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  1. Glengarry

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    Some progress on the the actual farming around the little town and a bit more residential development


  2. I've done some work with and arround the main rail station.









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    Latest Entry

    Ok so I have to move maps.Why?The map I was building on was too hilly for my towns so I planned to move the county to this map



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    Hershey Valley - Episode 1

    And so a New Series Begins, in the Valley of Chocolate. Also known as Hershey Valley. Named After Hershey the Cat and founded by Geoffrey St. John in 1997, the Hershey Valley region has seen exponential growth over its mere 20 years of existence. With Interstate 94 Running through it, it is one of the most beautiful places in Montana and in turn, all of the United States. And You Get to See 20 years of development live!


    Tonight, we start with the creation of the map. Part 2 Will be Posted Tomorrow.


    Major Announcment!

    The SparkleCity Image Journal will be returning to ST on March 5, 2017. It will be called SparkleCity: Scrapbook Edition in honor of its scrapbook-type nature. You're Welcome!


  3. TheLynx99
    Latest Entry

    Let's Design SimCity 4 - Part 2

    So I finally get past part 1 of this series without deleting it, Hooray! Anyways, in this next part, we begin work on the west central industrial district, which is in need of a name. I will be taking suggestions in the comments of this entry, as well as in the comments of the video itself. Feel free to subscribe here for the latest updates Here.

    New Episodes of SparkleCity, Project Violet, and Hershey Island are Released There every week, and that's where you will hear first. You heard it straight from the fox cub's mouth.


    Anyways, with all the scummy self-promotion stuff out of the way, here's the episode!


    So feel  free to submit a new name for the Industrial Park, and the low-wealth neighborhood to its East. I'm always open for suggestions or constructive criticism.

  4. Replies:

    kschmidt: Thanks, glad you like the city and its surrounds. Not sure what sort of thing I really have planned for the city in the future as I'm letting it grow as it wants for the most part.


    Entry 3: A bit of a divide

    So, were back in Rokton to day where we've had a few new things happened. Starting at the beginning of the casue of these events because, well, thats a good place to start, we have the mayor of Rokton Mr Henning and is best friend and deputy Mr Danton.

    Anyway these two were normally the best of friends doing everything together (hell they even specifically built semidetached houses next to eachother) but recently they had a bit of a falling out over education (or Edumakation as the illiterate residents of Rokton call it) .

    Now, despite the fact that most people are apparently scared of Edumakation, Mr Danton was addamant that the town needed some. Mr Henning however was more interested in building anythgin that might not make people relaise that he wasn't that good a Mayor. So, as things escalated quickly, Mr Rokton himself stepped in and told Mr Danton that he could have some land to build a town of his own to prove Mr henning wrong.

    So, here we have Danton Bay, ironically enough missing the school as of the moment.


    Yer, the residents aren't too happy about that given that they moved there because they agreed with Mr Danton.

    Meanwhile, Mr Rokton decided to cement the fact that although the Mayors were allowed to run the towns as they wanted he was still in charge by installing this massive statue of himself at the end of the commercial strip. Money well spent!


    So, whilst Mr Henning and Mr Danton were arguing a number of people had a word with Mr Rokton and convinced him to allow them to settle in the woods near his house (to be fair most of these people worked for him so it made sense) which, given how far it is away from the harboru and polluted water would probably mena this is the nicest place to live, still there isn't much to do unless you like trees....


    This expansion though, meant that the towns needed more juice than the old power plant could provide at which point I wen't a bit mad and placed these 4 wind turbines at the end of the penisula Rokton is built on. Turns out, after building them all, that 1 would have done.............


    I was future proofing, honest!

    Anyway that was it for this look at the growth in the town along more of the vague and random backstory that I hope is at the very least confusing you, here's a overview as usual to finish with!


    So there we have it for entry 3. Feel free to complain, criticise, comments or make vaguely related chit chat until next time!





  5. Storyboarding Using Simcity 4 Regions


    "A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence."


