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The Fallout

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A major riot was started in central Palisades when protesters started throwing garbage at President Verdebaum when he was visiting the Town Hall regarding safety issues. Verdebaum managed to escape in his motorcade, and he had the police arrested all of the protesters. Palisidians were outraged with their leader. Shops were being looted and violent crimes were committed.


To control the population, Verdebaum created a military base just outside of Palisades


Later that month, after nearly all of the Palisidians had turned against Verdebaum, a drastic decision was made by verdebaum.

The Palisidians had heard something in the distance. They all stopped for a minute, to see a formation of jets flyign directly over the city.


Seconds later, a bomb was dropped in the center of downtown


Within minutes, all Palisidians were taking cover. Bombs were falling right and left


Even through the night. Verdebaum would not show any mercy to the city of Palisades.


Fire erupted throughout the city, and nearly all of Palisades was engulfed in flame


All of the citzens have either fled the city, or were killed on this tragic day


No one remained in Palisades. When asked for a reson for bombing Palisades, Verdebaum blamed it on the lie that the Palisidians were plannign to attack other parts of the Republic. Citizens believed him, and thought he had made the right decision. They will never know how corrupt their leader really is.


Sorry for the abrupt ending everyone. This was just a test city for me, but dont worry, there will be more well-planned and more interesting cities on the way. Thanks for Follwing Palisades!

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[quote name='Schulmanator' timestamp='1304249464']
Wow... that leader was a real jerk!

Yes he was! maybe it was a bit too drastic of him :evil:

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[quote]Yes he was! maybe it was a bit too drastic of him :evil:[/quote]

Yeah, and specially because he used, NUCLEAR BOMBS!

By the way, again, use Photobucket or Imageshack instead of attachments.

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