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City Journals

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  1. wApLkRk.jpg

    I was writing something long for this update, but ST had other ideas. However, all I can say is this: thank you, for your patronage. It's been exactly 5 years when I opened this journal as a reluctant teenager, but looking back from it, my old self has something to say to me; and it could apply to us even.

    All the mighty becomes the very weak,
    All the giants become the poor midgets,
    All the living became the putrid dead.
    It becomes the unforgivable truth...
    This is where the true life begins the new fire.


    Cheers to another 5 years!






    @ThuanLy all it takes is some perseverance and patience. Thanks for the patronage! Cheers to another 5 years! @MissVanleider thanks! I was working with Photoshop filters and I guess that worked :P @gviper thanks as always! @Artimus thanks! As I said, all it takes is perseverance and patience and the will to work with what you have. @kschmidt well everything's at premium nowadays, but thanks! @tankmank thanks! 

    @Odainsaker it did remind me of my old hometown and I watched that segment and found some similarities with what I had in my hometown and that segment. Also, GA architect also produces some quality journals out there, and so does C3. They all have nice 60lb card stock. :P 

    @aegian thanks! @takemethere thanks! @Schulmanator wow, thanks for the 5 years of participation. I still remember the time when we made that newspaper thing. I was wondering if I can still get it back somehow :P @juliok92012 awww I wish you can still play your amazing journal. Your cities always look good :( 

    @sunda Gracias! @Urban Constanta thanks! @MushyMushy I thought Skimbo's Dragon Islands Cities was better than what I had done but thanks! Much appreciated :P @kingofsimcity thank you!

    Once again, thanks for the 5 years!

    じゃあ~ いってきます!(^も^)>

  2. Replies

    @Ln X: I really wish I didn't lose all of my really old screenshots of this region during its infancy in early 2011. Would've been great to see the transformation between then and now. Thanks!

    @kschmidt, @takemethere, @feyss, @raynev1: Thanks a lot for your comments!

    @nos.17: That feeling when only freight traffic uses your highways... traffic generations to the rescue :P! Thanks!

    @Dreadnought: Much appreciated. Figured it would've been nice to have a more natural shoreline for the less urbanized areas. As an LA native I too love building sprawl but alas, skyscrapers have always been the "pinnacle" in terms of gameplay achievement for me, even if it throws aesthetics out the window (night shots notwithstanding).

    @fdjw88: Thank you! 200,000 people is no easy feat. Once you've gotten on board the custom content train you'll be building crazy stuff in no time!

    Cities of the Avalon Valley II: Attack of the Suburbs

    It's time to explore the second half of the Arcadia Metropolitan Area, namely the cities of Arcadia, Harmon Lake, Sundry City, and Lansing. For the area overview, please check out the first screenshot on the previous entry.

    We begin by viewing some of the less remarkable (and very incomplete) outlier cities:

    1. This is Lansing. Population: 36,000


    2. And this is Sundry City. Population: 64,000. Both are fairly unremarkable cities that serve as the surrounding communities for New Arcadia and Arcadia.


    3. Harmon Lake is slightly more notable that the previous two by virtue of well... having a lake. Population: 46,500


    4. You might find some middle class suburbs.


    5. A LOT of middle class suburbs.


    6. There's some occasional low wealth ones as well.


    6. Harmon Lake is the other end of the spectrum. Very nice neighborhoods with marinas.


    7. The other side of the lake is even better with small and large mansions alike.


    8. Even the interchanges boast some considerable greenery, even if it's just wild grasses and flowers.


    9. Main street through downtown Harmon Lake is a poplar tree lined feast.


    10. On the opposite end, Sundry City's principal road runs parallel to an unsigned freeway. Along this corridor are fresh new office parks home to many different companies.


    11. The MacroHard (R) Corporate campus was one of the first to be established alongside this corridor and dominates the block. Large gleaming midrises tower over acres of asphalt.


    12. Now we finally enter (old) Arcadia. Population: 110,000


    13. Arcadia is home to two major interchanges. This first windmill was one of the earliest constructed and crosses A-10 with Azura Loop 267. Safety was definitely considered when designing those level 2 flyovers (these are the old < NAM 32 depreceated flyovers).


    14. This bridge crossing is part of the second major interchange that connects loop 267 and bypass A-310.


    15. The Arcadia Exchange marks the boundaries between Lansing, Sundry City and Arcadia.


    16. Arcadia Gas Power Generating Station provides a respectable amount of electricity for the city and surround communities.


    17. Heavier industry also surrounds the plant. Future plans have been in motion to provide rail access for this area.


    18. What is suburban life without wide avenues and some more office parks?


    19. Arcadia Lake is a quiet little hillside lake that's popular with the local communities.


    20. The largest K-12 school in the city services a majority of the area.


    21. For those looking for higher education, the University of Avalon, Arcadia campus lies just a few blocks off loop 267.


    22. Plenty of attractions exist closer to downtown, including a racetrack and a museum.


    23. Arcadia's downtown core.


    24. Of course, what would life in these cities be without more suburbs...


    25. Endless suburbs!


    26. Even gated communities get in the action.


    27. Hopefully I haven't bored you all with these mind-numbing shots of endless suburbia. Here's one last overview for Arcadia at night.


    That concludes the Arcadia Metropolitan Area! Mosaics will return in due time.

    For Next Time

    Catch-up is almost over. We'll be exploring the cities of Herring Point and Jericho, two more recent cities (started July 2015).


  3. 5E82FdE.jpg

    The Jade Bight 26
    Nuenburg 02
    The Alte Bibliothek Neighborhood

    Before we jump into the "good stuff" (pictures) --

    Thank you all so much for your interest, or just simple curiosity.  You are ALL -- VERY, VERY -- welcome and appreciated.  
    (Now -- if only 10% of my viewers were giving comments, I would have learned a lot more.)

    (Nuenburg was too far advanced to go back and rebuild ALL the roads with palms stuck on them !!)

    Please let me take a moment to repeat some of the goals and objectives that were in play during the building of Nuenburg.

