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The Civil revolts part II

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Year 308. And rebels are getting closer to the Rome.


Every day, the army was closer and closer...


Finally, they entered northern part of apeninian peninsula, known for its huge farms. Their army was now

counting more than 18.000 soldiers.


But, the farms were also full of needed food and weapons. Farmers joined the rebels with gratitude, and

burned the old farms. They now had enough food to easily reach Rome, but only in the perfect conditions.


This time, the roman army was marching through the forests on the south of alps, and they were now only few

miles near the rebel army. They passed small bridge through the river, and prepared for upcoming battle.


When they finally met, great battle begun. But, roman army was outnumbered, with two times less soldiers. But,

they fought for the Empire, for the future. The Gladiators and rebels were well armed, but not skilled.


But, infortunately for the roman army, the rebels started large forest firest behind roman army using flaming arrows.

Romans in back lines were forced to escape or attack from sides, and there they were killed. Rebels won, and new army was expected to reach this area after more than one week. Septimus Flavius was happy. The Rome will fall...


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