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  1. I am glad to welcome you in the capital of the Guademian republic again. Today you will get acquainted with two more districts of the city (more correctly with their southern parts). This districts:  Broonwick and Baydfall. Their southern parts border in the south on North Nord Fill and are divided by Weits River. These areas aren't so popular with tourists as they the historic center of the city, but at the same time aren't less interesting and not less important. These areas have the main important role for permanent residents of the capital, though to guests of the capital these areas can be remarkable (in particular some quarters of these areas). In these two areas some universities, the market, important administrative objects, the ministries, the former prison, and nowadays being the museum, one of terminals of a city-suburban electric train are located. This area is also crossed by the second boulevard ring(Friedrick Boulevard Ring) that does these areas by important transport hubs of the city. The most part of quarters of these areas is sleeping, but also there are some historical sights. These areas were included in structure of Norige Hills in 1896, and earlier were its  suburbs.


    Broonwick — the third district of Norige Hills. The southern part of the area (about which we speak today) adjoins to the central part of the city, as a part of Norige Hills is educated in the 19th century. Is the densely populated area with a set of municipal housing though there is a historical architecture (mainly in the southern part of the area which developed because of proximity to the city). It is known approximately since 1200.The area is located in the northwest of the central part of the city of Norige Hills. Occupies the space of 7,42 sq.km. This area is in the center of the municipal districts of Norige Hills. The area borders on the area Hadilston in the north, in the south borders on Nord Fill(northern part), the East borders on the district Baydfall.The Weast Borders on the district Nidhans. In the south it is separated from the district Nord Fill by the Weits River.In comparison with other central regions of the city, is rather planted trees and shrubs, thanks to big space in the southern part which is built up in the majority with municipal buildings.The area is most known for the concert hall built in 1979 in which there take place all main concerts of the country which are broadcast on all central channels of the country. It was constructed by Evgeny Bluming. In the territory of the area also the market with the name of the area of the same name is located. On the Clapham square Saint Rupert's and Virgil cathedral is located.Has been attached to the city in 1896, and earlier was the suburb of the capital.

    The big sleeping quarter Vauxhall has been built in the period of 1960-1970, instead of shabby housing, for working class. Sleeping quarter has been divided into two blocks. The block A settles down to the southwest of the area on the Weits River, overlooking the small park on quay.The quarter is crossed by a boulevard ring. This sleeping quarter has a convenient arrangement, thanks to existence of the main thoroughfare of the city and a wide choice of public transport (many bus and tram routes cross this quarter) therefore it is very convenient to inhabitants of this quarter to reach for work practically any point of the city. In Blok A also there is a kindergarten and school. There are playgrounds, parking spaces and several large supermarkets within walking distance.



    In the Block B there are two schools, 1 kindergarten, city policlinic. With the Block A it is divided by a Friedrick boulevard ring, and in the east it is limited to Marshwood Avenue which is in turn crossed with a boulevard ring. The Avenue is an important transport artery of the city, stretching from a northern part of a boulevard ring to the district Hadilston. According to the Marshwood Avenue trams and buses go. Also near a quarter the main concert hall of the city, and to the closest metro station of only 10 minutes on foot is located.



    Here is how in general quarter looks. As you see building of municipal buildings is mixed with historical buildings. It was affected by proximity to the historic center of the city. Therefore this area partially is sleeping (at least in the south which we discuss today)


    The cathedral is devoted to Saints Rupert and Virgil. The building is located to the East from the Marshwood Avenue, on the Clapham Square adjacent to a boulevard ring. The present structure is executed in Baroque style and has length 101 meters with a width of 45 meters. Height of the main building — 32 meters, dome height — 79 meters, height of towers — 81 meters. The cathedral has 11 altars, 5 bodies and a set of bells, the oldest of which have been cast in the XVI—XVII centuries. The principal organ belonging to 1703 has been replaced in 1988 with the new tool manufactured in Mikenstein. The cathedral has 900 seats, all at the same time can be in it to 10 thousand people.



    On the square the Ministry of Education is also located.There are always a lot of people. Tourists, students, citizens, shopaholics, constant guests of the area and nearby streets


    To the East from the area, parallel to it, one of the oldest universities of the country is located. To the middle of the 19th century, the building belonged to one rich aristocrat of that time, but after disintegration of the empire when the country became the republic, the government has decided to arrange in this building university.



    Near the Clapham Square there is an elite night club in which celebrities, athletes and other bohemians like to have a good time.


    On eastern frontier with the district Baydfall the market is located. It is the main market of the Broonwick, the smallest, but with the most wide choice of fresh vegetables, fruit, souvenirs and other goods. The market is located in a quarterWhitechapel. This quarter the headquarters of some corporations, some important administrative objects, such as tax authorities, the central district mail, several supermarkets and various retail stores also located. This quarter there are buildings built in the 17th century.



