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City Journals

Our community City Journals

  1. mike

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    Almost finished.


    OIL FIELDS-Feb. 5, 3811501187883.png

    OIL FIELDS-Sep. 26, 3901501188126.png

  2. Spring City

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    Hello there everyone, welcome to Spring City!


    This is just a more built up part of town off to the West of Downtown.




    And this is the South side of Downtown. Here we can see the two main roads in town. This town is home to 53,000 residents and is seen as the economic center of the region. 



    This is downtown in it's current shape and form. As you can likely tell form the picture, the town is not looking too great. Trash fills the streets, parking lots are nearly empty, 

    and downtown looks desolate. This is because of a rather large recession facing the city and region as a whole. It is in due part of budget issues regarding the city in the past,

    with money being misspent. In a whole, the city faced a long period of infrastructure stagnation and policies were made that limited the motivation to move into the town.




    Here, to the east of Downtown, is the main industrial area. It runs up along the river. This was the source of nearly 70% of jobs in the city 20 years ago, but has sense 

    began to falter. Here numbers of layoffs have occurred recently. 



    More of the industrial part of town. The previous city council changed some laws around and allowed over pollution by industry, causing sickness to locals and a large

    number of people moving out of town. Thankfully, stricter laws were put into place and new garbage handling procedures implemented.




    Built next to the regions power station is a recycling center. The building handles all the cities recycling needs. The building is just the beginning in a change of heart

    the city has committed to in regards to its residents.




    Here is a more zoomed out picture of downtown. Notice the large amount of space to expand the downtown area and develop the city!





    So that concludes this first update. I do not know how far I will get into this project, I have many busy days ahead. Please give me any feedback you can!


  3. jpQovud.jpg


    For the second part of our tour, we begin by traveling to the Middle East to take a look at one of the world's most unique set of ruins - Petra. Founded by the Nabataean civilization as early as 312 BCE, this ancient sandstone city flourished for centuries - and the construction of the Treasury in the 1st century CE was a time of considerable growth and prosperity for the civilization. By 106 CE the Roman Empire captured the city - while Roman influence can be seen throughout the complex, they still thrived as a trade center for many more centuries. Eventually though, the Romans moved their trade capital from Petra and the entire city faded into obscurity and was abandoned shortly afterwards. The ruins have remained a mysterious landmark since then - in fact, the whole facade of the Treasury is riddled with bullet holes after Bedouin tribesmen tried to break in, hoping to recover riches inside. To this day, the entire complex remains a popular tourist attraction in the area - be sure to visit at night when the entire complex is lit up by a stunning display of candles - its one of the most magical experiences imaginable.




    For our next iconic ancient ruin - we're traveling to the rural farmlands of southern England. Stonehenge was built between 3200 and 2000 BCE - making it by far the oldest ruin on our list. The druids who built this megalith used ingenious methods to move these rocks around - and although its not entirely agreed upon, most believe that some sort of earth ramp was used to lift the stones into perfect position. There's no better time to visit here than during midsummer sunrise - the stones themselves align to it perfectly, making it a magical experience that's one of a kind.




    We'll be taking an extended look at the Roman Empire next - and there's no better place to start than the famous Roman Forum in the heart of Rome. This impressive set of ruins was once the heart of the city, with the likes of Julius Caesar and other important Roman leaders once crossing these grounds. After several sacks of Rome though that led to the fall of the empire during the 400s CE, many of the rocks and stones were plundered extensively, leaving the entire complex a shell of its former self. Excavations and restorations began in the 18th century - and although much of the original structure is long gone, you can still get a glimpse of what these walls once held.




    Our next stop within the ancient Roman Empire is the famous Colosseum. First opening back in 80 CE, its size couldn't be rivaled - more than 50,000 people could watch the many events that were held here. Aside from the gladiator fights - the Colosseum was used for just about everything and remained an important site in the empire for hundreds of years. While much of the structure has been lost to time or plundered by enemies - there's still much of it remaining, making it one of the most popular attractions not just in Italy - but also the world.




    Our final archeological site is none other than the famous ruins of Pompeii, Italy. This ancient Roman city was founded between the 6th and 7th century - and continued to grow and flourish as an important trading center for centuries. However, in 79 CE, nearby Mount Vesuvius exploded - covering the entire city under a blanket of ash and pyroclastic materials. Although most of the town's inhabitants survived (nearly 80% evacuated before the eruption) - an estimated 2,000 people still lost their lives on that fateful day. After a series of excavations starting in the 1700s, the entire city has became a massive tourist attraction and one of the world's premier archeological sites.




    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    Rest of replies for "Ancient Ruins - Pt. II (Preview)"

    @tariely Thanks for the kind words *:)Yeah, I'd agree with you there, I could have probably added a couple more cars (I really wish there were more FA car props out there though). But, let's just say it's an early morning in Rome for now *:P

    @mike_oxlong Thanks! Surprisingly my plugins folders aren't that big, but that's mainly because I have about 8 of them by now and I just swap them out constantly. Even if I could share my Plugins folders (I don't know if the admins would be down with that.. *:P).. you'd probably spend more time trying to navigate through my messy menus than actually playing the game *:lol:

    @JP Schriefer Thanks! Glad you liked it. Petra has to be one of my personal faves so far *:)

    And finally, big thanks to @scotttbarry, @AlexSLM520, @GoKingsGo, @Simmer2, @mrsmartman, @Akallan, @Odainsaker, @RandyE, @bobolee, @JP Schriefer, @tariely, @tonyr, @Manuel-ito, @_Michael, @Jolteon, @raynev1, @Fantozzi, & @kingofsimcity for all the likes!


  4. Loquat County, CA

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    Here is Loquat County today, it still has a lot of sprawling ahead of it.









    Here is Picante, it's a small city on the southeast side of metropolitan Loquat County









    Here is one of the sim residents of Picante, his name is Giovanni. 

