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Imperial Command Centre - Post 2006

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So we now move onto to Imperial Command Centre post 2006.

From here you will see my oldest and largest city tile evolve into what she is today - but first a recap.


This is Imperial Command Centre in 2006, after the last of the Rush Hour Transition was complete - however we now move to the 2006-2009 period where the city at a fundamental level would change.

Hope you have photographic memories as this will be more picture then text laden! :boggle::party::thumb:


Right lets test those memories


The South East ^^^^^^ (CBD, The Hub and Downtown)


The North East ^^^^^^ (Wiri)


The North West ^^^^^^ (Imperial Space Centre and Industrial District, plus Imperial Mesa and North Lake)


The South West ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Main Connection to Auckland and South Solaria are here)


And finally the South ^^^^^^^

If you take a look between the South shot above (the real historic shot above that) and the next picture below (2011), you can try and fathom the huge changes Imperial Command Centre has undergone over a four year period.


The question is, What is the Power that produces this change. And do real life cities go through such massive transformations and Imperial Command Centre.

Also a feat in itself was turning IPC from a little dirt town of 2000 peeps and farms to a megalopolis of 1.4 million (the picture above is already obsolete, and from a car centric city to a walking/mass transit dominated city!

Right, that is all I'll post for now

I'll add another sub entry to this one some time later on.

But first lunch :blush:

Oh and make your own stories out of the pictures above, I am not going to write essays on each one :nyah:

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