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    I will run power lines to the other cities, even though the have their own power sources to add to the effect. Power lines are a common and normal fixture in most city-scapes.


    LOL. The pond pack has a 4x4 plop that helped some, but it did take some time. Thanks.


    I haven't found a plop texture that doesn't leave the repeating rectangles. But yes, it did come out fairly well, even the spillway. Thanks.




    Thanks for the visit! - Dick

  2. Frontier City

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    Here are a few views of Frontier City and the surrounding region.


    Main street, looking towards the BlueGill river.


    Moon-Rise over Main Street.


    Frontier City and vicinity. City to the center left, farms to the right, port to the south.


    Frontier City viewed from the Frontier Microwave Observatory.


    Frontier City viewed from Sentinel Hill, with the town water tower in the foreground.


    Town Football field across the BlueGill River, looking towards town.


    Eastern Farms near sunset.








  3. Talk about a complete one-eighty. When last we left Pretoria, I showed you the massive industrial monolith known as the Apotex Refinery. This time however we'll be looking exclusively at a natural landscape - the Rosco Valley.

    It's been a very long time since I made an entry where the main focus was nature. The last time mmp work was one of the main feature(s) of an update was back in The Ring of Steel(entry 21) and the last time it was the exclusive feature was for Gravenhurst Mosaics(entry 12). That was also the last time I made a large scale water mmp scene. Needless to say it's been far too long. Truth be told, I've been avoiding creating (mmp)river scenes. You may or may not have noticed, but there's been a distinct lack of them in my journal so far, aside from waterfront scenes with in-game water. For one I've always been more focused on creating urban, transportation and industrial scenes. But the other reason is that I simply didn't have the confidence to realistically pull off such scenes. 

    The last time I created an mmp river was around 3 to 4 years ago and it looked a little something like this;



    I was actually kind of proud of myself for being able to create that scene, especially since I hadn't been on any of the SC4 sites for a while at the time. It was the most elaborate mmp scene I had created to that date. Heck I didn't even know the meaning of 'mmp' then.

    When I finally got around to being more active on this site and started my own CJ towards the end of 2014 I took a long look at what others had created and needless to say I was blown away. It was then I decided to simply stick to what I was good at. But like any true SC4 enthusiast one can't help but try out new things. I surprised myself a lot with what I've been able to create. Dresden(rebuilding it) was a revelation for me both with how much better I had gotten at city building and with the community response. I can't beleive I actually thought I couldn't improve my city building(urban areas) when I first started the CJ :lol: To be fair it had been a decade since I started playing the game by that point. I now believe the exact opposite, there is no such thing as reaching a 'peak' and there is always room for improvement no matter how good someone is. Following Dresden my focus was two-fold, I would further refine my specializations(transportation, industry) and I was going to tackle the things that I was avoiding both in-game i.e. river scenes, the airport(eventually) and 'out'-game i.e. plugin management, lot editing, realistic photoshoping. Whelps, I finally came around to creating that river scene and today I'll show you the results.

    To note there has been no photoshopping of any the images. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with photoshopping, in fact my second to last entry featured nothing but photoshopped images. Through the use of image editing, players can create incredibly realistic scenes indeed almost photo realistic and those who can do it well should certainly be commended for their accomplishments and abilities. But at the same time while the end result looks fantastic I can't help but feel like the creator is no longer playing SC4 but rather some other game entirely. This is not meant to be a criticism of those who photoshop but simply describes a feeling I sometimes get when looking at them. Anyhow for my first mmp river scene I wanted to show exactly what can be done using only what is available to everyone in the game itself.

    Also I've decided to take things one step further yet. In the process of trying to make the best scene possible I experimented with different terrain/rock mods. But what I ended up noticing most was that there was barely any difference at all. Once the 'mmp saturation' reaches a certain point, it practically doesn't matter what terrain mod(urban scenes are another matter) or rock mod you use. So I decided to go 'vanilla maxis' with this one, that is no terrain mods of any kind. Anyhow I think that's enough with the suspense and explanations, on with the show we go.

