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    Welcome to The URS!

    What is The URS?





    The URS stands for Urban/Rural/Scenic.




    This CJ will cover all sorts.




    Lush, green suburbs...




    With rich details and some nice patterns.




    Commercial areas and civic complexes...




    With some realistic spacing and division of areas.




    Diagonals are covered too!




    And I throw in all kinds of fillers to make areas look interesting.




    And what about the urban, W2W and inner city areas?




    No problem!




    But we are forgetting industry!




    And of course the MMPs!




    Rougher, low-wealth and rundown areas are also covered in The URS.




    Old content meets new content. You will see old plugins effortlessly fit in with new content, new mods and new fillers.




    And of course every area and every city will have its own feeling to it.


    So that's The URS in a nutshell.

    This month and the next I am working on a city tile. After that I'll be specialising in a particular area: farms, industry, forestry, suburbs, seaports, power plants, etc...

    There will be weekly updates.

    So... See you around and I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.


  1. mKUBOcj.jpg

    Our next stop is Myrtos Beach - arguably the most beautiful location in all of Cephalonia. Due to it's remote location, you won't be able to reach it by foot - the only way to reach Myrtos Beach it is to traverse your way down a series of steep curves. If you're able to make it there however, you'll be rewarded greatly with warm waters, soft white sand, and the view of a lifetime.

    The day starts early for anyone wanting a prime spot at the beach - and the roads throughout the surrounding countryside are already starting to fill up with cars.



    The roads slowly start to get steeper and steeper - a sign that we're getting closer to the beach.


    As we start to see scree slopes dot the surrounding hills - it means we're just about there.


    We stop at an overlook and get our first good look of the beach. It's quite stunning.. but the first order of business is how to get down there.


    There's only one way, and it's not for the faint of the heart. A steep road filled with hairpin curves traverses down the mountainside - and when it gets busy, it only becomes that much more intimidating. But if you can make it down to the bottom, you'll be rewarded greatly.




    We're finally at the beach! We get a great spot and start soaking up the sun.





    A couple of Myrtos Beach panoramas (click for full-size).



    The beach in all its glory. If you can get past the huge crowds, there's really no other place like it on Cephalonia. It's a truly stunning natural wonder.


    And finally, various views of the beach and surrounding countryside from above.








    Myrtos Beach is truly a quite a sight to behold.


    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    Previous Update: "Cephalonia (Rural Scenes)"


    Big thanks to @Artimus, @CorinaMarie, @Fantozzi, @Manuel-ito, @scotttbarry, @mike_oxlong, @_Michael, @RobertLM78, @RandyE, @Toby Ferrian, @Maloskero, @mrsmartman, @Neto Dari, @Marushine, @bobolee, @Prophet42, @Odainsaker, @redfox85, @GoKingsGo, & @SC4L0ver for all the likes!


  2. 1492184132-lynnfield.png

    Update 1

    An quite early stage of SC3K city today, not the best looking city of its kind, but downtown will look pretty cute with its art deco skyscrapers. Stay tuned for more retro SC3K pictures !






  3. Old day´s Mineapolis - St Paul !

    Tonight I maid some time free to visit one of my older projects. SimCity 4 vanilla play !


    Downtown Mineapolis !


    University !


    Business and Industrial area !



    Some neighbourhood !


    St Paul !


    St Paul North


    Bridges !



    Rich recreation area !


    Agriculture !



    Rural town Owatoona


    Mineapolis- St Paul Int Airport !



    Enjoy !

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    Mayoral Election

    • Pauline Hudson (R - Sabetha)
      • Seen as the frontrunner, Hudson is promising to expand the city's industrial capabilities (including constructing a major airport in the region)
    • Kevin Williams (I - Brownville)
      • Despite being an Independent, Williams is receiving the support of liberal voters. He promises to protect and expand the city's environmental protection areas.


    City Council (all unchallenged)

    Ward 1: Shane Brown (R - Cook)

    Ward 2: Dorothy Goodman (D - Nebraska City)

    Ward 3: Colleen Vetter (I - Peru)

    Ward 4: Stephen Alloway (D - Bedford)

    Ward 5: Pamela Justice (I - Rock Port)

    Ward 6: Matthew Lee (R - Maryville)

    Ward 7: Michelle Reed (D - Mound City)

    Ward 8: Kenneth Rickford (R - Savannah)

    Ward 9: Tony Fry (R - Falls City)

    Ward 10: Paul Tyson (R - Pawnee City)


    Capital Locations (Where should the Capitol Hill complex be constructed?)

    • West Fairfax (link to map)
      • PROS: Ample infrastructure (particularly Interstate-29); near geographic center of region
      • CONS: Limited space for Capitol Hill complex; highway limits aesthetic potential
    • Rulo (link to map)
      • PROS: Aesthetic location on peninsula; ample waterway access; near Falls City
      • CONS: Limited long-term growth (especially with Reservations right across river)
  4. More images from my ctiy (Simtropolis) from Designer City.

