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  1. Jarraban (AIN)

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    My first CJ entry! Hope you enjoy it! :)

    Jarraban is the newest member of the Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN). Here, I present to you the CBD of the country's largest city - Derby (pop. 1,878,210). Nestled beside a large natural harbour, the CBD features extensive parks and gardens and is a mix of the old and new. World-class eateries, nightlife, sporting/cultural venues, financial institutions and shopping opportunities await visitors, not to mention pristine beaches.

    Jarraban's wiki page can be viewed here: http://aoin.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Jarraban

    Aerial view

    Closer view of the CBD

    Queen St Mall, the heart of Derby. Immediately surrounding it is most of the city's skyscrapers.

    Dominion Square and St James' Cathedral. In the top-right corner is the historic Smith & Turners Department Store.

    Chinatown (looking east)

    The Harbour Park Entertainment Precinct. Redeveloped during the 1990s, it features old warehouses converted into shops and apartments, parkland, a marina, and various cultural facilties. Pictured here is the O Dome (hosting concerts and similar events), Bay Tower and Derby Convention Centre.

    More of Harbour Park. Pictured here is Silvers Casino, the Derby Exhibition Centre, Derby Museum, and (to the back) the Northside Centre - a large shopping complex completed in 2010.

    Harbour Park Stadium and Commonwealth Arena

    Eastern Oval and Station Row, a renowned dining precinct

    Royal Botanic Gardens

    The University of Whartonia, Jarraban's oldest and most prestigious university

    Neighbouring suburb of South Derby

  2. sc4daltaDXAairportteaser.png.76dfe9b697bs

    Dalta Newaldestein Airport (DXA) image

    United Kingdom of Dalta 

    Official Name: United Kingdom of Dalta
    Goverment: Federal Constitucional Monarchy 
    Constitution: 1952
    Capital: Dalta City
    Languages: German, Spanish
    Queen: Elisa IV (since 1952)







  3. Portburg #3 - Economy back on track!

    Welcome back to Portburg once again! 

    Portburgs city council has continued the work to improve the citys economy and attract new citizens to Portburg. Now it starts to pay off! Exports is on an all time high and the population has increased dramatically in just a few years.

    First thing we will take a look is the expansion at The Bluff close to downtown Portburg as shown in the previous entry. 

    After the sale of plots started The Bluff was fully built with apartments very quickly. It's now an attractive place for the young generation in town when they get their first own home. 

    Bluffington Street is the main street in this neighborhood a vibrant place which quickly became know for its bars, cafés and restaurants found here. 

    Just north of The Bluff on the other side of the motorway a new residential area called Meadow Plain has also been built since last time.

    Down at the harbour a brewery has opened up. The Portburg Porter Brewery has quickly become know for their well tasting beer. They are now exporting it to every corner of the country. 

    Since the opening of the university PGM has been able to hire more and more competent young engineers. They have come up with new products like the robotic toilet cleaner and the automatic sorting machine which many recycling plants now use. This has boosted PGM sales, so they have invested in a new factory floor and an office building for their administrative employees. 

    A new bus station was also built on the west end of Portburg avenue, currently two lines stop here. Line 100 to Amber Forest and Line 120 to Barlow (More about Barlow soon), more lines will probably follow soon to cover the increased demand for public transport. 

    Now lets get on a bus on Line 120 and take a trip to Barlow county. The bus route first takes us out on the motorway a few miles south where the bus turns off at the newly rebuilt South Ridge interchange.

    The bus now drives along Country road 12 more commonly know as the C-12 a winding road through the hills west of Portburg. 

    After a few miles we reach Barlow countys small manufacturing district where the bus takes a detour into the area to pick up commuters. 

    Then the bus drives down the hill to the town of Barlow. Barlow county is a relative small rural county but has recently seen an influx of new citizens when the industries in Portburg started to employ again. 

    Most of the citizens in Barlow own their plot of land where they have built their houses, almost no apartments exists here. Many middle class families have moved here from Portburg to be able to build their own house. 

    In the center of Barlow lies the Barlow Park which is well visited on weekends. It's also here that the main bus stop in Barlow is located. 

    Next to the Park is Barlows town hall located, they meet their Portburg counterparts several times a month to try and coordinate the expansions of housing and commerce during the now rising economic boom in the area. 