    The Rosco Valley is located in Providence National Park, near the geographical center of the mid sized city of Baycole. At the base of this valley is Akallan river which you guess it, is named after a certain member of this site who's recent entries on creating river scenes motivated me to create my own river scenes and serves as a great resource and for those looking to make their own hand crafted rivers. Plus it's just a kick-ass name :yes:

    Here the Akallan river emerges from the thick brush of Providence NP (i.e the edge of the map :P)
    Mcbride trail is a nature trail that runs along the northern/eastern bank of the river in this area.


    I left a few spots unfilled around there so that you can see the vanilla maxis rock texture underneath and the brownish/dirt-like hue it creates in places.

    The river bank quickly becomes more rocky as it enters into Rosco Valley.
    Here the Mcbride trail crosses over to the south bank of the Akallan river over a small pedestrian suspension bridge.
    The bridge is a popular recreational spot for locals.
    Just east of the bridge is a series of rapids as the river slowly drops in elevation.
    A couple different angles for your viewing pleasure :)
    The terrain is much steeper on the north side and large boulders occasion fall down towards the river which is why the trail continues on the south side.
    THggS14.jpgNext we move into a relatively calm area of the river.
    The river then starts to drop some more in elevation leading to another series of rapids. Large rocks have fallen into the river careening off this steep cliffs which rises over 650ft/200m above the valley floor.
    This is probably my favorite area of the river.
    Mcbride trail more or less ends at Miller St. which leads to the residential areas of Baycole.
    This part of the river is a popular spot for fishing.
    Just don't fall into the river because just beyond this spot is Aizen fall's. The height of falls is 155ft/47m, nothing too spectacular but more than enough to be fatal to anyone unfortunate enough to go over the edge.
    A short stub trail leads to a lookout over-looking the falls and the area below.

    From here the river continues until it reaches Cisco Bay, that part of the city and plenty of other landscape scenes will be shown in the next entry. As always comments or suggestions are always appreciated, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Budapest Palota to Gellért-hegy Citadella !

    Hungarian quit a entertaining language ! This CJ will be on the Buda side of the river Duna in contrast to the Pest side covered in last CJ´s ! Most prominent is the Buda palace where the former King´s of Hungaria and the Austrian Habsberg resided. We make a tour of the adjacent city quarters of Kelenföld. Last we visit the Citadella where those famous pictures of Budapest where shot !

    Buda Palace !




    Lot´s of Zig-Zag staircases to get to palace level !



    Garden´s may not be as exstesive as show but something for the imagination !


    Lot´s to see and wonder around. Next the neighbourhood of Kelenföld !




    Commercial quarters !


    Last we ascent the Gellért-hegy on top the Citadella in hungarian or Citadel !



    On top a large restaurant and the Vista point !


    Quit, some mountains to terraform and decorate !

    That´s all for this month CJ Europe ANNO !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !




  5. BillyBobJoe5600
    Latest Entry

    Welcome back to Aureus. Since the last entry I have built a new water treatment facility, added onto the University of Aureus and I have built new intersections all over the city in an effort to solve congestion. Enjoy! 









  6. Ridge Pointe has developed major traffic issues due to it's rapid expansion.

    Originally, Ridge Pointe started out as a small logging town, with the city center and residential regions placed several miles to the north, on top of the regions central plateau. This design was intentional so that residential and commercial centers were not only keep away from the noise and pollution of factories and lumber mills, but also out of view, using a series of naturally high hills. When Ridge Pointe was still a small town, this design functioned efficiently, as there was no high traffic, and all shipping traffic occurred directly by the interstate. What the city planners had not anticipated was the city's rapid population explosion.  Now the segregation of the industrial centers from the city creates a traffic nightmare for both citizens trying to get to work, and the shipment of goods in an out of the city.

    Several proposals have been put forth that try to address the problem and create a solution. One of the biggest challenges in providing traffic relief comes from a combination of difficult topography to build roads on and interstate ordinances that limit the minimum distance between interchanges on interstates to 3/8th's of a mile in urban areas. Listed below are three possible solutions.