    The images are from the city building game app Designer City.













    zR2V0xg.png <---- Still in progress, you can still see alot of empty areas on the sides




    The economy of Huoshan is booming. It outwardly looks like this strange British venture into the Chinese mainland has been a success! The main issue at the moment is that there is still no airport serving the island which has a population of over 500,000. Space is limited and density is high. The authorities are looking at some extensive land reclamation projects to allow them to build and airport.


    A progress update on the island:



    Welcome to the new airport:



    The completed land reclamation:



    Several years of construction and the airport is born. It has not come without its problems though. An increase in noise pollution has driven down the land value near the airport - some are happy about this as it makes homes more affordable!



    Elsewhere on the island we can see that land in the hills is being sold off for more suburban style homes:



    The shoreline of the island remains very dense:


  6. 3rd part of Update 24 Nakahara. yes I know its really a long time from the last update but whatever... that being said, this update was supposedly posted in late August instead of September...

    Nakahara 24.5: "Summer Fever" (Miyashiro-cho, Akashima)


    Summer, anything in mind about this season? for people in Akashima, Nakahara it might associate with hot but rather wet weather, beach, and maybe for students: Summer Holiday!

    Residential area in Miyashiro-cho (宮代町), Nishi Ward, Akashima.

    Yes but, summer almost ending here, fall/autumn will heading toward the city any moment in September as this city experienced the season change faster than most of Nakahara. But yet the summer atmosphere still can be seen in this city.

    Eastern part of Miyashiro-cho

    "It's very hot today. I think we should turn on the AC."
    "No, this is just fine"
    "Cmon, I cant concentrate if its hot like this..."

    Miyashiro-cho central, North of Miyashiro Station

    "Alright then, beside its your idea to do the summer homework here"
    "Well umm yes but doing it near the end of Summer holiday definitely not a good idea anyway"

    Near Miyashiro Station

    "I think its better to buy some cold drink."
    "yeah thats a good idea, buy me some sports drink"
    "and you please continue to figure how to solve this question while I buy it"

    wherever it is duh... but its near Miyashiro Station

    Anyway lets just left those students who working on their homework and heading to other topic.. Hmm maybe that guy in front of station might have something better?

    Miyashiro Station

    "I think I spend too much in this summer. Going to sea cost me a lot duh.. and those stuffs... well atleast it pretty close with the salary payment day. OH WAIT, THE TRAIN ALREADY THERE, I NEED TO HURRY!"

    Kogame Line e231 west of Miyashiro Station

    "ah I made it... if I don't made it I'll late in this meeting... wait is this train AC working? why its really hot here?" (apparently the train AC cant handle the number of passenger and the temperature at that time)


    lets go to other person, it seems that guy a little bit in hurry lol.... still in same train, there is some interesting guy, lets see what he thinking of.

    Miyashiro Station

    (seeing some stuff from his smartphone) "hmm it seems there will be a firework event near Arakawa River this weekend, I think I will go there and bring somebody.."
    "wait... this weekend night, I have some appointment with my old friend.. uh oh :no:"

    e231 Series Kogame Line in Nishimiyashiro-cho west from Miyashiro-cho

    Anyway lets go somewhere else... seems everyone in this train is busy....

    Miyashiro JCT, intersection between Akashima Expressway Chuo Route with Saki Route.

    Meanwhile in a park and even nearby the Miyashiro Shrine, some children can be seen hunting insect and bringing with them long-handled insect nets and clear plastic boxes with the insects they catch (mostly beetles, grasshoppers, cicadas, crickets, katydids). Seems they have fun in this summer time although the fact is the number of insects in big cities like Akashima continuously decreasing with the expansion of human habitation.

    Miyashiro-Jinja (MIyashiro Shrine)

    Summer do have something special for people in Akashima whether they are elder, adult, teen or children. especially in daytime like this... 


    Miyashiro-cho overview

    Night time, it might be something different going on around the neighborhood...

    Miyashiro Station at night.

    Northern Miyashiro-cho at night

    Miyashiro-cho at night

    Akashima Expressway Miyashiro exit at night

    Miyashiro-cho overview at night

    Thats all for today, hope you enjoyed it... there is one more entry from Update 24 series so stay tune..



    On the right, the olympic swimming pool built in 2011 and on the left the velodrome.


    The municipality is more than pleased to present you the Medrean City olympic park which were built for the 2013 summer games in Simland. Following the aim to assure a complete reconversion of the olympic park in order to assure a sustainable legacy for the city, some infrastructures were dismantled while a new residential district was built on the south part of the park. However, some infrastructures as the olympic stadium, the velodrome or the olympic pool were preserved for a future utility.  Below is presented the olympic park with its main sports venues and the new residential eco-district. Have a nice visit !



    An aerial view of the olympic park. The former olympic village is situated on the far right while the new residential district is situated at the forefront.



    An aerial view of the olympic plazas surrounding the sports venues.







    Aerial views of the velodrome.







    Night views of the olympic park.









    The residential eco-district situated on the south of the olympic park is considered as a in demand neighborhood.

  8. Hello guys! This is the latest shot from Bellingham. And this will be the first stop from this entry. Today we will be talking about the airport.


    These are the three avenues that give you access to the airport at this moment.


    In red, we have Avenida 8 de Março.

    Yellow is Avenida Metropolitana

    Black is D. Pedro II Avenue.

