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Relly, the new megapolis

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With this stats begin Relly's history, surrounded by Bilbory and Macey this area is only claimed by the industry, and the industri is the first habitant, it began as I-M but quickly the area become a wasteland for the powerfull neigbours.


At the beggining there weren't too many habitants, dirty jobs and too less opportunities but with the time more and more people come to the city.


But one day the mayor say "enough!", and tired of being the dump of the region and before strong taxes to the dirty indutry and better health and educational systems the IT industry come to the city. But not only the industry, a risky and expensive proyect: the Taipei 101. Maybe too big but a bet to become Relly into a great comercial area.


And slowly but surely the city keep growing, a new football staduim, a flamant Guggenheim musseum ans even a little but preffy artificial water area apeared into the city, making this old industrial city into a better place to live.


With all these "upgrades", more and more people come to live to Relly and bigger companies come to the city building impressive skycrappers everywhere.


And finnaly Pelly peaked with one million inhabitants living inside the city limits, becoming really bigger than Bilbory and Maecy, crowed by skycrappers and HT industries.



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