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  1. Melbourne

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    So I just wanted to give yall an update on the voting poll for the location of Melbourne. I have decided to extend the deadline for voting until Saturday, Oct 22. I want you as members to help me with this city journal and give any ides on how to make this city as realistic and beautiful as possible.

  2. Alexandria

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    This is a quick tour of the city's most notable attractions and neighborhoods. I'll show more in future, more specific installments.


    This is the New England State House. Built in 1800, it is the fifth building to serve as state house. The city government hoped that it would become a center of downtown life; however, it is rarely visited by anyone other than state employees (although there are plenty of them).


    Camsden Hall, built in 1743, is the oldest surviving building in Alexandria. Originally a meeting place, the hall and the surrounding square is now a public market and events place. While most of Alexandria's historic buildings have been demolished, several blocks nearby were preserved with the establishment of the Camsden Square Historic District. Additionally, the Downtown Historic District prohibits the building of any buildings over 300 feet in the southern area of downtown Alexandria.  Camsden Square is commonly used to refer to the southeastern area of downtown, Alexandria's premier shopping and nightlife district. Alexandria City Hall and the Alexandria Museum of Modern Art are located in the area.


    Here we have the Central Financial District. It's one of the city's chief employment centers, and most of the banks with offices in Alexandria were located in this area, with the Bank of America being the notable exception. Since the collapse of Alexandria's banking industry in the mid-1980s, the offices have been divided between many different businesses; the companies currently occupying the most office space are Bazynga, Cloudline, and Tribune, in their namesake buildings. Despite the area's notability, not a single building over 300 feet has been built since 1994. The city government is hoping to encourage more construction in the district to pull the city out of its recession; however, transportation in the district is busy: Convention Center is the busiest station in the M system, with 3 lines running through. The city is looking for ways to provide relief, as trains running toward the station are often at capacity.


    The Eastern Financial District has been a bustling employment and entertainment district since the early 1990s, when the internet companies began moving into the city. The Great American Insurance Group was located in this area until 1989, and Bank of America's world headquarters was in this area, occupying Alexandria's tallest building until 1984. In addition, the Alexandria Trojans play at Costco Field, in the center of the district. The Kings Street M station was designed as a defining feature of the area, and its design has influenced several nearby buildings.


    Sometimes called the "Brooklyn of Alexandria", Acton Park is a former industrial area that has been transformed into the city's newest neighborhood. In an effort to transition away from manufacturing, the City of Alexandria purchased the large Acton Industrial Estate in 1979 with the intention to turn it into a mixed-use neighborhood. The city built new schools, parks, roadways, apartments and offices and extended the M's Red Line in order to create a vibrant community. Acton Park has, on average, the youngest residents out of every defined neighborhood, in large part due to its proximity to downtown and mixed-use development.

  3. Weird freight Transport !

    Lately I spotted some perculier freight transport directions ! Recently an new industrial area without freight station has been added. Normaly freight goes the shortest way to the nearest border. Maybe road traffic will take over but yet we see this traffic patern !


    My new industrial estate ! Freight truck leaves to the left to the old  estate where freight is loaded !


    Freight is loaded and the train takes his cargo all the way back to the first picture where it´s ?!? make a perculier move ???

    Would the same freight patern apply for the old estate ?


    Same freight station, but a different traffic patern, how perculier ?!?

    This estate is more near the left tile border so the logical route !

    Weird, programing would this occur with a normal 90 dgr railway bridge ? Simcity 4 dated and addition of NAM it´s most likely ! Nice to see goods distributed this all over the map, obviously the local market shouldn´t be forgoten, we know more money is made exporting, the game knows nothing else !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


  4. large.5805323949e9e_PortdeCaravella-005_


    Château des Pins        [VIEW POINT; MUSEUM]

    The Château des Pins is one of the oldest structures in Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga. Today, only the foundation of the castle remains but for centuries this stronghold protected the entrance to Baie d'Caravella (Caravella Bay).