    Also private clinic.


    To the South of a quarter on the Weits River in 2001 the elite housing estate with own private parking, with football fields and tennis courts has been constructed. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays use of sports constructions is available to everyone (to residents of houses adjacent to sports constructions, it is free). In the south it is limited to Weits River, and in the north a Friedrick boulevard ring.






    Fourth district of Norige Hills. As well as Broonwick, is located is very subcentral therefore treats the central part of the city (we will discuss detailed administrative division of the capital soon and very in detail). In the area there is a pedagogical university with the big park adjacent to university and the football field, and also the large residential sleeping quarter which settled down on the river bank adjoins to the park from South side. Also in the area there is a medical research center, medical college, city clinical hospital, 3 schools and 2 kindergartens. The main thoroughfares the Vernand Avenue beginning at a royal garden in Nord Fill and stretching to northern border of the city. Also Ronkley Avenue which is crossed with the Vernand Avenue and stretches to the Marlhays district. These two important roads do this area by the important transport hub. Also thanks to the settling-down on the western border of the region of the Terminal A of a city-suburban electric train, the metro station 4 lines, terminal point of many bus routes and trams. The terminal is one of the main transport hubs of public transport. At the station square the station of a taxi is also located. From here it is possible to move conveniently around the city on public transport, it is convenient to reach any point of the city at any time. It is quite noisy area, cars, important administrative objects, for example the Ministry of Health is a lot of here. Here the dense population is enough. In the area there are no special sights therefore tourists are seldom and that in transit here, using the terminal as a starting point to other districts of the city.
    the terminal A is terminal and transit point for routes

    Bus: A13, A27,A84,A85,A67,A133,A95,A55, B33,B77,B150,B340a,B601,B89a,R50,R721,R11,R734, R677,R652a,C5,C9.C12,N63a,N98,N25
    Tram: T3,T4,T7,T9,T10,T14,T18
    Subway M4
    City-suburban electric train SR1,SR2,SR3,3a,3b,SR4,SR9,9a,9b,SR10

    (is more detailed about public transport of the capital and agglomeration you learns later, with detailed maps, explanations and routes)



    It is based on August 16, 1809 at the initiative of Wilhelm Gamboldt. In 1828 has received the name Wilhelm Gamboldt's University in honor of the famous philologist.

    Occupations at university have begun in 1810, 256 students have been at that time enlisted. In their 2008 there were 34 612.

    In the 19th century the university was one of the largest Sim National World scientific centers.



    The large inhabited massif built for people of middle class adjoins to the university park.



    To the East from the Vernand avenue, on the Friedrick Boulevard ring, to the West from the university park, one more dormitory area for people of middle class was located. In general all quarter (which the housing estate, university with the park and enters this white quarter) are quite prestigious quarter of the city



           The promised bonus in the form of a general panorama of the central part of the city:



    Island Garfield. In east part of the island you see the former prison in which the museum which is very popular with tourists nowadays is located. Here it is possible to reach by bus from the central station and from the Terminal A


    Next time you will see:
      The most prestigious, modern, bohemian district of the city after the historic center. Unusual skyscrapers, shopping centers, bohemian quarters and botanical garden

  2. Welcome back to Winton, ready to begin the new 20th century? I can't wait to see the technological ideals arising, and to rise. Maybe more trains, and transportation, heck even maybe horses made of gears! It'll help out at the corral that's for sure. We do as the new year begins for us, have a new landmark for our little town.


    Welcome back, we see the general store and such at night lit up along Goodwin St.


    People gathering at the courthouse for a New Years celebration. Inside a band will be playing, food, and all in the first floor! Square Dancing, and so much more. All is welcomed! Free of charge!


    The neighborhoods are quiet, people are gathering at the courthouse, to see the quiet small streets like Broadmoor street here in its fine beauty.


    The school is also planting a small community garden, wish them luck in our climate; but it teaches the kids about real outdoorsy skills, and them not stuck inside on their washboards and guitars. This is the future, all of us outside, having a fun time!


    Now for the big landmark we were talking about! Which is named the, Alan Coleman Gazebo, after Doctor Alan Coleman, who was the town doctor till 1899 when he died at the age of 74. A great doctor he was, we miss him much in our town.


    We'll see you all in 1903.


    Hint hint, 1903 is going to be a change for all of us!


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    Views of beaches, major attraction and nightlife.forestcity49.jpg.ff51d4d51c7f8999480ccbf0b17dd80b.jpg




































  4. New Alexandria City

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    Photos of different areas in New Alexandria city

  5. 6tO6brK.jpg




    We only have nine more cities left to establish.  Our population has reached 12.1 million.  This means the voting for cities has closed.  There will be some time after this update and the next.   Here is a little more insight to how our government works.   We have an election day too.   Government positions: <State> Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, and Chief Justice!   <County> County Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, County Treasurer, County Judge, County Representative, County Delegate! <City> Mayor, Vice-Mayor, City Treasure, City Representative, and City Delegate.