    In the region view above is a simple linear storyboard. Regions may be made up of 3 sizes of rectangular tiles and several elevations. SC4 space is scaled in 3-dimensions, technically referred to as 'trimetric' projection. Text can be entered as region, city, and mayor names, and text can be written directly on the tiles or as signs placed on the tile.


    Worlds on the Edge

    There are 6 large city tiles, one is used twice. Each city represents a condition of the world.  All conditions are considered to exist simultaneously at any time. The story is arranged so that neither the past nor future are conclusive, but between each condition exists the possibility of either worsening or bettering condition, looping back or forward in time.   Its a world in constant danger and great hope.

    On January 26, 2017, the Doomsday Clock maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was moved to 2.5 minutes to midnight, the closest its been since 1953, so we begin our journey with a view of our fractured futures...


    I. Fractured Futures



    II. Past Paradises



    III. Transitional Cultures



    IV. Civil Foundations



    V. Industrial Crisis



    VI. Utopian Skies



    VII. Engineering Imperatives



    This CJ entry does require a concluding commentary, and I've been writing and re-writing, attempting to grasp the complex of images and ideas I've presented.  Storyboards are supposed to be concise and brief, giving only an outline of a story and a sense of its meaning and purpose.  Art came long before science, culture, civil structure, industry and technology, the first order,  and no other being than human beings that we know or can imagine, does make art.   Robots can be programmed to make art, but true art comes from a deeper place than machine, animals can dance and sing, exhibiting great passion and character, but true art comes from a higher place than matter.  

    So its 2.5 minutes to midnight in a world of great conflict and crisis on every level, from the beginning, all through, and to so far.  Before the technicians, engineers, managers, and performers can do their thing to resolve the conflicts and crises, the artists must do their thing.  The science department has informed the arts department we are down to a 2.5 minute warning before the end of the show and there is no further data.    In the entire universe we may even be the only ones that made it this far.

    My first question in assuming responsibility and pulling artistic license is "How many time-outs do we get?"   I've got 10 billion lines of code to process...







  6. Green Valley

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    The Lost Paradise




  7. River Bow

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    River Bow First Look


    From the humble beginnings with just a small gas station pit stop for wear travelers, be they truckers or tourists, River Bow has become a nice pit stop on the way between Point A and Point B. Now a small town, the city is mainly gas stations and restaurants, but as you can see to the left, a small brick factory has popped up.


    Main Street greets visitors with a variety of typical fast food restaurants, gas stations, repair shops, and an Auto Zone. 

    Shady Oaks Trailer Park

    Not farm from main street, Shady Oaks Trailer Park boasts a convenient walk to work as well as inexpensive living. I'll let the pictures do the talking.






    I hope you've enjoyed this first look at River Bow. Feel free to like, comment, rate, and all that jazz.

  8. mike_oxlong
    Latest Entry

    Things had gotten a little interesting. Carol had discovered the existence of a mob ring called the Maggia, apparently run by a boss calling himself Hammerhead. She also had inadvertently triggered an anomaly in a woman she’d saved, who’d later become her client. Now her job was to track herself down for a meeting with the client and somehow guide the client into becoming another of Earth’s protectors much as she, herself, had become.



    INR1Ewa.jpg  “Well, first things first,” she mused. She’d been sitting on one of her perches overlooking Hunters Warehouse, a building Carol now knew for certain to be a front for the Maggia. She’d had the building under surveillance for several months and the leads thus generated had helped her collect enough evidence to make a bust. Hammerhead’s timing had been consistent to this point, so as long as he kept to his schedule Ms. Marvel would make a guest appearance this evening.

    After one last sweep of the site, she put her field glasses away but left the camera operating. The live feed on her tablet looked good and it joined the binoculars in her backpack. She flew from the observation site to return to her car in a nearby parking garage and circled the area a couple of times to make sure no one was on the upper level. Approaching with cover from the side of a nearby building, she landed as close to the upper level exit as possible. Finding the area clear, she ducked into the stairwell and pulled on a coat retrieved from her backpack. She made her way quickly and unnoticed, back to her car – one a little less conspicuous than her Lamborghini.



