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The Optimia Magna

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The Civil Revolts

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The center of these riots was in The Optimia. At first, plebeian rebels marched to the Imperial Optimian Senate,

and occupied whole forum. Most of senators escaped and left the city, and rest of them joined the rebels. Their

goal was to get rid of the emperor, and revive the Roman Republic. The greatest revolution in roman history was beginning...


The rebels occupied all major squares in Optimia. Fortunately, everyday life of other citizens don't changed greatly.

They were only bothered by omnipresent screaming rebels, what were marching through the streets. Over 200.000 rebels,

just in Optimia.


The riots continued, and first fires caused by rebels appeared.


The roman soldiers who were currently in the city immediately attacked the rebels. But, they were extemely outnumbered,

and most of the soldiers joined the rebels. Rest of them either escaped or died.


But, the greatest threat was only coming. The rebels reached the arena, and freed all gladiators and slaves who worked there.

Over two hundred of gladiators, and thousands of swords and shields. As before more than 350 years, with hundreds of rebels they started their

march out of the city, to prepare for further situations and for future...


Fortunately, most of riots stopped, and rest of rebels ceased to burn buildings and kill people. There was starting another nice

day in Optimia. Rebel leader Septimus Flavius was now consul of the Optimia. Consul of the Republic of Optimia. Riots still

continued in another cities, but in the eastern areas they were stopped by roman legions. This time, the gladiators with hundreds

of rebels, and many of other rebels and villagers joining them every day, started their long march to the west, to bring revolution to other parts of the empire, and truly estabilish new republic in the whole empire...

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[b]Escilnavia[/b]: And it was truly big riot! As in most of other entries, I made lots with people and soldiers.

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