    Everyone gets a ballot they vote for city level, laws, one rep, and at least one delegate. For county level, laws, one rep, and at least one delegate.  There is one rep for each of the 245 cities, and one for each of the three counties.  There is a delegate for each 10,000 city population count.  There are five delegates for each 500,000 county population.  There will be more about this in later updates.   We think education is important we have 235 elementary schools and 128 high schools, 57 college campuses.  Our fine state has 189 police districts with 492 buildings.   We also have 236 fire districts with 1,170 buildings.  Finally, we have 235 medical districts with the same number of buildings.  If recreation gives you satisfaction, each of our 236 cities has a city park.  We also have 151 soccer fields, 14 beaches, 44 zoos,40 baseball stadium and 51 country clubs. 



    Today’s highlighted program is “A Merry Christmas”

    Chapter 2:

    Scene 1: Found a spot

    Nar: The Innkeeper comes back. “The manager said all our rooms are full.  If you wouldn’t mind staying in our manger we could find a room in a day or so.” 

    Joseph says, “That sounds homely.  Do you have a doctor around?”  

    Mary says, "A doctor sounds really great right now.” 

    Innkeeper3 says,   “Sure thing I’ll have the doctor meet you at the manger in five minutes.”   

    Joseph and Mary make their way to the manger.  Once they arrive, a beautiful feeling comforted Mary.  Dr. Frankysence came soon after he got the message.  

    “Greetings, my name is Mur Frankysence, I’m the local doctor.  I see you are going to be having a new member of the family.” 

    Joseph says, "Yeah, are you a PI as well?”   

    Nar: so the doctor asks some questions and then goes to get some equipment and medicines he might need. 


    State Budget:  

    3,127,133 Income   2,678,972 Expenses

    Projection State Population :   12,591,182




    Focus City:

    Los Lobos rings in at 169,079 founded 12/25/1854.  Mr.Aire Davis won the election for mayor.  The city uses 56K, power 293K water, and produces 2K units.  This city has the state’s largest supply of ketchup.   They have my elementary, high, and private school and library.  The city provides 4 police stations, 8 fire stations, and my hospital. We also have 46k commercial jobs, and 30k industrial jobs. Los Lobos has an airport.  We also have a soccer field, zoo, baseball stadium, and country club.  Its zip code is 92542.  Its phone exchange is 520 – 660 – 664.  Our city receives it utilities from City 56.





    Phatamento, Casa Quesadilla, Pillsbury Town, Karp City, Wood Vill, Year Hear, Phatidious, Hey Hey, Fletcher City, Worker City, Hair, Rules, Monster City, Jerome,  Kool City, Eighties,Peter Place, Jehosiphat, Mt. Phatta, Atkins Valley, Sam Town, Toasted Towne, Lake Angel, New Springfield, Monder, Maggie Ville, Ben Think’n, East’r, Fresh Towne, Fish’n ,Town, I Coast, Hazard City, EmPhatic, Fort Marzipan, Genesis, Burn Phone, Dersun City, Ted Heights,  Highest, Silver Side, Topped, Ponzi Acres, Cosmosis, Dos City, Mandelbratwurst, Ranger, Peyton Valley, Buckeye, Love,  Wyndough Township, Santa Jilliana, Peek Fork City, InPhanta Real, Pirate Creek, Smart Town,   Slider Ville, Harper, Foot Laker, Carrotsburg, Murkle, Zion, Moxy, Oak Point, Dirkenburg, Quack Valley, Meep Meep, Scootle Ville, Acme Anvils, Chattering Chimpmucksvill, Port Angel, Trilogy, Jolly Towne, Lissy Towney, Spoon Town, New Fudd City, Watermelon Farms, Left Out, Century, Forest Town, Melton Township, Heavenly Hills, Musk Kity Phat’n, Dawg Ville, Foster Vill, Reeseville, West Hershey, Rolo City, Carmel Falls, Gravitation, Rancho Malt, Muki Cyty, Rancho Carroll, San Edo, Golden Rod, Puero Matteo, Hill Town, Dawg Lake, Monster Villa, Hammer, Trufflebury, Phatiform Falls, Hummingbird Haven, Griffith Park City, Bell, Kathryn Kity, Gray Hall, Narducci Township, San Sonata, Knife Vill, Rocky, Clock City, Two Too Town, Cross Ville, Slick City,