    Back at the office, Carol pulled out the warehouse blueprints to work through her plan for the evening. She reviewed her entry point on the seventh floor and the path to the main office area where she expected to find Hammerhead and his attendants. She counted on having to beat up a few guards along the way but anticipated only light resistance. Despite the size of the building, there never seemed to be more than twenty occupants at any given time. It was critical that she be fast and careful since being inside would negate a lot of her advantages in flight and manoeuverability. She’d never been shot but she was aware that her invulnerability would not make her bulletproof. Her closest brush had come when a thrown knife had grazed her left thigh and caused a nasty gash but thankfully the cut hadn’t been overly deep. It had left her with much more grounded expectations of her abilities.

    So what to do about Felicia Hardy? Carol knew that was an issue she’d have to address but had to find a credible way of arranging a meet, while preserving the integrity of her dual identity. Reflecting a moment on Felicia’s claim of being jinxed, she had to take it at face value given the existence of her own incredible abilities. She only hoped that the bad luck that had led Felicia to hire her was the extent of the trouble.



    That evening, Carol put her plan into action, infiltrating the warehouse and subduing a couple of random grunts with ease. After gagging and securing them, she opened the access door to the catwalk above the main warehouse space and crept silently outward. From her vantage point on the catwalk there was a clear view to the main office area below. Oddly, the warehouse seemed quite empty for the amount of activity that had taken place during the past few months of surveillance.

    INR1Ewa.jpg  “No time to worry about that right now.” By her reckoning, Hammerhead should arrive any moment.

    She wasn’t disappointed.

    He strode in with an arrogant swagger. The few men in the office welcomed the new arrivals and one of them produced what appeared to be a ledger. Hammerhead took a seat at the desk to review and Ms. Marvel made her move. She flew down from the catwalk and took out three of the five henchmen in the room before anyone realized what was happening. 

    gpYJOdT.jpg  Hammerhead leapt to his feet and shouted, “It’s da broad! Get her!”

    The other two pulled their guns as Ms. Marvel advanced on them. A solid punch to the temple crumpled the first, while she blasted the other with an energy bolt from her outstretched hand. Sensing Hammerhead moving up behind her, she struck out with her elbow and made contact, staggering him, but the blinding pain that met her blow stopped her cold. Shaking off the stars in his own vision, Hammerhead returned the favour with a head butt that dropped her into unconsciousness.



    gpYJOdT.jpg  “And dat’s why dey calls me Hammerhead,” he growled at her prone form. He took a glass of water from the desk and threw it into his henchman’s face. “Wake up, ya bum,” he sneered, then motioned to a couple of figures lurking deep in the shadows, “You two idiots get out here. We gots what we came for.”

    rbq2h4g.jpg  Two more unseen goons emerged from where they lay in wait, exclaiming, “Great plan boss! She never saw it coming.”

    gpYJOdT.jpg  “Awright, I don’t need you blowing sunshine up my butt,” Hammerhead snorted. Gesturing at the fallen hero, he continued, “An’ I don’t like being the bait to land this fish. Kneecap da broad and get her to the Don. I’m done here.” He snapped his fingers at his wet and groggy henchman, “Go get da #%@$ car.” The hapless driver scrambled to his feet and scurried to hold open the door. Hammerhead stomped out, muttering a string of curses and ignoring the other unconscious members of his gang.

    The two remaining men looked at each other and once out of earshot they relaxed visibly.

    rbq2h4g.jpg  “Kneecap da broad? Who talks like that?” the first laughed.

    S6lLdvo.jpg“Come on. You know he thinks he’s a freakin’ ‘30’s gangster like John Dillinger or Pretty Boy Floyd,” he pointed to the fedora on his head, “Why do you think he makes us wear these get-ups? That doctor who put his head back together must’ve missed a few screws. Now do what he said and hobble her.”

    rbq2h4g.jpg  “Why me? You got a gun!”

