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Soviet Rust

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A Rusted Machine





Rust is everywhere in Soviet Russia.

Why, Communism itself is a rusty machine.

Rust covers the pistons, pipes, and tanks at the oil refinery.


Rust covers the shipping containers and oil drums at the seaport nearby.


Rust even covers the nuclear reactors near the highway. That same type of reactor melted down in Pripyat.


Why, rust even covers the surfaces of the concrete tenements that line the dirty streets in town. The people are tired of rust. They want to live in a world without it.


Mother Russia herself is rusted. Maybe that could be viewed as symbolic, who knows.


There isn't as much rust covering the Soviet Department of Energy headquarters. It occupies the top floors of the building. How ironic, as most of the plants it manages are covered in it.



Rust covers the bars on the windows on these concrete monuments to Communism. The people inside are trapped.


Trapped by rust.



Trapped by a rusty machine.


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Wow an awesome re-creation of Soviet Russia!! I love how dark and dismal your pictures look, I really get the feeling like I'm standing in a ghost town! :D Superb work, keep it up! :thumb:

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nice effects and skill. but have you ever been to russia, or any over post soviet countries, obviously not as the soviet union had a well developed energy grid with modern nuclear reactors, the problem with the soviet economy (as some people tend to exagerate beyond reason) was WASTE and INEFICIENCY, overspending and overexagerating the economy, NOTHING TO DO WITH RUST because there wernt any. next time look into matters before you make comments

[i]EDIT by Penguin1634: Rust is a metaphor here. I am comparing the stagnant, withering Soviet economy with rust. Rust has nothing to do with it, I am just using it for some metaphorical representation. Besides, this is just a CJ. Hope this clears it up :] [/i]

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[b]canadiansim[/b]: Thanks! Glad you like it!

[b]TedindusT:[/b] Yep, ditto that.

[b]Andrey km:[/b] Thanks! You can find it [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=207"]here[/url], if you'd like to see it in one of your cities.

[b]Hietomat:[/b] Thanks! I tried to make it epic, so I'm glad you thought it was too.

[b]DCMetro34:[/b] Thanks man, you won't be disappointed!

[b]JCmustng11:[/b] Thank you!

[b]Mikeaut1:[/b] Thanks a lot, I really wanted heavy emotion in this CJ. I'm glad you got the same feeling I got when my pictures were finished.

[b]WDragon:[/b] Thanks!


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