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Welcome to Rock Creek City, an east coast town founded in the late 18th century along the Potomac river. Once an economic powerhouse,

Rock Creek is now struggling to survive as its industry moves overseas and its populace flee to the suburbs.


Most of Rock Creek's jobs are still in manufacturing and petrochemicals, which receives hefty subsidies to stay in the city. Yet even

then, many thousands of jobs are lost each year to competition from East Asia. The companies that remain often skimp worker safety to

remain competitive.


The city itself is checkered with vacant areas and parking lots,surrounded by neighborhoods of dilapidated row-homes


During the building boom of the 50's several speculative highway's were constructed through the city, and now sit largely unused apart

from light rush-hour traffic


Downtown Rock Creek is still a vital center of commerce, though many of its office buildings are now vacant



Nice work, it's kind of ghostly seeing how half the city's buildings are vacant!! But it adds to the uniqueness and quality of your city journal, excellent start and keep up the great work! :thumb:
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Very nice!!!:thumb:
There appears to be trees growing through the Elevated Rail though. It would be better if they were just along the sides.

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reminds me of so many towns in pennsylvania and southern jersey i've drive through on occasion. nice work!

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