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    This is the Ciudad del Lago metropolitan region. A legally sanctioned 24 kilometres side square, built on the estuaries of the rivers Calfú and Huillinco, and just north of the Loberías Sound, a medium-sized ocean inlet that marks the point where the continental rift meets the sea.

    Ciudad del Lago is the capital of the Republic of Santa Clara, a small island country just away from the coasts of South America; with a size comparable to Hainan and an overall geography that reminds the one of Mauritius, this nation of about 4 million people inhabits the only emerged part of the rift that divides the Santa Clara and Nazca plates, giving their land important natural riches but also an unparalleled exposition to the effects of natural disasters and climate change.

    As with other small countries in Latin America, Ciudad del Lago concentrates an important part of the country population: with about 2.5 million people on its metropolitan area, about 60% of the santaclareños it's also a laguino. As a consequence of this, and of its privilegied location as a safe port along the maritime routes of the Pacific Ocean, Ciudad del Lago is the main centre of the industry and finance on the country. Some extractive industries are also located on the city sorroundings, more noticeably the Piedra Roja copper mine, which compensates its poor concentrations of the metal on its rocks with an unsurpassable emplacement, just a few kilometres away from the nearest seaport.

    This port, located on the basin of an old endorheic lagoon, has served the city since colonial times and is now adapted to recieve up to panamax-sized ships; nevertheless, its most glorious days, when the Panama strait wasn't built yet and it controlled almost half the Pacific sea trade, are gone for good. And while there are offerings from the Chinese government to finance the expansion of the port to be able to manage post-panamax ships, the santaclareños aren't really convinced that their country future lies on the maritime traffic.


    As you can see from the maps, most of what is defined in-story hasn't been completed in practice: the current population is around 350.000 sims, the seaport is only terraformed, the mine just has its railway but no buildings at all, and important parts of the urban planning are lacking. As the idea is to simulate the look and feel of a typical latin american capital, many adaptations from the typical gameplay have to be done: careful zoning to avoid losing the rhythm of a dense and diverse city centre that extends to wealthy neighbourhoods, while even denser suburban slums sorround the port and the railways; a delicate balance on the building selection, incorporating foreign elements on an authentic way, while keeping local, rural and even native references active, and to develop on a geography that is different to all latin american capitals: a deep and complex sound, internally navigable, with lots of brigdes, at once dividing neighbourhoods and connecting them.

    * * *

    For now, this is all. I've begun to make more detailed and interesting maps about the planned sectorisation of the city, and its respective roadmap design, both situations that requiere a lot of participation to decide where and how to urbanise and build. Then will come some open-ended conversation about storybuilding and alternative history. I hope you got interest on this dev CJ, be it to take the time to criticise it or to promote something. I'm open to your opinions!


    P.S.: when writing here, a serif font is something written from the in-story perspective, as it will look on the final CJ, and a sans-serif text is a dev-oriented one, written as a player.

  1. MisterBlueStar4
    Latest Entry

    Here is some progress so far.It's not much but it's worth it.


  2. Hartford harbour !

    Mayon province CJ makes a little reboot this summer with the second largest city in Mayon Province, Hartford. Hartford from establishment was and is a important industrial gateway into the eastern part of Mayon province. Providence city maybe compared in industrial sence as a venue but the layout beside the Maroon river makes it a real port city. We start with the port area !

    Hartford has three large harbours. Logical oldest harbour closest to the city !


    Fìrst harbour is split into a modernized container part and a bulk goods dock !


    Second dock is completly modernized container terminal !


    Third harbour is mostly used by chemical shiping !


    Future may see some extra container cranes beside this dock !

    Last we have the LNG and Oil facilities (last one be added later) !


    Chemical area at the head of the third harbour !


    Last we conclude with the supporting infrastructure !


    Shunting area !




    Logistic enterprise !


    Large shunting and sorting facility, with a lifted hill !

    Well that´s what I would like to share with you for this month !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !



  3. Replies:

    raynev1: Thanks and yep, plenty of room, at least 100 large tiles

    DavidDhetzel: Thanks and yep, always looking for good BAT's so thankyou, picked them all up (or at least I will eventually) 

    kschmidt: Thanks and I completely agree that it has to be slow burn for the development. Not sure what sort of time period this is really based in as I've got a bit of a mix of buildings from several different time periods so it doesn't really have a fixed date in time. I do however hope to indicate some sort of change of style as we slowly grow and develop.


    Entry 5: Meandering Marshes

    So, last time we left off we were taking a look at the regions most famous pair of farmers. Well today.... has absolutely nothing to do with them so lets just get on with it shall we starting off with this exciting news that the entire area around Harrignton is now full of people, livestock and various crops (quite why we need so many different ones I don't know but nevermind). Anyway here's how it looks complete with a map of the area with all the place names, so you can be even more confused when trying to figure out where we are as I've named every small settlement!





    Right, so now that's out of the way, lets get on with the real content of this entry and for that, we need to start in Rilby, taking a look at its lovely ferry connection over to the nearby large town of Naplan. (Rilby is on the right for anyone who's confused by the map above or just didn't bother clicking the spoiler button).



    So now, we throw the lovely ferry connection out of the window and instead, decide that we need our car to travel around the several hundred metres of area that is remotely of any interest in Naplan.

    Thankfully for us, the ever expanding Harrignton surroundings have joined the two towns by a long, muddy, impassable for several months of the year and dangerous for the rest road that skirts some local swamp land (and by skirt I mean pretty much ploughs into it). Anyway, lets start by heading northwards out of Rilby and into the ever present farmland.



