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I like your style!

Perhaps you should look at some areal images of real cities so you can get the layout perfected more. Usually the lots are pretty big when looking at soviet era micro-districts, so I had to lot a few things myself. Well worth the effort though!

Makes me want to post an update of my CJ.

Cheers buddy,

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I'll do that, Todd, this is only a 'pilot project' :))) I certainly do need extra space for these big buildings, as I said, this city has one goal: supply the neighbors with electricity. Btw, I would be thankful if you gave me some link for avenue and road roundabout fillers and some diagonal grass and pavement fillers. I can't zone the land every time I want pavement to appear on diagonal roads, maybe I want to plop something right there... Thnx again 4 comment. :)

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Mike, I was not so patient with the trees...but I tried not to make them a negative contribute to city's beautification... 8) now I'll take a bigger piece of land so I can build the old city center, suburbs, river/sea ports... Also I need to download some new stuff for my airports...

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Bane, za sledeci update se potrudi da se ovaj meni ne vidi (znas da mozes da kliknes na onaj minus u donjem levom uglu i tako ga sakrijes). Imas divne savete i ovde u omnibusu, a i na sc4devotion koji su jako korisni. Drzim ti fige!
Od ostalih saveta, razmisli o naslovima koje koristis za svaku pricu. Vise su to tvoji komentari koje mozes da ukljucis u telo update-a. ;)

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mogao bih stvarno taj meni da sakrijem... :]
sad cu da pogledam savete, pokusacu da se nateram na citanje :cry:
hvala, Vlasky, nadam se da cu naci savete za gradnju RH puteva, nikako mi se ne dopadaju, puno mesta zauzimaju... :/
Vlasky likes this

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