    The castle was built in the 18th century when Port Caravella became a blooming trade port with ships seeking safety from the gusting winds and storms of the Atlantic Ocean. After several modifications, the characteristic gun placement was added in the beginning of the 19th century.

    The decay of the castle started in the 20th century with various storms weakening the structure. After a partial collapse in 1911, the local government decided the tear down the castle to prevent accidents. In 1992 a local group of archaeologists started the excavate the area, discovering various artefacts and that the foundation of the castle was still intact. In 2008 the government started with a project to open up the site to the general public.

    A visit to the site is a must-do when you are in Port de Caravella. On a clear day, the views from both the gun placement as well as the lookout are spectacular. Also interesting is the small visitors centre that is located next to the castle. It offers the collection of discovered artefacts and will show you how the castle looked when it was still complete. But be aware: the climb to the castle will take about 30 mins.

    (Château des Pins; Rue des Pins 24; admission: free; ¸ 9am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm Sat & Sun)




    @_Michael @TekindusT @Akallan @feyss @Takingyouthere @kschmidt and @v701 : thank you for the positive comments on the previous entry!




    If you like it, let me know!


  5. WORTHINGTON, January Yr201 – If you’re a mayor considering instituting a bus system in your city to relieve traffic congestion, you might want to do it for another reason: Public transit can make you a lot of money!

                    Let’s take our Worthington City (WC) as an example. Its citizens enjoy a tax rate of 6.5% -- which is 28% less than the standard Sim 9%. WC enjoys a host of services, including plenty of well-funded hospitals (plus free clinics), schools, parks etc. Its Treasury takes in $134.1 million a month and has expenses of $128.8 million, for a monthly surplus of $5.3 million.

                    What makes all those services possible at that price is the bus system. WC public transit takes in $27.6 million a month, with expenses of $0.9 million, for a whopping surplus of $26.7 million. Transit system profits make up almost one-fifth of the city’s revenue. Without that transit money, the tax rate would need to be increased to 7.8% (which is still low by Sim standards) to make up the difference.

                    Toll plazas can make an even bigger impact.  In the town of New Bain, the local government takes in $26.6 million a month, with expenses of $23.5 million, for a surplus of $3.1 million – this despite a residential tax rate of zero, and a miniscule business/industrial tax rate of 2.8%. Part of the reason for these extraordinary figures is New Bain’s small government philosophy – low taxes/fewer services. But most of the reason is the toll plazas present at all but one entrance to/exit from the city. Because almost roughly 70% of New Bain is made up of business districts, and because so many of the workers at these businesses live outside its borders, city fathers decided several years ago to shift more of the cost of running the city from its locals to commuters by charging tolls. They had no idea how profitable that decision would be. Last month, New Bain took in $15.8 million from tolls – 59.4% (!) of the city’s total revenue.

                    It should be noted that unlike bus fares, which pay for a specific, optional service, tolls are in effect taxes. But they are a tax burden shared by those who work in the city as well as those who live there.  

    PICTURED: A typical bus stop, this one at Gallery Plaza, the entrance to the National Gallery of Art in Worthington City.


    Screenshot (49).png

  6. nedal2001
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    There has not been much progress when it comes to this story because of Cities Skylines, but I was thinking about it the other day, and I decided Desten is going to have two storylines from two cities in it - Sophara (SimCity 4) and Springfield (Cities Skylines)! Somehow, I will intertwine the two (Springfield will be found sometime in the early 20th Century), but for now, here is a single teaser shot!


  7. France (Postponed)

    France Anno CJ for this month is postponed ! Research and work on the upcoming next Europa ANNO city unfortunaly takes up to much time, I decided to postponed the episode for this month ! When the next Europa ANNO city is established I will resume France ANNO series, this wil occur before any future Europa ANNO series city. As yoo can see in this series I like to have certain kind of infrastructure and terraforming in place before building up zones and landmarks. Showing I little bit of variety I don´t want jump right out to the next city; deciding wich city to start is very hard and  should be taken with great care. Obviously there will some of the recurring lots and transit modes. Street porps, MMP´s, tree´s other custom stuff will be different in every case !