    This is High Street where all the shops and cafés in Barlow is located, usually a very busy place.

    Now we leave Barlow and continue along the C-12, in car this time since now bus line exists between Barlow and Amber Forest yet. 

    A mile or so later we drive past the exit to the village of Monson located across the Baker Creek. They have a wind farm located on top of the hill behind the village, wind farms are pretty common in Barlow county. 

    Next we pass by Manderley village, pretty new built and most of the inhabitants works in the forestry industry down at Amber Forest. 

    Now we are close to Amber Forest! And what a view when we drive down into the valley. 

    And here the exporting of forestry products are in full swing, several freight trains leave this terminal every day. Further boosting the growing economy in Portburg. 

    Back in Portburg you can see that the town has invested in a new trainstation. Portburg Central is right now only used for long distance trains to cities in the country making it easier to travel. But more is planned for the future! The city council has some grand plans yet to be put into practice. 

    Welcome back next time! 

  4. Sorry for Part 2 taking so long. I had to go out to exotic west Fort Worth (a.k.a. the edge of civilization) to see family and friends for a few days, and there was no computer access.


    Now then, Miller Heights is a northern suburb of Verona, with a population of about 21,900 sims.57900a760f35b_Screenshot(44).thumb.png.d

    It's a city with something for almost everyone. You have the large office districts with over 8,000 jobs with the one west of the interstate, and over 10,000 with downtown on the east. The tallest building in the city is the Wells Fargo Plaza, which, oddly is outside of downtown. It stands at exactly 300 feet tall rising 24 stories above the SimPlanet.Untitled.thumb.png.893cd9e708499d40dd4bc

    Yes, I'm aware this picture collage looks like it was made in MS Paint, and it was actually. I know it's not the best quality, but it's the best I can do for right now.

    Anyway, the first picture (top left) shows the luxury Westfield Estates neighborhood next to the not-so-luxury Miller Heights Consolidated School. The City Council is deciding whether to demolish it and put another school in place or not. The people living along Richland Parkway (bottom of pic) and Williams Avenue (right side of pic) often complain of traffic but the city refuses to do anything about it, citing that houses are already there and putting sound walls would force the houses along Richland and Williams to be demolished. The city also reports that these houses were built before the main roads became so busy.


    The second picture shows most of downtown Miller Heights, with some of Lamar Avenue Tower (the white tower at the top of the pic) and another small office building cut out.

    Downtown Miller Heights is a large hub for corporation headquarters unlike Downtown Verona which mostly houses branches of large bank corporations.

    It is home to RLS Development Inc., Tsang Accountants, Arvis Insurance, and a couple of other video game and computer corporations.


    The third picture (bottom left) shows where the city started, the Highland Park subdivision. It offers houses for everyone, no matter if they're poor, middle class, or filthy rich. It's the perfect neighborhood for everyone of all ages.


    The fourth and final picture today shows "Consumer Center" and the apartments just south of Downtown surrounding Consumer Center.

    Consumer Center is the main shopping area in Miller Heights, where everyone gets their groceries in town. Consumer Center is home to the local BJ' warehouse and Food Lion as well as a Piggly Wiggly, Mill's Fleet Farm, a Verizon Wireless Store, and NorthPoint Mall, where all the CoOl aNd HiP kIdS gO tO.


    That's all I have for today, but Part 3 will be out soon. See you next time!



    Screenshot (44).png


  5. gbw2k14
    Latest Entry

    Welcome to the final showcase in Kiel! Today we will be looking at High Square

    High Square can be described as a commuter city, with links to the major places in the area. It has an expansive suburb with numerous services, and a train station that is one of the most important interchanges for local routes.


    The Town Centre


    The town limits



    One of the many shopping malls that can be found in the suburbs



    The National Rail Headquaters can be found in High Square. It handles all the administrative relations of railway networks in the area.




    The train station with the associated bus terminus. Many shops and parks are also located nearby the station.




    A first express service on its way to the regional airport


    Kiel Railways service to Kings Square and an Airport Express Service to the Regional Airport

    High Square is also home to the Amusement Park that attracts 300,000 visitors annually.578bd38a94d43_Cities2016-06-2923-06-12-1578bd38cad636_Cities2016-06-2923-10-30-5


    Thanks for stopping by! This is the last entry on the Kiel region. I will be moving on to a new area in the near future. Here is a sneak peak of what's coming


    A new day is dawning...