    Snickersburg,  Glory Acres, Boyes Balloon, YuleLog City, Town O Tinsel, Praying Peace, Coco Lot A,  Grace Point, Bladder City, Colt Cove, Boster, Flights Peak, Rain In, Heinz Town, Zamboni Slick, Carter's Fold, Marklesburg, Yellowbird, Jones Town, Twentysix Cyborg City, Mount Reindeer, Dasher Valley, Vixen Hills, Blitzen Town, Wondrous Gift, Blessed Bounty, Donner Passage, Comet Lake, Angel Bay, Lance A Lot, Tea Party, Frog Valley, Quick Sand, The Peakz, East Range, Voter Ville, Bluebird Nest, Zevende, Cavalier City, New Jack City, Triumvirate Town, Sithalburg, Common Wealth, Birkinfield, Chalmers,  Buckley, Val Valley, The Cryb, Third Town, Apollo, Chocolate Towne, Snow Cone City, Park Central, Mount Tuckajack, Lake Ness, Chupacabra Corners, Wright On, Rummy Ridge, Lawsonville, Mikeville Creek, Hike the City, Fish Head, Hall Town, James Town, Park South, Peak Valley, Bread Vil, Butter Ball, German Valley, Fast Gone, Slow Foke, Rest Coast, Los Lobos, Noah’s Ark, Oyster Gallery, Cincinnati, Eugenia Corners, Kingston, Williamson, Belvadera, Harlodton, and Jamesville.

    Neighbor Deals:

    Part of the reason this update was so long in coming is I changed how some of the neighbor deals worked across the counties.  The original idea was to have the neighbor deals to spread out from the three county seats.   That is how it has been, and why the later updates took longer and longer was I had to keep stretching out the deals.  I have now changed only parts of the neighbor deals.  I filmed parts of what I did.  I hope enjoy that bonus feature.     I’ll be going into more detail on neighbor deals in the next update.

    {Christmas present]






  6. New Cardiff

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    Welcome Back to New Cardiff!

    Hey, it hasn't been long, but I wanted to post a short progress report on New Cardiff.

    After finishing the highway, I set to work on the downtown area. I began by downloading a couple of diagonal assets and scattering them about the area.

    After about an hour of tinkering, this is the result:



    This is just a barebones setup, I need to go and find several diagonal park assets and such to really fill out the space. Any suggestions?



    @Urban Constanta


    nice interchanges. You should review the link for your channel cause it redirects to this post. Anyways i've managed to find you on YT and of course i've subscribed. I'll also put some of my sc 4 videos on YT after i finish my current projects: KOTOR 2 and New Vegas  (moded)

    Thanks so much! And I've fixed the link. Thanks for the sub!



    You have some interesting and inspiring ideas and layouts.  I subscribed to your yt channel and will stay up to date on your work.  I like the "funkychange" and I really like how smooth your curves and corners are, especially.  I agree with @raynev1 that the interchanges look inviting to build around.  Should work nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop!  :thumb:

    Again, thanks for subbing! Thanks for the love on the Funkychange, it's my first try at something so unique.


    Shameless Plug Section

    Here's a nice 6-ish minute video of me building all this.

    If you like my work please check out my YouTube channel. I'm currently building my city of Harinsburg, as well as New Cardiff, which is meant to capture the look of a Midwestern industrial river town. If you really like Harinsburg and want too see still images, written descriptions, etc, check out my other City Journal of Harinsburg:


  7. The last time I updated this CJ was a teaser and was many months ago. I haven't touched Simtropolis much since then but I still play Simcity 4 albeit not regularly. Not only that I'm more preoccupied with university life, actual urban planning (or at least studying it) is way more fun than I thought it would be and possibly more fun than playing this game.

    Well, moving on to the city journal itself, here's what the picture in the aforementioned 'teaser' has come to:


    It is the center of the old town, or the old town that used to exist here when the place was still the fertile, agricultural village it used to be before tall office buildings took over.


    The 'Alun - Alun', one of the few remaining remnants of the old village, is where people used to and still do congregate for various events and festivals. It has since been renovated and renewed into that of a modern park rather than the flat, open grass area it used to be. Additionally, the government of the region is still based here, like it used to be many many years ago.


    More remnants of the former old town; some slums as well as the old commercial center and market. This part of town is protected from commercial encroachment as a heritage to the city's simple past. Needless to say, it's a seedy place with much prostitution and many of the richer populace, as well as some hard-line local Islamists want the place to no longer demolished. Also in  picture is the central train station, that services an hourly commuter rail service. It also serves to link the city with Jakarta to the north and Bandung to the east.


    The CBD extends itself to the north; development is less dense with many high end stores catering to the more well-off people of the city as well as a cinema.


    Well, that closes out this update, keep following this CJ for the next update, I promise it won't be long!