    This city was built, specifically, to correct the imbalance in the Regional RCI Demand.  Many theories were tested in the previous city of Emden -- and many mistakes were made.  Wholesale "plopping" of custom industry to create the seaport destroyed the demand and left the rest of the region unable to support industrial growth.  Custom content plopped to create a better looking commercial district created a similar, but much less drastic problem for the commercial RCI demand.  Emden also suffered from the physical sprawl of the seaport.  The seaport was quite realistic -- and I enjoyed working on it -- but it took up fully half of the map.  This left no room for the commercial zones and especially for the residential growth that could have helped to soften the RCI crunch somewhat.  So --- Nuenburg has been built in such a manner as to increase the population -- which will, in turn -- bring the RCI back into balance.
    I could ramble on and on about "the plan" -- but I'll cut it short --

    1.  --  Increased population to balance RCI Demands.  Absolute Prime Directive!
    2.  --  Try to avoid W2W zoning -- allow for "green spaces".
    3.  --  Install and use "slope Mod".
    4.  --  Incorporate some "raised terrain areas" on the map.  Use "Mas'71" walls with "Nob" textures as retaining walls.
    5.  --  Perfect terrain landscape style.  Devise some sort of new scheme for the tree mix.  Work on variety of terrain features.  
    6.  --  Incorporate "open" areas of terrain -- fields, etc.  Decrease tree coverage and use pastures and open dields.
    7.  --  Use Paeng Cemetery system instead of Maxis.
    8.  --  Perfect "zoning" for high wealth neighborhood.
    9.  --  Include "zoning" for apartment block neighborhoods.
    10.--  Fully utilize passenger rail system.
    11.--  Search out and introduce more new "custom content" to commercial zones.
    12.--  Introduce "Office Parks".
    13.--  Maintain "low" to "medium rise" heights.
    14.--  Return to basic road planning -- as per "Odainsaker" and his feedback on the "visual axes".  (SPECIAL thanx to Odainsaker!)

    This week we resume our tour of Nuenburg by paying a visit to the Alte Bibliothek neighborhood in the southwest part of the city.

    Now -- !!  Let's look at some pictures and you guys can make with the comments and questions.

    # 01


    This is the area we will be touring in this installment.  

    # 02


    Having experimented a bit with zoning for small apartment blocks on the previous installment, I took it to the next level by laying out an entire neighborhood that was supposed to be dedicated to low wealth residential.  As you can see -- the Wilsonoff Medium wealth condos began to creep in as well.  I could have bulldozed them -- but I need the population too badly.  Still -- the arrangement seemed to work well.

    # 03

    # 04

    # 05

    Here is a second "apartment neighborhood" just next door -- and this one was meant to be dedicated to condos, medium apartments, and -- generally speaking -- larger, medium sized buildings of medium wealth.  There is a nice mix of buildings and note that the access to the neighborhood is limited.  I have screened the entire neighborhood from the main avenue traffic with a belt of trees -- gives it that "warm & fuzzy" feel while allowing adequate access to main thoroughfares.

    # 06

    # 07

    # 08

    # 09


    Here we begin moving into "high density" zoning.

    # 10


    This kind of got away from me.  I was getting some nice high density buildings -- which was good for the population growth -- and they weren't too tall.  But this lot suddenly sprang up and towered over everything.  I had been hoping for a more medium-rise look, but in view of the necessity of regional growth -- I decided to let them stay.

    # 11


    # 12

    # 13

    # 14

    # 15

    I rather enjoyed working on this !!  The need to improve my landscape MMP skills is one of the above-stated goals -- and I think it turned out rather well, indeed!  (Plus -- if you're going to have a bunch of stuff cluttering up your drop-down menus -- you need to use it !)

    # 16


    I planned on some lovely Matt325 "McMansions" down along the bottom of the map, and thought it would be nice to separate them from the old library with a few shops and small parks.  

    # 17

    # 18

    # 19

    This is some landscaping along the bottom edge of the map tile.  You've got to do "something" with that pesky empty space !!

    # 20


    Having plopped Debussyman's "Bibliothek" inside an enlarged version of a roundabout, it looked like the ideal place to squeeze in a bit of commercial space -- just to keep the neighborhood on it's toes !

    # 21

    # 22

    Yes -- I know.  The white, wrap-around-corner buildings were duplicated in the last two pictures.  I risked being scorned as repetitive to use them to form a sort of visual gate leading to the impressive "Bibliothek" building. (Imagine yourself at ground level looking north toward the library -- "visual gate" -- get it??  Got it??  GOOD !!)  
    Of course, the whole ugly business could have been avoided if someone had been thoughtful enough to do a "bat" for London's Admiralty Arch !!

    # 23

    # 24


    # 25


    Please pause for a moment to study the pictures.  In these last two -- you have pretty good "examples" of the use of "Visual Axes" as espoused by "Odainsaker" in the comments section of a previous CJ entry.  Notice the avenue running east / west between the Bibliothek and the "L' Assomption".  A wide avenue connecting physically ( the road) and visually (the scenic view down the boulevard).  Look closely and you will see a tree-lined road headed north -- right into the center of the business district.  Being "anti-grid" is all well and good.  And it should be acknowledged that some cities have made good use of the "wide curve".  But a grid including the occasional wide or tree-lined boulevard, straight as an arrow -- will only be found in the "Grandest" of cities !!  (PLEASE !! -- No "hate mail"!  My remarks were made with humor in mind.)

    # 26

    This area, in particular, worked out well.  Note the diagonal avenue coming from the downtown district and ending at the Bibliothek.  It provides both a visual axes as well as being wide enough to handle the bulk of the traffic coming from this quadrant of the map.  The apartment areas on the left have access to the two avenues around the Bibliothek as well as a road running directly to the highway on-ramp -- or the train station just beyond.  

    It should be noted that though I fully planned to provide employees to other cities in the region, I did not realize the RCI imbalance in these other cities would be so great.  It was my purposeful intention to grow more people than employment in Nuenburg, thereby helping to balance the industrial RCI problem.  I even placed three different passenger terminals on the rail lines.  To my great regret, all of them were "custom content" -- and though pretty -- they were nowhere near enough.  All my rail stations have been overwhelmed -- and the track leading into Wilhelmshaven is heavily congested.  

    Someone with some bat / lotting skill needs to address this problem.  We have a wide variety of train stations, and some of them VERY nice.  But only the Maxis passenger stations can handle the people.  What's wrong with that picture ??

    WELL -- that concludes this week's tour !


