Nova, the New World.


After that, more than three hundred of explorers, including "Emperor" Primus were now marching further

to the inlands, to the wild and unknown rainforests.


They saw rock plateaus rising from the trees, huge rivers, unknown, rare, beautiful or dangerous fauna

and flora, and many other things.


After few hours, they reached small village deep in rainforest. It was inhabited, but the natives spoke

totally unknown language, so they let them alone.


But, next day, they found something much more interesting. Temples and towers built before centuries,

still standing, surrounded by huge trees. Once there was very advanced culture, and maybe it is still there somewhere.


But, the culture was much closer than they expected. Short time after that, they found much more wooden houses

with farms, with hundreds of natives, and when they came out of the rainforest, they were truly amazed. Massive

temples from stone, still standing. The Terra Nova, The New World, was inhabited by advanced culture...


As a bonus, I present you the first map of the Optimia. Hand-drawn, of course!


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[b]Coppertown2[/b]: Thanks, it took me about one hour.
[b]sharp_shooter[/b]: Also thank you, I will keep it updated!
[b]DCMetro34[/b]: Really? Thank you very much! I will continue, of course!

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[b]Mikeaut1[/b]: Thanks, my mayor mode flora section contains almost every rock, grass, bush or tree in ST.

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