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BTT: 17 February 2011

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Hi, Schulmanator. Er, this isn't a test, LOL.

Hi, escilnavia. I'll be updating every few days until we are caught up to the present time, and then approximately every week, usually on Fridays.


Ben's Top Ten

Tenements & Rust continues to be the most popular CJ, and this week's image is probably my favorite one from the whole CJ (so far). There's a new number 2 - Tarkusian Cities. The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms spent an amazing 8 weeks in a row in that spot. Three CJs return: Waterworld, Dimland and St Andrews. Urland is new at number 10.

Happy CJing - see you Friday.


Ben's +10

Victoria County by Heitomat

Hong Kong 1.0 by Towerdude

Devlin by Blue Lightning

Shuto Empire by Towerdude

Bayport by The00guvna

The Kingdom of Posillipo by Simfreak1998

The World after War by huston

Whitevale by Plane-Crash12000

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

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