    Hope you enjoyed this see you back next time !

  8. This entry continues from where I left off last time at Aizen fall's. Here's a couple of wide pano shots to jog your memory in case you forgot where we were on this trip down the Akallan river ;)


    I spent a lot of time experimenting with mmps and creating different landscapes in the next area. I particularly like how these scenes look up close so as with the last entry the photo are from the closest two zooms. More of the area around the base of Aizen's fall. The first bridge crossing the Akallan river at an angle is Vermont Drive.

    Crossing Vermont Drive by foot is not recommended, unless your prepare to get soaked from the fall's mist.

    The Akallan river then meanders under a several bridges the first being the aforementioned Vermont Drive, followed by the twin span of highway 705. Hard to believe but there was a time when I didn't use mmp in developed areas at all. But now meshing together functional urban development with mmp covered area's is definitely one of my favorite thing to do.

    On the north side of the river is a small city park(Jessibel Park).



    Further south there are two final bridges. The first is the Energy East oil pipeline and the last bridge to span the river is a rail bridge, carrying the ICR Lakeridge Sub.

    Three different modes of transit, road, rail & pipeline.

    ICR Train # 303 is seen going over the bridge. This is a regularly scheduled high priority inter-model train which can sometime be almost a mile long, which is the maximum length of trains allowed to operate within the city limits of Pretoria.


    A small pumping station for the oil pipeline.



    After passing the last of these bridges the Akallan river comes to end having reached Cisco Bay.


    To the west of the river along the north shore of Cisco Bay is Varsity Park, another popular recreational area in Baycole.


    ICR 303 rumbling through the neighborhood.

    Closes ups of the park.



    The shoreline here is a swampy marsh, spent a lot of time working on the land to sea transition here.



    This angle is probably my favorite



    And a couple more mosaics to go.


    The next entry will probably be the final entry from the city of Baycole and will feature the few unexplored areas of the city and plenty of large scale mosaics to show everything the city has to offer.

  9. BillyBobJoe5600
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    Welcome back to Aureus! Since the last entry, I have constructed two yacht clubs/marinas, a large downtown marina and a smaller one in the Aureus Estates. I have also finally divided the new areas of the city into districts, although I haven't named them yet. The city was also recently hit by a death wave which killed about 10000 people, so the population is lower than it was in the last entry. And last but not least I have added new unique buildings to North Aureus as I am trying to go for a midtown Manhattan look in that area. Enjoy! 








  10. EAS Alert: YouTube Channel Warning

    We interrupt the following CJ update to bring you news of SparkleCity's new Mock EAS channel. The current threat level is white, meaning a threat is nonexistent, but extremely likely. We strongly advise readers to check out our mock EAS alerts and subscribe at SparkleEAS          Once they become available.

    This concludes operations under the Emergency Alert System. - From WCLV58


    Entry 3

    National Champs


    Titan Fall, a rich neighborhood in and around the vicinity of Lutheran Elementary School. A private school focused on providing Sunday school education. However, the nation is strongly Catholic, so this school does not see a load of attendance.


    This is Burlington Township High School. Home of the 1997, 2001, and 2015 National Champion Two Tailed Foxes. This team has brought home the third most National championships, behind Shadow Port (1992, 1998, 2007, and 2014) and Sonic's Pte.(1991, 1993, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2010)


    A small retail park, located on the south end of Burlington. As evidenced by the number of shoppers in the parking lot alone, Target i killing Kmart, and the Sears Holdings Corp. is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to close all of its Sparkle retailers.


    The industrial Seaport In Burlington is located on the north end of the city. It is also located along two major ferry routes marked for evacuation to the UK should a national emergency occur. Be warned, we will not be taking the Panama Canal, so be prepared to go through sub-zero water in the event of national evacuation.


    Replies From Entries 1 and 2:

    @APSMS There sure is. It is realistically unavoidable, even with CAM, but I can curb it, and I'll try my best to do so in the future. Downtown shall be showcased again during Two Tails Week Next Week.