  8. UDR Chernostrovia

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    Hello, everyone. Welcome to a brand new CJ of mine. This journal is going to take place in the United Democratic Republic of Chernostrovia, located in the northern Black Sea.



    The name Chernostrovia comes from a portmanteau of the words "cherno" and "ostrov", which mean "black" and "island" in Russian respectively, thus can be translated as Black Island.


    Chernostrovia was a part of the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1991 as the Chernostrovian SSR. In 1941, German and Romanian forces captured the island within one month during the Axis invasion of the USSR, incorporating it into Romania. In late 1944, the Red Army retook the island and reincorporated it into the Soviet Union. From 1945 to 1991, Chernostrovia was one of the prime tourist destinations of the Soviet Union due to the many long beaches on the island. In 1991, the Chernostrovian SSR broke away from the Soviet Union and became the United Democratic Republic of Chernostrovia.

    The Supreme Soviet of Chernostrovia passed the 1992 Constitution which held that the Communist Party would remain as the state party and the only party eligible to hold seats in the Supreme Soviet, but that other parties and groupings would be able to exist on an unofficial basis. The Communist Party of Chernostrovia held a new party congress where the party adopted the policy of New Socialism for a New Age, which held that a number of state-owned enterprises were to be made private enterprises and that a market economy was to be introduced, but that the social protections would continue to exist. 

    The new policies resulted in massive privatizations and a very steep rise in wealth inequality, and the country saw a drop in population and life expectancy much like other ex-Soviet countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The legalization of other political groupings resulted in the formation of several new parties, some based on liberalism and nationalism while others based on Marxism which oppose the "New Socialism" policy of the Communist Party.



    The Supreme Soviet of Chernostrovia is located in the city center of Ravningorod, the capital of Chernostrovia. The Supreme Soviet holds 45 seats, all of which are held by the Communist Party. Most of the leadership of the Communist Party is intellectuals, investors and CEOs, who likewise make up a large portion of the overall party membership. From the 1920s to the 1950s, the membership of the Communist Party was overwhelmingly factory workers, university students and farmers, which was largely the result of the Lenin Enrollment in the 1920s, when the Soviet Communist Party sought to bring more workers into leadership positions and less bureaucrats. In the 1950s and 1960s, this policy was reversed as the Communist Party demoted workers from leadership positions and replaced them with managers and bureaucrats. Now, with the onset of "New Socialism" and the market economy, there is very little worker representation in the party. 

    The newly-formed Liberal Democratic Party has argued that this is a failure of communism as a whole, and that the Communist Party should disband. The Workers' Party on the other hand, which is also newly-formed but is Marxist, has called for a new armed revolution to "reestablish proletarian dictatorship and end the toxic "New Socialism" concoctions of the Khrushchevite bureaucrat-capitalists". The Liberal Democratic Party is the second-largest party in the country, the largest being the Communist Party itself, while the Workers' Party is smaller but is the fastest-growing party in terms of membership.



    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs used to be the headquarters of the Marxism-Leninism Education Center when the Soviet Union still existed. In the 1990s, the building was made the Foreign Affairs ministry and the Marxism-Leninism Education Center was relocated to elsewhere in Ravningorod. The building has a large tribute to Che Guevara on one of its walls.



    The Heroes of 1941 Square, dedicated to the soldiers who briefly defended the city from the Wehrmacht during the Siege of Ravningorod in 1941, is where the Chernostrovian People's Army holds parades on special occasions. Dances, rallies, and other gatherings of Communist Party members are also held in the square. 



    The Kozlov Apartments used to be a state-owned housing compound until 2004. Since then, the apartments have been privately-owned and the residents are expected to pay large amounts in rent. The continuous increase in rent has unsurprisingly resulted in many workers moving out and many intellectuals and middle-class families moving in. 



    The Simbirsk Road Apartments, located on Simbirsk Road, have remained state-owned. The rent for residents here, however, has likewise increased, though not to the same degree as the privately-owned apartments. Apartments here have more modern water heaters and backup generators, which is not as often the case in privately-owned apartments. Room sizes are generally smaller in comparison to privately-owned apartments as these buildings were constructed to hold more residents. 

    The rising costs of living in Ravningorod have led to workers crowding in older buildings on the outskirts of the city, which has meant the formation of what are essentially slums. Farmers and peasants in the countryside are likewise relocating to these slums as the kolkhozes (collective farms) have been gradually dismantled by the market economy and the state protections for farmers and their produce have effectively vanished. This has also contributed to the ever-increasing trade deficit and has crushed the Communist Party's empty promises of self-sufficiency and independent development. The Workers' Party has held rallies to protest the situation where many protesters have been injured by tear gas and rubber bullets from the police.



    Welcome to the Chernostrovian nation, and its uncertain future.