    It's been fun, today -- but I'm building the Imperial Dockyards in Wilhelmshaven and His Majesty, The Kaiser, is an impatient man.  It will take much time -- especially since there are so many things to show that will have to be improvised, or substitutes used.  But what's the Jade Bight without the High Seas Fleet -- right ??

    NEXT WEEK  --
    "Beautiful Downtown Nuenburg" !!

  4. Today I will show some pictures of the current status.

    But first a reply:


    thanks for the kind words! I hope you´ll like this entry too.


    The town is growing steadily. I have no clue, why I have still no demand for industry but people want to live in Goblinton though. And I am still only zoning for small housing, so the town needs much place. A few very helpful mods here are the themes mod and one for stopping the level up of  buildings. I made one small mistake, and everywhere in the whole town small level 5 suburbian buildings popped up. I forgot to mark the lost ones as not leveling buildings... In the end I had to go back several hours of playing, and mark every single building in the town, - the most boring "work" I had to do until now. And also I divided the town from 1 into 12 districts to avoid such big problems. A minor mistake now can never again reach the whole town.

    I didn´t change the building style in general though. I like the look of the now mostly two story buidlings, the long streets and the "boring" attidtude of early suburbs. Feindbild modded his buildings very clever, there is a 1x2 in two variations, I used the first level for the wider worker streets, the next stage changes only the position of the building, so that it is in one row with the rest of the set.

    The newly built airport also should represent an old one, and this building may look like something, that was changed and renovated in parts from then to now. The surrounding streets look like from the 1930´s, only flat buildings, an uglified part of the town, and still work in progress.

    Another part of the town is a suburb for the upperclass. Better schools, more green space, and fancy family homes. Here is, where horror movies may start...

    And to avoid any problems with pictures again, I decided to use direct upload for pictures again. I hope, this works. They also should be visible in full size by clicking on them.

    I start with a picture in the middle of the night, the first boxcars arrived at the main goods station:


    Later an Amtrak reaches Goblinton Station:


    A crossing on main street:


    The airport:


    Some 3 story houses:


    A crossing:


    A typical workers street:


    Main Street again near downtown:


    Main Street, another one:


    Commerce Street:


    And now for something completely different, here the better housing starts:


    Here it ends:


    So pretty:


    public services:


    Opposite side:



    That is all for today. I hope, you like it!



  5. Hi Everybody! 

    In other posts, I've shown you a bit of Tora... Today I'll show you the whole metropolitan area. 

    Called Bell-Nord, this is a peculiar kind of metropolis. Tora, Besurt, Ginesta and Vange are old medieval cities, built very near one from another... so much than after the centuries have become a single metropolis (maybe is to soon to call it a metropolies, but i'm a believer... :D ). Arc de Mar, Muixa or Nea Tora are examples of new cities, with no history before 1920.




    The public transportation is very important for Bellnordians -Green is cool! They say.

    If you're planning to visit the city, this map may help you, not to lose yourself... :D 


    I'm pretty sure, if you visited this nice spot on the mediterranean sea, you bought at least some of this postcards... 

    Postcards from Bell-nord :rofl:

    Tora, the oldest town, the first... the one and only. It is the perfect city for an artist, a designer, a melancholic writer... Tora offers the best cultural scene, under the blue light of the sea, just perfect!  




    Built mostly on the 70's Nea Tora is a little less poetic than it's neighbor. Hipsters love it anyway, so decadent... 8)




    Arc de Mar is far less green than the rest of the cities in Bell-Nord. Runned by speculators, here there's no room for trees! 




    Vange is the smallest of the old medieval towns od Bell-Nord, and the richer one. Look at their roundabouts, so fancy... ohh, and the even have their own Apple Store! :D 




    This city was founded in 1920, by some thiefs; they say than a night between jokes, beers and an epic after party (still recalled), they decided to call the city. The history of the city is easy: "-Every piece of land will be always sold to the better payer. Then, now and always


    To be continued...

    Hope you liked! :party:

  6. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Bronzo the Theater district is home to many Big brand and Independent movie theaters. On Broadway beautiful offices like the Wisconsin Gas building, Eastern Columbia Building and the Title trust & Guarantee building are some of the center pieces of the area.



  7. rTZOlS.jpg


    kingofsimcity: The warehouse is actually a VIP gymnasium- http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3234.

    Supernia: I've noticed a few when looking at pictures of American suburbs.

    raynev1: Thank you!

    korver: Thanks! I have to choose from buildings from the USA, Europe, UK, Russia, Japan and even South America to ensure there is plenty of building variety.

    Dreadnought: The Fallingwater LOT I used is tricky because it comes with a PEG stream which must be connected up. I chose the quick and easy way of creating a moat around the building using PEG's stream pieces. However, an actual stream would probably look better.

    Jasoncw: I'm just glad there are new buildings to use, here's to more Brazil Olympics 2016 BATs!

    gviper: Thanks a lot!

    sunda: Thank you!

    MilitantRadical: Giving the real Fallingwater's location that would make sense. However, given it is such an iconic building I decided to take some liberty with it and turn it into a tourist attraction.


    Entry 53: Working on the Suburbs

    I have been doing extensive work to the north of Erinsberg finishing off the suburbs. It was a bit tricky as I had to integrate the suburbs with the foothills, but I think I have pulled off a reasonable transition. But that is for later entries. For now here are some highlights of newly completed areas.



    My next focus will be the south of Erinsberg, I need to work on the downtown area and the suburbs below it.



    Some of the wide 2x1 bungalows and small apartments seemed particularly appropriate for an LA-themed city.


    For the eastern suburbs I extensively used CP 19th Century $$ Houses. A link for those interested- http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=686. Additionally check out Simcoug's files on Simtropolis for the diagonal version of these houses.


    I did sneak in the odd industrial building in the more denser areas of the suburbs.


    And here are some inner-city pictures to vary things.


    The only way I could offset the Palais Theatre was if I plopped in a TE lot adjacent to it. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29067-palais-theatre-melbourne-australia/)


    Originally I had used PEG's lake set for this aquatic area, however the corner pieces did not carry the shadows of the trees and it looked awful. So I had to find a compromise and instead I used a more urban canal set to get the job done. Less natural but at least the shadows are not messed up.



    A little bit of diagonal hokery-pokery.


    Full-diagonal. Never go full-diagonal, unless you have a lot of time and patience. Here I used Simcoug's R$$ Diagonal Homes- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28630-simcougs-r-diagonal-homes/.