    @kschmidt I do agree there, but we won the Super Bowl 3 times, so it has gotten a major upgrade. I also like the way I bundled the palms, it gives it a more rain forest feel, given Sparkle is two degrees from the equator and in the middle of the pacific.


    @TacticalTailsThanks, and as per CJ guidelines, my advice would be to avoid using generic comments. Hope you win the Prime Minister Election, Good Luck!

  11. L17OZIV.png

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg!

    I lied. I said this would be a weekly journal. I'm sorry.

    On the bright side, I finally remembered to turn grid lines off!

    Shameless plug alert!! Check out the corresponding build video to this journal entry!


    The Mighty Cowanthe River


    The Cowanthe River flows south through Harinsburg, cutting right by our new-and-improved downtown (more on that later).


    Every good American Midwestern city needs a river!


    Downtown Harinsburg


    Standing proudly in the city centre are the beginnings of a decent-size metropolis.

    Any suggestions for W2W buildings that would fit this space are appreciated!


    Harinsburg au Nuit


    Weltham and Weltham Heights


    The main part of this nicer neighborhood, closer  to the highway, is now simply known as Weltham, whereas the subdivision of our more wealthy residents retains the name Weltham Heights.


    The wealthy citizens of Harinsburg have been... elevated... in status.


    ^^ And now, to answer your burning question: why is it called the Cowanthe River? ^^



    That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more (hopefully)!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week (again, maybe).

    Link to the full Imgur album

    I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.

  12. OwiHH
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    Massive upgrade on the interchanges due too high traffic it runs pretty smooth now even on rushhour times.

    People like to use the SuburbanTrainStations.

    3 new ditricts.


  13. 161011110206715669.jpg


    The sun shines draining land in early summer, the south wind sweeps before the doors of houses. Today, the thermometer rise to 34°C on average across the country, the region of Eréphore was most affected by the heat wave, could be measured around noon a temperature of 39°C! Eréphore is one of two regions of the southernmost countries and their Mediterranean climate, the olives trees are thriving and are walking in part with the local economy behind tourism. This part of the country yet still remains very poor, people live mainly from agriculture, fishing and a few small travails often not reported to the state.

    Have fun watching these images, this is only the first part of Eréphore. Indeed, the work done so far is huge and is not finished yet. I have many ideas to run for the next update always on the same topic, and I do not want to wait several weeks before a new entry (soon it's been a month that I work on this update ). I wish you all a good viewing, see you soon!


    The "Blue Line" is the line of the oldest railway in the country, it has that name because it runs along the sea. Built during the First World War, in 1915, it was used primarily to link the north the territory to the south for the supply of the army. The end of the war, the line will operate for civilian use, and rail will grow in the country.


    The Thylis, a small River rises about 50 km to the west in the massive Gormios. The river is known for the motorway viaduct that crosses from east to west. Completed in 2008, it serves the Eréphore other region.


    The old tower, so she is appointed. This type of building built in the Middle Ages is common in the south. It was used to alert the town in case of an attack with a trumpet. At that time, there were often raids in villages.


    The plateau Eréphore with its abbey overlooking the semi-desert terrain, it is crossed by the National Road 7.


    A small village almost deserted, there are still 13 people... The houses each turn fall into ruin.





    On 12/10/2016 at 1:14 AM, feyss said:

    Nice pictures!

    (Yeah it's an original comment... but I have nothing else to say)

    Thank you feyss! No need to say more, if you do not feel it! ^^


    On 12/10/2016 at 8:18 AM, rathefalcon said:

    Beautiful landscapes! The abandoned village scene reminds me a bit of the landscape in Jean de Florette. You have such great command of MMP placement.

    Thank you very much! :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 10:18 AM, Takingyouthere said:

    Wow are you kidding me... You've really outdid yourself this time, that is a ridiculous amount of mmp work. We need an option to give two likes or something, this certainly deserves it. And just how much free time do you have on you hands? Then again knowing how fast you work it probably didn't take as long as one would think.

