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City Journals

Our community City Journals

  1. So I have been away from both the game and this forum for over a year. The reason is rather pathetic, but I think I'm not the first to have experienced it.

    Addon and Mod HELL!

    I got so invested in finding new addons and mods, ploppables, auto stuff, you name it, that I actually got burned out from all of it. I remember spending more time sorting and indexing my 100 or so addons (which I know is a small number for other Sim-users) and trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, where to find stuff in game and looking for dependencies that required dependencies, that required... BAH!
    The one mod that broke me was the IRM Base Pack (Industrial mod). I reached a point where I had to figure out why some of the basic Maxis buildings were, and still are, missing. But I just can't be arsed looking for a solution. Not yet anyway.

    I'm slowly getting back to the game and have been tweaking Residential Evil a tad bit. Some libraries have been relocated, a house of worship was also relocated after two others were burnt to the ground by fanatics. There is also a recently built Little League Stadium with an arcade hall and tourist trap nearby.

    As for Industrial (what a lame name), it is my biggest headache right now. It's one giant temporary solution. What I really should do is drop a nuke and have it all erased and start over. But that would be way too easy. The main goal is to demolish the Maxis Highway and replace it with NAM, and re-route the railroad.
    But first I need to get the RHW-4 neighbour connections sorted. The work-around is avenues.

  2. MisterBlueStar4
    Latest Entry

    Before assuming that I will cancel this project I will not cancel this project at all but it's taking a new route.So I made a decision to start the entire project over as completely rural.Why?I've lost interest in developing urban areas and felt like I couldn't do rural and urban at the same time so in response I decided to start over the project as rural.You guys might not be happy about the decision but I just felt unwilling to do urban areas.I also promised to slow down the entries as I realized how much I did on this city journal.Thanks for the support and it keeps me motivated to continue this project.

  3. This is a more varied showcase of the city of Lakefield. There's some areas that still lack detailing, but for the most part, the city is final. I also updated the Imgur album.

    Starting off with an aerial view:


    View of Proyect Floodland and the many ferries surrounding it:


    Proyect Floodland Wharf Port:


    Floodland Cathedral, with a sunken ship that has been rescued from the bottom of the lake:


    View from the cathedral avenue towards the city:


    View of Proyect Insula:


    Ruins of the old second settlement:


    The Insula Beacon, a former lookout place turned into a monument:


    The utilities that service the region, located next to Vista Hill:


    There's also a little stream that borders the nearby neighborhood:


    View from Vista Hill south lookout point:


    View from the north lookout point:


    Trekker Castle, and the road leading to it:



    Woodstock district, located east from the city:


    Cargo terminal at steephill neighborhood:


    Oak Park, with a tram weaving through:


    Hoprock Park, with the LSA HQ (Lakefield Security Agency) on the left and a hospital on the right:


    The headquarters of the LOFTA (Lakefield Old Factory Transit Authority) :


    The 'Interchange on a Curve', wich connects Route ND-100 with Survivor's Boulevard:


    East and South sections of the Boulevard, respectively:



    Lakefield Stadium and its plaza:


    A ferry-bus hub:


    Lakefield Great Flood Memorial and park:


    A ferry-wharf port at Hoprock Sierra, south of the map:


    And last but not least, a view of Cypress Neighborhood from the sierra:


    Hope you've liked it, and apologies from being all over the place *;)

  4. No Rest for the Weary


    Carol smiled as she motored down the highway. Since Hammerhead’s arrest, the demand on her time had plummeted, with a corresponding drop in crime. The Maggia’s back was broken and the organization appeared to be in a death spiral. A few small-scale busts had followed the take-down; the failing efforts of desperate individuals wallowing in a power vacuum feeding upon each other.

    The hands-free began to chime and Carol sighed, shaken from her reflections. She glanced at the screen, seeing it was Bobbi Morse and happily took the call.

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Hey Bobbi, how are you?”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “Well, that depends on your point of view. Are you busy?”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “I’m just on the highway heading to the Palladium resort. I have a week booked there all by myself. I kind of earned it, I figure. So yeah, a little bit busy.”

    Silence met her response and Carol could just feel it coming.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked before Bobbi could continue.