    For next week I will be posting another update, this time around the south of Erinsberg. In particular there is a corridor between the inner-city highway and the railway lines which I want to complete; this includes a rather nasty diagonal section.

  8. UGJhOBF.jpg

    Welcome to East Peak on Sun Bay!  For today's tour we will start with a better look at the District as requested by kschmidt. Followed by a look at the overview of the tile and then a  closer look at the marina and transit paths crossing through. Ohh and keep your heads up for the bay patrol thanks to Airman15.

    Updated District pic


    Updated District pic - Transit


    Updated District pic - Towns


      Hopefully the locations of the last couple of entries are clearer and we can also see some of the upcoming areas we will be touring. Any particular area you have an interest in? Please share in the comments.

    Let's start our closer look at East Peak on Sun Bay located where the Owl Bend River meets Sun Bay. There are a couple of farms with some testing out of some smoothing out jagged farm edges, some practice and testing will improve this as I go along, hopefully.

    01 - Overview - Full Tile View


    02 - Development stage


    03 - A closer look


    04 - Boats in the bay


    05 - Owl Bend River ends




    07 - Marina in full


    08 - Marina West End


    09 - Marina middle


    10 - Marina East End


    11 - Marina East End closer look


    12 - Looking at the town center area in a couple of pictures






    15 - A pic form the north before some "adjustments"


    16 - Travel Paths


    17 - Bridges


    18 - Down by the bay the patrol is passing by









    Thanks for taking the tour, if you enjoyed it please like and as always comments and questions are gladly taken.

  9. Branny

    • 1
    • 3
    • 28

    Recent Entries


    I'm Rory Maeda, 1st Middle at the Lofidi Hybrid Middle School, which means I'm almost 12 and I'm a Hybrid. (Which means I'm half-human half-Sheladi).

    (Yes, my skin is red, I don't have any markings - or at least none you can see, and I can also speak Sheladi, but I'll try my best with English).

    My assignment is the history of Branny, my city, where I live. It's 1005S now and things are quite complex to describe. But my job is to talk about the history...

    In the course of this Journal we will explore life in the old Kingdom as if we lived there in those times. I will be your english-speaking guide and I will talk to you in a simplified manner pretending you don't know anything about Shelder, the Sheladi people and their culture, or any specific thing. In fact, I will think of all of you as if I was speaking to a class of schoolchildren, well, my class. (no offence). 

    Let's begin with a little context... 

    Shelder is a rocky planet, mostly covered in salt water, not too far and not too close to the Shel star, with a temperate climate and a variety of ecosystems, which means LIFE! The origin of this so called "life" can be dated to billions of years ago, but not even the most advanced research can pinpoint the exact moment in history when life came to be. (This is what the Geography textbook says). What is known is that some 10,000 years ago human-like creatures began roaming the land and forming tribes. They are red-skinned people with colourful skin markings ranging from black to gold, they love the woods (of course Shelder's land is mostly covered in the green stuff) and they love community but also independence. These people are called "Sheladi" and are the natives of Shelder, or "Shelderians". But I am also "Shelderian", and I'm a native, because I was born here, and because I'm half-Sheladi. It's complicated!

    But back to history...

    As these people evolved their culture they understood that tribes together worked better than isolated, so in the year 0S the Kingdom of Shelder was born. That was a thousand years ago. Things were very dramatic during these years. If you think that times are always changing now, things were always changing even before. Things have always been changing a lot around here.


    So the Kingdom is born... And a Kingdom needs a King, right? And a King needs a Royal palace, right? And a Royal Palace needs a capital... and... and... and...

    Meet Branny!


    Branny is essentially the "Douchy of Branny", as nominated after the foundation of the Kingdom of Shelder in 0S by the council of tribal leaders. The Douchy was a division of the Gran-Douchy of Fadalipe, a decent chunk of land in the southern province of the Kingdom. Fadalipe was also the name of the tribe that founded the settlement there, and the community from which the King was elected, and it was also the name given to the Fortress where the King decided to live.

    Kingdom of Shelder

    Year: 0S

    King: S. Sono


    This Journal will be focused on the Douchy of Branny, the landscape you see in the picture. This picture in particular is an early rendering of what the land looked like before the Kingdom came to life, really. We will explore this land more in detail later.

    So, it's 0S and the Kingdom is born. What happens now?

    The Sheladi people from the Fadalipe tribe expand their horizons, they settle along the Rompock river, which is the leftmost river in the picture, and they found Lesteran and Croravorn. They settle at the estuary of the rivers Rompock and Thieren, and they found Puntar and Rese. They settle in the Branny Bay and they found... you guessed it: Branny Bay, but also Dobesmala and Moriva. It's a community of farmers and fishermen. They prosper in the security of the bay, sorrounded by deep forests. 

    However not everything is candy. The rest of the Kingom doesn't all agree with Fadalipe, there are some people, especially in the East, that think Sono is only following Fadalipe's interests and not also theirs. Tensions are building right from the start, and messengers from the land bring worrying news. Conflict before had been resolved with diplomacy or skirmishes, seldom warriors went into battle and died, but now King Sono is faced with the potential for an all out war against the East if they are unable to cool down these tensions. As a precaution, he decides to erect towers, castles, and fortresses around the Bay and all over the Gran-Douchy and beyond, with the intention of creating a network of defence and communication, in the hope of being prepared. News arrive of the birth of the alliance of "Ula", a collaboration of most of the lands of the East. This isn't good news at all, this means war is near, and it's probably inevitable at this point.

    King Sono keeps going with his project of fortifying the area. In the space of 10 years he commissions the Fadalipe Citadel:


    The Main port serving Fadalipe at Branny Bay:


    Puntar Castle, and Rese Castle: 


    and Forts on the Marupite Strait, which is the main gate of the Bay, as you can see above in the regional picture.

    To support the construction of these forts, Sono commissioned two stone mines, one in Lesteran:


    and the other at the base of the Vidupe Mountain Range. 


