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BTT: 21 April 2011

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Hi, Adooxx. Thanks for your comment.

Hi, TekindusT. You moved up this week...

Hi, hijodecordoba. Glad you like it. I am always interested to see the differences between the 2 CJ areas.

Hi, Efkin. Glad you like it.

Hi, Evillions. Your CJ was actually in Ben's Top Ten earlier ;)


Ben's Top Ten

There's a new number one - the City of Elveng bounces up from the +10 straight to the top! Not much change this week, with one re-entry at number 7 for Republic of Insulo.

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

Hong Kong 2.0 by TowerDude

Aydina by blue lightning

New Buckingham by Paulobergonci

Soviet Rust by penguin1634

Jùxing chéngshì by TowerDude

New York Manhattan by TimEmpke15

San Pedro & Mesias by panthersimcity4

Victoria County by heitomat

Republic of Llithustania by huston

United Kingdom of Cattala by Thomaskrules

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I'd better go read Glenni's new CJ then, if it's jumped up to the No. 1 spot already!
Hopefully Cattala can climb up the chart again with a couple of good updates I've got planned... I don't want to fall out of the +10! :noway:

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