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “I’m so sorry,” Bobbi’s voice faltered, “I think you’re the only one that can help. There’s been a kidnapping…”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Oh,” Carol shook her head in confusion, “but what about your team? Felicia alone could probably get that handled, considering her specialty.”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “Carol, it’s in Afghanistan…”

    What the..? Carol furrowed her brow, trying to make sense of the situation. Why is S.W.O.R.D. even involved with a kidnapping? Truthfully Bobbi had been Carol’s rock during her recovery, after being ambushed at the warehouse. Carol may well owe Bobbi her very life, if she was being honest with herself. Ultimately there was no debate as to whether she would help Bobbi without hesitation. Carol looked wistfully at the highway exit sign coming up. Either she headed south at the exit, or follow the highway and end up at S.W.O.R.D. With a sigh she watched her turn off pass by.


    dHNW0gM.jpg   “Tony’s been taken. Can you come? To S.W.O.R.D.?” Bobbi’s voice was wavering.

    rMi81lh.jpg   $#!%. Carol weighed the benefits of slamming on the brakes and reversing back to her exit. Bobbi? You’re cutting out. I can’t hear you.

    "Don’t worry, I’m on my way. I’ll be there in a couple of hours.” Bobbi’s relief was audible and Carol was headed north towards S.W.O.R.D.’s facility.

    Carol and Bobbi were joined by Abigail Brand, director of S.W.O.R.D. Carol sat quietly as Bobbi played back the ransom video. 


    YxiUU1S.jpg   “In a follow-up message, they demanded the funds be transferred electronically. If we do that, we can be sure that we’ll never see Tony again. I have a plan, but again you’re the only one that can pull it off. We need an asset on the ground for a physical transfer of the ransom, insisting that an exchange takes place - we give them the cash and they hand over Tony. So here’s the plan…” Director Brand outlined her expectations for the exchange and what possible scenarios could take place. Carol countered with some observations and pointed out glaring weaknesses in the plan.

    dHNW0gM.jpg   “But that’s just it, don’t you see? The flaws are so obvious that they can’t likely help but take advantage,” Bobbi enthused and Carol nodded slowly in understanding. “Once we get them to agree to the hand-off, we’ll arrange for you to fly to Kabul. We’ll do our best to negotiate for the meet to take place there but may need to accept a secondary location. Since Kabul is ostensibly under allied control, they may insist on a meet in less friendly territory.”

    YxiUU1S.jpg   Director Brand pointed Carol toward a tactical map on another screen, “Allied forces had been advancing on an area around Gulmira when Tony was taken. He’d been there for a weapons demo and the convoy ambush happened on the way back toward more friendly territory. Given the proximity of the ambush to Gulmira, we can reasonably expect him to be somewhere within a 50x50 mile area. More than likely somewhere in the mountains and caves to the north.”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “That’s 2500 square miles!” Carol exclaimed, then leaned back in her chair, coming to a sudden realization. She looked slowly back and forth at the two seated opposite her and crossed her arms, “None of you can fly, can you? That’s why you think I can make this work.”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   Bobbi nodded glumly, “You’re right. I have a guy that can infuse objects with energy; a blind guy with borderline ESP; a woman that can jinx people; an introvert that can manipulate electricity and a schizophrenic ex-mercenary who gets ridiculously strong at night. Who would you send?”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Me,” Carol sighed. “What about having the team as backup?”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   Bobbi pulled up her team on the screen, “Have a look. Any backup would stick out like a sore thumb over there and the op fails.”

    rMi81lh.jpg   “Okay, I’ll do it. But you know I’m not bullet-proof, right? If I have to blow my cover, Stark is as good as dead.”

    YxiUU1S.jpg   “That’s why you’ll need this,” Director Brand reached beneath the table and handed her a case.

    rMi81lh.jpg   Carol inspected the contents and rubbed the red and blue material between her fingers, “Is it… um, graphete?”

    dHNW0gM.jpg   Bobbi nodded, “Yes, it’s roughly your size and will stretch like Lycra for fit. It’s as light and comfortable as cotton and you can wear it under your civilian clothes over there.” She made a gesture as if to say, “Voila, now you’re bullet-proof.”

    rMi81lh.jpg   Carol frowned at the rank insignia, designating her a Captain, “I retired at the rank of Major. This is kind of a demotion.”

    YxiUU1S.jpg   “Well, we’re not really a regular armed force here,” Brand explained, “and Major Marvel doesn’t really roll off of the tongue does it? We could promote you, but does Colonel Marvel or Brigadier General Marvel work for you?”

    rMi81lh.jpg   Carol made a face, “Touché. Captain Marvel it is!” She stared intently at the screen that had displayed the ransom video, paused now on a grim image of Tony surrounded by his abductors.