    Continuing north, we bypass Berrin Woods and head through the small villages of Droton and Meryat (in that order). Thankfully Droton is kind enough to give you some indication as to weather or not its a good idea to try the rest of the drive seeing as they pretty much built it in the swampy land surrounding the waterways.



    Then, we make a turn to the left through Bontin and in between some larger farms where the ground is actually, pretty serviceable as a road, and into Trowdin where we start to head south again and back into, well, mud. Apparently though, this area seems to appeal to people as the two towns we just past are pretty large when compared to most of the places in Harrington.



    Then, we head back into the boggy marshland that surrounds this wood and down towards Naplan. As you can see there's a lot of smaller farms along this track with several of the regions smallest settlements in the form of Manton and Woodbury.



    And, just to prove how small a settlement that these are here is Manton where you could literally blink and miss it (seriously I nearly did while concentrating on not slipping off this track).



    Finally, we end up in Naplan where I park up get ready to do some shopping done, only to find that its about to get dark and there's some clouds blowing in, so decide to just start heading back instead.



    Screw it, I'm taking the ferry next time!




    Meanwhile, in other news we saw our first factories being built in the region to actually do something with the huge amount of stuff we grow. Predicatably, these have sprung up near Henburn because, why not just add more pollution to the area.



    Anyway thats the end of this entry. No region view as not a hell of a lot has changed to be honest just the usual little bit of spread, so.....


    Till next time!

  4. MisterBlueStar4
    Latest Entry

    Lost every save I had including Arden County for no reason,I couldn't recover the saves at all so hundreds of hours placed into San Prudenico and Arden County all for nothing.Fear not I will come back bigger,better and stronger than ever.

  5. wxowcB8.jpg

    So Entry II. Since Wednesday I've made considerable progress on I-10 heading south, pretty much reaching the outer expanse of the city. Further to this, I began small amounts of zoning near the Mini'stack interchange which I developed slightly but have yet to complete. Anyway, pictures!

    I'll start with the zoning development I have begun just North-West of the airport, between I-10 and 16th Street. The image at the top is just some generic industry just off the I-10, sandwiched between E Washington St and E Jefferson St. Looking closer now at the map, each one is in fact one-way so I will likely revisit this later and alter accordingly.

    The next image is of the residential area that has developed to the north of the industry. I have tried to 'overlap' the industry and residential as much as possible, so many of the areas to the south are a mixture of residential streets and industrial roads, as seen in the second image.



    Just on the north side of E Washington St I managed to achieve a nice mix of commercial and residential, along with a short woodland path as a divider.


    Finally, an overview of the current development on that tile, cornered in by I-10 and the Mini-stack. The overview really shows the extent of the industry mixing with the residential.


    Moving south, I have now fully developed the UPS Car Park to the south west of Runway 08. It really fills in the gap between 24th St and I-10.


    That covers the extent of construction throughout the city so far, so now on to the progress I made on I-10 heading south out of the city. The progress covers three tiles, so the images below will simply be highlights of the better interchanges. This first interchange is the junction between I-10 and Route 143 (seen at the top) and the junction of I-10 with W Broadway Rd. There are some slight modifications due to proportions but overall I think it turned out quite nicely.


    Finally, here is the interchanges between I-10 and Route 60, which I am very pleased with. Although it is not an exact replica, it comes pretty close to it and it is possibly the most satisfying junction I have built with the RHW. The junction with S Priest Dr can also be seen at the bottom of the image.


    As per usual I will wrap up this entry with an overview of the progress made so far. We have currently established 5 tiles, covering the area between the Mini-stack interchange and going right down to Chandler Blvd and the area where the city ends. 


    As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to comment any opinions or criticisms you may have, I'll try my best to address them. 

  6. Branny

    After 12 years of bloody war, both the West – Carte – and the East – Ula – had ran out of resources and people. They had to sign a peace treaty but business was unfinished, so tensions remained.

    However, with the war over, time and effort could be put into reconstruction and technologies of war like ships and guns could be put to use for trade and policing.


    Some major new projects in Branny include two aqueducts:

    Project 10 - Vidupe aqueduct



    Project 11 - Sama-Branny Aqueduct





    But also the extension of existing ports to accommodate the new bigger ocean-fairing ships...


    Tearu before year 15S extension project


    Tearu after the project


    Constructing the Sama-Branny aqueduct...








    This was also the start of King Norada Utama, also known as Utama the first, long and prosperous kingdom, marked by ocean exploration, diplomacy with other cultures, and as you can see, architectural projects and expansion. Trading also became a big part of daily life, a real business, with the birth of the first associations, making use of ships as the main means of transport.

    In the end, war didn't just bring death and destruction, but also advancement and prosperity. The paradoxes of life... 


    But, as I said earlier, Ula was not satisfied with the peace treaty. There would be a second war in the foreseeable future. In the next episode... 

  7. Hello, welcome to another entry from my CJ. Today I'm going to explain a little trick for adding some realism that I use in Bellingham, the Traffic Oriented Development, the SimCity 4 cousin of the Transit Oriented Development

    - Why the names are different?

    Because the concept is a little different. Mixed zone is the appropriate, not the mandatory to apply in this system; My system allow use of big avenues if they're the commanding way of the neighborhood, TOD means sharp roads; For TOD, Public Transport Traffic is good and Road Traffic is bad; In my system, traffic is just traffic and the hibrid use is oriented, and you can have things like this:


    A walkable historic city center that can be accessed by avenues and transit stations. There's two stations in this image, can you spot it?