    This is what's happening now. As you can see we're quite a stretch back in time, and as expected we're seeing wooden and stone houses, dirt or stone roads, castles, towers, old churches, wooden ports... NO electricity, NO running water, NO mobile phones. There's little to do, you might think, oh well... It's not the case. If you're a little Shelderian then you're probably going to school at the local church, where you spend your mornings and lunchtimes listening to stories of the past, learning about the present, brainstorming about the future, you're playing with your fellow little Shelderians, and you're visiting local businesses and learning from the community how to be a good Sheladi. And in the early mornings and evenings you might be seen helping at the farm, on the fishing boat, at the mine, in the woods, or wherever your parents work. If you're a big Shelderian then you're probably working in some way, and rewarded for your hard work. You might be a woodlandman, going around cutting trees, or you might be a farmer, or a fisherman, or a miner, or a businessman, working in town, using what others have produced to make something useful for others, you could be a tailor, a blacksmith, a market trader, the owner of a bar. 


    But what's probably in your mind, if you were a Shelderian, of course, and lived in the Douchy of Branny, would be the upcoming war. Everybody's talking about it. They say Tavulna and Rodi will be marching in from the woods with an army of thousands and they will cripple our weak castles. Others say that Tavulna has probably mastered the sea with massive warships and they are sailing towards the Branny Bay as we speak. Others yet say Elveral is planning ninja assassinations to destabilise the Kingdom. Who knows for sure. We only know that our messengers tell us when they come back from their travels, but most of it is just talk. We need diplomats, we need informants, we need spies. Do you have any clue what the Ula Alliance is up to? If so, get yourself to your local church and speak to the priest, of pay your respects to your local Baron or Baronet. Your information might just be garbage, or it might be the invaluable tool to be prepared when and if the war actually comes...


    A first overview of the Douchy, with the names of places in Green, Orange, or Light Blue, the names of towns in White, and roads in Red.



    For those of you interested in the history of Shelder you can attend a specific class (coming soon). Or you can simply follow this Journal and learn from here, your choice. If you're interested in the class option, it's basically like a Role-Play, or Drama class, whatever you want to call it. You create a character, or choose an existing one, which is obviously tied-in with the story, and you follow his/her story, providing input and decisions, or you can just read about them here in the Journal whenever they may appear. This RP class will open soon, so you might start brainstorming your ideas. The best ideas might make it into the class and here in the Journal. 


    Corrected by my patient English teacher. 




  10. Corona divide

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    After an economic boom the city of corona blew up! No not literally, Massive skyscrapers the likes of which were never seen before climbed the angelic ladder and changed the Medi coast forever





  11. Raccoon City

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    In 1998 the city of Raccoon City was a thriving Midwestern city situated in the foothills of the Arklay Mountains on the confulence of the Marble and Circular rivers. The city had a population of 100,000. Then all that changed. to.jpg.4db0d67fbf9dd05350d69aa4e85ff6eb.

    On September 24, 1998 the outbreak reached epidemic proportions in the city. Several people had managed to escape the streets, which we're inundated by the infected. Three survivors died in the attempted escape. The survivors used a bomb to wipe out the infected on Main Street, where the police in charge we're killed or wounded. At 9pm, the Pentagon had the city quarantined and sent in the US Army to restrict civilian movement. The roads were being barricaded by the following morning.02h.jpg.734d6a11d8e3ef061747f4595d52a249

    By September 27, Raccoon City was completely overrun, and all semblance of normal life had be decimated as crashed and abandoned vehicles and dead bodies littered the streets. Several buildings burned out of control due to the collapse of the Raccoon Fire Department. 

    Hordes of the infected filled the streets and overran the last remnants of the Raccoon City Police Department in a major battle on the city streets on the night of the 27. Soon after the police station itself was overrun, removing what was likely the last safe zone in the city. 



    On October 1, survivors Carlos and Jill searched for a way out after Jill was informed that the US Army was preparing to launch a missile into the city. Jill had believed that there was no escape for them, until Carlos learns that someone is trying to save Jill and that a helicopter is on it's way to pick her up. The helicopter eventually finds both Jill and Carlos. 

    The missile then arrives and destroys Raccoon  City completely.








  12. Replies:

    eufl: Thanks for reading through it all, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for the British planning that's probably down to what I'm used to and some limitations of the game.

    Entry 9: Sticks and stones

    So unfortunately growth has slowed down a bit here in Antario, mainly due to trying to come up with a solution for the whole oil industry collapse that has happened, as such today's entry is going to be a bit more relaxed than the previous ones focusing on the many areas of relaxation and greenery that can be found throughout the city. 

    Starting with the entrance to our city, you can see that we have really gone a bit mad planting trees in the area. Hey landscaping is always a plus and doesn't cost anywhere near as much as funding a new neighbourhood or housing block projects. The city council has also stated that they want to take away from the feel of a concrete jungle with a heavy sprinkling of trees throughout the city, hopefully giving it a less built up and more green feel.

    Taken from the industrial overpass at the entrance you can see this greenery project in full swing.


    Moving further up the mainstreet you can also see that we have finally finished off beautifying the median. You can also see the oldest shopping centre in the city to the left. Kerrings Department Store. Part of the old town, here you can find pretty much anything you like, though, with the development of the city the quality of the goods here, and therefore the prices have rose quite a bit since the Old Town times.


    Moving into old town now we come across the oldest park in the city, standing in front of the old City Hall. This photo really does show the case of old and new, with the much more modern and current heart of the administration rising above the old City Hall in the background.


    Not quite a green space but still somewhere you can relax and pay your respects is this old chapel and graveyard at the other end of the City Hall park. You can also see some of the lovely wall to wall architecture in the background that's so prevalent throughout the city.


    Of course its not only in the old areas that there are green spaces to enjoy. This photo taken from the top of the new Administration tower shows a green space with a modern art plaza, nestled in amongst the high rises that make up the cities financial district.


    Despite the cities financial stagnation though, there has still been some small growth in the areas around it in the form of the small village of Froska, located on the edge of the fresh water lake fed from the old volcano that makes up the centre of the island that Antario sits on. This small village also has a focus on fishing, though due to it being carried out in the lake the amount of fishermen are a lot smaller than in the coastal village of Skjar.


    Finally for this short entry we have the ever present overview of the city as it stands. As I said there hasn't been much in the way of growth with the exception to the small village of Froska on the edge of the lake Antario. The population as it stands currently at 44,267.


    And the ever present to do list currently sat on the city councils table. As you can see, any thoughts of oil based ventures are currently off the table and the whole housing boom seems to have finished for the moment as well.

    -Find new avenues for the old oil fields.
    -Improve the lacking public transport network?
    -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area?
    -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry?
    -Financial district substantial expansion?
    -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done?


