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BTT: 24 March 2011

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Hi, Adooxx. Your encouragement may have worked!

Hi, Adrianor. Almost caught up to real time, so these top tens will be published approximately weekly.


Ben's Top Ten

Well, it had to happen at some point... after an amazing run of 13 weeks at the top, Tenements & Rust is replace by Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms, which re-enters Ben's Top Ten at number one. Not surprising, really, since one of the updates broke a record for number of replies to an update. New entries this week are The Illyrian Coast and Schellingen Stadt.

I'm not sure what's going on with the editor here in the blog section (forum section is fine) - I have tried to post this update 4 times (with Safari) but the code gets trashed each time... here's a try with Firefox...


Ben's + 10

Tokyo 4.0 by Tepodon

Aydina by blue lightning

The Kingdom of Posillipo by Simfreak1998

The State of New Loreto by panthersimcity4

Gotham City by k050564

Carpathia III by Zelgadis

Alien Worlds by spursrule14

New Buckingham by Paulobergonci

Royal and Holy Kingdom of Cattala by Thomaskrules

Shuto Empire by TowerDude

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We see some heavyweights on this BTT that week! And the update _marsh_ made last week was absolutely mindblowing!

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