    Feel free to comment on which proposal you think would be best, or if you have any other ideas. I'll give this a couple of days to get your thoughts. Personally, I am leaning towards Option 3, but this is not set in stone.

    Option 1:

    Extend Sara road all the way across Interstate 315 and connect it to Greyman Industrial Blvd. Due to intersection limitations, only a one-way intersection would be possible over interstate 315, allowing only traffic to enter the city and exit from the city. The road would consist of two lanes of traffic in both directions with a central turn lane. Option 1 provides relief for only traffic entering and leaving the city, and the cheapest to construction. Downfalls however, are that it would place a large amount of traffic on Sara Road crossing over Interstate 115, the intersection of which would not be upgraded.

    Option 1A:

    Same as option 1; however, Sara Road would be left alone and the extension would instead extend Telford Ave. This is an even cheaper solution; however, would provide even less traffic relief. And has issues with practicality.

    Option 2:

    Create a 4 lane divided highway that extends Baker Avenue, and wraps around the hills, eventually connecting with Industrial Blvd. The highway would have high speed limits and no current interchanges but does allow for a future interchange to be built midway along the route. Additionally, an overpass would be built over Sara Road. More expensive than Option 1, but would provide better traffic relief than the first option, and give businesses within the Circle Business District a direct high-speed connection to the industrial zone. This option still would create heavy traffic on Sara Road.

    Option 3:

    By far the most expensive options; however, would provide the greatest traffic relief, and allow for higher traffic levels in the future. Option 3 creates a divided four lane highway connecting to baker avenue, providing a connecting to Industrial Blvd, and ending the highway at a second interchange. Sara Road would be upgraded to a four lane avenue with median, extending Sara Avenue across Interstate 315, connecting with Greyman Industrial Blvd with one way interstate interchange, and upgrade the I-115/ Sara Road Interchange to high capacity. A new overpass would divide Sara Road from Baker Avenue. The Circle District would be provided with multiple new connection points to the industrial sector, and provide more traffic relief coverage across the entire industrial sector.

    Below are graphics depicting the proposed routes, and a topographic map, showing the difficulty in working with the terrain.

    Proposed Routes.jpg


  7. 160922074553944277.jpg


    Seven days the emperor was murdered in the capital. Seven days, that the Empire is destabilized and frightened people. No one knows who the meurtrier is and for which it acts, can be an enemy of the Empire or a coup of state...

    But today is another day, that of a new emperor will rule as wisely as possible. We must restore the situation, the Empire needs a strong man ...

    The sun just beginning to rise as the city is already in motion, the garrison army prepares and secures down the path that the Emperor during his walk to the cathedral to take the wish. Meanwhile the lost in the countryside, the emperor prepares his speech at the castle, which is three hours on horseback from the capital. When he leaves, he will be escorted to the royal guard, his wife, his two children and other statesmen and religious. When he arrives in the capital, it will take about thirty minutes before arriving at the cathedral to finally complete the ceremony. As time passes and more people in the city is excited, there are people angry and more happy to finally have someone on the throne to regain control of the situation before things degenerate. Indeed, there has already been some revolts around the country, often small but end badly.

    Finally, it is high time that the Emperor sits on the throne, it is carried by a long reign worthy of the name!



    In this city is restless, but less campaign. The Emperor does not always win the heart of the rural population, poorer it has little to the life of these people. "A man or another to the throne, it changes nothing for us! It is not they who will reap wheat.", Said an old farmer.



    A small stream, near the castle from which governs the Emperor.


    Near the stream, the monks of the monastery are preparing for the ceremony.



    The cathedral, great symbol of Dahammas capital. The streets are crowded and it is difficult to move about, the army prepares the way.


    The Emperor should leave soon...


    ... Even though the quiet and beautiful scenery make you want to stay there!





    On 22/09/2016 at 10:59 PM, _Michael said:

    Lovely use of the Berg Eltz! And lovely rural scenes. Mind me asking, what is the stone bridge in the forth image? - It looks fantastic! Keep up the amazing work!

    Thank you :)The mod is this bridge: Le Petit Pont de Pierre


    On 23/09/2016 at 3:23 AM, sunda said:

    Beautiful !