    That is him waiting 2nd in line for the middle changing tent.









    Here is Giovanni's house (middle of the picture with the green roof).  His address is:

    419 Arlandria St.

    Picante, CA 93480

    (notice the green Camry in the driveway)










    Here is Giovanni's neighborhood.








    Here is where Giovanni works.

    (His green Camry is partially behind a palm tree)








    Here is where Giovanni is taking classes towards his Master's in Urban Planning after work.

    Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's satellite Picante campus.








    One day between work and school, Giovanni stopped off at Five Guys in Balboa.

    (green Camry, bottom right)









    After eating his burger, Giovanni drove down Pacific Pkwy,


    and just as he passed Taco Bell,


    he was T-boned by a 7Eleven truck.








    His injuries were not serious, but he was taken to the nearby GooberGen Urgent Care.







    Giovanni had a broken arm and four stitches above his eyebrow. 


    For his injuries and car loss, he was compensated by 7Eleven.








    He has since recovered, and now enjoys tuition free school and a brand new car.










  5. Time to resume our little journey in the Mont-Valin region. North-East of Middletown, Agrestan has become a suburb of Mont-Valin, like Middleton and the other towns of the region, now amalgamated under the name of Mont-Valin, with only one Mayor, Arielle Brownstone (remember her ? the anti-grid Mayor.) Like the other cities, it was a quiet agricultural town, more like several hamlets separating big farms. That time has passed. it is now a bona fide town.


    2. Agrestan has taken to Mayor Brownstone's policies when building new neighborhoods.




    4. Some big farms did survive the onslaught of urbanisation : 




    6. Not much industry but flourishing commerce :




    8. it's mostly East Agrestan that has stayed agricultural  (the following picture will be from East to West)









    Next time  : A few shots of the other little towns,  Fieldsborough, Aldergrove and Elmsborough. 

  6. Roghue Island & More or less !

    This month we visit just about the largest part of Roghue Island ! Roghue Island as you see conscist of about three tiles. Middle and Northern most agricuture and some industrie. South aswell got agriculture but business and leisure part is more dominant !


    We start our tour not on Roghue Island itself but the Hartford County part north of Hartford City !

    Stamford is a typical commuter town for Hartford !


    Some commuters aren´t happy and show there desire to move despite low taxes !


    Romford is a town still in development. end point of the short commuter line. Some Hi Tech to the right !


    We now take highway 7 over the bridge to Roghue Island !


    Welcome to Roghue Island !

    We now proceed to the very south tip of Roghue Island !

    Now we are in the northern part of Roghue Island Central. This is mostly agriculture and some towns !


    We meet highway 5 with a northern interchange and Norwood !


    Largest town supporting this area !


    Roghue Mountain Nature Reserve !


    Just accros the river from Romford lay´s the town of Salford !



    Historicaly maybe older than Roghue Town it´s mostly agriculture and business wich make up local economy !


    Socker and baseball make up local mayor sport line up !


    Roghue Town insight !


    Roghue Town !


    Hi Tech made posible by low taxes !


    Roghue Town Pioneer baseball ground !


    That´s for the Roghue Island Central Tile !

    Lake Mayon Island still in development !


    Rogue Island Southern Tile !

    Roghue Island conscist of the town of Camberwell, Lowewell and Cape Roghue !

    We start with the agricultural part of Lowewell !




    Camberwell started because of two sweatwater lakes available, small hamlet !




    Gradualy, the town developed south into a commuter town for Hartford !



    Modern demand required state of the art facilities like this mall !


    Hospital and education and sporthal !


    More wealthy neighbourhood with adjacent marina !



    Beach facilties wher also necesary to educate lake swimming !


    Life guard allway´s present !


    Roghue Cape is very near and our last point of view for this CJ !

    Roghue Cape conscist of a big marina, lot´s of hotel´s and restaurants and passenger terminal for the ferry to Hartford Marina !







    Here we conclude our tour of Roghue Island for now. About two city tiles allmost completly filled with all things island life makes beautifull !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !




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    First day is off to a great start! It took a long time, but after about 4 hours of work I got all the streets down (thanks to google maps and its measuring tool), and I managed to detail a whole one lot(s). Not too much work done yet, but I am looking forward to continuing this project. 





  7. Riverview

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    See my bottom of  my original entry for comments on the likes.

    Here is another entry from Riverview.  This covers some of the downtown and surrounding area.  I hope you all like and enjoy.

    1. Town Hall and The Regal Theatre




    3. A department store, boutiques and other businesses, along with some housing


    4. Another viewpoint of downtown.


    5. The hospital, Safeway, and an office complex, and the ubiquitous Starbucks...


    6. Another park that services more housing.


    7. More housing with a playground/park. I see I missed a spot :) !


    8. Housing without the grid.




    10. An overview.


    11. Apartments/Condos with another park. (I like my parks!)




    13. Here's the lake with a path and part of the creek.


    14. The High School.


    15. Housing beside the school.


    16. A stable and paddock for the horsey set.




    18.  Mayor Carol's house away from it all.


    19. Meet Buttercup and Daisy, the cows. Carol also lives with chickens "The Girls", a dog named Kat, and two cats, named Molly and Mouse

    (so named for the "gifts" she brings home ;-0...)