    Negotiations took over a week but eventually an agreement for Tony’s release was secured for $27.2 million USD. Carol would pose as a Stark Industries executive and deliver the ransom personally. She had reviewed her itinerary with mild disgust; first leg to Hong Kong and a nine hour layover. From there to Delhi with an 18 hour layover and finally on to Kabul, Afghanistan and a meet with the Ten Rings organization.


    rMi81lh.jpg   “Gah, I could fly there faster on my own,” she remarked. Unfortunately, to maintain her cover, doing so was out of the question. She settled into the business-class seat in 12K and resigned herself to the lengthy voyage. “Stark had better appreciate this.”


    To be continued...


    @dabadon5 @BLANKBLANK Thanks for the positive feedback! I really appreciate it.

  5. Hi everyone-

    I'm back to share even more Tarkusian Cities progress, by picking up where we left off with the construction on Chemeketa's Red Line. 

    For those of you who commented on Update 103, I've replied to your comments over on that thread--I appreciate the support!

    Coincidentally, an alert reader at the SC4D edition, SimCity V6, pointed out that June 17th--still today here in the western US--happens to be the 10th anniversary of my first-ever post in Tarkusian Cities, so it's a rather fortuitous day for an update.  I'm still in shock that Tarkusian Cities is that old . . . and it makes me feel old, too.:D

    Before we resume, here's the map again:


    When we left off last time, the 9th/10th Street SE couplet was being extended one block, both halves of the couplet planned to cross over both the existing railroad and the new Red Line tracks.  (facing north)

    Work has begun on building the overpasses.  There's also a lot of other things to note here.  Since the plan entails lowering the existing railroad to cross under the new couplet, the C&O line through downtown had to be temporary closed.  Rail Ave SE has also been reconstructed between 9th and 10th Streets, since it no longer has to serve as a de facto part of the couplet. However, Liberty Street SE is being widened to 4 travel lanes between 8th and 11th Streets, in order to fulfill the same purpose, and some structures have been demolished in preparation.  (facing north)


    Here's the finished product.  In order to seamlessly integrate with the couplet, the new 4-lane section of Liberty has been given dual left turn lanes onto the extended 9th Street.  9th Street east of Liberty, however, now ends at a cul-de-sac just before the new intersection, in order to better control access and mitigate impact on the residential neighborhood. (facing north)


    Here's a little farther north on the line.  In order to mitigate the need for further demolition and new right-of-way (ROW) acquisition along Rail Ave, the portion of the Red Line between Salisbury Way SE (the road that comes in where 6th Street SE would be) and 8th Avenue NE is being run down the median of the road.  Crews have already been at work on some parts of the track north of downtown, so here's where that advance work is going to connect into the median running. (facing north)


    Here's the completed Salisbury split, the south end of the median running. You can see the 9th Street overpass at the bottom. (facing north)


    And finally, here's the Red Line running underneath Highway 36. (facing north)


    That does it for this update . . . there will be a Part 6 for the Red Line coming shortly, where we'll see the northern segment under construction.


  6. a2.jpg.f30648bdbac429cec4e9ce514ee8057c.jpg


    Article #10 - "Polois: Cultural Center of Metzú"

    Polois is an important cultural and touristic center of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 40 Km of Yuti (capital city), 78 Km of Costa Laga and 157 Km of . Is one of the best preserved cities in Metzú. That's why it has great historical value. Has great avenues, a lot of parks and strong environmental policies. Polois is the place with the highest education rate per capita in this country, because it has a lot of museums, high grade institutes. Founded in 1860 by spanish and refounded by french people in 1868, marked the city's architecture. Polois is a great place to know History of our nation and our origin.


    Full Map


    Population: 22.760

    Metropolitan Area: N/A

    Main Activites: Tourism, Agricultural activities


    A Polois Trip...


    1. Polois Downtown.


    2. Casco Histórico de Polois (Historical neighbourhood). Avenida de la ReconciliaciónPlaza FundaciónPlaza de la Nación (at centre). Museo Nacional de Historia de Polois (at the bottom).


    3. Casco Histórico de Polois.


    4. Avenida de la CostaPlaya del Centro.


    5. Suburbs.


    6. Avenida de los Fundadores.


    7. Avenida de los FundadoresInstituto de Enseñanza Superior de Polois (High School Institute)


    8. Avenida de los Fundadores. This avenue separates two different architectural styles.


    9. Barrio Nuevo (neighbourhood). A mix of new and old buildings.


    10. Torre Alaskar (the tallest building in Polois). Parque del SuspiroPlaya de la Mandioca.


    11. Playa de la Mandioca.


    12. Parque de los Retoños.


    13. Barrio Nuevo.


    14. Polois Infrastructure.


    15. Playa del Centro.


    16. Downtown at night.


    17. Parque del SuspiroPlaya de la Mandioca. 9:45 p.m


    18. Avenida de los Fundadores. 8:11 p.m


    We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.