    Neighborhood walking to a Traffic Oriented Development; The Subway station will complete the process

    - Why use this type of development?

    * The scale in SC4 is monumental. So sometimes we will not repair in the pedestrian props, or they will even exist at all. So a Vibrant city can be done by cars and people in the same environment, using car for long distances and walking the short ones.

    *Flowing: it's a challenge and a compromise. There's flowing for cars passing thru, with the expressway. There's organized flowing for people and the cars of the neighborhood, with aligned viaducts, what permits that the desired flowing pass thru without difficult over and under the expressway. There's flowing with the buildings, the major part of the image keeps the same average size.


    -Traffic Oriented?


    Real life example; The Tallest buildings faces the biggest avenues. Where the roads are sharper, the buildings are smaller.


    Open That image: You will see the same phenomenon!


    See? There's a backbone.

    - But what about that Sears Tower and the super high buildings in that block?

    They have a subway station, so no need for big avenues.

    -OK, you have my attention, show me how to do this

    You need to know few things to do this:

    -Traffic Capacity and Urban Planning
    Plan ahead and plan first. No, squarish-squaring-square is not a good plan. It lead you to side streets crossing major avenues and transit signals everywhere. This system leads also to traffic jams and transit collapse faster than any rational system. lay down a road system that leads to the follow: side streets>side roads>neighborhood arterial road>city arterial road(or Highway if it's the case)>Highway (optional if there's none)


    Networks capacities in different levels


    RHW capacity chart


    NWM capacity chart

    This capacity chart and your previous plan will define what type of development you will have in that particular area. Take from example the green corridor in last image. It's two RHW-6S (50000) side to side with an avenue (8000); What give us a notion of what I've been waiting from that develop.



    (Maybe not that accurate :( people aren't using both sides



    But the important part of it is: The Capacity of the corridor is equal to the sum of the capacity of all it's members.


    28000 sims capacity corridor

    Should I stay or should I go?



    Your road will attend traffic that is going or they will stay in the way? This will define if there will be full controlled access (highways and expressways), semi-controlled access (Bigger avenues with few intersections and interchanges with other big avenues or highways) or no controlled access (roads, minor avenues and side streets). 

    If they will attend both, you'll need bigger avenues, to attend both traffics (I Like OWR-4 Corridors in that cases)


    - Zoning and development


    C'mon man, we're in 2017, as @A Nonny Moose said, Read the Famous Manual. CAM is not a mod-pack to add buildings to the game.

    If you need more information about Colossus Add-on Mod, read the text on @Tarkus blog

    but the important part for us in that text is:

    "The centerpiece of the mod is that it adds new growth stages for each type of zone.  The notion of a growth stage is roughly equivalent to the concept of density.  A Stage 2 residential will have more residents in it than a Stage 1 residential.  A Stage 4 commercial office will have fewer jobs than a Stage 5.  The default game settings include 8 growth stages for Residential and Commercial, and 3 growth stages for Industrial.  The CAM ups the number of Residential and Commercial growth stages to 15, and the number of Industrial growth stages to 10, excluding Agriculture, which has 7 growth stages with the CAM.  The reason for these new stages is to better distribute population and job density.  The default settings end up introducing a pretty wide variance at the upper stages (especially Stages 7 and 8).  The CAM smooths out this variance."

    In a text that the central part is the relations between densities and road capacities, CAM has to be your first thought. and we will explore that variance smooth pretty much.



    Can you see? all buildings has the same average size. this is a CO$$8 that I'm developing and will appear in the next entries of the CJ. It still has no name, and there will be some parks in it. Diagonal buildings are wanted. But I still miss some transit stations in that avenue, maybe a BRT Project would help

    Real spoiler:


    Maybe will be the background for the airport too with that hotels:ninja:

    The use of the same stage growth buildings creates a sensation of flow and the different types of size creates the sensation of filling. The avenue don't seem clogged too, because there's a relation between the OWRs and the buildings. see the buildings making shadows in the other side of the OWRs. This is what I've been waiting for. I expect to have 40000 sims here per peak. the ones that I expect 60% will stay in that commercial center. the rest will follow to the intersection and to the city center.

    The zoning also lead us the possibility of creating that flow, using the same type and average size of zoning.


    (Even that Maxis Bigger school fits nicely in the zoning, wow)

    This will create a ton of buildings related to each other, but nothing impede you that if you don't like that building (or doesn't fit in the style of the other buildings), click B in your keyboard and bulldoze it.

    That's It for now. I hope that you enjoyed it.

  8. Ashiba

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    Recent Entries

  9. Loquat County, CA

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    Recent Entries

    Latest Entry
















































































































































  10. mike_oxlong
    Latest Entry



    Prospects were starting to look positive. Felicia and Dr. Morse’s introduction had gone smoothly and the two had begun training the very next day. Bobbi had agreed with Carol that martial arts training would teach Felicia the clarity of mind and focus needed to gain fine control over her powers. The hope was that Felicia would eventually become a hero in her own right.

    Curves ahead brought Carol back from her musing and she pushed her powerful sports car hard into the turns. The hands-free system rang and Carol quickly glanced at the caller ID on the console. It read, “The Snitch.” Bear Cattoni was his actual name. He’d once been a stunt man and had fallen in with some shady characters as his opportunities had dried up. He’d broken down in tears when Carol busted the operation he’d been a part of, begging her to help him get out. In spite of the previous ambush at Hunters Warehouse, she agreed to give him a chance. To his credit, he’d proven himself to be a valuable source of inside information.