    (OOC: once again apologies for the small entry despite how long its been since the last update. I really do hope to get them a bit more frequent but work, parenthood comes first. That coupled with the fact that my computer time is shared with my attempts at art mean that there's not as much time to play the game as I would like. Rest assured though that I have some ideas for the future of the city and no intention of stopping it any time soon.



  13. True Earth (SC4)

    Latest Entry



    Jutting 11,020 feet out of the southern Patagonian landscape, the imposing sheer granite walls of Mount Fitz Roy makes it the one of the crown jewels of the Andes. Technically challenging climbing routes coupled with notoriously bad weather makes it one of the toughest climbs in the world, but the view from the top makes it all worth it.

    Day 1

    Our journey starts off in the sleepy little town of El Chaltén, Argentina, right at the footstep of Mount Fitz Roy. Our group meets up to discuss our routes in the upcoming days - the weather looks like it'll be manageable, but in this part of the world, that could change in the blink of an eye.




    We set off for Fitz Roy, and we're immediately in for a treat. The fall foliage is in full swing surrounding the misty Rio Fitz Roy, making for an absolutely gorgeous view. We won't be here long however, as the terrain quickly starts to get much more challenging.




    After several more miles of walking, we start to approach the base of the mountain and get our first up close view of the surrounding peaks. They're beautiful, no doubt - but they pale in comparison to the peak we're headed to next. Nightfall begins to set in, so we set up our tents and call it a day.




    Day 2

    The day started off fairly easily - a straight forward climb up the Glaciar Rio Blanco. However, our plans quickly got derailed when a storm approaches us, making any technical climbing an impossibility. We decide to instead take cover in a rocky outcrop wait it out. Conditions finally improved just enough for us to continue on - and we begin to make our ascent up near-vertical granite cliffs. We had originally planned on setting up our tents on a small, flat plateau a couple hundred feet away - but due to previous setbacks, we fall behind and the darkness makes any more climbing far too dangerous. We're forced to precariously hang our tents off the side of the mighty Aguja Poincenot instead.




    Day 3

    Conditions still aren't great, but we continue to push on. The granite cliffs are coated with a thin layer of ice, making things far more dangerous than we had originally thought. However, despite the conditions, we persevere and finally reach the summit! We proudly set up our Argentinian flag and take in the beautiful view - it's just as good as you would imagine.




  14. Cologne Koeln Extended !

    This time I couldn´t find any other title for this months CJ. ANNO Holland also in development I had to make a choice what to show !

    Cheaply I could offer a photo tour of Mayon Province, not doing any justice to this series, ANNO Holland has for BAT´s and other plugins passed the test phase but needs to be furthur worked out; so have another look at Cologne, Koeln in the sixties, that the era we are aiming for with some discretion !

    Overlook of the town as far !



    As you can see innercity has grown and the town enclosing railway ring has been electrified as far as the stabeling yards !

    Some innercity pictures !


    Koelner Dome !


    Station quarters and shopping district !


    Mayor hospital has arrived to deal with all ever wanted services !


    Fine fitting new neighbourhood developed !


    Now we move on to the working part of town !


    Industries now are clean and a tram depot serving the inner city !


    Famous railjunction and yards west of Koeln Hbf !

    Last we have a look at the outer industrial zone !


    Well that was somekind of extended story, still development is thinly and divided; hope to startup ANNO Holland, ANNO 4 Cities this series will continue; repetion: another city another day !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see back the next time !

  15. RJB7m0C.jpg

    [Click banner for full size]


    College Town, home to three different colleges, is a district of Santa Rio that is full of young, ambitious adults that finally managed to move away from their parents and find a creepy roommate to bunk with. Although the district is often criticized for it's virtually absent nightlife, students still find a way to have police show up to the dorms every night, and with a median age of 20, that tradition isn't going away any time soon...


    Replies are at the bottom...


    First things first, the University of English Vancouver, the main college of the district and the fifth oldest in the U of EV system.

    PS, if you didn't figure it out after all these updates, English Vancouver is supposed to be an alternative British Columbia and a state of Henderson.


    There it is, the Santa Rio campus of the University of English Vancouver. Home to raving block parties, an ominous forest, and an occasional sewage smell, this campus of the U of EV definitely isn't the nicest. Other than it's medical school/hospital, Vu Medical Center, and the College of Built Environments, all of the school's academic programs are ranked last in the entire U of EV system and don't even make it into top 100 programs in all of Henderson.



    This is the North Campus Science Multiplex. The Foster Science Complex is home to four different schools, including the College of Built Environments, which is known for having the 11th best undergraduate Architecture program in North America and the 15th best undergraduate Interior Design program in Henderson.



    A CVS Pharmacy next to the NCSM.



    The Vu Medical Center, formerly known as Vu Research, is home to one of the best medical programs on the entire continent. 



    Some more schools and buildings in the main part of the campus







    Some stores and a Hyvee Groceries & Gas along Foster Ave.



    Here you can see the SRMMA and the English Vancouver School of Design, a separate college that is almost always ranked higher than the neighboring U of EV campus.



    Intersection of Foster Ave. & Jackson Ave.



    Southeastern portion of the Parkers Court Dorm Complex.



    Southwestern portion of the Parkers Court Dorm Complex.



    Northern portion of the Parkers Court Dorm Complex.



    Westwood Village, a group of condominiums that is marketed exclusively towards graduate students.



    Parkland Lofts, an upscale student housing development that replaced Brennan Hall in 2010.





    A local Super Target that has been known as a place unsafe for kids at night since it can sometimes fall victim to the local streakers of the campus.





    Next up are the two other colleges in the district, the Kingston Institute and the E.V. School of Design.


    The English Vancouver School of Design was originally founded as Northwestern College in 1965 but relocated from the Kellan Metropolitan Area and "relaunched" to become the college it is known as today. The former school became defunct in 1990 after a majority of the school's professors were caught giving their students answers to major licensing tests for various degrees for over four years. 11 years later, the school relaunched with an entirely new persona to work it's way up to one of the most respected design schools on the North American West Coast.

    The school has since then produced many successful alumni including Mark Hamelberg, a famous NFL player, Janice Smith, co-founder of social media site InstaFace with a net worth of over 18.9 billion dollars, and Jack Hodgins, an actor known for his big movie roles including Captain Henderson in The Revengers. The school also offers a number of dual degree programs with the nearby Kingston Institute as well as a dual degree in Photography with the neighboring U of EV campus.