  7. Replies:

    Ducio: Thanks and glad you like the church. I'm pretty sure I've pretty much downloaded all the churches I could find on the STEX and SC4D so I get the most variety out of my church in every village rule, the small ones are hard to come by though so if you have any suggestion that would be brilliant. As for the houses, I feel a bit sorry for them too, though, they are getting a house a hell of a lot cheaper than anywhere else in the region. Plus, the majority of them moved in after the dump and industrial units were built so I'm saying that's their own fault!



    Entry 6: Hard to Port!

    So, were back in Harrington and the surrounding area with another update on how things are developing over here.

    First the most exciting news is that it would appear that someone, somwhere has decided that some sort of even basic education would benefit the area and as such, has built several schools including this one in Harington itself.



    And this one in Roweaton. Pretty small and basic school houses really but some education is better than no education!



    Anyway fast forward several months and it would seem this education is paying off as some bright spark came up with the idea of having a small port to ship the large amount of farming goods out of the area in a more efficient way than standing on the shore and throwing them at passing boats.


    Welcome to Harmouth!


    (its the small town on the left of the top shoreline)

    Unfortunately, they built it on the north side of the Harrington bay so it only serves a third of the area effectively but oh well,its a start. Plus as you can see in the next few images its still grown a bit.





    Anyway that's where were at today. Nothing like a really sudden ending to a entry but oh well

    Here's a look at the region as it stands as well, just because I love region growth picture!



    Till next time!

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    Recent Entries

    So I made this region originally in 2013 when I was still in high school, finished all that and began real life and got thoroughly into my Cars so SimCity and gaming and general was hard on the backburner.

    However I was rather bored last weekend and decided to boot up SimCity 4 again and just resume building this region, I was honestly amazed at what my 15 year old self had built back in the day I used to give myself a hard time about not making cities good enough and I still do that to this day with my project cars.

    Anyway I just kept building and building almost had the second metropolitan tile t'd up ready to build the downtown zone when I noticed a blank lot that was zoned and built.

    After a bit of research I found out that in such a early stage of this regions life I had already struck Prop-plox  I dont know why or how my computers more than strong enough for SimCity 4 and I dont even have the PEG file that supposedly causes the issue. 
    So ill start a new region by all means reccomend some region maps for me below.

    But before I bin this region I thought id share some of my work.
    PS: sorry about the 4;3 screenshots haha

    Firstly this is the Queenschurch metro area.

    Where the PROP PLOX struck first



    Overview of the suburbs

    Night time

    The central park close up 

    Stadium and small business district

    RHW interchange excuse the grid haha



    Now to twin coasts region the first city i built on this region back in 2013

    Interchange onto the island 

    Overview of the city

    The burbs and uni 




    Nice little parkland

    Thats all for now I will continue this journal on the new region. Wish me luck to stay motivated :P


  8. large.593ec1ede119f_PortdeCaravella-060_

    Caravella Zoo, short for Port de Caravella Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary, is a zoo on the edge of the Kronenbourg park in Port de Caravella. The zoo is the only zoo in the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga. Caravella Zoo also ownes and operates the Port de Caravella Aquarium, which is located in the new suburb called 'Nouvelle'. Tickets bought at the zoo are therefore also valid at the aquarium and vice versa.

    The Port de Caravella Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), the International Species Information System (ISIS), and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA).


    Inspired by a 1908 visit to the Hamburg Zoo, the founder of the Caravella Zoo, Albert Gassin, envisioned a zoo based on the bar-less concept. Gassin shared his vision with the ruling prince at that time, Prince Phillipe IV de Caravella, who granted Gassin 20 acres of land on the hillside at the northern edge of what is now Parque Kronenbourg. The Caravella Zoo was officially opened on 5 October 1916.


    The zoo has 2 entrances: the main entrance includes a parking lot and bus station, is located at Rue de Conil. The second, smaller, entrance can be reached by climbing the stairs that connects Kronenbourg park to the zoo. The zoo has a restaurant, zoo shop, lookout tower, information centre, several eating areas and a playground.


    Apart from being a zoo, the Caravella Zoo also is the home of the Wildlife Sanctuary.
    Zoo Friends offers support in form of volunteers and fund raising for both Port de Caravella Zoo and the Port de Caravella Aquarium. Members are offered behind-the-scenes experiences at the zoo and unlimited zoo entry. Members are also eligible to volunteer to help at the zoo.