    UcGlYx4.jpg  She thumbed the button to answer the call, “Hello Bear, how’s my favourite narc?”

    CKH2IMC.jpg   “Oh, you’re hilarious,” came Bear’s gravel-voiced reply, “I got what ya wanted.”

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Hang on Bear. I need to pull over.”


    The call couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. There was a rest stop exit coming up immediately and Carol swung the Lamborghini off the highway to park. Had the call come a minute later, she would have been deep inside a tunnel. She retrieved her tablet, telling Bear to continue.

    CKH2IMC.jpg   “He’s at the Eureka Tower on the 90th floor, Suite 9008. Dial 5155 on the access panel.”

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Seriously? The one with the gold-plated windows? Figures…” Carol rolled her eyes as she typed, “How credible is this intel?”

    CKH2IMC.jpg   “I was there last night. It’s his place all right. Had a bunch of girls come by to entertain us too, if you know what I mean. Look, if you get in there, you can’t pin it on me, ok? I helped you out like I promised. I want out of that life. I want to be around for my daughter.”

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Don’t worry Bear. I won’t say any more than I have to.” Carol ended the call and pulled the car back out onto the highway. She mashed the accelerator hard, smoking her tires and heading back towards the city. “Looks like I’ve got a date tonight after all,” she grinned.


    Hours later, a lone figure sashayed up to the Eureka Tower and entered the secured foyer. She punched in a code on the security panel and a moment later Hammerhead’s gruesome face appeared on the display.

    5UqoTCb.jpg   “What?” he spat, clearly annoyed by the interruption.

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Hi, it’s Stacey from last night. Remember me? I was kinda hoping that maybe you might want to see me again.”

    5UqoTCb.jpg   “Stacey… yeah, sure. I remember you. Leave ya coat and bag wit da door guy. I can’t remember his &%@$# name. You know da apartment, right?”

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Yes, 9008. I can’t wait!”

    The display went blank as Hammerhead buzzed her in. Carol almost laughed, it was so easy. “Appeal to his ego and he’ll do whatever I want,” she thought to herself as she headed straight to the elevator and up to the 90th floor.

    5UqoTCb.jpg   A knock at the door to 9008 was answered quickly by Hammerhead himself. “Come on in, toots.”

    UcGlYx4.jpg   With a coy smile, she cocked her head to one side, “Is it just you and me tonight?”

    He nodded smugly, opened the door and stood aside to let her in.


    As she passed, Carol wound up and punched him hard in the side before he could react. She felt the bone crunch with the impact and Hammerhead dropped to the ground, groaning. She’d almost yelled out, “Right to the Getsuei,” and had to stifle a laugh.

    5UqoTCb.jpg   “My ribs,” he gasped, clutching his side, “What the #&@%, you broke my #&@%ing ribs!”

    Carol made a mental note to thank Mockingbird and closed the door behind her.

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Who else is here?”

    A string of curses was the only response. Apparently he intended to impregnate Carol’s mother..? She caught him reaching feebly into the blazer he wore and mercilessly put her knee into his chest. He gasped in pain as she grabbed the pistol he was trying to retrieve.

    “Nice Sig,” she remarked, a comment on his Sig Sauer P227. She took a moment to admire the heft of it in her palm. It was nicely weighted, and fit her grasp comfortably. She cleared the chamber and popped out the magazine to reveal .45 calibre hollow points. Satisfied, she clapped the magazine back into place and reloaded the chamber. She looked down at the incapacitated gangster with a scowl.

    5UqoTCb.jpg   “What… are ya… gonna do? Shoot me?” he wheezed.

    Ignoring him, she checked the safety and shoved the Sig in the back of her waistband. Carol then roughly flipped him over, eliciting another agonized gasp. With a knee in the small of his back, she drew out a pair of handcuffs and wrenched his arms behind his back. He cried out in pain and Carol looked to ensure there was no one coming to his aid.

    UcGlYx4.jpg   “Unreal. A pretty girl comes on to you and you let her up here. You, all alone with no backup. I have no idea how you got this far in life, you’re so #&@%ing dumb. But you’re through. Hammerhead, you’re under arrest.”

    Carol dragged him to his feet and marched him out the door and off to meet his fate before the courts.


    Not so far away from the action, another scenario was coming to a conclusion. In a well-appointed office, a large wall-mounted TV displayed Hammerhead’s downfall live. A single click on the red ‘X’ terminated the video feed from a well-positioned drone. A very large man stood up and waved at two well-dressed men across from him, who had their guns trained on a third.

    QSH6E0m.jpg   “You’ve done well, Bear. You’re free to go,” he nodded to the guards and they holstered their weapons.

    CKH2IMC.jpg   Bear fairly leapt to his feet, “And that’s it? You aren’t going to come after me, right?”

    QSH6E0m.jpg   “You have my word. You’ve done me a great service today. While I wouldn’t quite say that I’m in your debt, I’ll allow that you’ve earned your discharge. This woman has removed my only real opposition. Perhaps I should send her some flowers! Are you certain you don’t want to share her name?”

    Bear’s panicked expression was answer enough.

    “A shame,” the big man sighed, “My erstwhile rival will find to his chagrin, that our justice system will offer no leniency to a man of his ‘numerous transgressions’. Quite unfortunate that any request for bail will be similarly rejected,” He shook his head in mock sympathy, continuing, “and once Don Rigoletto ‘retires,’ Wilson Fisk will be the head of the Maggia. The Kingpin, if you will.” Fisk paused a moment, “Yes, I like that.”

    “The Kingpin.”