    The Kingston Institute, founded in 1950, is a premium college known for it's well-respected law school as well as  it's superb MBA program. Because of this, the school is made up of mostly graduate students from all over the world who managed to get past the relatively difficult admission process. On February 15th, 2015, the school gained even more recognition after Stephen Hawking gave a very compelling lecture in the school's library building, and in July 2014 when one of Morgan Freeman's grandchildren enrolled in the school.


    Untouched Panoramas






    Compdude787 Thanks! And it only has one freeway because it is supposed to be situated in the relatively remote region.

    Ln X That is very true. And lucky for you, Palos Verdes is in the next update.

    gviper Thanks!

    Linoa06 Thanks

    kschmidt Thanks! It is a shame that grid patterns are hard to escape from.

    sunda obrigado! (Thanks!)


    Next Update: Palos Verdes Foothills & Catalina Foothills.

  16. deimo5
    Latest Entry


    Century City is the entertainment hot spot of the city... for the whole family that is... the Red Light District is a hot spot for a "different" type of clientele. Everything is here---theaters, casinos, educational centers, museums, shopping, sports... it's all here.




    And at night, it likes up like a Christmas tree.





  17. PowerPoles.jpg

    Today, I'm still feeling the farm and rural vibe, so here are some more shots of the newest farm, McLintock Farm. I've also added a few shots of Robyn Dell's downtown and more burbs.
































  18. Hi,

    So I've been working on some new cities, and have been meaning to share some more pictures of Bassenheim, so here they are! (No mosaics this time, sorry!)

    Replies for "Bassenheim":

    @Ln XSorry! That was an earlier version of image 13 (old 14) and was uploaded in error, I've corrected that now! Thanks for the complement about the sidewalk, it's custom and took me ages to get right!; @Ln XI'll consider uploading the sidewalk. ;)

    @tarielyI didn't think i could compete with the MMP queen! Thanks for the comments and suggestions! ;)

    @kelistmac Thanks for your comment! Your buildings do look great! :) 

    @gviperThanks for the comment!

    @kschmidtI tried to add some parks to break it up, I might add some more now! Thanks for the comment!

    @philforhockey51I like that new acronym! Thanks for the comment! :) 

    @MilitantRadicalThanks for the highest complement! :) 

    @raynev1Thanks for the comment! Can I ask, what specifically is confusing about the rail textures? :) ; @raynev1Picture 19 has rural GLR and heavy rail. :) 

    @kingofsimcityThanks for the comment! :) 

    Thanks for the comment @f3cs:) 

    Thanks @Bastet69008:) 

    @Abrams124Even with a high level persistent automata plugins, cars can be hard to come across! Thanks for the comment! :) 

    Thanks for the lovely comment @antsel

    @kaka2Thanks for the comment!






























    Hope you enjoyed this! See you soon! :) 




  19. Tecta

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    Welcome to Tecta, the Jewel of the USU!

    This CJ is about a city that I abandoned about 2 years ago and have recently began playing again. It had some major issues, some of which still aren't resolved, and I'm hoping to get some constructive criticism on how to fix them. Without any more introductions, I'm going to give you some history and information on the region's largest city, North Bank City.


    North Bank City is the largest city and county seat of Kelly County. The area has been inhabited by native Sims for hundreds of years, but only became an incorporated city in 1937, when Bruce Upleger established the Village of Upleger. In 1963, the city was renamed North Bank City, because of its position on the Pelham River. From here, the city's population slowly increased until it was at about 75,000 in 1991. From here, the population boomed and it is now at 101,000. This population boom was due to the high availability of jobs in the city. The economy also grew during this time, because of the tourism industry.

    1. North Bank City is located near the Pelham River Delta area. This is prime location for shipping and transportation. Much of the city outside of downtown consists of suburbs and smaller business and commercial parks.


    2. Downtown North Bank City, nicknamed "The Bank", is located on the northern bank of the Pelham River. Here you can see famous tourist destinations such as the National One Bank Tower, Perry Station, Taylor Performing Arts Center, Central Park, and the North Bank Zoo.


    3. Central Park has been part of the Urban Renewal Project set up in 2011. Before the park, there were old, dilapidated low-class housing projects that were quite the eyesore. The residents were moved to better housing in the many suburbs surrounding North Bank City.


    4. Town Circle is the center point of the city. It separates downtown and midtown and is used by almost any Sim that has to commute downtown.


    5. Perry Station is the famous first train station built in North Bank City. Erected in 1945, this station has seen trains carrying passengers, ammunition, soldiers, and vehicles. It also houses a WWII museum.


    6. Here is a very simple transit map.


    Red - Interstate

    Yellow - Beltway

    Green - Rail/Rail Station

    Purple - Avenue



    Thank you for reading this! I hope it isn't too terrible! The next update will probably be more of the tourism and transportation of NBC (North Bank City). Again, thank you!

















  20. Its time for a redo of Ocean Valley- I know, I know- not again right? Well ya- every time they update Skylines I have to start over-

    Founded in 1189 as the Kingdom of Zyphone, the castle no longer exists and has since washed into the ocean over the years. Before that it was a tiny village dating to the stone age, then bronze, and iron age- at was under the control of the Roman Empire. Some of the original roman village layout exists in the road layout.
    Ocean Valley Intl Airport- located on the ocean the landing is a beautiful landing as you look out over the sea. The airport was completed in the 1960s and replaced the old Ocean Valley City Center Airport. A highly used airport, its a hub for traffic heading from other world airports to parts of Teddyland, and is often the first place in Teddyland you see.
    St May's Catholic Church- built in 1878, St Mary's is a landmark in itself- Located along an old roman road, its in a busy part of town, near parks, quaint homes, and schools.
    across from the church is this quaint neighborhood- as you can see your not far from the ocean here, The highway forms the edge of this neighborhood, yet the quiet prevails. This is a reminder that you are, in fat, in the heart of a sea side city.
    Port of Ocean Valley- one of the busiest ports in the nation, the Port of Ocean Valley has both cruise and freight ships almost daily. This cargo hub is a stop for trucks as they provide the goods for the nations needs from far away places over seas.
    A seaview is abundant from this sea side homes near the airport- part of a restoration project, these homes are built with views in mind, they aren't cheap, averaging $890,000 for views like this. However each home is designed to take in the views, with a short walk to the sea for those without the best of views- whether taking in the sun set, or just to look at at the vast expanse of the ocean, to own these homes is like owning- paradise.
    Ocean Valley Consert Hall- on of the last remaining structures from the past, the concert hall was built in 1599 and is the oldest continuously run concert hall in the nation. Located near St. Mary's people can take in shows here, and feel a satisfaction like never before. This is a sanctuary for many, and a great way to end a stressful day.