    Thank you very much for your comment, I'm really glad to hear it!
    It took me a little time to create these five photos, Eréphore was born there about 20 days, but I have not worked on it every day. I think in total I had to make between 35 and 40 hours to get the results you see. :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 3:26 PM, Ln X said:

    OH YEAH! You have perfectly captured that semi-arid Mediterranean feel. Good job on the MMP rock placement too, that is probably the hardest part of using MMPs. I would say the last three pictures are my favourite, I just love that rocky, dry shrubland.

    Thank you! Yes, rocky parts are a bit more complex to do. I had to try several samples before making a decision. I'm usually bad for this type of MMP. :P


    On 12/10/2016 at 5:58 PM, _Michael said:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. 


    But seriously, this is incredible. Like really beautifully incredible.

      Reveal hidden contents

    @korver, are you watching your back? There's finally an opponent to you. :P :D 


    Thank you very much Michael! :thumb:


    On 12/10/2016 at 6:31 PM, Simmer2 said:


    Thank you Simmer2! :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 9:37 PM, kschmidt said:

    A work of art ! Like those hard to find lots like the Medieval Tower, North African housing and rural house set´s TSC ?! Well done !

    Yes rural houses from the TSC:  Nams BATS PROPS PACK Vol 01

    Thank you for the comment! :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 11:07 PM, sunda said:

    Ótimo trabalho!! Congragulations!!


    Thank you! :)


    On 13/10/2016 at 2:34 AM, _marsh_ said:

    Beautiful scenes and mosaics. Love the dry stuff particularly well

    Thank for you comment! :)


    On 14/10/2016 at 3:57 AM, Hellken said:

    Absolutely fantastic. So Beautiful!


    By the way how did you get the MMPs under the bridge? Most people use MMPs that extend for more than 1 tile but yours seems so seamless. 


    Thank you! There is no need to build particular MMP under a bridge. You just have to click below with the MMP and it's all good! ;)


    14 hours ago, sucram17 said:

    now that is some great mmp-ing! very nice done.

    Thank you very much! :)


    2 hours ago, TekindusT said:

    I hadn't been so close to the Mediterranean sea since the Summer holidays! Sir, you have my respect and gained a new hardcore fan.

    Thank you for your nice comment TekindusT! :)

  14. Dt42wgY.jpg

    So welcome to a new town of "Schwyz". There is loads to explore, both urban and rural, so expect a busy few entries. The first is in the Old Town. Enjoy! :) 










































    @ThemistoklesThank you very much for the comment. :) 

    Thank you for the comment @kschmidt!

    Thanks @Ln X:D 

    Thanks for the comment @raynev1:D 

    Oh @Cyclone Boom, have you read my mind? ;) 

    Thank you very much @feyss:D 

    Thanks for the comment @tariely. Sorry to disappoint but they aren't MMPs. They are in fact Pedals. Found below. The tables are actually Maxis props I believe. :)

    @Dreadnought Thanks for the comment and the note about the stairs - I'll fix those! :) 

    Thanks for the comment @vinlabsc3k, but I already use RUM, I'm not sure what else you think it could add. Also, there is a hill that impeded your proposed route for the tram (It is out of the image) The area is also well served by bus. Thanks for the idea though! :) 

    It is a fantastic BAT! Thanks for the comment @Akallan!

    @Takingyouthere Thanks for the comment. Glad you're back and feeling better! :) 




    The City of Schwyz is dedicated to John Winterton, A Nonny Moose. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

  15. Clarksville

    City south of Poquoson

    Black & white.jpg

  16. korver
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    Our journey through the Amazon starts off in Manaus, located on the Rio Negro in the heart of the rain forest. It's one of the largest cities in the Amazon - despite it's remote location, it's well worth the visit. We take a stroll down many of it's historic roads, enjoying some of the architecture - the best example being it's beautiful ornate opera house. The Amazon Theatre was constructed back in 1896, back when the surrounding region was flourishing from the rubber trade. Lots has changed since then, and unfortunately we'll meet some of the harsh realities quickly..