    Thank you! :)


    On 23/09/2016 at 6:27 AM, Golhbul said:

    Vraiment joli.... Bravo.

    Tu ne t'es pas trompé? Je comprends pas, ce que viens faire l'image de Dahammas au centre des images de campagne. Cependant c'est très bien.. Continues comme ça, et vivement la suite

    Merci Golhbul! Non, je ne me suis pas trompé, en revanche il se peut que mon histoire soit un peu flou, je ne suis pas encore un grand conteur et je n'ai pas toujours les bons mots. Je cite Dahammas en clin d’œil à la R.C.D. simplement. :) Ce n'est donc pas une image provenant de la R.C.D., mais bel et bien une image de Tühbräk. J'espère avoir éclairci un peu ton doute. ;)


    On 23/09/2016 at 3:51 PM, kschmidt said:

    Nice rural scape ! Monastery custom lot ? City cathedral bit odd picture in between all oll those countryside marvel, well done !

    Thank you kschmidt! :) No, the lot is created by Simmer2: Schiffenberg Monastery Revisited.


    On 23/09/2016 at 6:53 PM, kingofsimcity said:

    Everything is beautiful but the castle scenes at the end definitely take the cake. Wow! Phenomenal!

    Thank you very much, glad you like it! :D


    On 23/09/2016 at 9:00 PM, Ln X said:

    Truly beautiful and a fantastic use of MMPs. Take a bow good sir!

    Thank you Ln X! ^^


    On 24/09/2016 at 4:53 AM, Takingyouthere said:

    Beautiful hand crafted nature scenery and I didn't realize this CJ had a historical story line it's quite interesting to read.

    I try to create something exciting around images. But my English is bad and it does not do as well as French. I hope to improve! Anyway, thank you the comment! :)


    On 26/09/2016 at 10:31 PM, raynev1 said:

    Your MMP work looks very nice .

    Thank you raynev1! :)


    2 hours ago, Simmer2 said:

    One word......Stunning!!

    Thank you Simmer2! The next update will be even better! ;)

  8. nRVOUS
    Latest Entry

    I've been out of the CJ game for awhile now because of some personal things and school but I'm ready to start regular content creation again.


    This is a nature scene meant for the Catalina Hills post but it didn't make it in.


    Spring shot of the newest department store in town.


    I also decided a University was needed for a big city so the Piedmont University was born.


    A Growing City :: 4. Teil

    Hello dear Cities Skylines fans. This Time I think i did a really goo Video. Think is much better than the last 3. Hope You like it. The City ist getting pretty big. Allready 19'000 inhapitans. Enjoy!:

    Et Voilà:

    And for sure some pictures for you:




  10. 1gk91c.jpg


    kingofsimcity: Thanks a lot!

    _Michael: Cheers!

    feyss: I needed something to break up the area, so an MMP caravan site it was.

    kschmidt: Thank you! NDEX and Chicago team have made the bulk of the skyscrapers SC4 players use. FrankU's parks and plazas are very versatile, I think it works pretty much anywhere.

    icantthinkofaname: Links are here: Reddonquixote's Collins Place and

    Wallibuk: Thank you!

    Heermonius: That was my intention with Erinsberg's city centre. Thanks for your comment.

    tariely: Even with the NAM traffic controller cranked up to maximum traffic I still couldn't get the traffic jams. Having said that if there were actual traffic jams then many of the buildings would become abandoned. Anyway linkies: angled building is- and curved W2W building is-

    Hafiz173: The answer is a lot of plopped buildings and "make historical" RCI buildings.

    TekindusT: You know what? That just about describes what has happened. To be fair this is often seen in Britain, so it is something which I wish to emulate in SC4.

    Takingyouthere: It's the city centre, not downtown. Anyway, thanks for your comment!


    Update 144: Stalag's Range and Helga's Pass

    Last entry was intensely urban. This entry is intensely rural.



    To the left is Stalag's Range with the lumber operation. To the right is Helga's Pass.


    I used the Cascadia Tree Controller for the flora. Then I infilled the gaps with MMPs to give a thick lush feel.



