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Wow, best highways I've seen in a while, BTW could u tell me where u get the elevated Network wide mod (first pic), If
u could that would be great I've been looking for it for months

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These pics contain unattainable amounts of win.

I notice that you have a TLA-5 over RHW bridge. Will be eagerly awaiting the release of that one ;)
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the TLA bridges, along with the buildings, were so awesome my eyes malfunctioned and exploded.

Thanks again Blue, now i have to waste 45,000 dollars on eye implants :thumb: :noway:

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amazing use of RHW... :thumb: You must have work a very long time just to create that spectacular highway system.

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Kench: Thanks! And it does take a bit of time, yeah, but once you get good at it you tend to build a lot faster

iowndiscti: Those arent TLA bridges :P They're the new avenue viaducts (coming NAM v30). And sorry! Its not my fault I'm awesome :P

ROFLyoshi: Yet I just attained it :P And see above about the TLA bridges

Houston_fan: Thanks! Just wait a little longer!

escilnavia: Thanks! And see above about the bridges

Penguin: Thanks!

Andrey: Thanks!

heitomat: Thanks!

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wow Vince, I didnt think you could improve any further after destiny, but clearly you have..

I really love the idea of the mosaics..
It is about the only way you can show the kinda work you can do with the RHW to the viewers, so excellent idea there.

Thanks, Brian

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