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Carthage at Night!



Now we'll take a look at Carthage at night!


The Oceanfront Amphitheater is home to a summer concert series by the Port Matthew Symphony Orchestra. It is also a popular venue for acts to stop at on their way between Asia and North America.


While I do think it looks cool during the day, the C Center is amazing at night. It's one of my favorite night-lit buildings.


The C Center's neighborhood. Hm, looking at this I think I'm gonna have to eventually upgrade from using MS Paint all the darn time.


A number of Korean companies have set up shop in this building. Kankoku Station sits next door, and is the heartbeat of Little Seoul.


The western edge of Little Seoul, with some parkside residences housing some of Carthage's more well-to-do citizens.


Little Seoul to the right, the rest of Carthage to the left.


At the edge of Carthage Natural Waterfront.


Yeah, it's still interesting at night:)

And finally...


Our nighttime overview.

Thank you very much for stopping by. The comments are always appreciated, and also thank you for taking the time to take a glance at my journal!


Wow I love your el-rail network, very clever! And I really like how the shoreline of the city is forested, very unique and picturesque! Great work with your city journal! I'll be coming back for more! :thumb:
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Wow, thank you all for taking a look at my city journal! I appreciate it! Now, some rather late replies (FINALLY internet is hooked up in my apartment). :D

maniv: I believe it's called either the Korean Office Building or the Samsung Office building (something like that).

GeneralEtrius: Happy to oblige: the C-shaped tower is the Deucalion, found on the STEX http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/12870-the-deucalion/ The apartment building next to it is a bit more of a mystery. Next time I boot up my game I'll check the name and post a link to it (should be in a day or two)!

Paulobergonci: Thank you very much! The rail interchange likes you, too.

Mikeqaut1: Thank you very much! I hope I can continue to keep the quality up!

Kevin: Thank you! It is, but the forested shoreline and the seaside amphitheater help keep stress down.

jj88: Thank you! I'll look forward to hearing from you again, and of course, you are more than welcome to lurk!

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