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Old Intro

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Welcome to my new CJ! I've been working on this region for a bit now. It's an island located in the English Channel.



French: Corbeau

Crowish: Crowslé

Capital: St. Cuthbert

Official Language(s): English, French, Crowish

Government: British Crown Dependency

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II

First Minister: George Yardswick

Currency: British Pound

Main Industries: Tourism, Commerce, Banking, Agriculture, Manufacturing


Religious Affiliation: Church of England/Anglican (60%), Catholic (30%), Muslim (1.5%), Hindu (<0.1%), Agnostic/Atheist (9%) Note: The majority of people who identify themselves as “Anglican” and “Catholic” do not regularly attend church, but only on special occasions. Muslims, Hindus, and people of alternate Christian denominations attend houses of worship more frequently.

Ethnicity: White/European (91%), Black or African (3%), South Asian (4%), Other (2%)

Language: English (98%), Crowish (5%), French (6%)

Note: Some people are bilingual in either both English and French, or English and Crowish.



The name Crowsley comes from the latin word "Corvus", which was given to the island by the Romans due to the large populations of ravens & crows. The crow has been a symbol for the island ever since, due to it's noticeable intelligence and mischievous demeanor. The term "Crow" refers to people from Crowsley, but it is also used sometimes in a pejorative manner, mostly by people from the main island of Britian. Ex: "You bloody Crow!!"

Below: The parliamentary building in St. Cuthbert.


I'll have more pics in the next update. 2.gif

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