    One third of the map was woodland and wilderness. This took several weeks to complete with thick MMP saturation.


    I decided to build a minimalist lumber operation. The forests are part of a national park and logging is done with a staggered approach.


    Different flora types have particular MMP schemes.


    For instance deciduous woodland is covered with grass. Coniferous woodland is covered with bushes inbetween.


    The narcissus MMP also serves as a good substitute for oxeye daisies in grass areas and ramson in forested areas. And here is ramson in an actual woodland area. I'm not kidding about the thick flower density-



    Mist in the forest.




    I used footpaths to divide the areas up.


    It helped with the MMP infilling. Otherwise it would have been endless the amount of MMP work to be done.


    I added in open areas, in particular grazing areas, simply to cut down on the MMP work.


    A mosaic of Helga's Pass.


    On top of that I made sure there were enough MMP Sims on the paths.



    A Gypsy camp.


    The Gypsy camp is on the southern slopes of Helga's Pass.



    The northern side of Helga's Pass is one long, prominent slope.


    Stone walls-


    The grassland is predominantly using Chrisadam3997's pasture MMPs-


    The additional flowers, bushes and trees all come from girafe- for newcomers download everything this guy has published on the LEX.



    MMP oversaturation done right should look like a Van Gogh painting or something...


    But it's also important to let the terrain show too.


    The village of Skeeby.


    Bipin's Hamilton Houses-


    Use the LotPlop cheat to place them down.


    One last overview...


    And one last mosaic...


    The next entry will be something rather industrial.

  11. Hi! It's been a while since the last update, and quite a lot has actually happened, so let's get on with it, I guess!


    As always, this is the latest building in the theme:


    You can see that I put in a BigBite on the ground floor because I thought it was cool.



    I added some graffiti to the building. It adds a sense of life and realism to it.




    All of the buildings have a custom LOD (all under 100 tris) that also have their own illumination map.


    So, that's it for the building. I have expanded the area quite a lot recently by making a lot of farms. I am trying to keep the detailing consistent so that the farms also are taken care of, not just the towns.

    So here are the farms:









    I've started adding these fields with hay bales in them. Golden county has a lot of cows (Dairy products and cars are this region's main exports) and the cows need food to eat over the winter!



    These are some new fields. I've actually expanded the area quite a bit, but I don't know if I'm going to continue with farms or add an unused gold mine... What would you like?





    Some guys working on a broken windmill:



    This is part is still unfinished:



    I tried to do something new here with foliage. I'm not really a tree person when I play this game, so I wanted to try it out. I probably shouldn't have taken these pictures during sunset (or sunrise?) because the shadows cover everything up.





    I know this is unrealistic. It will be changed...



    Moving on near Frankton, I have removed the huge field of trees. I thought it looked a bit misplaced and it didn't fit in very well. I'm replacing it with some smaller fields.



    I also went went with a small dense forest nearby. Again, trying something new with foliage, but I went a bit overboard here as my frame rate drops quite a bit in this area.





    I have have also updated the farms around Harrien. I should probably stop going back and updating things and just move onwards.



    I have also also made the river a bit narrower, so I had to add some farms along it:




    Right by Harrien, I added an extension to the town. I mostly made it for the marina.





    Here is the marina. I needed to make one for Frankton and Harrien, because there's a river, so why not?





    I also made this community garden (or allotment) for the area:






    Here is is the whole area. Because I'm a forgetful idiot, I don't actually have any pictures of the mansion, or anything to the right. I'll hopefully get them next update or before it if I remember.



    You might have already seen it, but I've added some road markings to make things more realistic.




    And that's it. Here is the whole area just so you know where everything is:



    Oh wait. What's that on the bottom left of the shot?


    Its actually going to be a sort of sub-city connected to the main one. Kind of like Croydon and London.

    NONE of it is "final" (nothing is, but the proper thing won't look much like this).



    This is is probably the only thing that's close to final.



    It probably won't be finished for a long time, as I need to develop my theme to get all the buildings. It's probably not good to be using the RICO mod with a "test" city like this if I keep bulldozing buildings, but with detail, I like to have a living, breathing city along with it (I also use the Rush Hour mod).