    @JP Schriefer @mike_oxlong @Akallan @GoKingsGo @RandyE @TekindusT @BLANKBLANK @Takingyouthere: Thanks to all of you for the nice comments on the previous Nouvelle update.
    @_Michael: The platforms are props by Working Man Productions, not sure which file, but have a look around on his website: http://workingman-productions.co.uk. The bollards are just props.
    @kschmidt: Although I like the Sky Tower building, i'll stick to the Euromast one (just to have some Dutch buildings in the city ;-)


    And, as always: if you like it, let me know!

  9. jons11
    Latest Entry

    St. David is the Qwandian capital and the third most populous city of the Federation.
    St. David is the city that symbolizes the richness of the Federation of Poemia. If Vancor is the city of work, Berghmann the city institutions, Saint David is the capital of entertainment where there are the VIP of the country.
    With many bars, beaches, museums and leisure centers, the Qwanda's capital attracts more than 3 million tourists a year making it the third tourist destination in the country after Berghmann and Puerto Levante.
    These are some of the villas located along the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean








  10. Whew!! :zzz: Those were a really strenuous two weeks; RL is still eating me alive, just at a slower rate, so that means I can add something here. But first: 

    The replies!


    @Edvarz Thanks! I'm also an alternate history fan, even if alternative facts are getting a bad reputation lately, so we can go for the less frowned upon term Uchronia (the word is indeed a recent leaning from romance languages!).
    You are right, definitely a latin american CJ is not something you see every day, but our part of the world is getting some attention lately, particularly from @Don_Pato (everyone, check those images, they're great!). In any case, and following the trend with fictional countries, Santa Clara isn't exactly andean, but an island that is neither on the South American nor on the Pacific plates: if you want, the closest geological relatives would be the Galápagos, including with it the crazy endemism and weird climate.
    Oh, and about that offer, maybe I'll ask for it once Praiodan releases his rendering of the Bellevue Palace...

    @TekindusT thanks! I hope so, too!

    @MissVanleider thanks! The maps are indeed released (well, a previous but very similar version) on the STEX, so you can tinker with them if you like...
    About the 'whole' fictional history, well, is not so whole... I have some guidelines about what I want the place to be currently, and I'm trying to use that to deduce an historical past for the city and the country. For the same reason, the history won't be completely fictional, as I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible, linking several key events to real history moments. To give you a hint, I'm planning to make Santa Clara to be independised from Spain not on the 1810 decade as the rest of the continent, but on the 1860s, making the Spanish-South American War a bigger event.
    And yes, I tend to abuse a bit (ok, no; a lot) from difficult words when writing in English because they paradoxically make translating much easier, as they are normally brought from Latin and Greek, and hence much more known to me than their germanic counterparts. In this case, endorheic seems to be the only available word, even if 'salt marsh' could be a bit more descriptive; nevertheless, the fact is that the lake exists no more, now is just part of a canal system.

    @CorinaMarie Thanks! Those maps are on the waiting, for when I get the country politics right; after all, that's my profession! The boundaries are definitive, I think, but the political parties' names and backgrounds need some extra work. What I'm trying to achieve with that is to use party politics as a handy method to give distinctness to each municipality: after all, a communist mayor won't govern the same as a christian democrat or a liberal, and those differences should be pretty obvious on urban planning, services' provision, tax levels, etc.

    @kingofsimcity thanks! I like it too, but lately I've feeling a bit constrained by it, as the game mechanics doesn't work very well with sloped urbanisations, and the rugged terrain only allows so many ways to trace the roads and streets. For example, I'm already resigning to not be able to use ferries up to the last portions of both rivers, as many bridges simply require too much clearance, and 30 metres tall seawalls are already weird.
    About the satellite images, I find them great not only to show the region development, but also as a template for mapping and planification, as you'll see on this entry. They really are worth the complications of straightening the captures obtained from the Region Census app.

    @f3cs I hope so! You can be sure I'm a map nut, and in a planning CJ, they will be an staple. About originality, the relative lack of it is what moved me to make this journal: I was getting dry of new ideas, and group thinking is the best way to resolve that!

    And a special mention to everybody who liked the previous entry: @Krasner, @Elenphor, @Akallan, @mattb325, @praiodan, @Odainsaker, @AlexSLM520, @korver, @bobolee, @Simmer2, @Bastet69008, @Manuel-ito, @MushyMushy, @Pluispixel, @Yarahi, @RandyE, @Fantozzi and @kim026.