    21. She really likes the creek - nice and peaceful.


    22. Overview of the farming community. I'll be coming back to that next week.




  8. :party: Nakhon Pathom City :party:

    Repiles :
    @kschmidt ; Thank you very much for your suggestion. :yes:
    @jmsepe ; Thank you so much. The building on the right of the train station is Delftse Poort Buildings (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/22482-delftse-poort-nationale-nederlanden-rotterdam-remastered). :party:
    @korver ; Thank a lot and this part you will see more Thai bat. :kitty:
              Welcome back to my travel notes!! Today I will tell you about my trip in Nakhon Pathom City. Nakhon Pathom City is ancient town that have been discovered by native people who met the large pagoda so it call “Phra Pathommachedi”. Then The Government has agreed to conservation and restoration around. At result in a later time, Nakhon Pathom City has population around 20,000 people. This city developed tourism to tram system which I will use to tour the city.
               I went to Nakhon Pathom City from Matsudo City by this route.
              At 11.55 p.m. I arrived at Nakhon Pathom station and bought the travel pass for one day in Nakhon Pathom city that will travel at midnight half to midnight half of next day. The ticket can buy in Nakhon Pathom station. 
              This is map in pass book that can tell you about attractions in city.
              At 12.30 a.m. I walked to Nakhon Pathom Tram Station for took to Nakhon Pathom Peace Park Station. Then I visited in Nakhon Pathom Peace Park and left my baggage at Shin-Nakhon Pathom Station.
              At 2.30 p.m. I went from Nakhon Pathom Peace Park to Don Tum ward that is major commercial area by tram at Don Tum  station.Don Tum ward is very busy because we can shopping up to dawn at here so unlike a typical business district. The name "Don Tum" is also used to refer to the shopping district which surrounds Don Tum Station, one of Nakhon Pathom's busiest tram stations. This area is known as one of the fashion centers of Nakhon Pathom, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area.
               The various shops such as famous mobile device shops, luxury shops and many office buildings at here.
              Don Tum district has a very high volume of traffic compliance with Nakhon Pathom is 10th cities with traffic jam.
              At the morning around 6 a.m. I went to Wat Klang Bang Kaew to do religious rituals that anyone can do.
               At 07.30 a.m. I went to Wat Lampaya Market at Wat Lampaya Station. I go to ate noodles that had such long queues in front of shops. In this area has houses the mayor's open as a museum, but unfortunately I did not go because I in line to eat noodles. :lol::lol:
               After I had delicious noodles already, I went to the highlight of Nakhon Pathom City.It is Phra Pathommachedi.I get there by tram at Phra Pathommachedi Tram Station.You can buy a ticket for entrance Phra Pathommachedi at here but I have a the travel pass so I can into it. After I had arrived at Phra Pathommachedi Tram Station,I went to ticket booth for the officer to check my tickets. On the way I was to take the photo pagoda front garden that is very beautiful.
               Phra Pathommachedi located at center of city and have canal around. It has walk way around the pagoda which believed that if one is able to walk around the third round, they will pray about good thing thus I walked all but I can say it very tried because 1 round has 1.6 km. so 3 rounds have 4.8 km.
               However when I went inside Phra Pathommachedi, I was recover from exhaustion because it very beautiful and can view up to the top of the pagoda.
              This is the view picture from pagoda
              Next place to go is Sanam Chan Palace where located opposite Phra Pathommachedi and the front of the palace has statue person located.
               Then I went to Phra Padhone Chedi Tram Station for visited Phra Padhone Chedi and Thai Farmers’ Lifestyle Museum.
               Phra Padhone Chedi Temple is large temple it very beautiful.The highlight of this temple is three Pagodas you can wishes of the study. Then I went to Thai Farmers’ Lifestyle Museum which uses a modern presentation system.
               We have 2 more attractions at the Ancient City of Kamphaeng Saen is located at Kamphaeng Saen Tram Station and  Don Whai Market is located at Don Wai Tram Station that I had dinner at here.
               After that I went back to the hotel (Twin Tower), located at the Don tum ward at midnight. For this trip was grueling, but it's worth it. How are you feeling???


    Sorry for my English.

    Please comment and let me know what do you think about this.

    To be continue....

  9. large.596fc54250e1b_PortdeCaravella-068_

    It's summer, so let's go to the beach! And although Port de Caravella has several urban beaches, the Plage du Lac is a favorite with both locals and tourists.
    Located in the Nouvelle suburb, Plage du Lac is a popular beach due to fact that there are many small restaurant is the area. With two universities close by, the beach is also popular with students.



    The Plage du Lac is enclosed with several highrise apartment buildings and the famous RLS Resort. Next to the beach you can grab something to eat or drink at a Panera Bread, Carl's Diner, Starbucks or one of the local stands selling fruit and ice cream.


    At the other end of the Nouvelle suburb, an old part of the harbour has been completely renovated. As part of the renovation a large number of apartment buildings have been build on the edge of the harbour, previously occupied by warehouses and other industry.


    @mike_oxlong: I've looked around, but there are not many good examples of a Zoo on Simtropolis. So maybe you can add another one ;-)
    @TekindusT @Dgmc2013: Thanks for the positive feedback!
    @kingofsimcity: Many, many thanks for creating those textures! My city wouldn't look anything like it does without them.


    But, not everybody has left the harbour. The Police, Fire Department and Coast Guard still operate from an area at the top of the harbour.


    And, as always: if you like it, let me know!

  10. Nakama (AIN)

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    Well, 2 years without activity? atleast I'm back here and with an update of Nakama. This update will mostly about the Last Run of 285 series Train in Mizawa Line, Mizawa, Nakama. This update mostly based on the last run of 205 Series Train in Yokohama Line back in 23 August 2014.

    There're several station on route not shown: Amagi Station (between Hashimoto and Mizue) and Higashi-Mizawa Station (Between Iguchi and Mizawa) because I havent finished the area.  ()sad() but hopefully I'll post it later as different update. 

