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BTT: 3 March 2011

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Hi, Schulmanator. I thought that was a great image from T&R - shiny new office towers against the backdrop of shoddy apartment buildings.

Hi, hermannleicht. Your CJ is one of my personal favorites, so it was great to see it gaining some popularity. I like doing the rankings - yes, it take some time, and sometimes patience (like when ST goes down right when I am trying to compile the chart), but I love seeing all the updates of the week.


Ben's Top Ten

We're almost there - the March Top Tens start today. Tenements & Rust continues its staggering run at number one, but there's a new number 2 - Hong Kong 1.0. Journey through Paengia and Emerald City Islands return. Republic of Insulo is new, and Trenton hits BTT in its first week.

Happy CJing - see you in a couple of days.


Ben's +10

District of Wenzel by packersfan

Château-de-Chêne by hermannleicht

Port Sin by benedict

Serindriea by _marsh_

St Andrews by Reikhardt

Schulmania by Schulmanator

United Kingdoms of Vercelli by Amerikaner

Trivordam by damastius

The Optimia Magna by 9988

The Commonwealth of Paradise by kj3400

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