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Welcome to the Historic City of Selam

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Yohannes Mengsteab


Welcome to Selam, the Historic Core City of L'Érythreé. It is by far the oldest city in the province, thus a very popular tourist attraction. Selam began life around the sea trade, benefiting from having the largest amount of land and having the Peace River, or what the locals call Mai Selam, run through the heart of it (this is where it got its name). It, therefore, has the least amount of land reclamation and buildings built atop water.


Unlike, the capital, Ioannes, the municipal government is very keen on limiting new land development, and the condemnation of buildings in Selam. It is not unusual, and perhaps very common, for the government to force land developers to keep the old facades of building in development, often leaving empty shells of these building during construction and keeping the city sheltered from tall modern skyscrapers. With limited development space, residential and commercial demand rapidly accumulated to extreme levels. Sometimes tourists actually outnumber the locals in the city and often stay in hotels outside the city. This has caused Selam to be the most expensive city of L'Érythrée as well as house the largest high income population in the province. There have been negative effects of this, the high demand has often forced the locals to move out in large numbers to either Ioannes or Beraki.


The strict development rules however, have kept Selam beautiful. It is truly a stunning city with a beautiful city squares, stunning pedestrian walkways, and fantastic architecture.

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