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City Journals

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  1. BillyBobJoe5600
    Latest Entry

    Welcome back to Aureus! Since the last entry, I have constructed two yacht clubs/marinas, a large downtown marina and a smaller one in the Aureus Estates. I have also finally divided the new areas of the city into districts, although I haven't named them yet. The city was also recently hit by a death wave which killed about 10000 people, so the population is lower than it was in the last entry. And last but not least I have added new unique buildings to North Aureus as I am trying to go for a midtown Manhattan look in that area. Enjoy! 








  2. L17OZIV.png

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg!

    I lied. I said this would be a weekly journal. I'm sorry.

    On the bright side, I finally remembered to turn grid lines off!

    Shameless plug alert!! Check out the corresponding build video to this journal entry!


    The Mighty Cowanthe River


    The Cowanthe River flows south through Harinsburg, cutting right by our new-and-improved downtown (more on that later).


    Every good American Midwestern city needs a river!


    Downtown Harinsburg


    Standing proudly in the city centre are the beginnings of a decent-size metropolis.

    Any suggestions for W2W buildings that would fit this space are appreciated!


    Harinsburg au Nuit


    Weltham and Weltham Heights


    The main part of this nicer neighborhood, closer  to the highway, is now simply known as Weltham, whereas the subdivision of our more wealthy residents retains the name Weltham Heights.


    The wealthy citizens of Harinsburg have been... elevated... in status.


    ^^ And now, to answer your burning question: why is it called the Cowanthe River? ^^



    That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more (hopefully)!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week (again, maybe).

    Link to the full Imgur album

    I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.

  3. OwiHH
    Latest Entry

    Massive upgrade on the interchanges due too high traffic it runs pretty smooth now even on rushhour times.

    People like to use the SuburbanTrainStations.

    3 new ditricts.


  4. Clarksville

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  5. RterB2.jpg



    Thanks. I'm starting to add other city tiles now.


    Thanks for the measurement formula. I used it and the runway is 10,000 feet. I think the picture in the paper did not give a good view of it's length.


    We have sever large call centers in my area including Verizon and Comcast, which employ a lot of people. Thanks.


    Thanks for the interest.











    Thanks for the visit - Dick

  6. santini3
    Latest Entry

    Welcome to Old Gekko. It's kind of shady...and old.



    Strip Clubs and Bars...







    More to come in part 2!







  7. Schulmanator
    Latest Entry







    East Tenne: For Ava

    Cat food magnate Oscar Myers donated a wagonload of gold schulmonetas to fund the creation of the capital’s largest public park. And being a modest fellow, asked that it be named after him. The park, located in the city’s third district, is a wonderful civic space. It is home to a variety of formal and informal spaces, sports and recreational sites and is one of the most popular gathering spots in the city. It is in the heart of the Holy Quarter and is bordered by such important landmarks as the National Cathedral, City Hall, Sardine Square, Ecclesiastic Library and more. The park’s boundaries are The Promenade, a wide boulevard encircling the open space.

    The park has two main sectors, divided by Park Avenue. To the north is The Lawn, which is open space with statuary and a reflecting pool. It runs from Park Avenue to the cathedral and is a popular spot for outdoor concerts. The southern sector is larger and includes athletic fields, formal gardens and natural areas. Some smaller features include Golden Pond, where paddleboats are often scurrying about, and the Secret Garden, a garden-with-a-garden popular for small outdoor weddings. We will venture here often in our tour of the National Capital Region. Let’s start now by seeing some of the amenities of this fabulous feline park.

    A new dedication has been made in the park. The visitor center and gift shop, located off Park Avenue, has been renamed the Princess Ava Center, in honor of Ava, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a short illness and now has 8 lives remaining.


    The Princess Ava Center:







    More of the park...
