    After our visit in Manaus, we board our boat and begin traveling north through the rain forest. Unfortunately, it'll take quite some time before we actually get to see the untamed forest, as deforestation has cleared out much of the land. Once pristine sections of rain forest have been replaced by the signature "fishbone" pattern for as far as the eye can see. The need for cattle ranching and crops means that many will do just about anything for more land, including slashing and burning whole sections in one go. Although the rate of deforestation has dropped in recent years, it can't change the fact that nearly 20 percent of the forest has been destroyed over the last 40 years alone.



    Our journey continues northwards, and we move from the Rio Negro to one of it's smaller tributaries, the Rio Demini. As the river undulates and curves it's way gently through the rain forest, we finally get our first true taste of the Amazon. We get a chance to observe some of the surrounding wildlife - a pair of jaguars being the clear highlight of the day. Once we reach the small fishing village of Lisbão, we get a chance to meet the locals and stock up on supplies as we continue on deeper into the rain forest.



    The river gets narrower and narrower the further we go along - and it leaves us less room for error as we continue our travels. Once we finally reach some rapids, the only way to continue onward is by foot. We were told that the local Yanomami people inhabit these lands - but after many days hiking through the deep forest, we thought we would never see them. Finally, right at the Venezuela/Brazil border, we catch a smoke cloud far off in the corner of our eyes. As we move closer, sure enough we see the roof of a shabono (their circular huts) peeking over the canopy of the forest - we've finally found found them. As we move closer to greet them, the situation quickly turns murky as they take out their bow and arrow. They've never seen outsiders before, and not knowing if we're friend or foe - they threaten to shoot. To dispel the situation, we offer a pair of matches and they cautiously accept the gift. After learning how they work, they put down their weapons - we've finally gained their respect.




    After hiking for weeks from small village to small village, we finally reach one with a small airport. They're offering plane rides over Angel Falls - an offer we can't refuse. The ride takes us over a number of tepuis in the Guiana Highlands - stunning for sure, but they won't compare to what we see next. We finally reach the falls a couple hours later - getting about as close as you can possibly get by plane. At over 3,200 feet tall, the world's tallest waterfall doesn't disappoint - it's truly an extraordinary view.



    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! Thanks :)




    Replies for "Scenes From Africa":



    @Ln X Thanks for the nice words and the nomination consideration :)
    @_marsh_ I appreciate for kind words :)
    @Cyclone Boom Thank you, I always strive to take the game to the next level with each update.
    @elavery Thanks elavery, I hope everything is going good in Lagos. And I also hope the traffic isn't that huge of an issue
    @Ducio Thanks, glad you liked my Victoria Falls recreation.
    @tariely Thanks tariely :)
    @sunda Obrigado :)
    @ 凌子鸣  Thanks once again for the nice words!
    @Dreadnought Thank you Dreadnought, it certainly takes a while but the end result is worth it.
    @Heermonius Thank you for the kind words :)
    @gigius76 I appreciate it gigius! :)
    @Akallan Thanks for the nice comment once again Akallan. I'll probably do the "Show us" ST challenge where I'll do a tutorial so you can see some of my work from start to finish before PS.
    @JP Schriefer Thank you for the kind words!
    @jmsepe Appreciate it, glad you liked it :)
    @6StringShaman Thanks - see my comment I said to Akallan :)
    @Themistokles Thanks for the nice words as always Themistokles - see what I said to Akallan btw :)
    @sucram17 Appreciate it sucram, glad you liked my Lagos recreation.
    @kschmidt Thanks as always kschmidt. To make the bridge it wanted to make it look like an actual SC4 Bridge, I really wanted it to have that SC4 feel to it. So what I did was I made some of it on ground in the game first. I then rotated it in PS and copied it over the gap.
    @feyss Thanks feyss :)
    @Whte_rbt You know I actually thought about doing that once a couple of months ago - but it does sort of run into the issue where my CJ is named True Earth and now I'm making places that aren't on Earth lol. So I don't know. Maybe some fun offshoot update some time down the road perhaps. Anyways, thanks for the kind words once again.