  9. So guys I have changed the map for the city of San Francisco to the a smaller version of the actual San Francisco Peninsula...584b9a1f96041_NewCity-Jan.31001481172436.png.71f7a151230ec25413c716aeac71c042.png

    And we have our new Bay Bridge...which is a four-lane RHW bridge connecting downtown San Francisco to Oakland...584b99f534144_SanFrancisco-Oct.16001481348838.png.6037b2577c53dbc695da967b5c446e57.png

    New City-Jan. 31, 001481172436.png

    San Francisco-Oct. 16, 001481348838.png







    The winter has arrived at the central highlands.

    Today we're gonna zoom in on an area called Alkon crown. The nearest settlements are about 80km away. And the last 40km you need to go by foot since the roads is to end.







    In this pic you can see an expidition with mechanics which are on their way to a military radiotower.

    On a journey like this you need to be prepared to hike in the wild. To get here is no easy walk especially in the winter, and this crew are well trained.






    Mile after mile with frozen soil.







    After a two days hike the crew will arrive at this spot.

    I can't give you the exact location since the army don't want too much people creepin around.








  11. Palmdale is the capital of Professional Polo  held at the Ralph Lauren stadium , This area of the city is called the polo district one can get off the train n walk around pretty much see

    everyone in the polo attire ready to watch n play !!! the area also has a football/baseball stadiums the polo district is one of the most popular spots around .


  12. Nurn Grows Day by Day

    As everyone probably wants to see, here's some growth... just a little though. Can't let anyone get too excited now.

    Wow, what the hell is this? These farmers are funny, thinking they can last much longer as the pollution and noise interrupt their day to day operations. 


    Their crops yield less with each passing season, the dirt farming a plight upon the ritzy wealth of central Nurn. ..

    ...well would you look at that, they've already abandoned their homes! Not looking too bright for agriculture. Immigrants want some of that prime downtown land before this place gets too populated! Some of them see the potential. 


    Finally they sold out...! It's about time too, marina expansion propositions are starting to pop up down at City Hall. Residents are starting to wonder why agricultural zoning and those nice down to earth farmers still think they have any business and gall trying to operate on Nurn island. 


    While it's not a farm, many agreed to keep the rare block of redwoods that still grow this far within the city limits. It's a miracle they're even still alive! As Nurn's first official park, residents are appalled to see unused land fall into government hands under the premise of... ugh... "beautification" as they call it. Although once the planned paths and parkland is built the others will be happy to have a place to sit read books like Atlas Shrugged in public so that they can prove how intellectual and informed about capitalism they are to all the other sims. 


    Despite their differences the Sims will have to learn to deal with each other some day. They all live on the same island (not "technically" an island) after all. 


    That's all for now! Tell me what you want to see of Nurn and Gorgoroth in the future.

  13. Manhattan, NY

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    El Argentino
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    It's 4:00 AM, and I, very vicious with this, my first 3D model of my life. Believe me (or I believe),
    I never thought I could do this, because my pc is oldStart with this 3 days ago.
    First, it was learning how to $%&^! how to make a simple box! Then, with some ingenuity, I could start to shape it.



    When I saw this walking, start all over again, trying to be as orderly as possible, and there it goes. I plan to do everything in the flat and then give it height, build the sides (which I have seen are very detailed). Aaaaa the textures... the UV Mapper, all these thing drives me carzy..









    And well. Nothing. Jajaja. In the end I will need some modeler with a powerful computer so that it can render as many polygons, if someone offers, enchanted (? Ah, y maeby tomorrow post a new entry about Battery Park City, now that I know modeler, umm

    Bye Bye!

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    Downtown Sheffield lights up during the nighttime, as waves crash on the banks of the Ashtabula River.

    Some General Information about the City of Sheffield, CC

    Current Mayor: John Tillsburgh

    Population: 104,000 (2010 Census)

    Rank in population (In CC): 1st

    Largest Employer: Sheffield School System (2,230 employees)

    Largest Private Employer: Cacciatorian Energy Company (1,966 employees)

    Brief History: Founded in 1774 by Italian-British explorer Alfonso d'Cacciatore, Sheffield was originally named Fort Sheffield, in honor of the town d'Cacciatore grew up in. The town quickly grew as a trading area, mostly dealing in furs, weapons, and other frontier necessities. During the Revolutionary War, the town was attacked by nearby Natives, and set ablaze. In retaliation, the remaining townspeople banded together and sacked and burned numerous Native villages. At the turn of the century, the town grew even further, becoming the second largest city in the Northwest Territory by 1801. In 1806, "The City of Sheffield" was established, and was made the capital of the new state of Cacciatoria. 

