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Grain makes bread.

And in the Soviet Empire, everyone lives off of bread, so one can imagine how important grain is to the Soviet Union.

Grain is so important, the tool used to collect it is found on the Soviet flag: the sickle.

The grain in question starts in a rather uninteresting place: A soviet collectivized farm.


These farms require plenty of labor, and nearby a small town exists, with two small tenements to provide the workers for the people's farms.


Here, the people's grain is turned into flour, and then into bread for the glorious Soviet citizens to eat.


There's a dirty little secret, however, the Supreme Soviet doesn't want Russia to know. That's that lots of the grain, vast amounts of it in fact, are imported because of bad crop yields. Luckily, the Soviet government can do this thanks to the also vast riches provided by oil wealth. Even a communist regime needs capitalist financial resources.


Eventually, the bread and flour end up in soviet food stores, to be handed out to the peasants.



I'd just like to say that I am trying some new formats out for size. You might have noticed I chose an actual soviet propaganda poster for my header. I think I'll be doing this for the next entries too!

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This city journal never ceases to amaze me, excellent attention to detail as always, really nice use of custom content, and I love your verbage throughout all of your updates!! Unique style and great picture editing!! :)
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This CJ is relevant to my interests. Every time I see anew CJ like it pop up, it makes me want to go back and finish some of my cities. One of these days I'll get back to it! I'm sure My predecessors like El Burro had the same kind of feelings about my CJ.

I like where you are going with this. What really helped me improve was working from real soviet era layouts and planning (google maps ;) ). Getting the style correct really amplifies the atmosphere of the scene and is certainly more satisfying to a perfectionist like me :P

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[b]Mikeaut1:[/b] Thanks! I know that the Soviet style has been used before, but I wanted to put some more grit and story into it.
Benedict:[/b] Thank you! *cough*BTT*cough*. Haha just kidding.

[b]Pan Gierek:[/b] Just plain old SPAM! Nice, isn't it?

[b]SimHoTToDDy: [/b]Thank you so much. That really means alot coming from you, the Soviet CJ King!

Next entry: Patriotism

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