    See you soon-

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    Ariel view of the Financial Centre20160416160852_1.thumb.jpg.a412366c5d0d7

    Applegate Park skyline20160416161028_1.thumb.jpg.d63deb189c793

    The International Airport20160415205024_1.thumb.jpg.105806e8876e0

    Rocket Testing Facility20160409121400_1.thumb.jpg.b3b9d6fc03a8f

    The Imperius University20160416171327_1.thumb.jpg.09242c7a62301

    The Elm Square skyline


    Sunset in the Capitol















  21. I've been spending a lot of my SC4 time working on this little pet project and now I finally have some results to show for it which I'd like to share with you. And by 'share' I mean release on the ST exchange. Rather than just being known as someone who only showcases his work I want to contribute my little bit to the community as well. These will be the first releases of custom content from the CJ this year and I promise there will be much more. Whether you think these types of structures are cool(like me! :D) or if you think they look ugly, it doesn't change the fact that these towers are a very common sight in urban centers across the world yet they are largely under represented in simcity 4. Part of that is the lack of available BAT's but I plan on single handily changing that. Downloads, ratings, views, comments, etc. they're all nice but what I really want is to see them in your cities. I'm curious as to how other players will make use of them in various urban and natural settings.

    The first re-release I have to show is the Murmansk Russian Style TV Tower. A simple but common 4-sided Russian design seen in several different Russian cities. Seen below on Broadcast Hill in the City of Cisco Bay.

    The biggest improvements in 3ds HD version are generally seen with towers that have a complex and closely bunched framework structure. In contrast this tower is of a much more 'airy' design, yet the improvements on this one are just as dramatic. Some of that can be attributed to a better selection of paint textures, I made use of a more realistic faded red & white.
    new HD 3ds version                                                                                               old gmax version

    The one advantage the gmax version still have over the new 3ds models is visibility from higher zoom. The HD versions are barely visible from zoom level 1 & 2. But imo that does make sense since they are typically very thin and see-through structures in the real world. In any case I'll be keeping the old gmax version on the exchange in case anyone still wants to use them for that purpose. The newer version are better starting from either zoom level 3 or 4 and the closer you get the better it gets - the same can be said for most BAT's rendered using the HD setting.  They're most visibility using a simple or contrasting background.
    Level 2 zoom in the city of Gravenhurst
    Level 3 zoom

    Level 4 zoom

    Level 5 zoom
    Level 6 zoom 
    The city-side view of the tower is less distinct and it blends in more with the buildings seen behind it. But I think that creates an interesting effect in its own right.



    As before there are two versions, one with a station building and another dependency-free version, enjoy!

    Next up is actually a new release though it feels like an old one because I meant to upload this tower last year, unfortunately the gmax version did it no justice at all. It's the KIRO TV Tower from Seattle a city with many tall truss towers. 3-sided towers of a similar profile like this are commonly seen throughout the USA. The one thing that makes this one a little more distinct is the excessive number of horizontal beams.
    Level 4 zoom
    Level 5 zoom
    Level 6 zoom
    City-side angle

    In an urban setting downtown Cisco Bay

    Here's what I was referring to before, the huge difference 3ds & the HD setting makes when it comes to towers as complex as this one. Definitely the most dramatic difference so far.
    new HD 3ds version                                                                               old gmax version
    The version seen above is at a slightly different angle, this is to give you more variety and both versions are included in the release.

    Next re-release is a tower from Brazil, the Torre da TV Record. Seen below in the Valhalla Park neighborhood of Dresden




    Tbh the improvement over the gmax version is not as dramatic as with the others, but that's no reason to not give you the HD option right! It's the only one of these releases for which there is only one version.

    For those following the project this is probably the highest rated one. It's the WBNS TV Tower from Columbus. I've finally settled on the textures for it and I think they work well.
    Level 5 zoom as seen on Mount Tokiko in Dresden
    Level 6 zoom

    The station call sign on the tower now lights up at night ;)  Test version;
    Final night version


    There are two versions in the release, a maxis night and a dark night.

    There's also this unusual and custom made design. No idea if this could be possible IRL but it's a tower that uses circles(arches) in it's frame work. I call it the X Tower, seen overlooking Looper Junction in Dresden.
    A second version with a different texture & angle,  rising above the town of Evermore here


    Now back to real life. I haven't forgotten about the last two original releases. Unfortunately their not quite ready for release today but I will have them on the exchange shortly. Montreal's Mount Royal Candelabra Tower is getting a face life as well, seen below in Lindin City.J7wo9pW.jpg


    Still trying to decide on what textures/colors to use with this one. This pinkish version might be a little much...

    There'll also be a second option with an different top.
    I like how you can actually see the stairwell that rotates around the bottom of the tower now :D

    And of course the most downloaded previous release, the Bell Canada Microwave Relay Tower. Again still decided on the final textures so no release yet, but here's a test version seen at Hillsoboro TS.
    25nuHEW.jpgAnd downtown LC


    Again feel free to make any suggests or requests even on the released towers, I can always add an updated version onto the exchange at a later date.

    Unfortunately this will be the last entry for a while as I've run out of finished content to show. Aside from spending much of my free time on the ToS project, I'm still in the process of remaking the next large city tile much in the same way as I did with Dresden. I'm not sure how long that will take, Dresden for instance took about 3 to 4 months. In any case this will be the 13th update in the last 15 weeks. Averaging almost an entry a week is not the kind of pace one can maintain indefinitely, at least not when you spend as much time as I do just making a CJ entry. So once again a big thanks to all those who follow the CJ. Your support - in 13 entries this year, including this one, you guys have given me 217 comments, 291 likes and over 1000 views per update! :O - helped motivated me to create what turned out to be my best work in the game to date and hopefully a string of BTT no.1's, but we'll see.  Cheers :thumb:


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