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Welcome to the Capital of Ioannes.

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Yohannes Mengsteab


Welcome to the Ioannes, the Capital of the L'Érythreé.

Ioannes was originally founded as a city on a small and very closely linked group of islands in a heavily trafficed sea. However, as the city developed, land was at great premium. This forced the municipal governments of Ioannes to adapt by reclaiming land. The governance of Ioannes was marveled at as the city was known for its ability to quickly adapt to socio-economic factors that it faced. At this time, with the aid of the development of a sturdy industrial base fully equiped with seaports, the population of Ioannes exploded and quickly began to become a very important financial hub.

Selam was historically the older and more important city, holding the occupancy of capital of the province. As Ioannes grew in importance, especially commercially, the capital was moved to and firmly established in this fine city from Selam, whose municipal government refused to destroy its historic buildings and adapt to meet its rapidly increasing demand. As as result it is the most heavily populated and has the largest financial district in the province.


One of the major criticisms of the municipal government of Ioannes were its willingness to replace several of its historic buildings and bridges, with glistening skyscrapers and dull bridges designed for heavy use to keep up with its rapidly escalating demand. Ioannes once hosted the largest assortment of small bridges,and public squares found in the country. It now houses several skyscrapers and modern buildings that overlook what is left of the historical district.


Now before you start thinking that its all work in Ioannes, Ioannes is a very popular tourist destination with an entire section of the city designed specifically for entertainment. It houses many beaches, a pier with regularly changing vendors, cruise ship, and a resort island with Teren (minority ethnic group found in L'Érythreé) inspired architecture.

Iohannes is a relatively major city in this particular region of the world: a financial hub and a very important high tech industry base.

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