    -- + * * * + --

    Chapter 2. Infraestructure Planning, part 1

    This entry, as the one before, is basically more map-fueled descriptions, but now there is a bit more of interactivity. With the same satellite images shown, I did some zoning and transport maps, that will allow you to see the potential expansion of the city.

    First is a decontextualized transport map, that is also incomplete. Not really useful, right? I'm posting it anyway because the JPEG compression made the other images a bit less than visible. Here the yellow lines represent avenues or widened roads, the orange ones highways (or motorways, I have to decide from which side of the Atlantic I borrow my words...), the purple lines are railroads (maybe you already recognised that curve from the ascent to the Piedra Roja mine), and the rose one (here, strangely also purple), the BRT line. Last, the parts where the lines are dotted are tunnels.


    Now, let's put this into its context:


    Much better, no? Also, it is more evident that a lot of work is still waiting to be done, both on tracing already built networks and on building them! Here, the main obstacle is to decide what to zone on the non-developed areas, to get an idea of what would be the best network design for it. Or not! To keep with realism, not everywhere transport infraestructure has to be good: I plan abstractly on underserved poor neighbourhoods, conectivity problems around the port (too much close to the city centre), and suboptimal solutions to the not-very-friendly terrain. The point is to decide where those good and bad solutions will be.

    So let's go to the zoning:


    I did some work on this, and already covered more than the currently built terrain, but there are still relevant portions without adequate zoning. 

    Let's make this a bit more understandable: see that long stretch of orange that looks like a bicycle pump? That's the Central Station, with the terminal building on the left. Just under that (or south of that) is the Historical Centre. The pink zone at its west is the Government Quarter, and north of the station is a non-zoned area, that corresponds to the old harbour (guess which custom will be used there...). Those dark blue shapes will be the CBD, along the main north-south highway. I think most of the map is very self-explanatory, but something escapes from it: those suburbs on the northwest corner cannot be more different to the ones on the south, simply because of class:


    Now it's more evident: the darker the shade, the poorer the residents and workers. As it is predictable, the port sorroundings are the poorer ones, as the local workers live there, and the rich people flies from industrial pollution. Remember, this is a Latin American CJ, there ought to be urban segregation. In general, I plan for rich people around the Calfú river (the one at the northwestern portion of the region), and for poor people on the nearby of the port and the mine, with the middle class located either at the city centre (soon to be gentrified, sorry) and the more dull areas of the northeast and north, acting as a buffer between rich and poor people. In any case, don't be surprised to find some places where just a tall fence separates a resort from a slum: that's as realistic as you can get, and the overall geography almost asks for it.

    More detailedly, there are a handful of places where some unconventional development will alter the general distribution of zones and wealth.


    1. The Still-Unnamed-Island will be a nature reserve, destined to be MMPed with a very diverse range of flora, to simulate a Fernandezian Cloud Forest. As is the case with many temperate regions around the Pacific, the native flora has been displaced by silviculture and "feral" forests of introduced species: expect Cascadia redwoods on everything but this tiny island, as the shipbuilding industry demanded long and straight trunks, not huge ferns and leaves to feed dinosaurs.
    2. The second canal from the Colorado lake (it has a name now! its because the algaes!! now there aren't red algaes anymore there *:( ). I projected it as being built some years after the dawn of the container era, when the increased ship traffic encountered a bottleneck on the original Desaguadero canal. I have to work on its sorroundings: will they be just tall rock walls, or some kind of lowland to give continuity to the port area? It will depend on:
    3. The bulk port area: I projected here a bulk port, to reserve the original port to containerised loads, but I'm still doubting if doing a dock on the west side, around the new canal; or on the east side, to avoid the factories on that side to cross the river to ship their output. It can be both? Maybe, but I would need to more more earth, to widen the water area.
    4. One of the still unnamed peninsulaes, which is an alternative location for the bulk port: mostly flat, it can be good as a fuel port too. Remember that Santa Clara literally sprouted from a cracked tectonic plate, so it has metal ores, nitrates and silicates, but no old minerals: neither gems, nor uranium, nor fossil fuels; so, every vehicle and almost all power plant on the country has to run on imported fuels, and there has to be a place to unload all that petrol and gas.
    5. Conveniently, that place would be hidden from this nice touristic shoreline. Hit by the westernmost winds of the Humboldt current and populated by the hard rocks that avoided the Loberías sound to go even deeper, this beaches aren't safe to bath on them, but  are nonetheless a very attractive destination for relaxing: expect some Copacabana-styled locals enjoying the clean water and the marine breeze (much colder, in any case), and several condos crawling on the hills. How to connect the place with the rest of the city? I don't know exactly.
    6. Going back to the historical element, this little estuary is the placement of Puerto Viejo (literally 'Old Port'), a small fishing cove that was once the original seat of the Santa Clara capital (or more precisely, only) town. My problem with it is related to their environment: there are agricultural fields at its west, and a copper mine to its north (place 8). How to justify it to be still a small coastal town instead of an industrialised port? Or should I abandon the idea of a small cove and to overhaul the place? Consider that the trend to have UNESCO protected areas is very recent, so a relatively poor nation could have been already tempted to destroy their heritage to reduce costs...
    7. This other place is more justifiable as preserved: Quiñenco is a small lake just dammed up before the estuary of the Blanco river, and its fresh waters help a micro-climate to bloom between two big hills. It is the perfect place for a touristic site, and that's what I'm planning there. The problem is: to make the place as protected as is, the northern hill has to be terraformed and grow to a scale where the planned airport to its north is on a very absurd (or dangerous) placement, so I'm thinking on moving it to place 9.
    8. Now there is the Piedra Roja Mine: I want it to be an open pit mine, even if it is really difficult, just because is also more flamboyant, as a CJ has to be *:D. It already has it's own very toxic tailings dam, but the terraforming is due. I'll probably dedicate a whole entry to decide where to mine the hill.
    9. This plateau looks like a better option to build the airport, but as the area is not flat, some earthworks will be needed.
    10. This is maybe the biggest project of the list: a full secondary city to connurbate Ciudad del lago with. Of course it won't be as important, but I want it to have its own centre, structure and history, for which a full entry will be needed: I don't even have a name! 