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-20-07-58.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-20-34-64.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-21-48-10.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-22-08-54.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-24-06-77.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-25-52-44.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-26-49-68.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-32-10-68.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-34-32-68.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 22-34-42-39.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 23-06-12-17.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 23-10-30-58.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 23-25-25-34.jpg

    Cities 2016-06-29 23-26-59-51.jpg

    Cities 2016-07-12 23-21-52-34.jpg

  6. Cities Skylines Random

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    Latest Entry

    Hi everyody !! :ducky:

    It's been a very long time I haven't posted anything on Simtropolis, a lot of work, and I have to admit I haven't touched Simcity 4 that much since the last Krongans post...

    But in another hand I touched Cities Skylines a lot, and this game doesn't stop to amaze me. 

    So I decided today, after founding some pictures of a city I took months ago, that I could start a CJ with Cities Skylines pictures, just randomly, without any story.

    You have here 22 pictures of a city I made using the theme and mod of Arabian Nights.

    Here is the terrain: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=523833377&searchtext=arabian

    Here the terrain mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=574922953&searchtext=arabian

    And here the Terrain Themes Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=574674741&searchtext=arabian

    I don't exactly know if you need this mod in particular but that's the one I use. Let's now have a look at the pictures :



























    Thanks to all of you for your attention, I will try to keep going with the story of Krongans, but I will also keep publishing random Cities Skylines pictures!

    See you soon !! 




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    Here, we begin my new journal with the City of Rowlett.  When I was crafting this region, I unintentionally made a city that looks almost exactly like the one I live in, so I decided to make a recreation of it.


    I started with the "Signature Gateway" which is supposed to start construction soon irl. When it's complete irl, it will be home to some towers and midrises, along with entertainment venues.

    And it WILL have that sometime soon in the game. Much sooner than the real-life counterpart. And, hopefully when it is done, I can make BATs of the towers built. As long as I know how to by then.


    Next, we have the Downtown district. It's home to the city hall, and a lot of family-owned small businesses as of now, but it's also going through construction to bring apartments and businesses there. When it's complete, it won't have buildings as tall as in the "Signature Gateway" area, but it will have decent accommodations for everyone.



    Finally, we have the Harborside subdivision. It's much more luxury in real life than in the game. I actually LIVE right by here, so that how I know lol.


    Thanks for looking at this new CJ! I know it's not the best, but... I bet I can get better.


    Does anyone know how people like takemethere add 25 pics to their CJ but I'm stuck with only 3?  It wont let me put more than 4 Megabytes on here, and I guess one more pic would add to 4 mb... whatever.





    Rowlett-Sep. 29, 001467934852.png

    Rowlett-Sep. 26, 001467934841.png

    Rowlett-Mar. 26, 011467936042.png

  7. Buenas acá les presento 6 fotos de mi ciudad , que como les dije solo tengo 50000 habitantes, agradecería mucho si alguien que sabe del tema me recomienda algún mod o alguna forma de mejorar la ciudad. por cierto tengo graves problemas de trafico xd.

    f2_opt (1).png






    f2_opt (1).png






  8. Entry 12: Back to Business (hopefully)

    So, today we're back in Antario where thankfully it seems that things are back to business. Today's entry is a bit of a mish mash of images without a real story behind them so let's just get right into it.

    Further growth in the forestry industry has led to a boost in interest in the area.

    (entry+12) more forestry growth.jpg

    Meanwhile, in the quiet suburbs, the higher earners continue to live in their cookie cutter tech homes.

    (entry+12) FHigh end suburbs.jpg

    In contrast to this, we have the hustle and bustle of the newer high-rise developments in the city itself.

    (entry+12) dense financial district.jpg

    Bridging the gap the old town continues to expand with its wall to wall buildings. A faster pace of life but not one as hectic as the above.

    (entry+12) panoramic.jpg

    As the sun goes down over the city, it comes to life with the bright bustling financial and high-rise district in the distance.

    (entry+12) night time panoramic.jpg

    Meanwhile, we haven't halted all work on the city, a lot of the roads have now become tree lined to further green up the city (and help with some noise issues).