  8. 30092269595_b23acdb6f4_o.jpg

    • Update #18 || Toba - Bay of Saitama •


    • Toba is a small town located in bay of Saitama. It has a population around 55.000 inhabitants and as most of these villages located in the bay of Saitama it produces rice and fish.
    It is located in the South of Handa peninsula, almost where the bay of Saitama begins. From Toba you can reach the new Saitama's airport very Quickly because is located nearby and since the last year is also possible reach Kawasaki easily due the new Tunnel that cross the bay of Saitama and connects Kawasaki with Handa Peninsula. •



    • Towns like Toba are very popular in the last years, why ? It's quite simple. Here you can find all you need to have a normal life...the transport is perfectly connected with all parts of Saitama and the rest of Japan but life here is much simpler and easier than a chaotic urban area...•




    • Yes, Toba is also connected with the rest of the Prefecture by train. Trains are really important in Japan and every single village of town must have their railway lines and stations. You can reach from Toba using the train one of the Saitama's central stations in 1 hour more or less... •




    The noise from the trains is part of the city, there are trains crossing the city and reaching the train station during all day, there are some trains at night too •



    • There is nothing really important or special in this town, standard layouts for roads and buildings. Everything has to be efficient here. [In the center of those pictures you can see the city hall]


    • Toba is also connected by the Highways system of Saitama. •




    • Some of the streets and areas of Toba, as I said is a quiet and normal location of the metropolitan area Saitama


    • This is the port of Toba. Its and old port and in the past most imporant part of this town. Today the port is used by the inhabitants of Toba and it has not an important role in trade of the prefecture, but in the past this port was important to bring fresh fish to a big number of person in this area when the transport system was not that good... anyway the Toba's port is very popular among people of this small town and they love to visit it every day to buy some fresh fish or get some of the ferries to go somewhere in the Prefecture...•


    • Students and workers, the trains are filled with them and they come from city center every single night... •


    • The natural barrier that protects the bay of Saitama from big waves makes it possible to built all those big and small ports along the shore. As you can see the protections are not really large. This also affects the number of inhabitants, making possible more urbanization areas along the bay


    • Thanks for your visit and I hope you enjoy this update about TOBA  :)


    ~ Greetings from TOBA, Saitama Prefecture ~


    Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

    # Jonathan.

  9. rewright
    Latest Entry

    Until I can find the cause of missing props I have had to put this journal on hold. I really appreciate the thoughtful suggestions from my friends here. So far I
    am  not sure if the problem is the bug many have thought it might be, or something else like a a conflict.

    Dick Wright

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    Moonage Daydream
    Latest Entry

    Gochester in 1990:


    This real life real map which took huge amounts of work and effort for the city council to make shows Gochester as it was in 1990. It hadn't grown in 30 years and felt very much like a town of stagnation. Whilst nearby cities were in a new age of prosperity, Gochester still lingered in the cuts and rainy days of the 1970s. When people walked down the street, they did it with glum expressions and collars turned up against the weather. Old marked squares were carpeted over with parking lots and 60s concrete ruled the streets. The large industrial area to the east side of town was mainly silent (The smoke from the chimneys only from secret illegal grunge concerts held in the abandoned factory halls). All in all, Gochester was a pretty grimy place, and it was full of traffic jams to boot, though it seems only by trucks going from Rennville (it was close to the French border) to Carlsburg (Also pretty close to the German one), as residents themselves knew nothing was worth getting out of bed for. 


    At this point there were 4 rock concerts underway. If nothing else, Gochestarian's love music.Indeed many bands from the 70s and 80s came from Gochester, using its drabness and an inspiration. If only we knew how they did it.


    This is central Gochester by night! The statue of death really goes a long way to represent what Gochester is like.


    Ahh finally a sunny day! In the midground of this photo you can see the rail lines leaving the massive Amity Square Station, a completely out sized Victorian behemoth built when the town was going somewhere. Most of the platforms are unused, but fortunately, unlike most of Gochester, they've been re-purposed. They're now used as a playground for the local kids, and some are also used by drug dealers! 


    A view from the top of the dome in the early evening. Okay, maybe I was being a bit harsh on Gcchester, it has it's problems, but it can be quite beautiful.. maybe it has a future yet after all. 

    though there are 2 fires burning in that last picture...