    S6lLdvo.jpg  “Just do it, ya whiner.” He laughed, shoving his partner good-naturedly.

    rbq2h4g.jpg  “I dunno… shooting a defenseless woman? Doesn’t feel right.”

    S6lLdvo.jpg  “What are ya, Mother Teresa? Put a pill in ‘da broad’,” he mocked.

    rbq2h4g.jpg  “Ohh, that’s cold,” thug number one laughed and raised his weapon. Neither of them noticed the figure creeping up silently behind them.

    To be continued...

  9. Welcome back!Today i'm gonna show you a huge project,the airport!

    Sit back,and enjoy the pictures






























    I hope you enjoyed this massive undertaking,it took me a lot of time to build and it's still not finished!Expect more updates soon!


  10. MisterBlueStar4
    Latest Entry

    Bad News

    So as you guys know I've upgraded my video card and guess what happened.The city won't load up even when i upgraded.I have tried everything,downgrading settings and deleting other saves.After so many issues and reducing settings,I've finally decided to shut down the project for good.I'm sorry but I had no choice because no solutions worked.

    Rip New Lanchester

    Jan 2016-Feb 2016

  11. XPYbff.jpg


    Simmer2: Thank you very much!

    Tyberius06: Thank you! The factory is this one-

    And the train station is this one-

    mike_oxlong: Thanks for that comment. But I am moving on from SC4 since I am focusing on story writing. Also thanks for providing the links!

    Akallan: Cheers!

    MissVanleider: Thanks, and yes I suppose it would be Simcity China since the Lego blocks are probably made in China!

    philforhockey51: Thanks for that. I would suggest browsing through the forum version of the My SC4 CJ Scrapbook, a good place to start would be about here to answer your question-

    tariely: rural areas and low-rise areas and suburbs interested me more and more as I played SC4.

    Takingyouthere: The 2014 pictures are good, the 2015 ones are better and the 2016 ones is where I peaked.


    Highlights from Entries 71 to 80

    These pictures are from two city tiles: Broadsville and Weckum. Broadsville is where I experimented heavily with diagonals and industry. Weckum is where I fine-tuned the W2W city blocks and the eye for detail and consistency; consistency in the RCI was something which the 2014 entries of this CJ sorely lacked! These entries cover a six-week period from the first day of 2015 up to mid-February. The progress I made with rural design, urban design, W2W buildings, ground texture consistency and other SC4 areas was very substantial. I would go on to consolidate what I had learnt with the city of Annuq and go beyond that in 2016.




    We start off in Broadsville.




    During the winter of 2014/2015 there were new buildings and lots to try out, a special shout out must go to nos.17 who single-handedly gave fresh life to malls, commercial strips and low-rise shopping complexes thanks to his great relots.




    Though Broadsville was never properly finished there were many areas complete; the town centre for instance.




    It was in Broadsville that I discovered diagonal buildings.




    I tried out every possible combination and arrangement, suffice to say it was a very steep learning curve.




    I learnt that the hardest part of creating city blocks with diagonal buildings is the fillers and the gaps between the buildings.




    The other main area I finished in Broadsville was the industry just east of the town.




    It was a chance to once more explore FrankU's warehouse set.




    During this time I also discovered WorkingMan Productions. It was a small team who specialised in relots and rural BAT/LOTs.




    The city tile of Weckum came about by accident. It was originally a testing ground for a new type of mod the IRM W2W, that is T Wreck's wall-to-wall Industrial Revolution Mod. The IRM W2W uses buildings and props to help create W2W industrial areas.




    This is a very brilliant mod as it is super useful for creating an early/mid 20th century feel to urban areas. In those times factories and warehouses were often closely situated to homes and shops.




    And back to Broadsville and the industrial area.




    I wanted these areas to have more car parks and space.







    This area is a very weird mix of elements: highway lots, residential, alleyways and rural industry. But it somehow works...




