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Update 25 | Replies

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Wow, just, thanks to everyone who commented on my last update! That meant so much! :) I've decided that since I had over 30 comments, that I will dedicate an entry to answering your questions, and expressing my gratitude! :) Again, thanks, and please comment like that next time! :)

Marsh: Thanks, the lights turned out pretty good didn't they?

Mithokey: Hey Mike, Thanks for commenting, and I wish I was #1!

EmperorDaniel: Thanks, it was fun to make.

Prens: Super dooper mega ultra awesome? Thanks

Mikeaut1: Thanks, it took a while.

Bigro: Ha, we can always trust your senses, huh?

Simmaster07: Yeah, that was a lot of photoshopping and the small stuff counts when it comes to making a city look alive.

Juxydizzer: Thanks, it's one of the longest I've made.

Thomas: Thanks! :) I love Cattala(see I spelled it right that time!) too

Samerton: Thanks, like I said, it took a lot of work! :

Reaper88: Reapy! :P Thanks for commenting!

Ringo99: Thanks :D

PantherSimCity4: Thanks, the reflections are my favorite part!

TowerDude: Thanks! Btw, your Hong Kong recreation is amazing too!

Brian: Thanks, I was hoping they would!

Simmytu: Thank you so much for commenting!

Evillions: Awh, thanks, that's a great person to be compared to, and I'm not worthy.. :blush:

Sc4Playar: Thanks, the reflections are great additions to any city, I think.

hijodecordoba: Thanks. :)

DC: Thanks, bud. :)

Meister: Thanks! I think this is the best city or one of the best, I have ever made.

Roberto Robato: Thanks, Gosh, you even noticed that, thank you for looking that close, I was hoping someone would notice all the ads.

2b2gbi: Thanks, Jon. :)

111222333444: :D Thanks! :D

TudorJason: Sure:





I hope that helps!

TimEpke15: dum... dum.... dum di dum... *hums*

IceMan: Thanks, actually, that was what I was going for, that Shanghai'ish, Hong Kong'ish feel.

Romatitov: Yes, it's just a lot of Custom stuff off of this site and sc4devotion, as well as a VERY LARGE amount of photoshopping!

samdebakker10: Thanks for the critique, I'll work on that next time for you. :)

LolloLallo: You can't download the reflections, I made them using GIMP, a program like photoshop, and here are the seawalls: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=112

ClampDude01: Awh, we can both be your favorites, how about that? :) I don't want to steal marsh's followers. Thank you very much though :)

Nick96St: I'm not sure I understand? They're just hte NAM overpasses. :) Thanks for commenting :)

Cesarisaias95: Thanks! I think there's some people that play the game and enjoy it, but there's also some of us that use the game more as a canvas! :)

Again, Thank you AAAALLLL for commenting! :) I hope you follow me and my city journal and also comment on my coming updates! :)

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