    @Bipin Thanks for that great compliment Bipin :)
    @Hellken  Thanks Hellken!

    @Wallibuk Thank you Wallibuk, your buildings have been a huge asset to this CJ! I always aim to go above and beyond with each update and I'm glad you liked it.
    @tankmank   I appreciate the kind words tankmank :)

    @Dieguito2000 Thank you! :)
    @RandyE Thanks once again Randy. I always strive to find that right balance where things like photoshop can provide the right amount of flair and realism to each picture while still being very true to SC4. In many ways I do view this CJ as a work of art, like a sort of canvas - you said it quite well :)



  17. gYxF8Y.jpg


    _Michael: It was tough but well worth it.

    kschmidt: Thanks! The idea is with different saturations, contrast and brightness it all gives the appearance of different times of the day. Thanks a lot for your comment!

    Brucie: This would be Aaron Graham's Aronic Place, one of the coolest NYBT apartments ever created-

    raynev1: The Trixie Award for best image editing will most certainly go to Korver. I'm hoping for Trixies in industry, MMPs and city design. Anyway, thanks for the kind comment.

    CT14: That is a Glenni BAT-

    tariely: Thank you!

    TekindusT: Oh yeah!

    Takingyouthere: As I keep on saying there is a lot to show from Erinsberg. I just need to get my lazy ass to take the pictures of this city.

    feyss: Make that three times a week.

    Akallan: Cheers!

    sunda: Thank you very much!


    Update 147: Delanio's Marketplace

    Located immediately west of Erinsberg's city centre, this area is one of the most varied commercial areas I have ever created. It incorporates USA, UK, French, European, Japanese, Hong Kong and even South American buildings.




    The east side of Delanio's Marketplace has quite a few skyscrapers, but moving westwards and this changes to tower blocks and eventually rather large mid-rise buildings.




    Parking, parking, parking... If it isn't large multi-story car parks then it will be underground car parks.


    The wide W2W grey building is one of Jasoncw's creations, 994 Vargas Avenue- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31028-994-vargas-avenue/.



    Bang in the centre is Mattb325's CBS Columbia Square Television Station- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30921-cbs-columbia-square-television-station/.


    The east side of Delanio's Marketplace is dominated by skyscrapers and tall office blocks.




    With wider city blocks I added plazas, car parks and/or green areas to complete them.




    W2W NYBT works every time.


    The building with the diagonal front/promenade is one of Kellydale2003's creations- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29054-u-of-w-science-complex/.



    The tower block in the centre was published by sparkythepenguin, I recommend downloading all his files on the STEX because there are plenty of useful tower blocks and mid-rise buildings. Link here- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/19489-green-wyatt-us-federal-building/.




    In the centre right of the picture is Delanio's Marketplace itself. In the 19th century it was the hub of most trade and commerce in Erinsberg. Now it is overshadowed by the tower blocks and urban growth.






    Latour Park.





    Some of xannepan's Paris buildings on display.





    St Paul's Cathedral.


    Created by Reddonquixote- http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3222


    I added FrankU's Dutch plazas and parks to perfect this city block.




    An overview of Delanio's Marketplace at night...


    And at day.


    The next entry is Anthlem, a wealthy suburb just north of Erinsberg's city centre. The next entry after that is the 150th one and is something special.

  18. RterB2.jpg



    Thanks. I'm starting to add other city tiles now.


    Thanks for the measurement formula. I used it and the runway is 10,000 feet. I think the picture in the paper did not give a good view of it's length.


    We have sever large call centers in my area including Verizon and Comcast, which employ a lot of people. Thanks.


    Thanks for the interest.











    Thanks for the visit - Dick

  19. santini3
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    Welcome to Old Gekko. It's kind of shady...and old.