    A huge infrastructure including a train line (Line D)


    A elevated station named after the avenue, Carlos Prates Station.

    And a expressway (Avenida 8 de Março) were created for accommodate the airport and give access to all the city zones.


    Photo from one of the intersections from Avenida 8 de Março


    Intersection between Avenida 8 de Março and Avenida D. Pedro II



    The Terminal station "Aeroporto" is The terminal of the line D of the Train. It was constructed with big parking lots and capacity for another future transit lines, like the Pedro II Avenue Monorail, that will link the airport to Vila Olympia.


    The airport itself has 2 terminals and a 2km runway.


    A new neighborhood, a new infrastructure!

  9. Hurricane

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  10. 59b311f653bfd_Screenshot29.png.8a5821b6b940100f6724e66858393f97.png

    Welcome back to Province! Today, however, will be something different. While I was headed to Province from Chav'villa a group of tourists wanted to take me on a circle tour through the mountains instead of going via Highway Of The Mountains (designated Moneyland Highway-100 or ML-100 for short). I initially refused, but seeing that I could get my hands on some great pictures I decided to go with them in the end.


    (All captions are BELOW the pictures)



    The group that I was to meet told me to meet them at the corner of Saint Andreas and Stadium Avenues in Abalazone Park. Not exactly the best-looking place in the world, so I was a bit paranoid.



    However, it turns out they were nice folk after all. After all, if it turned into a kidnapping wouldn't I have just put "JOURNALIST KIDNAPPED!" as the title instead? Huh?



    While we drove southbound Saint Andreas Avenue, above our heads we saw the Red Line Province Metro making its journey. The Metro trains were initially built by the National Rail Co., headquartered in Abalazone Park back in the 1960s. NRC later went bankrupt along with almost every other company HQed in Province in the 1990s. To the right of the train is a freight train inbound to the Brotherhood Ave. Freight-house.  


    Driving forward on Saint Andreas past the Brotherhood Ave. intersection, we find ourselves at "Tunnel Junction" as the locals say it. To the right is the Wotton High district, full of british-style streets and terraced housing. However, we go left, into the tunnel underneath ML-100. The ML-100 is known as Highway of the Mountains in Province and carries more than 100,000 cars daily from the suburbs to the CBD and Province Strip. Unfortunately, it is due for an upgrade as it only has 4 lanes and is frequently congested.


    A closer look at the tunnel. The Ste. Andreas Tunnel was constructed in 1989 as a way for traffic to get across ML-100 without an overpass, which would've been stupidly high (around 35 meters). Before 1989, the freeway didn't exist, as ML-100 was actually designated through Sainte Andreas Avenue and Morgan Street. However, the Bill of1988 passed by the federal government required the hold of Jiff to construct ML-100 as a freeway through their state. Today, ML-100 spans from the East-to-West coast as a completely divided freeway from Greenland to Chav'villa Holds. 


    As we emerged from the other side of the tunnel, I leaned out of the side to take this photo of the city. 


    Welcome to the countryside of Jiff Hold! Sure looks different from the city. We are at the foot of Mount Province.


    A few moments later the paved road turns into a dirt one. Now we're talking.


    This section of land is going to eventually be transformed into farmland by 2041. However for now it's just a gently rolling plain. The building on the top right is the Overlook Hotel, which is where we'll eventually come to.


    Looking back again. 


    We eventually come to a crossroad.The tourists don't know which way to go, so we decide just to go right and see what's there.


    Welcome to Audrey! Population: 0! :D

    Hmm... not what we were expecting. Audrey was a small village constructed in 1765 after travelers from the U.S. settled in the area. However, extreme coldness, lack of food, along with the unforgiving wildlife soon killed off all 25 settlers. Fast forward to 1895- Province had been established for around 35 years. The city voted to pass the Law of Trash, or legally called Bill XIV. The Law of Trash basically turned Audrey into purely a landfill/incineration site. There were 2 incinerators and 6 landfills to start off with, however as the population exploded in 1950 the landfills were converted into incinerators. In 1960 and 1963 two Nuclear Power Plants were added to the site. 


    After realizing our mistake we did a U-turn and turned onto the other road, Mountain Rim Rd.. This hill pictured is called Grabbage Hill- named after James C. Grabbage, the original founder of Audrey in 1756. Ironically, Grabbage is only a letter swap and a letter removal away from Garbage. Jokes aside, Grabbage Hill has a gradient of 45%- so naturally even our 4x4 Ford Raptor struggled to get up this monstrous hill. People normally do not take Saint Andreas up due to these extreme gradients.


    Continuing on, we see our first glimpses of an actual forest. While Jiff in general has a generally taiga climate, forests are not too common. In fact, more than 65% of the hold is unforested. 


    Trees brush up against our truck as we continue to struggle up this road...



    And we have our first glimpse of the city from a height! Province is already at an elevation of 5,600 feet, so the air is getting thin around here. We hand around chapstick because we've never been so high. Here, the GPS approximates around 6,300 feet in elevation. The Atlantic Ocean only about 40 miles north of Province, so as expected there is a massive, 3,000 foot cliff drop-off into the sea. These gargantuan cliffs are extremely secluded, as no roads go near them and the only known settlement there was Jaquesville back in the 1700s. The people there vanished without a trace 20 years later and it is still a mystery today.