    (entry+12) tree lined roads.jpg

    However it's not all roses, as this traffic jam shows coming into the town, were definitely going o have to look at improving our public transport network but we have a slightly more pressing issue.

    (entry+12) ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER JAM.jpg

    This is the most pressing issue in the form of a large amount of sewage now contaminating all of the waters around the city needing rather urgent attention.

    (entry+12) sewage culprits.jpg

    Though this is all for today. As usual, we'll leave you with this overview of the city. Just above the 50k mark so not much growth overall but hopefully the recovering timber industry will see this change.

    (entry+12) overview 51,908.jpg

    -Improve the lacking public transport network?
    -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area?
    -Expand on the forestry industry.
    -Financial district substantial expansion?
    -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half was done?
    -Agricultural expansions
    -Housing expansions


    (OOC: Again sorry for the lack of updates. I am still working on this though so here's a tide over entry that shows the current state of the city but hasn't really got a whole lot of expansion in it.



  9. The year is 2000, and the city center of Trujillo is on show.  Called "The Island" by locals, this area of the region is the most populated and teeming with "potential" for the next decade. 










  10. http://imgur.com/rInngBY


    A shot of my next city Portsburg, about 2 thirds complete. I will make a video tuturial on how to make easy and realistic express/ collector lanes and their benefits. 

    However... can anyone help me with linking imgur images to a journal entry? I cant get the  insert other media button to work so I just left a link above of another image. 




    Portsburg Teaser.jpg

  11. Welcome to Richardson!


    Richardson is a small city tile holding exclusively commercial lots and some residential (the mayor's gotta live somewhere). Those leafy mansions in other parts of Metro? Tons of those yuppies commute here to work. Richardson is surrounded by medium lots with many residents. Those lots had their respective CBD's (like Middleton), however, space ran out when it came time to build new commercial lots. The space where Richardson is used to be large spacious lots belonging to wealthier residents. The government acquired the land in order to plan the much needed office blocks and the construction boom began in the 1980's. The transport is excellent and planned, mostly subway with a highway connection on the bottom right. 

    Richardson doesn't really have interesting transport features because I made it before installing NAM. Maybe I'll make some changes later down in the road. Perhaps I should add a green space as well.




    Beautiful hyperdensity :D


    Night view


    One of the few residential spaces of the city. The mayor and many of the state employees live here. 


    Quaint corner in the big city






    Richardson-Jan. 16, 591466723718.png

    Richardson-Aug. 4, 591466724023.png

    Richardson-Aug. 4, 591466724184.png

    Richardson-Aug. 4, 591466724381.png

    Richardson-Dec. 7, 591466724495.png

  12. poKzUk9.jpg
    Hello everyone ! Long time no see ! Working and studying together left me with almost zero free time.

    However, I am working on Northern Valethorn Area and I have almost completed the Recycling Center, Car factory and Coal power plant.

    Early development:

    Everything started from this motorway. I tried to recreate a British motorway. However, I was criticized for using non-British props so lets say that its a fantasy motorway !

    I have to mention that everything was plopped piece by piece as the new mod for placing props didn't have uploaded back then.









    My new fields and farms







    Aerial view

    From right to left

    • Recycling center
    • Power Plant
    • Fields and Toll Station
    • Car Factory


    Tolls and surroundings






    I hope you like this new entry ! Feel free to comment!




  13. Good Morning Everyone!

    Welcome to the latest entry to "Southern Cities!" This entry introduces my very loose, fictional recreation of The Citadel: Military College of South Carolina, a senior military college in Charleston. My version is still a work in progress, as there are still a few things to add. The last few pictures showcase the North Charleston Botanical Park and Pond, which features numerous trees found throughout South Carolina's Low Country.


    Without further adieu, here is The Citadel:

    Here is the parade ground surrounded by barracks housing the college's cadets, as well as academic buildings, library, and the field house. The parade ground itself is surrounded by numerous Live Oaks.


    Here is the view of the Ashley River, with decorative cannons facing the river, over the marshes.


    The northern corner of The Citadel, surrounded by homes and businesses. Separated from the outside world by a decorative fence. Entry is restricted to two, guarded gate-houses to keep the cadets inside :):


    The stadium where The Citadel Bulldog's play football, soccer, and lacrosse games:


    Eastern portion of the campus, abutting more marshland (still a WIP):



    Here is the North Charleston Botanical Park and Pond during autumn:


    Gravel parking lot at the Park, across the street from some very nice, historic houses:


    The park has several dirt paths to ride your bike, or go for a jog. There are also some ball-courts for soccer/rugby/lacrosse, and tennis:


    Hope you enjoyed this entry, stay tuned for additional entries!