    Bear turned and fled the office, wondering helplessly if playing both sides had been such a clever ploy after all. The only response was laughter behind him.

    To be continued...



    @korver Thanks! I really appreciate your support!

    @Ln X I've been talking up this mosaic for ages. The highway image is the one you've inspired and I thank you so much for the examples you've provided. *:thumb:


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  11. Welcome back!

    In today's entry i'm going to be showing huge progress,so sit back and enjoy!

    1.Downtown Aerial








    5.Foundation of an airfield




    7.Cracky runway




















    And for last,but not least,cinematic!


    I hope you enjoyed this entry,be sure to leave a like and don't forget to  comment!

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    Lazarou Monkey Terror
    Latest Entry

     Before I show you my more recent work, here is one tile I worked on from a year ago.

    Since this regional shot was taken the tiles to the North of Ayden Ridge have been filled. The red terrain has changed as well.

    Ayden Ridge itself leads up to Mount Ayden which overlooks the center of Lazarou City





    A Mosaic of Ayden Ridge



    The House Of Haunted Memories

    Around this time I was busy finding my way around lotting. Expanding on SFBT's low wealth park set my new lots paint over all of Ayden Ridge, offering spectacular walks and cycle rides for the fit and active. Here I've blended in a residential with the surrounding parkland. Residents of this block like to pine for The Earth That Was in between making Art or having sex in the woods.

    LMT Haunted memories mansion.JPG


    As always pop culture references illustrate the city. There are at least two Battlestar Galactica and David Bowie references in Ayden Ridge. Bobbie Gillespe from Primal Scream was on the radio when I named a tower after him

    aydenridge facingsouthwest.JPG



    Fun with BLAM Signage! Tracy Helfer was Six in Battlestar Galactica and Darth Jar Jar is an amusing but probably incorrect theory about that irritating character's true nature in Star Wars




  12. Urban Constanta
    Latest Entry

    My interpretation of the famous wigwam motel












    @DaviDHetzel - i don't find it that unusual, in my country there lots of malls w2w to functional/abandoned industrial buildings, als in my home town there is a big suburban type shopping mall surrounded by sunflower fields.

    As regarding the mmps and the roundabout filler i have no idea :( my plugins folder it's almost 10 GB :( 

  13. Akallan
    Latest Entry



    Hello everyone,

    I have not posted anything more than a month. So I come up with a new YouTube video that this time is not a tutorial plus an experience of changing deforestation. I hope that this new concept will please you, if it works well I will do some times in the same genre.

    Good viewing! :)







    On 01.05.2017 at 9:38 PM, Ln X said:

    A great video. It would have been nice to see close-ups of that deforestation.

    Thank you. I did not want to take a close look at deforestation for a number of reasons. The first reason is that a close-up would have asked for more details and therefore more time. The second reason, with a bigger zoom on deforestation is less impressive: if one takes the first and last image of deforestation there is a clear difference.

    The goal of the first part of the video is not to do anything incredibly detailed with the MMP, but simply to see "live" deforstation.


    On 01.05.2017 at 10:05 PM, korver said:

    Awesome video with a powerful message that we all need to pay attention to. Also, great MMPing as usual.

    Btw, do I see elephants? Maybe we can see an African themed update some time *:P

    Thank you, I'm glad to see that the video passes a good message.

    I already thought about doing Africa, but it will not be for now, but it will come!


    On 01.05.2017 at 10:22 PM, _Michael said:

    Really 'enjoyed', for lack of a better word, seeing that develop.

    As @korver said, a very powerful message encapsulated in a beautiful video. :) 

    Thank you Michael! *:D


    On 02.05.2017 at 4:14 AM, MushyMushy said:

    Wow, those are some very well-done nature scenes! And the message about deforestation is important. It hits home for me to an extent because a logging operation has been going on for quite a few years down the road from one of my relative's houses (they live out in the middle of nowhere). It's really changed the largely untouched rural landscape in an ugly way.

    Thank you for your kind words! On the other hand, there are also trees near me that have been cut down, it dramatically changes the landscape and makes it uglier. Less and less trees for more concretes, unfortunately. Contact with nature is soon lost. :dead:


    On 02.05.2017 at 4:31 AM, RandyE said:

    This is a compreshensive presentation.  The messages and animation sequences flow to a conclusion that is effective to the central ethic.  

    Home, sweet Earth, my best friend.

    Thank you very much RandyE. *:)


    On 02.05.2017 at 7:18 PM, Simmer2 said:

    Well done! Love the video presentation!

    Thank you! *:)


    On 08.05.2017 at 6:36 PM, mrbisonm said:

    From a SC4 Oldtimer : This Video is with no doubt one of the best artistic SC4 works I have seen so far, *tout a fait mon style*. Thanks, It was a real pleasure to watch. Your message is clear!


    Fred (mrb)


    Merci! Your message affects me a lot, I'm glad to hear these words, thank you again! *:yes:


    11 hours ago, Takingyouthere said:

    Wow that was really interesting, thanks again for another fantastic video Akallan!

    Thanks to you for the comment. :)

  14. SparkleCity

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    SparkleCity - Part 1

    And so it is finally here, and in 1080p60 too! This series has been on the backburner since its announced release date of September 15, 2016, and after months of delay, It is finally here! I'd like to give a big thanks to the people who helped get this started, who are listed below the video.


    People who boosted this series into its April 28, 2017 Release Date:

    @APSMS, @TekindusT, @CorinaMarie, @BugeyedDragon, @Cyclone Boom, and especially @_Michael, who notified me via PM whenever things didn't go according to plan. Without any of your help, this series would never have been able to be launched. Thanks again!