    It wouldn't be a road in Jiff without a steep incline and a pickup going down it on the other side...


    Another look at Province from here, elevation around 6,600 feet. You can clearly see the suburbs on the left, the CBD and Revolution District in the center, Abalazone Park on the right with the stadium, and the Province Strip with all the hotels and skyscrapers on the far right. On the far left you can see Christchurch, a small farming town and a suburb of Province. 


    After driving a few miles or so, we finally come to the Stocking Bridge, a wooden bridge built on the side of Mt. Province. After concluding that an at-ground design for the road was impossible, engineers designed one of the most iconic bridges in Province. 


    After driving for some time on the bridge we can have the best look at Province we have seen yet. 


    After driving the 500 feet long Stocking Bridge we encounter Stocking Cut, one of the most challenging climbs for our trusty truck. 


    Another view of the Stocking Cut to show the 500 feet long 40% gradient hill.


    After climbing the huge cut and driving for several more miles, we encounter a scenery change. Gone are the pine trees that we saw earlier. Instead, we are greeted by a barren tundra. Temperatures at this altitude, 7,900 feet above sea level, are shockingly cold this far north. In the summer, temperatures are normally around 48 degrees fahrenheit (8 degrees celsius), while temperatures in the winter usually reach a bone-crackling -5 degrees fahrenheit (-20.5 degrees celsius). This constant frigid weather along with unique composition of the soil stops all vegetation from growing. The summit of Mt.Province is around 8,100 feet high, just a few miles down the road. 



    Welcome to Summit Camp Village! The "village" only has two buildings-  a Shell gas station and the Overlook Hotel. The Overlook Hotel is a 5-star rated hotel that offers breathtaking views -- for a price...


    Conveniently there is a parking lot next to the breathtaking viewpoint- and a guardrail! Whew, wish there were at least some on Mountain Rim Road...


    Looking over the south side of Mt. Province. As you can see, the land is largely untouched. This is actually one of the few places you can catch a glimpse of "Hidden Valley", a completely uninhabited area between Mt. Province and Mt. Monroe, the biggest mountain in the Monroe Mountain Range. 


    Another look at the Overlook Hotel. 


    Although we didn't necessarily want to spend a night there, we decided to ask the staff there to look at the view, who were kind enough to lead us to a suite with a giant window. Needless to say, it would be fantastic to come here at night and watch the city light up.


    Leaving the hotel, we decide to continue up the road to the summit. Strangely enough, there is no sign or even flag to signal the top of Mt. Province. The road is extremely desolate here between Summit Village and Base Camp Village, our next destination.


    The only building we see on the 5 mile trek is this giant incinerator. This building is the Skagate Incinerator, built in 1913 by the town of Skagate. Skagate later changed name to Base Camp Village, due to it being a base camp for trekkers hiking to the summit. In 1793 the first person ever to ascend Mt. Province was James G. Skagate, for whom the town was named after. 

    The Skagate Incinerator is still operational today, although safety concerns have been raised. 


    After driving for around 15 minutes (seemed like an eternity when all you see is desolate plain and a dirt road with very little traffic) we finally arrive at Base Camp Village, Population 2,235!


    Downtown Base Camp Village on Mountain Rim Rd.


    Despite being at the top of the world, literally, Base Camp Village is no utopia. Most people who live here are undereducated and the real estate business here is not great. In fact, the average salary here is only around 32,000MD (or around $16,000). 


    James Skagate Elementary, the only school within 10 miles from here. 


    We come up to the only traffic light for about 10 miles- the intersection between Mountain Rim Rd. and the Skagate Hwy. We will turn left onto the Skagate Highway in order to get back to Province.


    However, first we check out some of the residential housing in Base Camp Village. We turned right at the light to get to the residential housing.


    Another picture of the housing,


    And yet another one.


    We loop back around to the light again, this time on Mountain Rim Rd.


    First, we make a pit-stop though. This is the Skagate Church, the highest church in all of Jiff. By the way, Base Camp Village (at 8,000 feet above sea level) is also the 4th highest community and 2nd highest incorporated community in Jiff.

    xFsx52E.jpgLooking back at Base Camp Village while we escape via the Skagate Hwy. this road is much more traveled by since it has less steep gradients.


    Travelin' through more desolate treeless land. We are finally descending back to Province-level (which is what the locals here call 5,600 feet, or the elevation the CBD of Province).


    ...And more 


    Hmm...A postal truck.... interesting. The MLPS (Moneyland Postal Service) only started to serve Base Camp Village in 2007.

    *It's getting late here, so I'm going to have to cut this off. I've been working on this post an hour at a time today whenever I wasn't playing C:S so I'm ready to take a break*

    To be continued tomorrow...



  11. As of September 10,2017 I have decided to scrap Arden County for an unknown amount of period.The reason for it is because I want to try out building European cities.Another reason is my computer has reached it's limits on the city.I know this is very saddening but one day I could revive this project.