    Gochester Map.jpg





  10. One the most famous places in Anvers. Red Entrance for the Grand Hotel JFK ( *****L ). Anvers Centrum (M1)

    ANVERS - Centrum-8 Gen., 231393146745.png

    ANVERS - Centrum-9 Feb., 441465746141.png

  11. Welcome back to Petal, today we are exploring to the major shopping area, west of the roundabout full of some of the best shopping in the area.  Home of some of the large box stores, grocery stores, and restaurants , such as Walmart,  Kohl's, Target, Winn-Dixie, Starbucks, and more! So let's hop in our cars, and drive to the latest place to shop in the Parish!



    As we start off; we start at the roundabout, where we will take the western way to the shopping, and more!



    Starting with a Winn-Dixie, Best Buy, and a McDonald's, the Winn-Dixie gives this town the southern feel that we preserve; and with the low, low prices; Keep the people happy with the freshest produce and meat, while across the street you can go buy that new computer to play Simcity 4!


    Going a bit more west, you come to the only Holiday Inn in the city; the original Holiday Inn was torn down in 1993 to build this; and the original was built in the 1960s with one of those big Great Signs of Holiday Inn, now it's a modern lodging area to provide all with comfortable lodging, and attempt to compete against the hotels in downtown like Holiday Park, and the other hotels on this part of the avenue.


    As well, is a simple Chevrolet dealership, with new cars and great service; the Petal Chevrolet dealership which has been in business since 1928, will service you till your happy!



    Like any other city, Walmart's store here is always packed, and with everything you need in a modern Walmart; that replaced the original one in 2015, it as well features Subway  inside for a perfect stop for a sub, while shopping for your groceries, clothes, or anything really!



    Of course, there is non-shopping to; we have a Chuck E Cheese's and a Starbucks near the Holiday Inn, with a Rite Aid pharmacy, all in one intersection!


    There also, is a old Motorola office building for Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and the Alabama region to provide quick customer service and offices for those in the company or buying their products.



    Don't like Walmart? There is a Kohl's near the Days Inn and the Hampton Inn, to get you your discount clothing.




     Or if you want to go to the end of the shopping experience, is a Sam's Club, Lowe's or a Target. Notice the farms, and railroad; tells you the sense and the fast transition from city-suburb, to farms and rural. It really is a unique sight to see, and a characteristic of the city.



    Right off the avenue, sits a strip mall with a Arby's, Dollar General, and other small stores and a Home Depot, right in the suburban heart but not even a minute away from the avenue.



    To give you the sense of the shopping area's size, we couldn't even cover it in one photo from the end at the Roundabout! Show's how big it really is!



    We will see you next time here at Saint Clements Parish!




  12. Inception

    Latest Entry



  13. Ruebingen

    Inner City, from the North:



    Inner City, from the South:



    University Main Building (Chancellory, Law School):



    Main refectory (at the bottom):




    Main Auditorium at the top, administration buildings:





    New City with Railroad Station:



    Thanks for all the comments!

    _Michael: I'm not sure which one ... chalet? I don't see any wooden houses in Rübingen? Maybe you give me directions. The houses I love most are quite old bats by haarlemergold.

  14. MilitantRadical
    Latest Entry



    Those of you familiar with my CJ have seen these tiles in many different stages of development. I originally used them as a testing ground for canals and now that I've settled on style (sunken with red brick walls) I unified them so that they connect perfectly.

    This entry features the largest mosaic I've ever made that comes in at a whopping 24816 x 10107px. You'll have to download it to see it at full resolution because even dropbox can't display it.

    I encourage you to look at the pics in full size. These smaller .jpeg versions don't really do them justice (they're less than half the size). Hope you have a big screen.



    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size

    (Unfortunately the full image is too large to even be previewed on dropbox, but you can download the 125 MB png.)


    Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


    raynev1: Some beautiful night scenes . Sorry to hear about your hard drive , that's a bummer . Hope you continue Ionica . It's been a great CJ .

    Yeah well, that's just what happens when your computer is over six years old and you push it to the limit on a daily basis. Thanks.

    gviper: Hey my friend! It's been quite some time! Wasn't sure I'd hear or see you on these pages again. I myself have slowed down in activity considerably. Lovely presentation!