  14. Two views of the G2 line along the Northern Peripheral Freeway, first passing under the Crescent Lake exit bridge, then departing West Crescent Station towards Fawn Park and East Portal, with the CBD in the background.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.36.53 PM.jpg

    Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.37.07 PM.jpg

    Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.36.53 PM.jpg

    Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.37.07 PM.jpg

  15. Hello again!

    First replies:


    thank you! And I hope, that I can answer your question with this update. :)


    thank you too!


    Although I had something different in mind, I come with another bunch of pitures made during a pedestrian walk. After my last update nRVOUS asked me, what kind of building set I use. And I hope, I can explain my way of planning and "growing" a city.

    I think, it´s obvious, that you will need the themes mod and the one to fix the level of your buildings (don´t know the name right now). And I have to admit, that I started it this way, cause I simply wasn´t able to load downloaded themes... :D

    Most important: the whole town has an empty theme - no buildings, no chance to grow. This prevents a quarter from growing anything from alone.

    Then I started making themes for the different types of quarters. I use the search list with the pictures to look for matching buildings for a theme. In my case there is a "US-rowhouses" Set, that includes all residentials, commercials, and industrials, that match this theme. Another one only holds modern commercials, one is made for rural areas, two others hold different kinds of suburb houses, and so on.

    As soon as a house is grown, I  fix the wanted level of the building. Sometimes I forget one, but this may bring in some more diversity. If a building is grown too often, I delete it from the theme. For example I have a 2x2 commercial corner, that don´t like to grow at corners. So I stopped the growing and copy the building using the eyedropper tool to the places I want to see it. The grown ones then can be deleted. This level fixing also prevents houses from becoming destroyed if you change a theme by mistake.

    At least I´ve made a what I call "breeding station". That one is only to grow buildings, that won´t grow inside a theme. Here I use an empty theme, where I fill in only the wanted building. Then I make a small temporary quarter inside an existing one, and put in this breeding theme. For example:

    Feindbild´s 3x3 lvl 5 residential corner. There is no matching lower level building, no corner. So I´ve searched for lvl 4, 3x3 in the themse mod, looked for the one, that would be able to grow the Feindbuild house, and so on until I´ve reached lvl 1. This may sound like a lot of work but it´s faster done than written. And after you did this a few times, you´ll know your buildings better, that´s for sure. To grow such buildings you can often use buildings with bigger lotsizes. So I grow my 2x4 commercials with 4x4 ones. Only important is: can a particular building level up into the wanted one. Once grown and copied to a matching place, the one in the breeding stationcan be deleted, and the breeding quarter can became part of it´s old quarter again.

    I hope, this explains what I do. It is very useful to have a lot of themes made in this way, so you can switch or mix and match them temporarily like needed. Small but many quarters will help also.


    But now pictures:

    1-Tourist quarter at the harbor:








    5 - not often - a wrecked car at a corner:


    6 - a creepy hospital:




    8 - love the lights:




























    22 crazy picture...:








    26 the fortunately grown essemble...:


    27 - ...looks realistic:






    I hope you like it, cheers, Carl


  16. BillyBobJoe5600
    Latest Entry


    The Capitol at night.


    Downtown from the Imperius estates.


    I decided it was time to add a golf course to the city, so i built the Imperius Estates Golf Club.


    My cities first football game in the new stadium, fortunately it was a win!


    Thats all for today, thanks for viewing, please rate or comment.  






  17. After realizing that the Santa Rio Metropolitan Area was now 90% complete, I decided to take a tour of some of the cities and I realized that the region was not very unique, especially when compared to all of my cj's. A game like Simcity 4 can only go so far, so I decided tor recreated an old city journal of mine: the Kellan Metropolitan Area. Although this is my personal favorite, the funny thing is that in a poll I conducted in a previous entry of The Forgotten it wasn't even close to the top choice. However, I decided to bring it back after finally installing a terrain mod and a Pacific Northwest tree controller, as well as a slightly different building style. I'm also not sure if I'm going to keep it in The Forgotten or give it it's own city journal, but if I do it will probably spell the end of The Forgotten.