    Here I push to the limits Jestarr's BATs. It's all about how to combine them all together.













    And now for something very different; a Medieval town!




    Here's the link for xannepan's castle: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3036.




    The rest of the buildings are from Wallibuk who creates a lot of East European buildings which can be found on the STEX. For the castle walls look for the Slovak/Hungarian smalltown file.




    This trick I picked up from Fasan (of SC4D). The trick is to plop in vanilla agricultural fields and hide their edges with MMPs. This simple method can yield some ridiculously realistic farming scenes.










    And now back to Weckum. As strange as it may sound but industry as often been my muse in SC4, it was the first thing which pushed me towards more realistic city designs.




    In early 2015 I was still figuring out how to create "realistic" cities. These days I don't even think about the realism anymore, now it's 100% aesthetics.




    Yet more work on creating seamless diagonal fillers.




    By this time I was heavily using T Wrecks 5x5 apartments to infill suburbs. T Wrecks is one hell of a relotter!




    And another power station!




    This big, black skyscraper was a happy accident, yet it came to define the city centre of Weckum.




    The city blocks on display here are some of the first where I began making sure every building fitted. This greatly added to the time required to finish cities, while it also involved insane amounts of demolishing buildings still I got the right one. At least I managed to find the lotplop cheat though during this time!




    And the completed city tile of Weckum.







    In an interview on the now defunct PLEX, Paeng stated how he would focus on one area trying to make sure every building, every fillers, every MMP, every lot, every square tile looked right and "fitted". Three years ago I thought this was obsessive, but I came to adopt this style during 2015.




    It was in Weckum that I discovered how MMPs could complement urban areas. The cars in the back alleyway are all MMPs despite them appearing as props on those building lots; MMPs can help to give extra detail and spice in lots!




    I also discovered Goofyguytpa's W2W buildings, these are invaluable for infilling urban areas!




    Another thing I started doing as well in early 2015 was making sure the ground textures flowed smoothly. Ground textures trip up many SC4 players in their quest for realism. This became my strength in 2015 and I explored this even further in 2016 in both rural and urban settings.








    In the next set of highlights there is a lot from Weckum and also from Annuq. It was in Annuq that I found a standard I was at last happy with- quality, ground texture consistency, good RCI placement and variety and all kinds of other factors.


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    Recent Entries





    This is a preview of my new CJ, it has a lot of sprawling to come, but here are a few shots...





    The Pacific Circle

    In the heart of Pacific Bay, a census designated area in south San Joaqin Beach, lies the Pacific Circle and plaza.  The intersection and surrounding town was founded in 1918 and has become host to annual events such as "The International Food Festival" the first weekend in May, as well as the "Harvest Festival & Oktoberfest" in September.  All six streets are blocked off for each event and local restaurants cook outdoors.  Most of the businesses in and around the circle are restaurants; health food, gastropub, pizza, mexican food, and diners.  At Christmas, lights are strung from building to palm tree and palm tree to building.  Many of the buildings around the circle have been deemed local landmarks, and the old overgrown trees have plenty of hearts with initials scratched in their bark.  Pacific Bay is a close-knit community, and the circle is the meeting point.











    Canary Palm Estates

    Upscale neighborhood in north Pacific Bay.  Median home price: §1.5M






    San Joaquin Beach Civic Center & City Hall

    The center for city management and administration.  Some events are held here like the annual Taste of Los Reyes, the 4th of July City Block Party & BBQ, and the April 20th Smokeout for Freedom and Date Shake Festival.  Further down is Grizzly Bear Park, packed on the weekends with kids sports.






    Little Manila

    An area of Serrano with with highest population of Philippine-born residents in the US






    Old Spanish Station

    At Picante St. and Los Reyes Rd.






    Pacific Bay and San Joaquin Beach






    Lots of drunk drivers on the 101 freeway...






    The Circle from another angle








    For more like this, check out my last CJ California 2:






  12. Under the desert sun and endless dusty wastes, thin ribbons of civilization begin to cut through the sand and a beacon of humanity begins to rise.