    Also, that interchange on the bottom right has been remade already. It looks pretty dank now.



    And that's actually it. Thanks for reading through (if you actually read through the whole thing, congrats!).

  12. Quick Contingency Message: Well Guys, this is it! The hype train has arrived at its final destination, Hypeville. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it for you.


    Entry 1: The Grand Capital

    The city of Prowersville has been on the forefront of all things furry since 1983. It is the world's largest producer of furry art, fursuits, and furry novels. Here you will find everything you need to start a new life away from the Offensive Empire, and the furry haters in the United States and Europe. The city was renamed after Miles "Tails" Prower in 1994, and it has gone over well with the population, especially since Tails is a very popular and cute furry character. 



    The lates night shot of Downtown Prowersville and the futuristic industry district surrounding it. The industry district got a major overhaul in 2020, and architectural designer SOMY helped make the robots at the factories more efficient. 


    Downtown at day, along with its Central Park, thriving in the middle of lunch hour. A lot of dates go on in and around the Central Park area, and it is a perfect place to have lunch. The ground southeast of downtown has been lowered to eventually build a boardwalk and marina.


    Tailsko Stadium is home to the Prowersville Foxes NFL Club. As part of the NFC, it has gone on to win two super bowls, in 1997, 2001, and 2015. It is said that they will once again go to the super bowl in 2035.


    Some mid-wealth retailers in Midtown Prowersville. Located off both Exit 1A and 1B, this small retail park, (one of many) is located in a primarily mid-wealth area.  The hotels alone attract a load of tourists in search of a furry time and sunshine. Temperatures can reach up to 115ºF in July, due to close proximity to the equator.


    Restaurant row is a major tourist attraction for the Americans, as many famous American eats can be found here such as Friendly's, Chili's, or Denny's. This is the perfect place to go if you're looking for all-american eats.


    Entry 2 Coming on September 22, 2016.


  13. QwdZhxp.png

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg!

    Harinsburg is back and looking better than ever!


    The crowning jewel of Weltham, its local Walmart.


    The popular restaurants of Weltham now include KFC and Dunkin' Donuts, trading parking for parks.


    Sandwiched between Weltham's commercial districts is a growing community of row houses... and that annoying 2-Story House.


    Weltham is expanding so rapidly that land developers are becoming lazy, and slipping back into using the grid for street layouts!


    Weltham Elementary has been re-relocated and upgraded.


    Weltham Heights is an exclusive community reserved strictly for Harinsburg's elite.


    The Downtown Tenements, or--as I affectionately call them--the slums, have more than tripled the population of no-longer-humble Harinsburg, from just over 6,000 to more than 20,000.


    The Grange District now sports a toll booth guarding its entrance, encouraging commuters to use Harinsburg's magnificent mass transit system.


    That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week.

    Link to the full Imgur album

    I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.


  14. France Les Riches et Les Pauvres !


    Today we take a short tour of french agricultural history ! EU in brussel today decides a lot about how agriculture economics is run. Some new force has arrived without any respect, the Super Marche´s who determine there own value´s on the market place. Ancient France and elswhere in europe this wasn´t much different, except the world was much smaller, more economic local. Every small region had one or two very rich landowners who allowed farmers to be tenant on there land. This right meant they where allowed to stay there in exchange for a great share of the sold profits. So if in above picture farms where on his land they all have to pay this price !




    Chateax DÁmsnill on above picture a classic sample of these ancient french residences !

    This is just a small land owner, now we gona see a real grand landowner. French nobility, was very keen to show there wealth to others !


    Chateaux de Marceaux sur Lot !

    Some part of the land ownde by this landowner !


    Watch the differences in land sizes in between the village and the agricultural estate !

    Grandeur on a large scale !



    Forest around used for those big hunting parties !


    Extensive back garden for those summer parties !


    What should any high placed nobilty wish for else !


    French revolution of 1789 changed everything ! Old rich nobility have to give up there rights to these large estates. French republic redistributed the land to the local farmer´s. Money will determine everyone´s status, not heritage !

