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BTT: 1 April 2011

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Hi, TekindusT. Thanks for stopping by - and yes, some great CJs in the top ten and +10 at the moment.

Hi, _marsh_. I don't think anyone expected that spectacular return! Nice work again this week.

Hi, TowerDude. I think your reply says it all.


Ben's Top Ten

The CJ blog BTT is now only a few days out of synch with the forum BTT! First, thanks to Nathanthemayor for nominating me for MotM for my top tens, and the admins for awarding it to me.

Second, Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms spends a second week at number one with another sand-related update. Three new entries this week: Corsica in at number 3 and Ben's One to Watch, The Kingdom of Posillipo and The Lower Hudson Republic.

Firefox certainly seems more compatible with the blog section...


Ben's + 10

Republic of Insulo by 2b2gbi

Victoria County by heitomat

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

San Pedro & Mesias by panthersimcity4

Dubai by AIX

Miclian Arþura by Joe 90

New Buckingham by Paulobergonci

The Illyrian Coast by Daan300

Aydina by blue lightning

Carpathia III by Zelgadis

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I'm honored to even be at the +10 this time. We've seen some epic updates from real CJ masters lately! You guys give me so much inspiration, and I sometimes find it hard to believe that we are even playing the same game.

Thank you, too, Benedict. Not only is the Top Ten interesting reading. It also provides me with great tips of which CJs to pay extra attention to.

Edit: And congrats with your MOTM award, Ben. Well deserved! :thumb:

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