    Freeways 64 and 55 as they meet in the desert, and depart their separate ways into the wastelands.

    The sandy hills give way to little more than dust and the occasional cactus as vehicles cling to the narrow highways.

    KOzqQw.jpgA mighty structure rises above the Crystal Canyon, the Crystal Canyon Bridge.

    Two thousand feet to the bottom. (This is a testament to the incredible power of the move-it mod.)

    As the sun sets, the scorching oppression of the desert heat begins to loss it's grip.

    Crystal Canyon Bridge at night.

    Human ingenuity brings water and life to a barren expanse.

    Even the desert isn't immune to the grip of industry.


  13. Hi there!

    It has been a long time since my last post. Events in real life, the state of the world and of the political situation developing in my own country and elsewhere have made games seem a little pointless to me. I have been checking in to the site quite frequently and although I post rarely, i really value the community here, so I would like to dedicate this post to all of you reading (and those not reading). However, I do want to give a couple of special shoutouts for people who have really helped inspire / create some superb content to this wonderful game: RSC/MGB204. All the texture unification work is incredible, but what really counts are the really detailed replies to my (and many other people's) questions in all the forums, I could not have got all these Japanese overpasses and whatnot working without your wonderful tutorial on installing them. LnX - just for mindboggleingly consistent uploads that I try to copy (badly - please see images below). Finally Fasan, who may be gone, but the pictures that remain on SC4D are for my personal preferences, the best pictures ever created using the medium of Simcity 4.

    Enough about me, here are some pictures:



    This is an overview of the city on the shores of Lake Pointless. Last Entry covered the suburban area to the right of this image and the fields beyond. This time we are looking at the northern end of the lake and the town around it in more detail.


    Ok, it's a highway interchange, but it was a slightly unusual one, so here is a picture


    Simcity 4 doesn't have many aggressive youths, but those that have a bit too much aggression can run like crazy on these football pitches, which should keep them out of mischief. There is some need for a fence to stop the ball going into the busy road, but times are tight!


    First 'flipped' image. I really like the totally different feel you get from doing this to a picture.


    A railway, some retaining walls


    overview of the area


    more flipping. Here in the suburbs the other side of the highway.


    suburbs giving way to industry


    crossing the bridge now onto the other bank of the river


    I wanted to try something a bit clever, and i'm not sure it has been wholly successful, but here is a combination of game water and MMP water, and lots of retaining walls. I guess the MMP side will improve with practice.


    A jumbled little neighbourhood of mainly working class homes.


    railway crossing. I really enjoythe reskinned japanese overpasses. This is not the most spectacular use of them!


    A local school surrounded by suburbia. Looks washed out because i forgot to change the contrast :D


    Old mills on the edge of town by the lake shore


    Now we get into the proper city centre. Trying to keep the shapes interesting!


    I know there is quite a mix of building styles but diagonals are really hard to find!


    close to the station are some very grand buildings


    wider overview of the city centre


    The Cricket ground (Americans and other Europeans, if you don't know what this is ask an Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan//English/Australian etc.) the library, the station and then the waterfront in mosaic.


    Different perspective. I love the distinctive library BAT in the middle.


    Now back across the river to finish off the rest of the city centre. I dont know why I couldn't make the water look nice here with MMPs, but once I had built everything was too scared to take serious remedial action in order to spruce up the water!


    closeup of the same area.


    why not stop for a coffee (or Tea if that way inclined) in the waterfront coffee shop.


    More quayside


    Finally my favourite of the lot, horizontally flipped mosaic of  the small station down to the quayside, taking in some parkland and diagonals en-route.

    Hope you enjoyed :)





















  14. philforhockey51
    Latest Entry


    Hello everyone, welcome to Jahnee Gap, this is a height transition town. The city tile to the north is much higher than the one to the south. This is going to be a big entry so get a snack or something to drink.