  12. 6gbfXF8.png






















    1. The 101 - 135 interchange in the city of Avalon Beach





















    2. The 101 - 246 Interchange at Balboa International Airport
















    3. The 246 - 135 Interchange in Costa Pacifica


















    4. The end of the 18 freeway at Balboa Rd.










    5. The 101 - 166 Interchange in Balboa









    6. The 101 - 18 Interchange in Balboa (this was in a previous entry)
















  13. Thank you for all of the lovely comments and likes. Here is the next entry for Niederbauen. :) 
















    Replies for "Niederbauen - High-rise to Mid-Rise"



    Thank you for the lovely comment @Ceafus 88!

    Thank you very much @GoKingsGo.

    Thanks @korver.

    Thank you @mike_oxlong.

    Thanks for the comment @TekindusT!

    Thank you very much @tariely.

    @Odile1991 Yes, I do that most of the time. Otherwise, I just plop a landmark building, which is what I often end up doing. 

    Thank you @SC4L0ver !

    Thank you very much for the kind words @RandyE.

    @TMTSThanks for the comment.

    Thanks for the comment @The British Sausage . I believe it's these buildings here.

    Thank you very much @Neto Dari!

    Thank you very much @Seppi93 !

    The station is here @kschmidt





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    Ah, eight months.

    A lot has happened since that very last update. New interests. New realization. New experiences. There was a moment where I wanted to start over fresh but couldn't because of several commitments, like funding for a trip, finishing up school and contemplating about my future.

    Not anymore, I'm starting fresh. Welcome to the underground.



    It was definitely not at that time, my あの頃じゃねえ (ano koro janee), when I was thinking that this thing would not happen. I hated all of this before, that side that no one would talk about. Then slowly and steadily, I suddenly feel like I'm going to take off from the things I hated. What I hate is what I like now. It felt that the old had died but the new had been here all along, waiting for me to make my move. And so, my story begins...


    Disclaimer: Please watch the video on its entirety. After the video, you can begin the Spotify playlist located to your right-hand side.






    In dreams we trusted. I had thought for it for such a long time, the dream of moving to the big city. I had been stuck at this place in the middle of the country for such a long time that I had forgot what the big city looked like in my childhood. I’m already 23 years old and there’s no employment for me that can be found in this small town. All I can see are farms, farms and more farms. I mean, what kind of future would I have if I stayed here this way? Most of my schoolmates had already abandoned the town and moved to the big city. So, I decided to leave my parents and live away from my own from now. For sure, that was the dream that I trusted. I don't expect being familiar with the city and all, but it was worth the damning try.




    I said "ittekimasu" to my parents. My parents are sad and all, but it was for my future. You see, my mom was a hardworking woman running an agar-agar company and a meat packing company. My dad is a businessman in a construction company, but for sure I don't want to work at that place. I am that determined to move to the city and see it for myself. In my mind, I started to imagine how the city would look like. A lot of jobs are on demand, and I for sure can find something that I could make good money with.  They all said to follow my dreams. So, I am goind to follow it through even though I may end up falling to hell. I boarded the local train to the prefectural capital so that I can transfer to a bus that would take me to the capital city. Internally, I am screaming "[expletive] it, I am going to the big city". I am on my way.




    On the way to the prefectural capital, I saw trees and lots of them. I thought that somewhere outside of this forest of despair will be that city of dreams. I stuck to my dreams because I trust it. In no time, this scene will be over and would have been replaced by a thicket of concrete, or whatever it's called. A sea, an ocean that I may not as well navigate like [expletive], I dont care. I had come to realize to not notice the same-old-same-old things and look for that one opportunity. 




    After a long while contemplating about a new chapter in my short life, I had arrived at the prefectural capital and boarded a bus bound for the big city. For me, I thought this prefectural city is good enough for me; however, it really is the big city where everyone's at. The companies are all there as well as some people that I may have known from school. I haven't seen them in years. I decided not to enter college and all that [expletive] but it was mostly because I am too lazy to take exams in order to make myself some sort of a company slave. 




    During the journey I realized how crazily dumb it was for me to not enter college. Of course everyone in the city will be looking for those degrees that they sought with university students. I only have a diploma in high school and a degree specializing on nothin'. if I could have entered the lowest university level that I could find then I could have entered it, but too late now. I'm already at the highway heading to the big city. So far, aside from a few houses, I could only find other cars and lots of green things that I prefer not to discuss anymore. 




    You never know how [expletive] excited I was to finally reach the big city. Everything was so different from the countryside! There are a lot of concrete, not so much trees, there are more cars than I thought and the amount of people is vexing. I've been at the bus long enough to see the slow gradual change from the inaka to the big city. I couldn't wait for my new adventures in here. What's in store for me I do not know yet. I still have so many big expectations about the big city, but so far, so good. 




    I have finally reached the end of my bus trip and had arrived in the big city. I could not believe how gigantic these buildings are in real life. There are so many people selling various fruits, vegetables and other things on totally overblown prices... I don't think the money saved for this trip would be enough for even a week here in the city, and I still haven't found any employment as of yet. My landlord had been expecting me for a while now to move into the new apartment near the station for a while now. 




