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The arrival - a place to stay

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First Update: The Arrival - a place to stay


~ Puh, what a travel! I thought this train will never arrive! But well, here we are. Berlin, our final destination! And here is my surprise for you: As this is just an MD and life in here doesn't cost anything, i thought, why don't invite you guys to the best adress of the capital!? So i booked rooms for all of us in the first adress on Pariser Platz, just next to the Brandenburg Gate; The worldfamous Hotel Lorenz Adlon!~


~ This Hotel open it's doors in 1907 and during the years it became a institution and has seen all the famous names of it's time. Marlene Dietrich, Albert Einstein, Charly Chaplin! They all were here and enjoyed the luxurious ambient of this great place to stay. Unfortunatelly it was destroyed by a fire four days after the end of WW2, after passing the war nearly undestroyed. The ruins were broken down by GDR-authorities in the 80's. Today in it's place is a modern interpretation of the historic building and again the famous and beautifull prefer to stay in the Adlon. But that won't interest us so much, let's enjoy our stay in the historic building!~


~ I organized for us a room with a beautifull view on the busy Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. So all the time you can enjoy the busy and roaring life of the capital. But now, i am really a bit hungry after traveling by train for so much hours. Let's see, what they got in the hotel's restaurant...~


~ That really was delicious! And the wine... my god! Well on my way back to our room you won't believe who i saw just sitting in the lobby giving tip to a hotel boy! It was Thomas Mann, the famous writer! Really, i'm completelly sure! This must really be the best place to stay in Berlin.~


~ Well folks, thats all for today. I hope you enjoyed our first evening in Berlin. Let's have a rest and tomorrow we'll have a look around on Pariser Platz. Can't wait to see the Brandenburg Gate!~

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