    Strip Clubs and Bars...







    More to come in part 2!







  20. Schulmanator
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    East Tenne: For Ava

    Cat food magnate Oscar Myers donated a wagonload of gold schulmonetas to fund the creation of the capital’s largest public park. And being a modest fellow, asked that it be named after him. The park, located in the city’s third district, is a wonderful civic space. It is home to a variety of formal and informal spaces, sports and recreational sites and is one of the most popular gathering spots in the city. It is in the heart of the Holy Quarter and is bordered by such important landmarks as the National Cathedral, City Hall, Sardine Square, Ecclesiastic Library and more. The park’s boundaries are The Promenade, a wide boulevard encircling the open space.

    The park has two main sectors, divided by Park Avenue. To the north is The Lawn, which is open space with statuary and a reflecting pool. It runs from Park Avenue to the cathedral and is a popular spot for outdoor concerts. The southern sector is larger and includes athletic fields, formal gardens and natural areas. Some smaller features include Golden Pond, where paddleboats are often scurrying about, and the Secret Garden, a garden-with-a-garden popular for small outdoor weddings. We will venture here often in our tour of the National Capital Region. Let’s start now by seeing some of the amenities of this fabulous feline park.

    A new dedication has been made in the park. The visitor center and gift shop, located off Park Avenue, has been renamed the Princess Ava Center, in honor of Ava, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a short illness and now has 8 lives remaining.


    The Princess Ava Center:







    More of the park...
















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    Old town wasn't anything 20 years ago but a couple of shops, the high school, and the RKO building but now the first street market sells the freshest veggies in California and new hotels and offices have been built with the rising economy. Its still a dingy and rustic neighborhood but it has it's charms.

  22. 30092269595_b23acdb6f4_o.jpg

    • Update #18 || Toba - Bay of Saitama •


    • Toba is a small town located in bay of Saitama. It has a population around 55.000 inhabitants and as most of these villages located in the bay of Saitama it produces rice and fish.
    It is located in the South of Handa peninsula, almost where the bay of Saitama begins. From Toba you can reach the new Saitama's airport very Quickly because is located nearby and since the last year is also possible reach Kawasaki easily due the new Tunnel that cross the bay of Saitama and connects Kawasaki with Handa Peninsula. •



    • Towns like Toba are very popular in the last years, why ? It's quite simple. Here you can find all you need to have a normal life...the transport is perfectly connected with all parts of Saitama and the rest of Japan but life here is much simpler and easier than a chaotic urban area...•




    • Yes, Toba is also connected with the rest of the Prefecture by train. Trains are really important in Japan and every single village of town must have their railway lines and stations. You can reach from Toba using the train one of the Saitama's central stations in 1 hour more or less... •




    The noise from the trains is part of the city, there are trains crossing the city and reaching the train station during all day, there are some trains at night too •



    • There is nothing really important or special in this town, standard layouts for roads and buildings. Everything has to be efficient here. [In the center of those pictures you can see the city hall]


    • Toba is also connected by the Highways system of Saitama. •




    • Some of the streets and areas of Toba, as I said is a quiet and normal location of the metropolitan area Saitama


    • This is the port of Toba. Its and old port and in the past most imporant part of this town. Today the port is used by the inhabitants of Toba and it has not an important role in trade of the prefecture, but in the past this port was important to bring fresh fish to a big number of person in this area when the transport system was not that good... anyway the Toba's port is very popular among people of this small town and they love to visit it every day to buy some fresh fish or get some of the ferries to go somewhere in the Prefecture...•


    • Students and workers, the trains are filled with them and they come from city center every single night... •


    • The natural barrier that protects the bay of Saitama from big waves makes it possible to built all those big and small ports along the shore. As you can see the protections are not really large. This also affects the number of inhabitants, making possible more urbanization areas along the bay


    • Thanks for your visit and I hope you enjoy this update about TOBA  :)


    ~ Greetings from TOBA, Saitama Prefecture ~


    Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

    # Jonathan.

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