    Throughout the nineteenth century, Sheffield saw the same major growth that was commonly associated with Midwestern cities. Factories, particularly in the northwestern part of town, grew tremendously, and became the major source of income for the city by the Civil War. During the later half of the twentieth century, Sheffield saw a decline in industry, and a growth in the service industry. Downtown Sheffield, mostly flat prior to the 1960s, shot skyward, as new skyscrapers formed the Sheffield landscape. Today, Sheffield serves as the economic, political, and cultural center of the state of Cacciatoria, and continues to grow as a city.


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    Hello, today I'm going to show You second and the last part of update from Jaruna Islands. There's no photoshop, all shots were taken during weather effects developed by JENX. And please don't miss the end! :rofl:








    Summer time on Jaruna Islands lasts only one month. Most part of the year is rainy and snowy. Here some autumn shots.






















    And now... winter is coming! Brrrr....















    Finally, a special GIFT for all of You, check it! :party:


  14. JMLOG
    Latest Entry

    The CityCorp Inc. Annual Stockholders Meeting: Dated Today

    Opening Remarks:

    • Currently Ariosa City and its nearby suburb Norta-Upon-Ariosa are functioning well within the limits of the guides set by our corporation.
    • Our CEO ********* wishes to move onward, the only other improvements to Ariosa is the adding of numerous Railways, Subways, and Networks.
    • We, the board, voted to move on. Land is underway to be bought, and invested in.

    New Land:

    We will be buying land north of Ariosa, it has a neighboring connection to the I-10 highway. This land is mostly farmland:

    • 90% Agriculture
    • 02% Businesses
    • 08% Residential

    The Roads built will has monthly fees paid under the NAM module project, under its rightful Bylaw Section z-Sm-099. Taxation of property and others shall also be amended to suit agriculture lands as well. There is one lake that we can pull water from, but it must be cleaned as well. There will be a rail system from Norta-Upon-Ariosa to this land that will split into a center hub. This hub will be used to go back to the west of Ariosa, the north and other various directions as needed. We also will have a CityCorp Park built on the upper side of the mountain area.

    Tax return information for CityCorp:

    CODE: #GUs346-(097)

    Income after Expenses: 2.975 (Simol.)

    Tax [35%]: 1.042 (Simol.)

    Profit after taxation, 36.7% or 5.267 (Simol.) Before Expenses.



    Author's Note: Sorry no pictures. I really think i built this city too fast, so we will gradually add cities around it. Hopefully this will drag my story out a bit further for Ariosa. Please keep in mind that the city journal covers Arios, the region. In Arios there are no real borders and Mr. Speaker governs all laws.



  15. Expect a lot of text for this update as I want to talk about plans and ideas for the future and what is currently happening for this map. Ignore it if you want.


    I'm sorry it's been a while since the last entry. I have done a tonne of stuff in game since the last update, got a bit carried away and didn't post anything. But don't worry, here is the next update!

    So, I only have one new building for the theme, despite the long time, but I'm probably going to have two new buildings for the next update as I'm getting used to making them and I'm learning from my past mistakes. I feel like I need to focus more on the theme and less on the city. I've only got 5 buildings for this theme, and I need way more before I can make a proper city out of them.

    But here is the building. I had some scaling problems that took a few days to sort out. I should have made an update in the beginning of the month, but I kinda needed to work on the model a bit. Anyway, it's done.







    Just showing that the LOD has its own illumination map.



    And there we go. Sorry about my rambling, but I need some excuses, I mean, explanations for my absence. Anywayyyy.

    So, remember that city I showed briefly last update? (I don't really know if it's actually a city or just a big town near the main city) Well, I've really progressed with it, and I've developed a sort of base for how my main city is going to be designed. This journal will be something new as it isn't going into the rural farming areas, but now into the more built up urban areas. Anyway, for comparison, here was Gabrielle before:



    And here it is now:


    Yeah. A lot has been added since I last posted it, so let's just get right into it...

    We'll start off in the centre. I'm currently using the default European buildings, but I'll replace them with the theme I'm working on when I can. 



    I feel like this terraced housing block is a bit too big. I might need to break it up a bit and shrink it down.




    Just remember that nothing here is final. Some things will be different in the next update. Also note that I'm not covering the city in great detail in this update and just tour around the general area, as it isn't really finished yet. I'll be covering it bit by bit in the next updates as I detail and finalise different areas more.






    Here is a top down view of the parking by the station:



    And here is the bus terminal. I'll cover public transport in a future entry, it's not done yet.



    This is gonna be the city/town hall. I don't know if I will keep it here though.



    I'm not all too happy with this area as I made it when I was still experimenting with the buildings and how to use them. I will eventually change it up when I get to it.



    I forgot to get some pictures of the college I put down, but you can see it in the back there. I'll cover it when I get back to this area again in the future though.