    Walking through the neighbourhood, it isn't that bad after all. Since it was a holiday today, there weren't that much movement in traffic. I could only see a few cars down the road. The buildings were all pretty good and all and there's a large theatre that I don't know what in the world they playin', probably a thing called damn kabuki. I wasn't that interested in all of that jazz so I didn't learn that much about theatre at school. I was more interested in music back then. i think I'm still interested in it but had forgotten which one was my favourite. Oh shoot, I forgot to get money! Oh well, the bank was accross the street so that I could get that. Just around the corner from here is probably the apartment that I will be staying. Maybe it'll be that tall building behind the theatre...




    First, I thought the apartment that I will be staying at was that. From what I could remember, that was the one that was advertised to me. Upon arriving at the building though, they said that it's not really an apartment but more of an office space. [expletive]. Looking accross the street at the park you can see a couple of people doing acrimonious things. I don't even know if they have a home or something. Is this the dream that I really trusted, a life in the city that would eventually end up in ruin? Looming over these people at the park is a memorial for people who had died in the war that happened a long time ago. It had been kept meticulously clean but you can also see the marks where graffitti once occupied the white marble.




    The more that I walked through the neighbourhood the more I feel depressed. For sure, this will be my life from now on, seeing people sell and cut beef, "Yankees" wearing the most hip-hop clothes out there in the country. Immigrants trying to sell me local food at a cheaper price but of varying quality. Actually, there's a lot of people here, but they're mostly either tourists looking for latest beauty products or medicine, or locals looking for the lowest priced deal. I don't mind the sheer amount of people, but I would have been [expletive] scared of everyone around. You don't know which one would beat you up or steal money from you. Foreigners said that we as a country is safe but could you really trust them?




    Of course you will be really scared. Who the hell are all of these people? めっちゃ人が狭いだよね! (It's so claustrophobic in here with this much people) in here. Adults, children, teenagers, you never know which one is which, as if it is just a blur mostly. I don't remember any of their faces, the people that I see on the street. I may be just overwhelmed with confusion right now. I tried to walk in a straight line but there are just too many of them along the way. But I think I have reached my apartment tonight.




    It's still on a pretty busy portion of the arcade, but at least the roof of the structure shields the noise away from me. It's quite the measly apartment. I got it for cheap but I need to pay a portion of the electricity and water. Below it is a store owned by someone I have yet to meet. They said that he usually sells clothing and only goes to the establishment every two weeks to see what's up with everyone. And so, this is what it's like in the big city. I thought my dream would work out as it should be, only to be crushed by reality. In dreams we trusted, all right.


    July 5, 2006.




     Stepping out of the Azusa (Super Express), I arrived at the vast expanse of the railway station. The walls were depressingly blood red and the paint on the steel pillars used to hold the structure is peeling off. On a nearby wall was an unsightly spectacle of competing graffiti from rival gangs, none of which am I part of. Wearing a black hoodie with a striped black and white t-shirt, brown pants and a rucksack for an extra shirt, I begin anew to the hustle of this huge city. [expletive] Komaki, my future isn’t there and everyone’s at the city nowadays. Though I don’t fit in with the rest of these city people I could not give a [expletive] about them waiting to get into the red-striped loop line train. I need to get to Takadanoura to meet my landlord.




    My landlord's head office on this tall building in the big city. They said that I will be staying at some shambled apartment nearby on a shopping arcade sans the amenities that he has just on his office. Oh well, I guess it's a dog eat dog world out there. But in dreams we trust.




    Thank you for viewing this update.

    As a lot of you may have been surprised with this release, let me set things straight out of here. No, this is not an Okaiken update. This is not a continuation on anything but a new story with new characters in a nation that I refuse to name. 


  15. This update about Meriah, Karasem which I havent show in ST for 2.5 years (since last update of Karasem V4.7). I was thinking this CJ actually about Cibebek-Kota Baru area only but I have work in meriah which I havent show in a while so I changed it into fully Karasem CJ.

    Update 43: Nightfall ~ Evening Stars

    Kelan is a District in Meriah Regency located just in south of Border of Meriah. It's bordering with Jatibening City in the east, Meriah in north and Sukamulya District in south. This district with population of 56.234 (2015) include the Airport of Meriah, Kota Meriah International Airport.


    location map of Kelan.

    Kelan Utara is a subdistrict in Kelan, taken most of northern part of this district


    Kelan Utara Interchange of Meriah Outer Ring Road (MORR) south ring. 

    Kelan Utara consist mainly the middle class suburban area as well as several undeveloped land and even agricultural areas.


    Jl H. Solihin (road from west to east) in Kelan Utara.

    There are several industrial area in Kelan Utara. mostly minor one.


    Industrial area in Kelan Utara.


    Jl H. Solihin in Kelan Utara (again)

    Sarang Alang, another subdistrict in Kelan. Located just in west of Kelan Utara.


    Suburban area in Sarang Alang featuring Jl Sarang Alang.

    Jl Sarang Alang actually used to be Airport main access road toward Kota Meriah International Airport before the main expressway access done back in 1983. 