    Also, I now realize it is spelled Arlington and not Airlington. I spelled it like that because I sounded it out but apparently where I come from people pronounce it wrong.


    Note: I would suggest viewing the two regional images in full size.



    Old Kellan. Note that the region is kind of small and, if you zoom in, you will spot lots of plopped residential buildings.



    New Kellan, currently a BIG work in progress. There are some really big differences, such as:

    • A slightly bigger region (bigger by about an extra large city tile in both length and width)
    • The Columbus Terrain Mod
    • A new tree controller (not sure if it is the Pacific Northwest Tree Controller or Cascadia Tree Controller, they are nearly identical)
    • More "Tourist Spots"
    • 4 new cities: Berkley, West Chandler, Cedar Hills, Valdale
    • Slightly different terrain


    I wish I had more pictures to show of the progress, but for now here are three teasers.







    Replies will be in the next update...

  18. Hello Everyone. 

    Below is the outline for Iron Bays Transportation methods:


    Iron Bay Transportation District is is the authority operating public transit services within the city of Iron Bay.

    The areas highlighted in yellow represent the avenues that run throughout the city. Generally these are used throughout the day, however volume on these streets is significantly lower than that of the volume on the Light Rail System. The avenues were the first main use of transportation in the early days of Iron Bay.


    The areas highlighted in Red represent the Light Rail System of Iron Bay. The light rail was first built as a method of transportation from the then newly designed neighborhoods of Mayors Grove and Country Club. Light Rail Operations were mainly to advert traffic from the avenue and highway onto the Light Rail using a Park and Ride System. Customers of Park and Ride are offered free parking in exchange for their use/purchase of a ticket to use the light rail system.

    The Transit District was originally farm land that was purchased by the Iron Bay Transportation District during the expansion/creation of Mayors Grove and Country Club. This neighborhood was designed as a testing ground for the tracks and maintenance of the current cars on the track. After a few offices were built, the Transit District became a trending neighborhood due to it's "raw aesthetics". Because of this, many buildings have been built around the existing tracks.

    Currently there are two main areas of study for future planned routes of the Light Rail System. These are highlighted in black on the map. There is a plan to use existing lines to move further into country club. Offering a Direct Line to the Country Club. The other line would be an expansive line from University Park to Convention Center while passing through Tech Center and City Zoo. This same line would also offer a new expansion from City Zoo to downtown. This will be the biggest addition to this line since the Airport line was created. 

    Between Highways, The Light Rail System currently uses a Underground Connection to connect the Light Rail System. This plan was implemented in the beginning of the Light Rail and has continued since. You can view these highlighted in Green.


    The areas highlighted in bull represent, I-6, I-90 and I-36. I-6 will take you from University Park to PoWaSa and I-90 runs from a neighboring city into Country Club and then between University Park and Tech Center. I-36 will run from River North and NoBe to Convention Center and PoWaSa. All of these routes have onramps leading to downtown.


    Iron Bay's current focus is to continue the light rail system to push more density into the downtown areas.


    Thanks for viewing and reading!



  19. JKFb27A.png


    Well, it's been a long time...I've been working primarily on my city Capistrano...of which now several versions exist. My large-scale projects have largely ceased. These images represent a variety of "flavors" from past work and the first version of Capistrano's CBD.

    Thank you to all those who graciously commented on the previous entry.

    Hope you enjoy!



    The following picture represents the ONLY time I tried out Dark Night. In fact, this is the only image using it I have. The city is an old one called Belle Glade.




    This image represents a close-up of a really early version of Capistrano's CBD...




    Another shot of an early version of Capistrano's CBD...




    Retouch to a lighthouse picture...




    Mandarin Avenue--An early version of Capistrano's CDB...




    "Thunderstorm clearing at the coast"




    Early version of Capistrano's CBD (Joint work with myself and Militant Radical)...



    Goodbye for now...





    Cars drive along Baden-Powell Street in Historic Downtown Brookhaven

    BROOKHAVEN is a small town south of FRANKLINTON, the largest city in Cuyahoga County. The town shares its land with Lake Baden-Powell State Recreation Area, which holds campgrounds, a marina, and hiking trails. Downtown Brookhaven is home to some small shops and some turn-of-the-century housing. Compared the the booming and noisy Franklinton, which is only a fifteen minute drive away, Brookhaven is a quaint and quiet community.