    Didn't mean to be gone for so long but sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks.

    korver: Great stuff as always - you probably have my favorite photoshop style of anyone here on ST and the Chinatown scenes are great. Hope you can keep this going :)

    Thanks. Looking at your work always gives me the itch to get back in the game.

    _Michael: Welcome back! I feared I wasn't following my to see any more Ionica, so it's great to have it back! :D Great looking city with some lovely design elements; can't help but noticing that north arrow though ;), can become slightly distracting!

    Lol, all these years and I still have the north arrow. Thanks.

    TekindusT: Another top notch, deliciously handcrafted mishmash of styles!

    You know I'm a fan of the mishmash, just too many good BATs to stick to one style. Thanks.

    kschmidt: Great night views ! Japanese and other buildings well lightened. NAM elevated networks and GLR features well integrated,  well done !

    Wish I had a few pictures of how it looked before. It was a mess. Thanks.

    v701: This city is still one of the best SC4 I've seen so far !! I love this clown picture on the skyscraper ! :thumb::ducky:

    Everyone loves a clown. Thanks.

    Takingyouthere: Great to see you back in action, your city building style and image presentation was sorely missed.

    That's the great thing about SC4 at this stage, everyone can have their own style. Thanks.

    tariely: Very nice night shots ! (and Trump...) Glad to know you'll be back. But CBS ? We have CBS? Or did you make that one ? I Want !:-)))

    Yup, it's mattb325's CBS. Thanks.

    Akallan: Beautiful images of nights, it seems so alive. It's beautiful all the lights of nights, my favorite is the one with the channel! :thumb:


  15. Ben's Top Ten

    Apologies for the long delay between updates, real life has been interfering.

    We're playing BTT catchup...  the time machine is set for December.... and New Sorgun is a reentry making it the Christmas (in August) number one!!

    Vista Del Mar, The Viceroyalty of Pursues, Basin City Blues and The Region of Ocean's Edge are back, and Washington County debuts.


    Ben's +10

    California 2 by GoKingsGo
    Mikenstein by michae95l
    Holt by simlink
    Anselli by TMTS
    The Dells by The Big Z
    Castiana - Sahal - Vagonbrei by ionionion
    Mayon Province by kschmidt
    Rio Grande do Sul by afagundes
    The Many Cities of Boomooderie by BugeyedDragon
    Twin Rivers Region by dedgren


  16. Enterprise

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    I Am D'dawg
    Latest Entry

    Welcome to Enterprise!

     Enterprise is a town on the Foggy River. It started as town with a small suburb and a small shopping district. 




    The center of Lilywood, the first suburb. I have a theme on that allows level one buildings to look like they are under construction. Also the elementary school is located in the center.


    The original entry point into Enterprise. The basics (fire, police, health care) are located here.



    View of the city behind hospital. A lot of construction is happening right now in Lilywood. The area on the hill is call Enterprise Hill.




    This is the utilities area.



    The town currently has 2,093 people and has a high demand for commercial

    Please go check this out: 



  17. vivapanda
    Latest Entry

    It has been a long time since my last activity here on Simtropolis, since April 2013 (!) to be exact. Thanks to this rainy summer and the enormous amount of available custom content I recently started playing SC4 again, of which you can see a bit of the result here: I introduce the Island of Stil!

    Stil is a small republic (Stilnem Repblik) that encompasses the volcanic island of the same name. Its volcanic history made for a very mountainous landscape. The middle of the island is marked by the deep blue old crater lake (Lag w-Stil). Most of the 34.000 inhabitants live in the valley that connects the lake to the harbor, scattered around the coast there are some small towns and hamlets. 

    As the update title has revealed, during this update we will focus on the crater lake and the towns on its shores.

    In the middle of the lake Templom Arkan (the old monastery) pops up above the water. For centuries this has been a refuge for a dozen of monks and pilgrims from the island. Nowadays it is still in use by the monastery, and accessible to the public. Usually the island is mostly reached by a 50 metre swim across from the shore


    Leg-y-fels sits on the most inland shore. North to South a part of the lake ring road , Sand kar z-Leg (A1) can be seen. To the West is the road (A8) that twist its way up to the towns of Pas and Fels-w-Haw


    Driving around on Stil, you will never be bored by a dull straight, flat road.