    Jl Sarang Alang Ramp of Meriah Outer Ring Road (MORR) bound for Airport Main Enterance-Curug

    Jl Raya Curug, a major road through Kelan that connecting Jatibening and Curug is one of arterial road of this district as it connect Kelan with Jatibening and Western part of Meriah.


    Jl Raya Curug in Sarang Alang.


    another picture of Jl Raya Curug in Sarang Alang

    With its location just neighboring airport, Buildings in Kelan Utara (Kelan in general) have height restriction.


    Jl Raya Curug in Kelan Utara featuring airport gate.

    In fact, Kelan Utara Interchange directly located in the north of airport eastern runway. The area in the south of interchange is known for the plane spotters to take nice view of Plane landing


    area in the south of Kelan Utara IC

    MORR (Meriah Outer Ring Road) is an expressway looping Kota Meriah area. the first phase of southern part which include Kelan-Cipelak built on 1992-1997. In Kelan, this expressway served by 1 interchange (Kelan Utara IC) and 1 junction toward Kelan-Sukasari Feeder Expressway


    MORR in Kelan Utara bordering with Kota Meriah International Airport (KMIA) Hangars.


    Meriah Outer Ring Road in the east of Kelan Utara IC


    Kelan Junction, Kelan-Sukasari Expressway termites with MORR.


    MORR in the east of Kelan Junction

    The construction of the expressway/highway back in 90s leaving several minor roads that crossed the highway disconnected, leaving the dilemma of major highway project in the dense area like southern Meriah. Although, most of newer highway project in Karasem overcome the situation by building the streets in the side of highway to avoid disconnecting the minor roads by divert them to the nearest crossing.


    one of the example of disconnected road by the highway. (image rotated 90 degree)

    Meriah government did plan to build the light rail in pararel with the expressway since 2015 in order to fulfill the commuter around the city needs although this plan seems to be shelved for now as the city government focused on expanding Meriah Mass Rapid Transit System (M2RT) which seems more successful to bring more people around city to use public transit.


    Closer look in Meriah Outer Ring Road (image rotated 90 degree). the government considered to build the light rail parallel with this highway.

    As for the public transit, Kelan at this point dont have any access toward any mass transit, just several routes of city buses and paratransit toward Jatibening or Pemogan. In future, M2RT plan to expand a mass transit system which is a metro toward airport through Kelan.


    Jl Raya Curug intersect with Jl Raya Kelan which is the main corridor road in Kelan.

    Kelan-Sukasari Expressway is a feeder expressway toward the western coast of Meriah Regency which going through Kelan. although this expressway criticized for having low demand, it built in 2004 toward Kelan Utama IC where it termites at this moment in order to relieve the overcapacity Kelan Utara IC. 


    Jl Raya Curug Crossed Kelan Sukasari Expressway.


    overview of Kelan Utara


    overview of Kelan Utara featuring part of airport


    Evening shot of Kelan Utara


    Jl Raya Curug intersect Jl Raya Kelan at Night

    During night this area can be seen from every single flight toward Meriah International Airport clearly as it located directly next toward the airport.


    Suburb of Kelan Utara at night 1


    Another picture of Kelan Utara Suburban at night

    Aside from the commuting residents, MORR also congested with the people rushing toward their evening flight in KMIA


    Night Shot of MORR


    Night Shot of Kelan Utara IC


    Thats all for today "repost", thanks for viewing!





  16. Well, things are still progressing in my region. Total population is sitting at 625,000 sims. The capital has 280,000 sims and growing very nicely. I even have a freight train station hauling close to 500 in freight from one of my industrial areas.(rare for me) Starting work on Epiphany the last of the Large maps in this region. Theres still plenty to work on and when i can show better pics i will.


    Oh and maaaan those KOSC parking lots are the bomb.....now we can make completely original lots. Just love it.(I go nuts on parking for realism and have mastered the KOSC set)


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  18. Hartford Valley International Airport !


    Finaly I can present to you a real live airport ! Hartford Mayon Airport as initialy know was inaugerated in early 30th´s of the last century ! A North-South runway was created at the west of Hartford Valley town, with a small later resized terminal. Air cargo aswell was started due north !


    The 1950´s so a rapid rise of air travel, the terminal wasn´t big enough to handle the new traffic so a plan was made to create a complete new terminal south east of the present and addition  of another longer runway to handle those big jets !

    Initial plan consicted of a central core and some wings spreading away from it !


    Later the Terminal D wing was extended to it´s present size in the 70´s !


    Gate shortage in the 80´s and 90`s resulted in a extension of the  Terminal C and D wings ! With this development aswell a mini subway was created so pasenger could have a better transfer transport !

    Some pictures of the airport in detail !

    Main Terminal !



    Terminal C


    Terminal D !


    Catering department !


    Meals and beverages are brought here for distribution to the airport !

    Freigth terminal, still in development !


    Airport Control Tower !


    Located at the junction of the three runway´s it has a wide view of the airport. Digital location and communication equipment has take over much !


    Some parking zones at the main and at the east has been created for reserve planes !


    Second we have a look at the airport surroundings !

    Large busines and hotel quarters just of the Terminal D !


    Hartford Valley Town (rather City, or to differentiate of Hartford City ) !