    As market prices plumped by the great demand some time later the first farming corporation´s where formed to give farmer´s a certain security over there income  ! This system worked well till the end of last 20th centurie when the big Super Marche´s where those who decided farmer´s faith !

    Farmer´s again are Les Pauvres as some 200 years ago. Directors of the large super market chain´s again pressed there mark on the rural landscape !


    On this old chateaux grounds a brand new architectual castle was errected, in glory of this new market force !



    So the cycle of history is closed again ! Those who dominate the market determine wealth of the local people. French farmer´s protesting at the local Super Marche are the nightmare of every maniging director, blocking of access. ruining business, luckly local law enforcement is there to resort such riot´s.  That conclude´s this month CJ

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


  15. Rural wondering around !

    Today I am again being buged with some perculier Simcity 4 oddity. Large farms are most realistic but even medium farms have the no roads acces bug !


    Three quarters of the farm is fine, one quarter complaining. Road´s or street are nearby. Have another try this time, again some part not accesible, but afther running the simulation it dissapeared, wondering !

    Hope you enjoyed this short CJ see you back next time !

  16. rewright
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    Until I can find the cause of missing props I have had to put this journal on hold. I really appreciate the thoughtful suggestions from my friends here. So far I
    am  not sure if the problem is the bug many have thought it might be, or something else like a a conflict.

    Dick Wright

  17. Hello guys,

    I stopped playing on Olsènes, the city crashing all the time, which is a nightmare. I still plan to post some unfinished stuffs in a near future though.

    So, I worked on a new city when I had the time during the holidays: Alijstar. The city is inspired by Bruges, Amsterdam and Berlin with my little personal touch. So yeah, water will be everywhere.

    Here are the first pictures:


    1. You already know that one ;)


    2. The 'Liberty Square'. More details next time!


    3. The city is known for its churches...


    4. The most impressive one: the Cathedral


    5. And one small mosaic for the end :)


    That's enough for the moment, I hope you enjoyed it! More pictures soon ;)

    - REPLIES -

    @_Michael Thanks for the kind words

    @philforhockey51 Thank you too. I really enjoyed building that small park :)

    @Ln X Thank you too!

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    Gochester in 1990:


    This real life real map which took huge amounts of work and effort for the city council to make shows Gochester as it was in 1990. It hadn't grown in 30 years and felt very much like a town of stagnation. Whilst nearby cities were in a new age of prosperity, Gochester still lingered in the cuts and rainy days of the 1970s. When people walked down the street, they did it with glum expressions and collars turned up against the weather. Old marked squares were carpeted over with parking lots and 60s concrete ruled the streets. The large industrial area to the east side of town was mainly silent (The smoke from the chimneys only from secret illegal grunge concerts held in the abandoned factory halls). All in all, Gochester was a pretty grimy place, and it was full of traffic jams to boot, though it seems only by trucks going from Rennville (it was close to the French border) to Carlsburg (Also pretty close to the German one), as residents themselves knew nothing was worth getting out of bed for. 


    At this point there were 4 rock concerts underway. If nothing else, Gochestarian's love music.Indeed many bands from the 70s and 80s came from Gochester, using its drabness and an inspiration. If only we knew how they did it.


    This is central Gochester by night! The statue of death really goes a long way to represent what Gochester is like.


    Ahh finally a sunny day! In the midground of this photo you can see the rail lines leaving the massive Amity Square Station, a completely out sized Victorian behemoth built when the town was going somewhere. Most of the platforms are unused, but fortunately, unlike most of Gochester, they've been re-purposed. They're now used as a playground for the local kids, and some are also used by drug dealers! 


    A view from the top of the dome in the early evening. Okay, maybe I was being a bit harsh on Gcchester, it has it's problems, but it can be quite beautiful.. maybe it has a future yet after all. 

    though there are 2 fires burning in that last picture...