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    Recent Entries

    Latest Entry

    The born of a new city.






  21. M0vZeP9.png

    As promised this journal entry will look at Oosterpolder and the Central Business District. The shot above gives a good overview of the whole Oosterpolder ('Eastern land-reclamation'). What was originally a spit of land reaching into the shallow sea, has been expanded over the centuries using a system of dams, canals and land drainage. Taken together this is the 'polder' system of land reclamation. In the case of Pieterdam's Oosterpolder, this has allowed several square kilometers of prime real-estate to be reclaimed from the sea. This land has not gone to waste; as you can see, the part closest to the city has become a densely-developed Central Business District. 


    Here you can see some of Pieterdam's largest employers. To the front left is the Zentraal Zikenhuis, the Central Hospital. To the right is the De Wolf department store - one of the older buildings in the area, which managed to survive the major warehouse fire that cleared the area at the turn of the 20th century. Behind these are the Servicing Services and Digirealms buildings - just two of the corporations which make their home in Pieterdam. 


    The Science Centre is another major employer. It provides office and laboratory space, as a commercial spin-off of the University of Pieterdam. The University's main campus is located about a kilometer away, on the Oosterpolder side of the Oudekade:


    Another notable landmark is the picturesque Oosterpolderpark, famous for its lake and open-air arboretum:


    A view from the lakeside:


    The Oosterpolder closest to Oudekade and the city centre is some of the most expensive in the city.

    Besides shopping centers and offices, the area contains a large number of hotels to cater for Pieterdam's significant tourist economy.

    Below you can make out two of the more famous hotels in the area; the Hilton (by far the largest hotel in the city, with nearly 1.000 beds), and the Prism, an independent hotel popular with LGBT visitors; indeed, the area around it has become something of a 'gay village' with many cafe-bars, late clubs and boutique stores catering for this community. 


    Just to the right of the Prism you can see the West Holland Civichuis, seat of the provincial government. And over the other side of the water you can just make out the Stadhuis, the City Hall which administrates Pieterdam itself. Together the Civichuis and Stadhuis host the political life of West Holland. 

    By now we've been here all day, and soon the sun will be setting - but life in the Oosterpolder continues After Dark! ;)


    When the sun goes down, the lights come on!



    The Vermeerplein (above) is a good example of Pieterdam's night-life - bustling with open-air restaurants and market stalls, it also hosts the Rondo Drome Cinema, a real gem of 1920's Modernist architecture:


    When the restaurants and theaters close, some of us go to our beds - but others continue partying the whole night through! Far from the city center, near the furthest edges of the Oosterpolder, is the Tramwegstraat, also known its English name 'Tramway Street', which is the definitive center of Pieterdam's alternative and late-night club scenes:


    Refuse trucks going to work, whilst exhausted revelers wait for a tram back to the city center and Old Town...


    As the sun comes up, the music continues at the legendary 5 AM Club.  


    Up-and-down the Tramwegstraat abandoned buildings are squatted by youth groups (above), whilst other buildings cater for the seedier side of life (below):


    Pieterdam lacks a polished, touristic 'red light district' like the one found in Amsterdam; instead brothels operate out of several low-rent premises along the Tramwegstraat. 

    This area nearby has the lowest land value in all the Oosterpolder, and for that reason it has become home to various low-rise 'out-of-town' retail outlets - as well as the Zoo Palast multi-screen cinema:


    A large parcel of land adjacent to the cinema is currently being developed into Pieterdam's first true 'shopping mall' - the city council hope that this will help to regenerate the area around the Tramwegstraat, although some local residents are resistant to this idea and vow to maintain the distinctive character of the area - for better or worse!

    This whole area borders the actual dam, from which Pieterdam takes its name. The original dam dates back centuries, but it has been extensively improved down the years. Where the river meets the sea, the resulting polder-land has been developed into a series of quiet suburbs:



    Traffic bypasses these suburbs completely as it heads towards the bridges and overpasses that line the riverside:


    Next time, let's take a look at where all that traffic is heading: towards the heavy industrial areas of the Docklands, over on the far side of the river from the city. 

    That's all for this journal!

    Dank je wel...




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