    Location, location, location


    Now Let's take a look at the town in development.

    03 - Starting off




    05 This one best shows the height transitions transit paths


    06 my little proof that just about all of what you will see is grown.




    I'm going to go to some older pics and some of the pics I took while trying to get pictures for the Rail Challenge

    08 Lake Road


    09 The lake and rail tunnels




    11 My Rail Challenge entry




    13 Older Downtown pic


    14 Older Park Circle


    15 Older Residential Pic




    Now we'll move into the newer era in the town with much much more time having passed. I spent a lot of time waiting and watching and waiting until the "right" type of building grew.  The industry you will see took a long long time on it's own but for some reason some small commercial buildings around the downtown circle took a crazy amount of time to finally pop up. 

    17 Let's look at the Far view of the residential area


    18 Far view of the Industrial area, this area supports the overall industry throughout the region. The rail you see travels into the neighbor tile to the west, Hero Peaks and it's mine. It is strongly thought that the industry here including Schwartz Chemical works on this mystery product. I'm trying to track down the mayor for an interview but it's not looking good.


    19 Let's take a closer look at this industry area








    23 If we follow the highway north across the rail and this train station, you can see the new construction site that we will take a closer look at later.


    24  Here is the industry a bit north of the tracks






    27  North of this the highway past the transitions area


    Let's now go and take a look at the residential area and downtown

    28 Lake Road


    29 Lake Road Residential Area


    30 Lake View Church


    31 John's Pond


    32 This bridge leads into the next county it is named for Marvel County Bridge where a lot of interesting mayors live. We'll head there in the next entries.


    33 Moving south we see the area around the Old Church


    34 Just behind the church is High St. and High St Park




    36  Back over by the downtown  is the school, here during Spring


    37 and Fall


    38 Downtown










    43  Now the Downtown circle which took decades to grow, pruning quite often






    46 note the historic buildings are a pharmacy and a doctors office, in game medical buildings helping boost the health in the area.


    47  The hospital is near the highway and also near the new construction site we will be taking a closer look at.


    48 The MMP construction site currently undergoing some site work, digging down to get to the depth the foundations will be poured, hope the the slopes are visible to you. 

    Note This is an older pic in the sense I reworked the industrial areas into the areas you've seen above.






    51 since this is #51 I'm in this pic, in the black shaking hands with the engineer that came to meet me at my construction trailer office. 




    53 Here is the freight rail yard that brings in the materials of industry including that mystery mineral mined in Hero Peaks.


    54  Curves , this is the road that leads into Hero Peaks.


    How about some Night Shots?

    55 Industry at Night




    57 Schwartz Chemical at Night


    58 Residential area at night






    61 Downtown






    64  and my favorite for last the Marvel County Bridge at night



    That wraps up the pictures but now for an interview with Mayor John Wraith. We couldn't get anything scheduled so we will try to do this on the fly and a little sly. We'll follow his car and try to ask him a question when he stops at city hall. Waiting near the mayor mansion we notice he is coming out but as he is gets into his car he seems to have just disappeared. It looked like he vanished into thin air!? What the hell is going on around here?  

    I hope you enjoyed this entry.  Any comments or questions please feel free to ask.




  15. It's been a little while since my last update, and I still as of yet do not have a full update. My time is now going to be divided between this journal and my Crystal Junction project, which I am really eager to start on.

    In the meantime here are some pics of various regions of Frontier City that are currently under development.

    Starting work on the car dealership section of the city. Once finished, will have 4 large car dealerships and associated repair shops. Most large towns and major cities have large stretches of major roads lined with multiple car dealerships that in some extreme cases can stretch for dozens of blocks.

    North Frontier City under development. Still working on the strip malls along Mountain Side Avenue, and need to do some major detailing surrounding the stores and restaurants.

    Lake View Apartments and the northern-most sections of North Frontier City. Some fast food joints, and a high school in the background. With the exception of Blue Gill Cove (A future Planned suburb), there is little development north of here.