    Gochester Map.jpg





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    Welcome back,

    I have been busy working on a small town, which was inspired by my recent visit to Switzerland and elements were inspired by the work of @Themistokles.  There are some huge mosaics, so be sure to view it in full resolution. I tried to focus less on functionality, and more on looks, so used loads of Pedmalls and other fillers. I hope you enjoy it! :)

    Replies for "Wolfskreut Mosaics"



    Thanks for the comment @jmsepe:) 

    Thank you @Ln X:) 

    Thank you @raynev1!

    @RandyETotaly agree about the terrain mod, thanks for the comment! 

    @tarielyI think it was intentional! :???::D Thanks for the comment. 

    Thanks for the comment @CMinVA!

    Thanks for the ideas and the comment @kschmidt

    Thank you for the compliment @hotChocolate!

     Think you might be right! :D Thanks for the comment @kingofsimcity!

    Thank you very much for the comment and the info @Fantozzi, I'll check that link out! 

    @Hafiz173 It's a custom mod that I made myself. :) 

    Thanks for the comment @Artimus:) 

    Thanks @sunda

    Thank you very much @InvaderNat. I tried to focus on expanding my diagonal skills in this city, so I'm glad you think I did them well! :) 

    @TekindusTThanks for the comment; they are such good lots, I could keep but using them; a lot of them! :D 

    :D @Akallan Thanks!




























    Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave comments and feedback, and "like" if you enjoyed! 

    See you next time. :D 





  19. Colossal Order Office




    new big garbage industrial park with direct connection to highway


    New farming district with cargo train transport station



    roadupgrade due heavy traffic - connects west and east side


    some screenshots





    overview new districts




  20. One the most famous places in Anvers. Red Entrance for the Grand Hotel JFK ( *****L ). Anvers Centrum (M1)

    ANVERS - Centrum-8 Gen., 231393146745.png

    ANVERS - Centrum-9 Feb., 441465746141.png

  21. Welcome back to Petal, today we are exploring to the major shopping area, west of the roundabout full of some of the best shopping in the area.  Home of some of the large box stores, grocery stores, and restaurants , such as Walmart,  Kohl's, Target, Winn-Dixie, Starbucks, and more! So let's hop in our cars, and drive to the latest place to shop in the Parish!



    As we start off; we start at the roundabout, where we will take the western way to the shopping, and more!



    Starting with a Winn-Dixie, Best Buy, and a McDonald's, the Winn-Dixie gives this town the southern feel that we preserve; and with the low, low prices; Keep the people happy with the freshest produce and meat, while across the street you can go buy that new computer to play Simcity 4!


    Going a bit more west, you come to the only Holiday Inn in the city; the original Holiday Inn was torn down in 1993 to build this; and the original was built in the 1960s with one of those big Great Signs of Holiday Inn, now it's a modern lodging area to provide all with comfortable lodging, and attempt to compete against the hotels in downtown like Holiday Park, and the other hotels on this part of the avenue.


    As well, is a simple Chevrolet dealership, with new cars and great service; the Petal Chevrolet dealership which has been in business since 1928, will service you till your happy!



    Like any other city, Walmart's store here is always packed, and with everything you need in a modern Walmart; that replaced the original one in 2015, it as well features Subway  inside for a perfect stop for a sub, while shopping for your groceries, clothes, or anything really!



    Of course, there is non-shopping to; we have a Chuck E Cheese's and a Starbucks near the Holiday Inn, with a Rite Aid pharmacy, all in one intersection!


    There also, is a old Motorola office building for Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and the Alabama region to provide quick customer service and offices for those in the company or buying their products.



    Don't like Walmart? There is a Kohl's near the Days Inn and the Hampton Inn, to get you your discount clothing.




     Or if you want to go to the end of the shopping experience, is a Sam's Club, Lowe's or a Target. Notice the farms, and railroad; tells you the sense and the fast transition from city-suburb, to farms and rural. It really is a unique sight to see, and a characteristic of the city.



    Right off the avenue, sits a strip mall with a Arby's, Dollar General, and other small stores and a Home Depot, right in the suburban heart but not even a minute away from the avenue.



    To give you the sense of the shopping area's size, we couldn't even cover it in one photo from the end at the Roundabout! Show's how big it really is!



    We will see you next time here at Saint Clements Parish!




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