    If there's something is rather incorrect about thing I dont know, please tell me. And credit for several picture I took from Internet as written


    Nakama 6th - Memories of Snow Part 1
    Mizawa line 285 Series Last Run

    credit to: http://home.a08.itscom.net/yokohama/205/lastrun/index3.html

    Sunday July 16 2017, Hashimoto Station on Mizawa Line crowd of people gather in 4th platform on this Station. They waiting for the train, but not a usual train. This train is part of event "Mizawa Line 285 Series Last Run" which is basically the final commercial run of the 285 Series train in Mizawa Line before retired. 10.23 am, the train arrived from Mizawa Station direction in the 4th platform of station following a big banner about the farewell to the train.
    Hashimoto%20Station.jpg?dl=0 Hashimoto Station in 10.25am

    Many railway enthusiasts come to the station and took the trip with the train or just took the photo and video in the station about the last trip of this fleet since the next trip on this line will be served by the new fleet, 323 Series. Inside the train itself is pretty crowded almost similar like weekday rush hour of this line, but for now, its a different case.
    On 10.26am the train left Hashimoto Station as a rapid service while the LED display sign on train changing from "For Hashimoto Station Local Serivces" into "For Mizawa Station Rapid Limited". This train wont serve Hashimoto Station anymore which been served since 1990.

    Front of the 285 series car in the last run, 285-71f. A sign being set in the front and back car since last week which is about the last run and the farewell sign.

    "We welcome aboard to the train 1822a rapid limited service of Mizawa Line to Mizawa Station. Train will stop in Shin-Mizawa Station, Kurihama Station, and final station Mizawa Station. Please give the prioritize seat for the elderly, disables, and pregnant woman. This is the last run of 285 Series on Nakama Railway Mizawa Line, please enjor the ride and thank you." as the conductor announce after the trains depart from Hashimoto Station.

    Train 285-71f passing through suburban of Amagi-cho, Mizawa City.

    at 10.33am, train approaching Mizue Station. It wont stop in this station since it's in the rapid limited service. In Mizue Station, there're several people waiting not for regular local train, but to capture the moment of this train last run passing through the station.
    Mizue%20Station%201.jpg?dl=0 Train 285-71f approaching Mizue Station

    This train, 285-71f alongside with other 27 set of 285 series fleet previously served this station as local services. The other train sets on this fleet as for 16 July have already retire from this line and currently in depot, awaiting for the next action for this trains.

    Mizue%20Station%202.jpg?dl=0 285-71f leaving Mizue Station

    Inside the train, many passenger took video alongside this train run to record the final moment of 285 Series serving Mizawa Line. 

    285-71f in Mizue-cho, Amagi Ward, Mizawa City

    Leaving Mizue Station, the scenery changed, from dense suburban area into semi-rural area. Alongside Mizawa Line there are various area from Bustling downtown Mizawa City near Mizawa Station into rural area between Kuramoto Station and Akitsu Station while in the middle mostly suburban area.
    Rural Scenery between Mizue Station and Kozue Station.

    10.37am, The final run of 285 Series train enters Kozue Station 4th Lane as it passed the Station.
    Similar like in Mizue Station, some people waiting for this train and took picutre or record video from the platform of station or the bridge of trainway. Kozue Station was used for the nearby Mizawa International Soccer Stadium which was used in several international events. Atleast during 1990-2017, 285 series serving the stadium attendant even for abroad attendant to come to this largest Stadium in Nakama.

    Kozue%20Station.jpg?dl=0 285-71f passed Kozue Station.

    After Kozue Station, scenery changed back into sprawling suburban of Mizawa which is the second largest city of Greater Nanohana. 
    Kozue%20Station-Shin-Mizawa%20Station.jp 285-71f after leaving Kozue Station

    "Next Station is Shin-Mizawa, the door is in the right side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Matsukawa Shinkansen and Mizawa Municipal Subway Blue Line. Be careful with your step and check your belonging before leaving the train. Thank you" from the announcer of the train as the train approacing Shin-Mizawa. 

    The train entering Shin-Mizawa area. 

    Shin-Mizawa Station, a major Station of Mizawa build alongside the construction of Matsukawa Shinkansen back on 1980s. Although 285 series wasn't served the line yet when it's opened, the train series as it served Mizawa Line have an important role to serve passanger of Matsukawa Shinkansen who want to go to the Mizawa Downtown area.
    Shin-Mizawa%20Station%201.jpg?dl=0 285-71 entering Shin-Mizawa Station. in the same time where a Shinkansen Train enter Shin-Mizawa Station from Nanohana.

    "Door will be opened". 10.39am the train stopped at Shin-Mizawa Station. In this station, several railfans who not following from Hashimoto Station, just entered the train to see the final departure in Mizawa Station later on. some other just took videos from the station platform. 
    Shin-Mizawa%20Station%202.jpg?dl=0 285-71f in Shin-Mizawa Station of Mizawa Line

    "Door will be closed". 1 minutes later at 10.40am, the train departed again from Shin-Mizawa Station and heading toward the next stop at Kurihama Station.

    Between Shin-Mizawa and Kurihama, the train already pretty packed with people who want to board with this train for the last time in Mizawa Line, some train window intentionally opened for better view on the joyride with this train.


    "Next Station is Kurihama, the door is in the right side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Nazawa Line for Arakashi Station and Through service for Shinwangan Line. Be careful with your step and check your belonging before leaving the train. Thank you" from the announcer of the train as the train approacing Kurihama Station. 


    at 10:43am, 285-71f arrived in Kurihama Station. Similar like in Shin-Mizawa Line, some people just board from this station. As the train stopped at Kurihama Station, Nazawa Line 5000 Series also arrived on the Station from other direction. this will be the last time of these train encounter each other as in commercial purpose.

    Kurihama%20Station.jpg?dl=0 285-71f at Kurihama Station alongside with 5125f from Nazawa line.

    "Door will be closed". at 10:45am the train leaves Kurihama Station and heading for the last station of his service, Mizawa Station. 
    Iguchi-Cho.jpg?dl=0 285-71f between hilly area of Iguchi-cho.