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    Welcome to the State of Attakapas. It's small state in the Southern US that rests at the mouth of the Catawba River. Over the course of this journal, I'll introduce you to several of the cities and towns that make up the "Moonshine State." The first stop is the small town of Covington (Pop:14,200 as of the 2010 census). Founded by Jeremiah Covington in 1828, the town beat out the nearby settlements of Shelby, and Kennison to be named the Seat of Sheridan County. It's a typical Southern town, and has often been compared to Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show.




    The tour of Covington starts off on the courthouse square. The square is formed by Washington Street, Jefferson Street, Lafayette Street, and Jackson Street. The names Washington Jefferson, and Lafayette were chosen by Jeremiah Covington because of the three men's pivotal roles in winning American independence. Covington chose the name Jackson street because he had been a lieutenant in General Andrew Jackson's army during the War of 1812. The first county courthouse was destroyed by a fire started by Union soldiers during the Battle of Pecan Creek in 1864. Construction on the current courthouse was completed in 1871. Until 1953, it housed both the Shelby County court and Covington City Hall. The building also has one rather dubious distinction: It was the scene of the only political assassination in Attakapas state history.

    On June 18, 1902, 19 year old Billy Maddox loaded a pistol, and rode into town. Eight days before, his brother John had been hanged as a horse thief. The men who sent him to his death were County Prosecutor Phillip Faircloth, and District Jude Harry Newton. Billy planned to get into the courthouse, surprise both men in their offices,  gun them down, and escape before the sheriff knew what was happening.

    As he approached the courthouse, the doors to the West Entrance opened. Phillip Faircloth stepped outside with the Mayor William Ogletree. The two friends were heading out to their weekly lunch at a restaurant on the courthouse square. As they walked down the steps, Billy Maddox recognized Faircloth, and quickly reached for his gun. His first shot missed the county prosecutor, and hit Mayor Ogletree in the arm. Faircloth, being a typical Southern man of the era, pulled out his own pistol and tried to defend himself. His first shot grazed the side of Billy's head, and the second hit him in the chest. Despite his injuries, Billy continued firing, and both the prosecutor and the mayor fell to the steps. When the sheriff and two of his deputies came upon the scene, Billy was reloading his pistol as he tried to stagger up the courthouse steps to find Judge Newton. The three law enforcement officers opened fire. Billy was dead before he hit the ground. It was later said that he had 20 bullet wounds.

    Phillip Faircloth died on the courthouse steps, only several feet from the body of his assassin. The mayor, in addition to the wound in his arm, had also taken two bullets to the chest. He was taken into the courthouse lobby, and a doctor was summoned. The doctor couldn't do much, and a surgeon was called. Before the surgeon could arrive, however, Mayor Ogletree died.

    A massive, elaborate funeral was held for the two slain men. The governor arrived to pay his respects, and even a statement from President Roosevelt was read. By contrast, Billy Maddox's bullet riddled body was buried in a pauper's grave on a hill overlooking his parents' farm.

    Local legend says that Samuel Maddox, the father of Billy and John, went to the homes of Faircloth's and Ogletree's widows to apologize for his son's actions. According to the story, Nellie Faircloth refused to answer the door, and Martha Ogletree actually beat him with her broom until he scrambled off of the porch and vacated the property.

    Enough about ancient history. Let's talk about the courthouse square. In it's heydey, the square boasted banks, a grocery store, hardware store, druggist, department store, restaurants, cafes, a tailor/haberdashery, and even a small opera house. By the early 90s, many of the square's old businesses had shut down as owners retired or passed away. Things got even worse in 1993 when a Winn Dixie supermarket (with a full service pharmacy, bakery, florist, bank, and deli) moved into town. Only months after the Winn Dixie opened, well-kknown courthouse square businesses such as Buddy's Flowers (in business since 1951), and Rawls' Butcher Shop (in business since 1924, and owned/operated by 4 generations of the Rawls clan) shut their doors forever. When Wal Mart set up shop in town in 1995, the editor of the Covington Courier wrote a mock obituary of downtown Covington that also served as a scathing indictment of Big Box stores. Soon, all that was left was The Court Square Cafe (which always did great business thanks to the police officers, firefighters, lawyers, and civic leaders that worked nearby), and a few law offices that stayed in the square so the attorneys could be within walking distance of the courthouse.

    A funny thing happened in the early 2000s, however. Thanks to the work of Mayor Anthony Jarvis, and some dedicated members of the Covington Chamber of Commerce, downtown saw a bit of revitalization. A couple of boutique clothing shops, and a Mexican restaurant opened up. Then, Sun Bank decided to set up their Covington branch in one of buildings on the old square. By spring of 2017, some of the old hustle and bustle had returned to the Covington town square. In a later post, I may give you a little more background on the square's current businesses.


    One block down Jackson Street from the courthouse is the Covington City Hall. In 1949, it was decided that both the town and county were growing too quickly (what with all those GIs coming home from overseas, getting married, and making babies), and that both entities needed their own separate office spaces. So, in 1951 construction started on this gray, two story, somewhat utilitarian, city office building. Mayor Mays Morrison cut the ribbon and opened the building for business in September 14, 1953. The current mayor, Anthony Jarvis, has been in office since 1998. However, he recently stated that he would not be a candidate for reelection in 2017. After 20 years as the city's chief executive, he's decided to retire. Most people say that he's hoping to spend time with the twin grandsons that his daughter gave birth to last fall. The more cynical folks in town say that he was embarrassed and left nearly broke after spending a disgusting amount of his own personal fortune on a failed State Senate bid last year. Either way, Covington will be electing a new mayor this November.