    I like to split the city by north and south where the railway is. This is the "south" part, and you might remember that there used to be a highway going through here. I made a cool interchange for it with road markings and stuff and ended up not liking where the highway was. I moved the interchange with the magnificent Move-It mod to another area, which took ages but it worked! The highway now goes around the city, which is more realistic (and prettier). I'll cover the interchange when I get to the place it's at in the future.


    There is the the train station on the top left. There's a train line that goes to the main city. There's also an express line that takes people directly to the city without stopping in the middle. These lines get used a lot and are quite full (especially during rush hour with the amazing Rush Hour mod!)


    Here's a closer look at the south area:







    These default European buildings are going to get replaced by my theme when it's ready.




    I feel like those parked car props are a bit too bright. I'll change that up.



    I think these buildings look really cool (done with the Move-It mod, by the way!) but I need to move them around a bit because they're taking up a lot of space.




    I made an industrial area nearby too. I don't really have any district names yet because the district boundaries are changing around. Hopefully by the next update, I can get all the districts sorted out.



    Some apartments near the warehouses. 




    This area is actually pretty detailed, but it's still unfinished so I'll leave an in-depth look for a future update.








    And here are some taller appartements. I also put down a high school there on the bottom left. It fits in with the other nearby buildings.




    Shoutout to the Park People Generators on the workshop!




    The start of some semi-detached housing:



    I don't know if I will keep those terraced houses on the left. They just feel misplaced on the bottom of a big hill like that.



    And this area too. There might just be too much repetition here, and I need to loosen it up a bit.




    This area is actually quite detailed.






    And that's it! I just want to to say a thank you to all the modders and asset creators out there that make this game something completely different. I also want to say a thanks to you if you follow this journal, thanks for taking some time off your day to see what I have done in my own city, not yours.

    If you have any suggestions for improvement, now's a good time to post as this city is still in development.

    Thanks, and I'll be back next month with hopefully (I can't promise) two new buildings for the theme, and happy Halloween!

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    Here's the busiest City i have ever made.

    City of Portsmith-May. 1, 721477530235.png

    City of Portsmith-May. 9, 721477530351.png

  16. FqrUiA.jpg

    Nature and the wild


    This is the map I'm working on. A 18km by 18km city tile.


    Up close the map feels massive.


    I'm using texture replacements for the water and ground. The water is especially good.


    The map is Grand Teton National Park.



    A lot of the flora on the map is from more recent creations on the Steam Workshop.


    The mountains are breathtaking.


    The map creator did a great job sculpting the mountains.


    Additionally, the vanilla game has rocks and rock formations to complement the terrain. In future entries I will show the results of this.



    I am using a mod called Ultimate Eyecandy to make the most of LUTs. It also allows for exact control of lighting which is great because the vanilla lighting was always too bright and yellow.


    I am using the Roads United North America mod for road texture replacements.


    The small road snaking off to the left is where I will build the first village.


    Next entry, due sometime next weekend, I will show the finished village.

  17. The Mayor of Many

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    The City of Palu is home to 30, 000 Residents, most of whom are well educated and well off. A coastal city, Palu is surrounded by water and highways act as the main transport for all of city goods.

    Without University Way, Palu would lose most of its workforce, which is why its so important for the city that this corner of the island thrives in business and education. If University way lost their tourism business, or parks, this district would plummet and dirty industry would need to take over.

    Madam Mayor Bleu would like to extend a welcome to the second most important part of her city.

    Showcased photos are from my tour of University way, and Id like to say this is a beautiful part of the city. I will have more pictures in my next article, diving into the detailing of Bleu's thought process. 

    I arrived right before a major update to the district, so the change in scenery was a wonderful treat for my reports. Below you can see a night shot of our destination, a courtesy helicopter ride gave us great opportunity. Madam Mayor explains that our trip is a gift because her city is in trouble, which I'll explain in the next article. 

    Before the roadwork, University way encourages walking, paths from the apartments to the coast where several beach getaways lie. Many covered car parks line the roads for pedestrians, free parking for everyone that goes to college. If I were to say one thing drew me into wanting to live here, those covered car parks.

    She took me across the pond to her industry, a poor district but shes desperately trying to liven it up. A Cherry blossom park resides near the docks in hopes her office workers will stretch their legs. She is urging me to finish my University way article, before she trusts me with her 'Dirty' Industry secrets.

    Screenshot 21.png

    Screenshot 11.png

    HiresScreenshot 3.jpg

  18. Melbourne

    Latest Entry

    So I just wanted to give yall an update on the voting poll for the location of Melbourne. I have decided to extend the deadline for voting until Saturday, Oct 22. I want you as members to help me with this city journal and give any ides on how to make this city as realistic and beautiful as possible.

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