    2 minutes later, 285-71f approaching Iguchi Station without stopping in this station, giving the farewell on running.
    285-71f as it approaching Iguchi Station

    Daini%20Keihin.jpg?dl=0 285-71f passing through the bridge crossing the Nakama National Route 1.

    few moments after leaving Iguchi Station, Mizawa Line merged with Saikaido Main Line which is the main line connecting Nanohana with Matsukawa until Suzukake. at the time the last run train enter this part, there's not yet any train in Saikaido Main Line to encounter with, atleast for now.
    Saikaido%20Main%20Line.jpg?dl=0 285-71f as it enter the track parrarel with Saikaido Main Line

    after passing Higashi-Mizawa Station, at 10:49am the train will enter the final destination of this last run, Mizawa Station.

    Mizawa%20Station%201.jpg?dl=0 285-71f entering Mizawa Station. In other track 321 series of Saikaido Main Line just left the Mizawa Station and Heading to Nanohana Direction

    "We will arrive at the last station, Mizawa Station in a few moments. The door is in the left side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Saikaido Main Line, Miwangan Line, Izumi Line, Serihama Line, Nazawa Line and Mizawa Municipal Subway Red Line. This train that you are currently riding, 285 series will retire as of today from service on the Mizawa Line after serving since 1990. Please make sure that you take all of your belongings with you as you exit the train. We sincerely hope that you take all of your happy memories of being on this train home with you for safekeeping as well." As the final announcer of the driver of 285-71f

    Kitamizue%20winter.jpg?dl=0 285 Series train served between Mizue Station and Kozue Station during winter time

    10:51am, the train arrived at Mizawa Station as scheduled and will be here for photo session until 11.00am before it go to Depot in Kagawa. In Mizawa Station itself, there's a lot of railway enthusiast already there taking photo of this train and recording the final moment of it serving this line as it arrived at Mizawa Station. During 9 minutes stop, a lot of people documenting the interior of this train. 

    Final moment of 285 Series serving Mizawa Line.

    as the time showing 11.00am, 285-71f as the last train of 285 Series in Mizawa Line departing the Mizawa Station. as the train departing the station, the driver honk the train horn and everyone bid the final farewell of the train giving the thanks for the whole fleet of 285 series for last 27 years. as the train leave the station, it will join the other train of 285 Series Mizawa Line at Kagawa Depot while Mizawa line will be served further by 323 Series.


    to be continued....




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    Sadly I have no pics as there's some format issue but its really coming along well. The funniest thing is is that the making money tutorial map is my best work yet in my own opinion. I love taking any region or map and seeing the possibilities that lie in the infastructure and designing of each city and the surrounding suburbs down to industrial. Everything needs to mesh and thats the eternal joy of SimCity for me in a nut shell. Timbuktu has a fully operational transit system as well. Made sure to have plenty of rail. Folks can fly if theyre in a hurry. My sims have no limmits to what the can do just as i have no limmits as the creator.

    City - New City (91).sc4

    City - New City (88).sc4

  11. Palo Alto

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    Hey all!  Long time lurker here, with my first city journal.

    My city is based heavily on the cities I grew up in, Palo Alto and San Francisco (as well as Northern California in general), and inspired by the geography of Hong Kong, as well as the density of New York City.  It is named Palo Alto (not to be confused with the actual Palo Alto!) and is envisioned as being north of San Francisco, yet still maintaining SF's Mediterranean climate and geography.

    Street names and some history have been borrowed heavily from Palo Alto, as well as local cities Atherton and Menlo Park, as an homage to the area I grew up in.


    In this alternate reality, the gold rush heavily affected the Palo Alto Bay region, catapulting Palo Alto into the world’s economy as a heavy financial and tech sector, leaving San Francisco as a regional economy with strong tourism (think Austin, New Orleans, San Diego, etc).

    I’ve envisioned most of the institutions that define the San Francisco Bay Area (both current and those that have relocated) as originating in Palo Alto instead, as well as some notable companies from the Pacific Northwest.


    The Palo Alto economy is defined by many financial, tech, and Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Google, Chevron, Gap, Apple, Facebook, McKesson, Hewlett Packard, Safeway, Visa, Oracle, Salesforce, Clorox, Charles Schwab, Starbucks, Nike, Nordstrom, Levi’s, Union Bank, Electronic Arts (!), Intel, Adobe, the Hearst Corporation, and PG&E, as well as being the national hub of venture capital, and hosting the (still intact in this world) Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, in addition to the Federal Reserve Bank for District 12.  This diversity and strength of industry has allowed Palo Alto to become a Global Alpha city, and a major population and commercial hub of the United States of America.



    I’m still learning to play the game, so this is just as much about my experiments with creating a city as it is with perfectly polished regions.

    My focus is going to be on neighborhoods, developing infill over time, and transportation routes (particularly subways and buses).  My goal is to create a city (primarily wall-to-wall) that feels like it grew naturally rather than disjointed, and each post will feature a different area, project, or transportation system.


    Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!


  12. ZeaMaize
    Latest Entry


    De L'Ouest, or the western Penninsula, is a largely agrarian part of the Baie.  Involved heavily in coffee production, one of the centers of life (albeit not the largest city in the region), is Côte d'Arbica.  Just shy of 100,000 people, the "city" is actually made up of three distinct communes.  The oldest commune is the northern-most one, known to locals as Coffee Town.  


    Little of the old sleepy beach town still exists, having been supplanted by high rises, whose construction is mostly fueled by Des Capitales citizens looking for beach-front property at lower prices.  But while the old beach town is long gone, the inland coffee processing district still exists, just beyond the highway.


    Newer homes dot the nearby hillside, overlooking this historic, if dirty, district, and the major western highway cuts in front of the district, separating it from the night scene in Coffee Town.


    Speaking of night scenes, there is no better time to see the Southern coastal commune of Nouvelle Nice, than at night.


    The beachfront comes alive with the Night Market, and local roasters light bonfires to roast their beans in the traditional fashion for tourists.

