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This entry is too offbeat to have a title.

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Welcome to a wasteland of obscurity, nonconformity and undergroundness.

I've decided from now on, all of my CJ updates will be obscure and underground. Regular CJ updates are SOOOOO mainstream. *scoff*

I will tell you now, I am NOT hipster. I AM a nonconformist... a freak of culture... someone who claims to not follow trends when in reality I'm just like millions of other disenfranchised young adults in their early 20s. And yes, I wear glasses even though I don't actually need them.


You know what? I knew about San Lorenzo before you people did. I hate it when cities go mainstream.


This a picture of some area, it's pretty obscure though. You see? I know about a area you don't. That makes me superior.


I live on coffee... everyday. I usually drink my favorite coffee drink... a Mocha-Choca Latte Frappe with whipped cream and Peppermint sprinkles, chilled. Then I read novels on my iPad.


Whatever. This thing is over I guess.Mindless mainstream sheep. :whatevs:


Happy April Fools day!! :thumb::P

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