    Well, this ended being a really long entry, and I guess you'll have a lot to tinker with. I'm eager to read your opinions, suggestions, critics and proposals!

  11. korver
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    Today we take a tour through one of Europe's most charming cities - Český Krumlov, located in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. We begin in Svornosti Square - the town square located in the heart of the city. Its been here since medieval times - and today its lined by a number of old shops and antique stores.




    The Český Krumlov State Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Built on top of a steep cliff on the banks of the Vlatva River, the views from here are great - especially during sunsets. Its one of the most marvelous sights in the entire region - built back in the 13th century, today it houses a museum with exhibitions running frequently.




    Nighttime is often quiet here - making it a good time to get away from the crowds. The Virgin Mary statue located in the middle of the old square is one of the best sights at night - its hard to miss.




    Christmas markets are a time tested tradition in central European towns and cities - and the one hosted yearly in the town square is quite the popular attraction. With its towering Christmas tree, countless stalls, and falling snow - it truly makes for a magical atmosphere.




    The Vlatva River snakes and loops around the city, adding to the charm of the old town. Restaurants and shops are located along its banks, making for a picturesque experience - especially during the colors of fall.




    One of the most amazing times to visit Český Krumlov is during autumn - the fall foliage, crisp weather, and smaller crowds all make it a perfect time to visit the city. The atmosphere coupled with the historic buildings of the old town makes it a fairytale experience!




    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    Replies for "Patagonia"





    @raynev1 Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @tariely Thanks for the comment *:) I'm not actually doing anything too crazy on the pics - they're just SC4 pics and a couple clicks of a cloud brush that I downloaded in PS, same as what other CJ authors like MilitantRadical, SimCoug, and even Ln X have done in their entries. I know I did some more extensive pics in the past, like Victoria & Angel Falls - but I don't plan on making any more pics like that. And besides, not much reason to either, considering I can now BAT stuff like that - which you may be seeing in future entries *;) I'm keeping the enhancements much smaller these days - mainly small stuff like the line I added on the road in the Pan-American Highway pic.

    @Don_Pato Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the Beagle Channel pic *:)

    @mike_oxlong Thanks for the praise!

    @Simmer2 Thank you! *:)

    @Silur Thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

    @_Michael Thanks for the comment! *:)

    @TekindusT Well, I don't have the exact number, but all I know is that I've gone through two mouses already with all the MMPing *:P Thanks for the comment.

    @Fantozzi Thanks for the comment and for that truly unique analysis regarding Cubism - I enjoyed reading it *:)

    @jakis Thank you!

    @feyss Thanks, glad you enjoyed it *:)

    @Dgmc2013 Thanks for stopping by, appreciate the comment!

    @Marushine Thanks for the comment, appreciate it *:)

    @Burnout2552 Thanks! I always like pushing this old game to its limits and I'm glad you liked it *:)

    @Silur Thanks for the comment - I think you hit the nail on the head there *:)

    @Akallan Thanks as always for the supportive comments!