    Most of the population lives in the final commune, La Ville Université.


    Surrounding Université de l'Ouest, the first land-grant University in the Baie, the commune is predominantly wealthy, and supported by coffee growers, and the agriculture and science programs at the beloved University.


    Students live mostly west of the University, in a dense low-rise neighborhood.


    The whole region benefits from a rather forward thinking transit system, with subway access despite the smaller population.

  13. Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted here, why not spice things up again? Much has changed since the last time I posted, I have completely moved over to Cities Skylines and remade all my previous cities in cities skylines using the original SC4 maps. 

    Anywhoo, no more chatter, let's get to the pics!


    Outside Blois Stadium, the main stadium for Blois' bid for the Alliance's Summer Games, showing the flags of New Duveland's provinces and territories in alphabetical order starting (left to right) with the national flag, the territory of Avaiki, Laperouse, New Caledonia, New Herault, New Munster, New Ulster, the New Duveland Capital Territory, Norfolk, Tasman, and finally, the national flag of New Duveland once more.


    Apartment living in Blois is becoming incredibly more popular, as it offers a luxurious lifestyle close to the heart of the city, while maintaining peace and quiet.


    Even though Blois is home to just under 400,000 people, the city's metropolitan train network is one of the most efficient in the country. Here we see commuters at Pontlevoy Station heading towards downtown during the morning rush.


    Another view of Blois Stadium, showing the lush sub-tropical vegetation that is featured in every park around the city. With a seat from here, you would get an impressive view of the city skyline!


    The city from above, laid out on a warped grid system, driving through Blois can be a breeze. Wide tree-lined boulevards offer an efficient way to get through town, or you could take the Devereaux Freeway, which travels along the edge of the city.


    The city skyline from Île de Waipapa (Waipapa Island), one of the most popular getaway spots for exclusive holidays, and is also home to a large collection of early French colonial housing, as well as several large open-air events. It's just a shot ferry ride from the heart of the city.


    Nothing says national or provincial pride like having your flag everywhere! Just in case you forgot that you were in New Hérault, New Duveland.







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    Mt. Thorntown

    Mt. Thorntown is a municipality in the northeaster section of the Minderian Republic, a country on the planet of Astergea in the Aires constellation, approximately 66 light years away from Earth. This city is primarily known for its vast commercial options, as well as being a major tourist spot for those looking for a mountain getaway. The city reported a population of 20,000 during the 3265 census.


    This is a shot of one of three commercial districts in the city, showing a Sam's Club, directly adjacent to a Walmart for those who don't want to purchase a annual membership.


    A significantly smaller commercial district in the central portion of Mt. Thorntown. Here, you see an Outback, a Ruby Tuesday, and a Burlington Coat Factory.


    This is Mt. Thorntown High School, home to the Wolf Pack. This school has some of the lowest MAT scores in the country, with a score on 1112/1500. This makes the school a C school, with few schools below it in all of Minderia.


    The largest commercial district in the city, home to the local McDonald's, a Friendly's Ice Cream (Best Ice Cream EVER) and a Carmax Auto Center. This is also where the hotels are, for anyone just coming off the Minderia Turnpike (Highway W3).


    Finally, a small piece of outer suburbia near the police station. Just an image to finish this off. (I really need some new houses.)



  14. f3cs
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    A new vector of commercial jobs and services is in creation, the North coast. This coast is in a conurbation with the city center and the port zone. We will be talking today about the Neighborhood Nossa Senhora da Paz, the first one of the series



    This new location give the great demand of Commercial and service a new place where the minor investors and other companies that want to run from the monumental expectations of the city center, or just don't want to build gigantic skyscrapers. This part of the city is fully planned, and include things as a hotel complex


    Or few things for your comfort, like bigger sidewalks, or a bicycle path and beach bars


    Do you have a faith? Want a little of fun? We have a big church, side to side to a big park. You can even have a picnic after worship.


    We recommend you to reach our neighborhood by public transport, with the new station of the line 2 called Nossa Senhora da Paz, named after the park and the avenue.


    Vision of the whole neighborhood:




  15. SparkleCity

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    Welcome to Haqathaville!

    Please know that any persons possessing this set of documents is subject to an intricate production. This is a collection of four videos over the course of four weeks showcasing the construction of our fine city. We have a population of over 15,000, decent schools, and a lot more. These files have recently been declassified, so enjoy!

    Replies will be included in the following entry: Episode 2. Please enjoy the monthly update, as we will have them on the first of every month. To see each episode when it goes live, do go subscribe to  UrbanFoxx


    Also, the Studio responsible for this project has its own discord. If you want to stay updated on the SparkleCity Monthly livestreams, other SimCity series, and even other games, as well as suggest a game for Foxie to play, do go join: UrbanFoxx Discord


  16. Hello again! As you have been informed, today's entry will be a different kind from the usual posts I make in my CJ. Today, I wanted to share some of my recent changes and experiments regarding to how Mistral's roadways could look in the future and whether if that prospect seems to be promising enough that I will keep the changes.


    Recreating the Roadways: Using the JPN Sidewalk Mod

    Interestingly, this change came to be due to some overriding base texture problems with Paeng's Sandstone Texture Mod and RMIP Airport Lots. Finding a solution to this problem was quite tough for me to solve without the help of other people, but it did give me another opportunity to change the sidewalk mod I was currently using at that time to something else. This is when I glossed through the internet for potential listings and the JPN Sidewalk Mod was a definitive answer to that desire.


    Here are some pictures I took in Birdwater Point to see what the effect it would have on my city. 