    Right next to city hall is  an older building: The Carriage House Hotel. The Carriage House was built in 1858, and is one of the few downtown structures to survive the fire started by Union soldiers during the Civil War. Though ownership has changed hands seventeen times over the last 160 years, the hotel still remains in operation today.



    Ok, so it's not exactly a skyscraper but it's still a little unusual to see a mid-rise office building in a small town like Covington. This little art deco beauty is the world headquarters of PM Bank, and it's one of the many things that makes Covington unique. The story of PM Bank starts in Jackson City (the capital city of Attakapas) in 1818. A man named Edward Pope opened Planters Bank that year, and the business quickly prospered. However, during the Civil War the bank's assets were seized, and soon after, Planters Bank ceased to exist.  In 1869, two Covington businessmen named Herschel Eckels, and Jules Godchaux borrowed some money, and opened up  Merchants Bank on the courthouse square. As they struggled in those first few months, they devised a scheme to capitalize off of the good name of the now-defunct Planters Bank. In 1870, they renamed their bank Planters and Merchants Bank. During the next 50 years, Planters and Merchants acquired smaller banks in the area, and continued to grow.

    In the 1920s, bank president Jefferson Godchaux (son of Jules) made plans for a "Magnificent, imposing edifice" to serve as the bank's headquarters and main branch. Construction was started in 1925, and the building opened for business on October 10, 1929. People from all over the county, and even the governor, arrived for the grand opening. The Covington Courier boasted that the "Covington Skyscraper is the biggest building between Jackson City and New Orleans." Less than three weeks later, the stock market crash in New York triggered the beginning of the Great Depression. While the bank would eventually ride out the Depression, Jefferson Godchaux lost most of his fortune (which was heavily invested) on "Black Tuesday." On November 6, 1929, he opened one of the windows in his penthouse office, and jumped from the ledge of his "magnificent, imposing edifice." The county coroner was said to have told his friends that what was left of Mr. Godchaux "could fit in a couple of Mason jars."

    In the 1990s, the bank's board of directors decided the name Planters and Merchants Bank was a little too politically incorrect. After all, the planters who did business with the original Planters Bank were plantation (and slave) owners. They didn't want potential clients to associate anything as ghastly as slavery with their bank, so they decided that a name change was in order. After much debate, Planters and Merchants Bank was re-branded as PM Bank in 1997.Today, they have 75 locations across three states. However, the headquarters and main branch remains in the 10 story building on the corner of Jefferson and Winn streets in the small town of Covington.

    Across Winn Street from the bank is Memorial Park. The park was built in 1933 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the end of World War I, and has a small structure in the middle originally has a small plaque with the names of the three men from Covington who were killed during that war. Thirteen years after that, the names of the 15 Covington men killed during World War II were added to the plaque. Over the decades, the names of the men (and one woman) killed in Korea, Vietnam, the War on Terror, and the Iraq War have been added. Despite its somber purpose, the park has become a quiet shady spot to relax. Many of people who work in the PM Bank building retreat to the park to enjoy their lunch breaks.




    That's all for now. I always enjoy coming with stories and histories for my towns. So, hopefully, you don't find my updates to wordy. I'll be back soon with more pictures and stories from Covington.

  15. OVxUNev.jpg

    Welcome everyone to Canada Corner and Blue Hill. Two more small tiles in the northeast corner. We'll start off with a quick look at the area in the region and then move through Canada Corner. I could have done so many other things but a lot of these upcoming tiles were some of the first in the region and were quickly laid out so please ignore some of the things like the steep railroad.

    02  - Region View (there has been some change in the region since this picture was taken, I'll most likely post an update with the last of these small tile series)



    Mayor Logan Howlett

    03 - A look at the tile in the beginning 


    04 - Final Overview


    05 - Some Industry






    08  - Moving in closer




    10 - I'm getting tired of these taxis I need to go find a replacement






    13  - I also need to figure out how to avoid the darkened/abandoned fields or is there a mod to override that?




    15 - I like the rusting car in the back









    Shifting into Blue Hill - Mayor Dr. Henry McCoy

    19 - Starting off


    20 - Original Layout


    21 - Updated Layout




    23 - Same as Opening Pic








    27 - Freight Train


    That wraps it up for this entry, Hope you enjoyed it. Comments and questions are appreciated.


  16. large.58ffc53023c6d_PortdeCaravella-049_

    In 1979, several architects designed 'plan nouveau' (new plan) for a new extention of Port de Caravella which was to be build on the other side of the bay and would house 100,000 residents, various hotels and cultural buildings. Although the plan was well received with both the local and national governments, the plan was deemed too ambitious and expensive to execute.

    But in the 1990's local and national governments, backed by the increasing income from oil fields, started plans to turn this dream into reality. This was mainly driven by the fact that the land around the old town of Port de Caravella was lacking of good building spots and beachfront locations. In 1994 the construction of the new neighbourhood called 'Nouvelle' started with the build of the Centre de Conference.



    The new neighbourhood was build to become a tourist hotspot. Apart from the Centre de Conference, the 'Nouvelle' neighbourhood also contains the Port de Caravella Aquarium, the Heineken Tower, the Stade Nationale football stadium, a casino, a cinema, several hotsels and resorts and the largest university of the country.




    The 'Nouvelle'neighbourhood is connected to the old town by a mayor causeway that has splitted the bay into a smaller bay and a large enclosed lake. This causeway was also build to reduce the total number of kilometers of coastline that is exposed to the open ocean. This to reduce the chance of floods.