    Freeway 10/ Flyer Bypass intersection. This is the only major highway intersection in the city. Freeway 10 in the foreground, and the Flyer Bypass jetting off to the right. Was an interesting intersection to design considering I had to lay the roads around an existing railroad, power lines and steep terrain. More pics of this intersection in the "Show us your Interchanges" section of the C:SL forums on page 19.

    Bird's Eye view of the entire city looking towards the east.

    Satellite view of Frontier City (Population 20,100). As you can see, I have finally finished the Flyer Bypass (Highway on the north side of the city).

  16. Been working on a new, more modern downtown.

    First off is the main railyard:



    View from the other side:



    Maintenance halls:




    One during the dark hours:



    More shots from the "actual" downtown is coming up shortly!

    Stay tuned!




    When South African architect Maarten Haverkamp came to Dumfries in 1901 as a refugee of the Second Boer War, he had a dream for the area surrounding Loudon Square. After visiting several other American cities, he drew up designs for a neighborhood. At the time, the area around Loudon Square was mostly thirty/forty year old tenements, and the city gladly granted Haverkamp permission to redesign the square and several of the surrounding blocks. Thus, the Haverkamp neighborhood was born. His design choices included beautifying the park, constructing a large number of row homes around it, and planting numerous oaks in the sidewalk. The neighborhood is now mostly inhabited by students from the nearby New Scotland University.



    KSCHIMDT - "Nice neighbourhood; SAM may help to older the streets, one way arrows size can be reduced if necessary in the NAM settings, well done!"

    Thanks for the advice!

  18. Muenchen Academica e Arte !

    Brief I encountered some problems with Europa ANNO. Fortunaly I had maid a backup. Progres continues with another CJ of Muenchen.

    Last CJ we covered the south of the city center. Now we move a little bit north into the educational and cultural heart of muenchen !

    We start with the Technische Universitait Muenchen !


    Main campus, there'r some other faculties else where in Muenchen !


    Koningplatz another popular land mark !

    Bayern's government Kanzler at the Hofgarten !



    Cultural heart of Muenchen !


    Bayerisch National Theather on right top, Kunsthalle Muenchen below, Bavarian State Theather to the left and Staatlige Museum Samlung !


    Sankt Anna Parish church !


    Maximilian Strasse and surroundings !


    Faculty of the Technische Universitait Muenchen !


    Last a small overview of part of the largest park in Muenchen !


    That's all I wanted to show you this month. Last part there will be as ussual some sportive venue on the agenda !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


  19. large.58852652eea20_PortdeCaravella-032_

    This is the 10th update from Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga.
    So for this update no long stories and facts, just 10 random pictures of: Port de Caravella.










    If you like it, let me know!

  20. 170122050051988988.jpg


    Hello everyone,

    It has been about six months since the R.C.D. was stopped because of a backup problem... I am happy to announce the good news that the region is finally resuming! Yes, a few weeks ago when I was not very inspired for the region of Helsakoh, I decided to restart the R.C.D. just for me to remember the work I had done. Out of curiosity, I tried to make backups to see if the backup bug persisted, I was persuaded that the backups would not work and would make a CTD... But to my utter astonishment, no bugs and I can play normally on it...

    I do not understand how this is possible, at the time my region had started planting suddenly from day to day without even making a change in the Plugins folder. Since my folder Plugins has changed a lot and there have been new additions, I do not know if I put something in the folder plugins that was missing in the tile of Fanèse like for example a BAT or mod, but now it works... I have been testing for several days to officially confirm that the R.C.D. is working normally.

    The R.C.D. that comes back, also want the Helsakoh region to stop with the cooperation of kbieniu7. Helsakoh was for me the replacement of Dahammas because despite the Phoenix Project, I always love to build cities with a minimum of management. I discussed with kbieniu7 whether it's the kind that I abandon Helsakoh, and after discussion he agrees that I take over Dahammas.

    I apologize for creating a false hope for Helsakoh, and I apologize again to you kbieniu7.

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