    However, one of the sidewalk mod's weakness is that it does not appear on NWM roads as well as some curved roadways. Still, I awfully like the changes it brings. ^_^



    Overall, I have been pleased with this mod. It is especially very good at spicing up urban areas where buildings are bunched up together in close proximity. Indeed, I felt that this can give me the "Mistralian" city look that I always wanted. However, on the flip side, the street version is not up to snuff with the sole idea that this mod can and will blocks people's driveways with fences in my suburbs. That idea will just not fly with me anytime soon. *:no: Still, I might have to replace those streets with SAM oriented ones.

    Do note that I am still deciding to keep the mod or revert that change anytime in the future. 



    One More Thing...

    If you have stuck around long enough to read about my excited ramblings, then I will award you yet another thing I am working on at the moment. Do note that its still a WIP and is still subject to change as I get to grips on how airports work.

    (I spent two days figuring out what the RMIP lots do in order to get me to this point.):idea:


    Do leave a comment about your thoughts and thank you for your time!

    - Artimus


  17. So... let's begin with version 2.2. For reference, this is version 2.0 - before the IRM Pack installation. The pictures says stage 1 but it is actually stage 2. The first one was just a horrible (could it be possible?!) mash of street, roads and avenues with extremely cluttered industry and severe traffic congestion.

    The Maxis Highway was replaced yesterday with a more ... "prettier" NAM highway. It totally killed city funds. 40,000-something Simoleans dropped to roughly 16,000 because the Network muppets didn't know what they were doing. The change was clearly needed because driving through the city was a major pain in the backside. All these on and off ramps in all directions would drive any sane person mad - no pun intended!

    In the pipeline
    Figure out where to place railroad
    Shuffle industry to fit with railroad
    Focus on South-West sector (workforce from Residential Evil)
    Whatever else springs to mind as work progresses

    And since I cannot link a picture from URL... (why?! It worked in the past)
    Industrial - Overview stage 2.2

  18. This is a more varied showcase of the city of Lakefield. There's some areas that still lack detailing, but for the most part, the city is final. I also updated the Imgur album.

    Starting off with an aerial view:


    View of Proyect Floodland and the many ferries surrounding it:


    Proyect Floodland Wharf Port:


    Floodland Cathedral, with a sunken ship that has been rescued from the bottom of the lake:


    View from the cathedral avenue towards the city:


    View of Proyect Insula:


    Ruins of the old second settlement:


    The Insula Beacon, a former lookout place turned into a monument:


    The utilities that service the region, located next to Vista Hill:


    There's also a little stream that borders the nearby neighborhood:


    View from Vista Hill south lookout point:


    View from the north lookout point:


    Trekker Castle, and the road leading to it:



    Woodstock district, located east from the city:


    Cargo terminal at steephill neighborhood:


    Oak Park, with a tram weaving through:


    Hoprock Park, with the LSA HQ (Lakefield Security Agency) on the left and a hospital on the right:


    The headquarters of the LOFTA (Lakefield Old Factory Transit Authority) :


    The 'Interchange on a Curve', wich connects Route ND-100 with Survivor's Boulevard:


    East and South sections of the Boulevard, respectively:



    Lakefield Stadium and its plaza:


    A ferry-bus hub:


    Lakefield Great Flood Memorial and park:


    A ferry-wharf port at Hoprock Sierra, south of the map:


    And last but not least, a view of Cypress Neighborhood from the sierra:


    Hope you've liked it, and apologies from being all over the place *;)

  19. No Rest for the Weary


    Carol smiled as she motored down the highway. Since Hammerhead’s arrest, the demand on her time had plummeted, with a corresponding drop in crime. The Maggia’s back was broken and the organization appeared to be in a death spiral. A few small-scale busts had followed the take-down; the failing efforts of desperate individuals wallowing in a power vacuum feeding upon each other.

    The hands-free began to chime and Carol sighed, shaken from her reflections. She glanced at the screen, seeing it was Bobbi Morse and happily took the call.

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Hey Bobbi, how are you?”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “Well, that depends on your point of view. Are you busy?”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “I’m just on the highway heading to the Palladium resort. I have a week booked there all by myself. I kind of earned it, I figure. So yeah, a little bit busy.”

    Silence met her response and Carol could just feel it coming.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked before Bobbi could continue.

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “I’m so sorry,” Bobbi’s voice faltered, “I think you’re the only one that can help. There’s been a kidnapping…”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Oh,” Carol shook her head in confusion, “but what about your team? Felicia alone could probably get that handled, considering her specialty.”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “Carol, it’s in Afghanistan…”

    What the..? Carol furrowed her brow, trying to make sense of the situation. Why is S.W.O.R.D. even involved with a kidnapping? Truthfully Bobbi had been Carol’s rock during her recovery, after being ambushed at the warehouse. Carol may well owe Bobbi her very life, if she was being honest with herself. Ultimately there was no debate as to whether she would help Bobbi without hesitation. Carol looked wistfully at the highway exit sign coming up. Either she headed south at the exit, or follow the highway and end up at S.W.O.R.D. With a sigh she watched her turn off pass by.


    dHNW0gM.jpg   “Tony’s been taken. Can you come? To S.W.O.R.D.?” Bobbi’s voice was wavering.

    rMi81lh.jpg   $#!%. Carol weighed the benefits of slamming on the brakes and reversing back to her exit. Bobbi? You’re cutting out. I can’t hear you.

    "Don’t worry, I’m on my way. I’ll be there in a couple of hours.” Bobbi’s relief was audible and Carol was headed north towards S.W.O.R.D.’s facility.

    Carol and Bobbi were joined by Abigail Brand, director of S.W.O.R.D. Carol sat quietly as Bobbi played back the ransom video. 


    YxiUU1S.jpg   “In a follow-up message, they demanded the funds be transferred electronically. If we do that, we can be sure that we’ll never see Tony again. I have a plan, but again you’re the only one that can pull it off. We need an asset on the ground for a physical transfer of the ransom, insisting that an exchange takes place - we give them the cash and they hand over Tony. So here’s the plan…” Director Brand outlined her expectations for the exchange and what possible scenarios could take place. Carol countered with some observations and pointed out glaring weaknesses in the plan.