    On the westside of the new neighbourhood several highrise appartment buildings were contructed in the early 2000's. The Millennium Towers are the tallest residential buildings of the country.


    @Takingyouthere: Thanks for the positive feedback, i'm trying to build the city as realistic as possible.
    @lolo69ol01: Those walls are just textures that i found on the STEX (or LEX - not sure).
    @Akallan @korver @Abrams124 @Simmer2 @JP Schriefer @vinlabsc3k: Thanks all for the positive comments and feedback, hope you all like this update as well!




    As always: if you like it, let me know!


  17. Bern, Erweiterung !

    Last CJ we´v seen some part of the inner city and the sourthern neighbourhood of Kirchenfeld. Now we continue our tour with other parts of the town !

    North of the old city center is the neighbourhood of Altenberg, formely there was a railyard this has been replaced with residential and commercial enterprise. Stade de Suise where SC Youngboys and the national team plays. Beyond there´s a industrial area to meet these requirements !


    North of the station area ther´s a new suburb Langgasse Feldenau wich will house some part of the university of Bern !


    Southern Mattenhof houses some of the bigger commercial expansions !


    Adjacent neighbourhood of Wabern houses the most wealthy bernese citizens !



    Now we return to the inner city with the medical, govermental and culture !


    Bundesplatz der Schweiz and the Bundes Palast !



    Opera of Bern !


    _Michael sugested replacing the Tram in road T with the GLR variant ! Somehow at that moment nothing worked today I leveling terrain removed the section but buldozing was enough, so somekind of Immortality bug of NAM, just not; reloading of the city mostly unlocks any misfortune !

    This summer I take a break from the Europa ANNO series to return to the Mayon Province 2.0 region with the Hartford area ! Europa ANNO will be back at the end of October with the probably the usual two part conclusion !  Check out Show what your working on for more progres !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !



  18. Torre Canne Marina


    Torre Canne is here the coastal city which is located in the Federal territory of San Foca. The city is divided into different areas, today we see the Marina district.
    Early in the morning here is the Rotunda, with a beautiful Fountain, which connects the city with the SF-25 highway (A-25).


    While the clock is ticking and it's coming at noon and lunch time here's a nice music offered by NightRide FM.


    While the tropical heat rises and the sea is crystal clear the boats coming in and out in the seaport.


    Here's a beautiful seaport with roundabouts and historical center.


    The beaches of Torre Canne and the seaport.


    Meanwhile here is the highway. ...


    And the encounter between the SF-25 motorway (A-25) and SF-30 (A-30) with a small glimpse of the industrial sector of Torre Canne Marina.


    Other beaches and the seaport.


    While the Sun is calndo and the night is coming here is a beautiful sunset panorama.


    The last moment of light before the night comes on the roundabout with the beautiful Fountain.


    Now even some music provided by NightRide FM.


    Downtown near the seaport.


    The Central Avenue at night


    The old town at night


    A roundabout at night and the sea


    The beach at night to see the stars


    Yet another view of the town.


    As a final image the Torre Canne lighthouse at night.


    And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next article.





    @_Michael: Thanks for the comment

     @f3cs : Thanks for the comment, I'm experiencing other image effects to improve the quality of the image

    @MissVanleider: Thank you very much

    @Ln X : Thank you 

    @Takingyouthere: Thanks for the comment

  19. Z1.jpg.95579a9f8d02620c6ede224c7897b968.jpg


    Article #8 - "Wainor Scene"

    Wainor is an important commercial-financial centre of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 195 Km of Yuti (capital city), 25 Km of Jalai and 19 Km of Krupó. Punta Retolk is part of Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1855 by english fishers, his main activity was fishing. Wainor was the first city of Metzú in have a seaport, in 1874. Wainor grew up slowly until the 90's. Large foreign capitals (China, principally) have invested a lot of money in financial services and commercial activities. The economic importance of the area and the existence of a seaport, made it possible this investment. The panorama of Wainor changed absolutely. High skyscrapers, large transport networks and other Infrastructure works (parks, stadiums, solar power...). Wainor is prosperous, cosmopolitan, touristic. A great place to visit in Metzú.


    Full Map



    Population: 52.351

    Metropolitan Area: 98.332 (Wainor-Retolk Metropolitan Area)

    Main Activities: Commercial Centre, Financial Services, Heavy Industries.


    Wainor Scenes...


    1. 1st Avenue and Parque Libertadores. A great sidewalk around the avenue.


    2. Playa Chica. A great place to relax and drink something.


    3. Puerto Internacional de Wainor. Built in 1874, renewed in 1950. The first seaport in Metzú.


    4. Wainor Downtown.


    5. Wainor Downtown. Great skyscrapers.


    6. Wainor Suburbs. Road to Krupó City.


    7. Wainor Outskirts. Industrial zone.


    8. Wainor Downtown. High residential buildings and 1st Avenue.


    9. Parque Libertadores. Place of great mansions, next to Playa Chica.


    10. Modern buildings in Wainor Downtown. Surrounded by old tenements.


    11. Gigante del Pacífico. A modern stadium, property of C.A Wainor Pacific, a football team, representative of Wainor City.


    12. Built in 1996 (Renewed in 2017), has a capacity for 37.000 spectators. (before renewal)


    13. 1st Avenue at night.


    14. Wainor Downtown at night. A typical landscape of Wainor.


    15. Wainor Night's Life.


    16. A general view of Wainor at night.


    17. Parque Libertadores. A good place to visit at night.


    We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.





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