    The town of Fels-w-Ekr, endpoint of tram line B, towards the right it runs through the densely populated valley down to the harbor.



    The most outward end of the lake is decorated by the Kolum Se-Tonisem (Column of Saint-Anthony), patron saint of the island. The avenue going to the North is considered the main street of the island, as most governmental institutions and major stores are situated along the way


    To finish this update an overview picture of the lake (still a bit rough around the edges)




  18. REPLIES:

    RandyE: Thanks a lot! With all the LUT's and map themes, you can get some really stellar shots of this game these days. Glad you enjoy.

    Takingyouthere:Thanks! I'm not so experienced when it comes to making industrial areas or power complexes. I usually don't focus much on them, so I'm glad you like them. I get what you're saying about the smokestacks, haha, but it's a trade-off, I suppose.

    raynev1: That's some high praise! SC4 is so iconic and has such a great community here at Simtropolis behind it, it can be hard (daunting even) to begin exploring another game. I came into the SC4 scene really late, so it was easy for me to start "fresh" with Skylines. It's not as deep and doesn't have as much flexibility as SC4 yet, but Skylines is a great tool for creating some beautiful cities.


    Sunrise in the valley. Today, we're visiting a small collection of locally owned and operated farms. Harvests aren't huge, but there's enough to squeak out a living. Rise and shine...and get to work.


    The pigs are already snuffing around in their pens looking for their morning slop. The Pork industry considered Snake River Valley a lost cause, as you just can't sustain industrial-level mega-farms. But the pigs that do live here---well---they're delicious.


    A variety of crops grow here, albeit in small numbers. Agave is one of the big guns here, and there's a Tequila distillery in the area.


    Also near here are the Royal Canter Stables. A local family breeds horses here and offers riding lessons for locals and visitors alike.


    An early morning, pre-breakfast brushing...ah. It's the life.


    The farmland sure is peaceful and serene.

    Hope you enjoy!

  19. Wrigglestown is the suburban centre of New Wormrise. Not the most exciting area to start on, but it still has its good qualities to it.


    A view of the urban landscape typical to Wrigglestown.



    Some of the high class homes typical to Wrigglestown.



    The Wrigglestown off-ramp used to be the busiest stretch of road in all of New Wormrise. Industrial freight no longer travels through here.



    The Wrigglestown exchange is still a hub of activity.



    A pedestrian bridge connecting the eastern suburbs of Wrigglestown to the commercial district at the centre of Wrigglestown.



    Wrigglestown commercial.



    The Wrigglestown mall, at the direct centre of Wrigglestown.



    An inner-city bus stop at the Wrigglestown mall.



    A park at the rear of Wrigglestown mall connects to the west suburbs of Wrigglestown.



    The railway separating central Wriggles town from west Wrigglestown. West Wrigglestown was once the industrial centre of New Wormrise but is now re purposed as suburbs.



    Wrigglestown main road/highway. The city can be seen in the distance.



    A  train pulls into the Wrigglestown station.



    A high speed inner-city train flies through occasionally.



    More to come for Wrigglestown later on.

  20. Replies

    raynev1: Yeah, and I think it's a good one, this Cities game.

    Tonraq: Thanks, it's good(?) to be back.


    Just a question this time around. My recent updates used majhost and occasionally imageshack for hosting photos. However, majhost has fallen off the face of the earth and imageshack has gone premium. I've noticed ST has a gallery wherein I can upload pics. Would you all want me to reupload the pics from majhost, considering they're all still on my hard drive? It'd be a slow thing, and I couldn't guarantee I'd remember all the updates, but I would do it. Let me know.

    Also, so I don't just bore you all, here's some more pics of that city I showed you in the last entry. I want to do an update on it, I think. But I may wait until I get a new laptop, which should be by the end of August, so bear with me.




  21. Hunters, Wyoming

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  22. Istrapagos Region

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