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “But that’s just it, don’t you see? The flaws are so obvious that they can’t likely help but take advantage,” Bobbi enthused and Carol nodded slowly in understanding. “Once we get them to agree to the hand-off, we’ll arrange for you to fly to Kabul. We’ll do our best to negotiate for the meet to take place there but may need to accept a secondary location. Since Kabul is ostensibly under allied control, they may insist on a meet in less friendly territory.”

    YxiUU1S.jpg   Director Brand pointed Carol toward a tactical map on another screen, “Allied forces had been advancing on an area around Gulmira when Tony was taken. He’d been there for a weapons demo and the convoy ambush happened on the way back toward more friendly territory. Given the proximity of the ambush to Gulmira, we can reasonably expect him to be somewhere within a 50x50 mile area. More than likely somewhere in the mountains and caves to the north.”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “That’s 2500 square miles!” Carol exclaimed, then leaned back in her chair, coming to a sudden realization. She looked slowly back and forth at the two seated opposite her and crossed her arms, “None of you can fly, can you? That’s why you think I can make this work.”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   Bobbi nodded glumly, “You’re right. I have a guy that can infuse objects with energy; a blind guy with borderline ESP; a woman that can jinx people; an introvert that can manipulate electricity and a schizophrenic ex-mercenary who gets ridiculously strong at night. Who would you send?”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Me,” Carol sighed. “What about having the team as backup?”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   Bobbi pulled up her team on the screen, “Have a look. Any backup would stick out like a sore thumb over there and the op fails.”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Okay, I’ll do it. But you know I’m not bullet-proof, right? If I have to blow my cover, Stark is as good as dead.”

    YxiUU1S.jpg   “That’s why you’ll need this,” Director Brand reached beneath the table and handed her a case.

    rMi81lh.jpg   Carol inspected the contents and rubbed the red and blue material between her fingers, “Is it… um, graphete?”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   Bobbi nodded, “Yes, it’s roughly your size and will stretch like Lycra for fit. It’s as light and comfortable as cotton and you can wear it under your civilian clothes over there.” She made a gesture as if to say, “Voila, now you’re bullet-proof.”

    rMi81lh.jpg   Carol frowned at the rank insignia, designating her a Captain, “I retired at the rank of Major. This is kind of a demotion.”

    YxiUU1S.jpg   “Well, we’re not really a regular armed force here,” Brand explained, “and Major Marvel doesn’t really roll off of the tongue does it? We could promote you, but does Colonel Marvel or Brigadier General Marvel work for you?”

    rMi81lh.jpg   Carol made a face, “Touché. Captain Marvel it is!” She stared intently at the screen that had displayed the ransom video, paused now on a grim image of Tony surrounded by his abductors.


    Negotiations took over a week but eventually an agreement for Tony’s release was secured for $27.2 million USD. Carol would pose as a Stark Industries executive and deliver the ransom personally. She had reviewed her itinerary with mild disgust; first leg to Hong Kong and a nine hour layover. From there to Delhi with an 18 hour layover and finally on to Kabul, Afghanistan and a meet with the Ten Rings organization.


    rMi81lh.jpg   “Gah, I could fly there faster on my own,” she remarked. Unfortunately, to maintain her cover, doing so was out of the question. She settled into the business-class seat in 12K and resigned herself to the lengthy voyage. “Stark had better appreciate this.”


    To be continued...


    @dabadon5 @BLANKBLANK Thanks for the positive feedback! I really appreciate it.

  20. Hi everyone-

    I'm back to share even more Tarkusian Cities progress, by picking up where we left off with the construction on Chemeketa's Red Line. 

    For those of you who commented on Update 103, I've replied to your comments over on that thread--I appreciate the support!

    Coincidentally, an alert reader at the SC4D edition, SimCity V6, pointed out that June 17th--still today here in the western US--happens to be the 10th anniversary of my first-ever post in Tarkusian Cities, so it's a rather fortuitous day for an update.  I'm still in shock that Tarkusian Cities is that old . . . and it makes me feel old, too.:D

    Before we resume, here's the map again:


    When we left off last time, the 9th/10th Street SE couplet was being extended one block, both halves of the couplet planned to cross over both the existing railroad and the new Red Line tracks.  (facing north)

    Work has begun on building the overpasses.  There's also a lot of other things to note here.  Since the plan entails lowering the existing railroad to cross under the new couplet, the C&O line through downtown had to be temporary closed.  Rail Ave SE has also been reconstructed between 9th and 10th Streets, since it no longer has to serve as a de facto part of the couplet. However, Liberty Street SE is being widened to 4 travel lanes between 8th and 11th Streets, in order to fulfill the same purpose, and some structures have been demolished in preparation.  (facing north)


    Here's the finished product.  In order to seamlessly integrate with the couplet, the new 4-lane section of Liberty has been given dual left turn lanes onto the extended 9th Street.  9th Street east of Liberty, however, now ends at a cul-de-sac just before the new intersection, in order to better control access and mitigate impact on the residential neighborhood. (facing north)


    Here's a little farther north on the line.  In order to mitigate the need for further demolition and new right-of-way (ROW) acquisition along Rail Ave, the portion of the Red Line between Salisbury Way SE (the road that comes in where 6th Street SE would be) and 8th Avenue NE is being run down the median of the road.  Crews have already been at work on some parts of the track north of downtown, so here's where that advance work is going to connect into the median running. (facing north)


    Here's the completed Salisbury split, the south end of the median running. You can see the 9th Street overpass at the bottom. (facing north)


    And finally, here's the Red Line running underneath Highway 36. (facing north)


    That does it for this update . . . there will be a Part 6 for the Red Line coming shortly, where we'll see the northern segment under construction.


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