    Two El-Subway lines run through Hartford Valley at both side to Hartford City !


    Most citizens are quit rich due to taxes circumstances !


    This supurb example of 70´s architectual design landed here from Brasil. Oscar Niemeyer´s Kopan building !


    Here we conclude this CJ, next will be the last regular CJ of this years series of Mayon Province 2.0 ! ANNO Europe will be restarted and maybe some other series will come around, Mayon Province will return next year with a slight more green natural extension into the north east direction !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !



  19. 36321706530_f5bd7a34eb_o.jpg

    • Update #6 || Hatsukaichi - Aerial View •


    •  Today we are flying around the coast of Saitamamore specifically, we are flying over the pretty village of Hatsukaichi. Its population is about 20,000 inhabitantsonce again fishing is the main resource here, so most of the shoreline of this place is  dedicated to fishing- The village has two ports; One is more focused in export sea products around the bay of Saitama, the other one works as local port and just small boats can be found there.  Today we are just going to take a first look from the air and in the next few days we will come a little closer to know more about this wonderful place called Hatsukaichi, another port - village located in the bay of Saitama



    • Here you can see a perfect aerial view of the two ports in Hatsukaichi


    • The old and small port is not deep enough for the modern boats, just the locals are using that port •


    It is a typical fishing port here in the Prefecture of Saitama


    To end this visit, I want to share with you this beautiful postcard from Hatsukaichi


    Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

    # Jonathan.


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    Just 2 random images from this theme.... I haven't really done much with southern California city since 2 years ago lol...




  20. Suryamadi

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    Welcome to Suryamadi, a 5,200 people city built in silent region called Hydramile and currently led by Mayor Fraunzy. Before colonized by Mycamile, the city is empty. There is no people living there. However, since Mycamile built first airport in the city, the city became filled by people slowly.



    First, the airport was a landing strip. Then, as the capacity become exhausted, Mycamile upgrades the airport into a municipal airport. After built, several changes were made, including underground parking, bus station, small cargo center, refueling station, additional hangar, airport police, and recently more airport police to secure the city from airport-related crimes.


    On the right of the airport, there is Statue of Proclamation, which built by the current mayor to remember the proclamation process and the proclamator, Chief ZDN.


    Currently, the city doesn't have any immigration office. For now, the immigrant or emigrant needs to manage the request in the city hall. Speaking city hall, it's small (technically stage 1) and in the opposite of it, there is Statue of Mayor. The upper shows current mayor, while the bottom shows the former mayor. Some parts of former mayor statues were keep in city museums.





    In the first era of the city dev, the city only had a small amount of commercials and farms. The farm was used extensively until now because of education and commercial and industrial boom. On the upper side of farm area, there are industrials, open metal processing, truck workshops, and warehouses. And on the right side of the farm area, there is a solar power plant with additional storage. Also, a recycling center located on the left of the plant. Many farmers migrated to vertical farms to sustain their jobs.



    Speaking garbage processing, there are 2 recycling plants: basic recycling plant and advanced recycling plant with power generator. As I said before, the BRP is on the left side of the power plant while the ARP is in opposite of the military zone.


    As a new country, the diplomacy is in the risk. So, to prevent this, a military zone has been built. The military vehicles including advanced electric tanks, electric military helicopter, electric propeller fighters, and 'modern' electric fighters.



    To provide radio, TV, and internet access, the goverment and Surya Group (a non-state owned company) was built 3 facility: radio station, internet center, and TV station. The communication towers will be built as soon as the city goes big. The city was connected by the internet with optical fiber cables. Not only broadcast digital TV and radio, they are also broadcast the series in the internet via services like proprietary TV/radio app and YouTube.


    Education has been the focus of the gov since the day 1. Many education services placed in the strategic location such as the roadside of Main Rd and Central Ave. Even better, a high school has been placed in the right side of the airport.


    The result of the education process is growing commercials and high-tech industrials as seen in the image above. Many investors and SOHO businessmen has been built the store and office in the roadside of Main Rd. This is also the product of low commercial and industrial (except dirty one which taxed 12%) taxes.



    In order to sustain people lives, a small amount of clinics and hospitals has been built. The cemetery also has been built. This cooperation makes the city more healthy and more realistic.


    As long as the city grow, the wealthies then made their house here. This is also the product of good education and good health services.


    If you looking the communication infrastructure image, you can see the no jobs zot. This is the result of Suryaworks (member of Surya Group) corruption. The execs corrupted the local officials, resulting halt of jobs growth. This case has been handled by the Supreme Court. The building is in Central Ave right in the between a private school and a commercial building.


    This is Lolli Forest. The forest is shaped like a square. The forest is medium-sized. This is for preserving the floras and faunas, including rare ones.


    This is developing CBD. This is called Dzaky District since located in Dzaky Ave. As you can see, there is an industrial area too.



    Bonus: When Fraunzy wins the election, the cars made the rightside of Central Ave jammed (above). Again, when Mayor Fraunzy officially inaugurated, the traffics made the some jam again (below).


    Community grid-connected PV power plant. Go green, folks!


    Community parks.

    See you in the next chapter! Thank you.

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