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Set Sail!

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Year 305. Antonius Flavius Caesar died peacefully...


He was truly one of the greatest men in the roman history. He truly changed the history,

and will be memored for ages. He was buried just near his magnificent statue, on the Mount Optimia.


But, his death didn't change everyday life in the Roman Empire. His heir Primus Augustus was just

noble and wise man, who will lead The Roman Empire to its Golden age...

This time, hundreds of ships in the Atlantica City harbor were preparing for the greatest quest

in the roman history. The Quest to the new world. Led by the Primus Caesar, one nice day, the

ships started their sail to the wild, faraway west.


After few weeks later, the polaris star finally disappeared, star signs were truly another, climate

begun to be much more warm. The romans were now much more south than expected Terran Rim. And it was

finally proven - world is probably round. And, they reached first land after many weeks.

It was small island, with many species of unknown palms, plants and animals. It was named Isla Palma.

It was land unknown to roman explorers, but they found there also settlement.

Roman settlement. But, according to the letters found there, all of its inhabitants returned back to

the Atlantis. Or they died in the deadly sea storm.




And, after short presence there, they finally set sail, and started the journey to the New World...


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