    @RandyE Thanks for the comment and for the analysis - never thought of it like that before!

    @juliok92012 Thank you! *:)

    @simlacroix Thanks for the comment *:) Yeah, it was difficult getting the right colors on the terrain - I had to make a number of modifications to my terrain mods to get the right look (most of what's out there is generally too green and saturated for my taste).

    @pcwhiz24 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    @GoKingsGo Thanks for the comment *:)


    And finally, big thanks to @GoKingsGo, @simlacroix, @TMTS, @Von F., @v701, @baltazar23, @MushyMushy, @Elenphor, @sucram17, @RandyE, @Brooklyn81, @Manuel-ito, @anytownUSA, @Andrey km, @Talla 2XLC, @Akallan, @Themistokles, @nos.17, @mattb325, @Marushine, @Ducio, @Dgmc2013, @bobolee, @rathefalcon, @Jolteon, @mrsmartman, @jakis, @Fantozzi, @_Michael, @AlexSLM520, @Silur, @Pluispixel, @CT14, @Simmer2, @mike_oxlong, @f3cs, @Don_Pato, @tariely, @cmdp123789, @matias93, @Bastet69008, @kingofsimcity, & @scotttbarry for all the likes!




  12. Greetings everyone! I have been working on this project off and on due to college (finally graduated from the University of Arizona *:golly:). Thankfully many parts of town are near finished, although it is a very long way to go to complete the entire valley. 

    I have started working on the Catalina Mountains and Foothills. Although it will be some time before I start adding buildings in this area. Foothills.JPG.992ba71b6637759a7fbeaa3f9ff1c568.JPG

    Tucson Mall on the north side is done.


    As is El Con Mall in midtown. (Before it was gutted.)593b3c934e856_ElCon.JPG.60a065fe76b89bbcf64441cc3a43299a.JPG

    Pima Air and Space Museum.


    Davis Monthan AFB.


    And lastly, the Boneyard.


  13. SparkleCity

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    Let's Design SimCity 4: SparkleCity - Part 2

    Quick Note: The New Part 1 is NOT being posted because it was on an old map, which was the original for this design centric series. We have since upgraded to a new map which is about four times larger. Hope you enjoy this new path that the series is taking, and our city is pretty oddly named for the second episode.

    Bronies should recognize the new SparkleCity logo.

  14. Huge update!

    For those who are new to this City Journal, here is a brief to catch you and learn the entire history of Woodland Town up until today, click on the spoiler below.*:golly:


    The Story of Woodland Town...

    The Mayor and his friend Ben found the perfect place to start a new city. A nice large tile with lush forests and a coastline down south. The Mayor takes out a loan and starts the city. (Note: This city is on hard more with 0 cash to start, using the 0 cash mod)

    The first road is paved...


    The first homes are built along with a windmill and farms to sustain them:



    The town already experiences financial difficulties. The Mayor doubts himself and decides to give up. He goes for the obliterate button:


    The obliteration is subsequently stopped by his friend Ben, a business expert who offers him a solution. (Read the first two chapters for more)


    With renewed faith, he takes out a larger loan to invest and grow more houses...


    The Mayor gives it a fitting name. Woodland Town is born:


    It is nearly destroyed by fires at one point during a dry season:


    But the town prevailed and continued to grow, as it began to attract more people...


    It grew and changed as the population increased...



    It reached a population of over 8,000 and became a nice bustling town...



    Things were looking great, until one fateful day, during a year of major climate instability, a great storm came, spawning two tornadoes that destroyed everything in their paths, and took the entire town and 228 lives with it:







    Despite that, The Mayor didn't give up, and went on to rebuild, with survivors in tent shelters in the meantime:




    For more details regarding the story of the town, go back through the first chapter and read through them :)  


    Although it's an old image now, here is an image map of the region for reference of where all towns are:





    Chapter 9 - Rebuilding The New Woodland Town


    It ain't an easy task, but it has to be done. I took out a 20,000 simoleon loan to make this possible and took care of lack of power. Instead of building an expensive power plant, Mayor Mathew sent me power from his town (Woodland River City)



    The town will never be the same after the tornadoes. The new buildings are much stronger and better equipped to handle winds. The old Woodland Town is may be gone, but the new one will be so much better!

    Population is past 5000 again, but we are still in the red. We don't have much money left and taking out another loan just puts us more in debt. We need something to push us over the edge into the green!


    So I built a pay toll for the road that leads to the neighboring Woodland River City (West of Pay toll in image below)



    We're well in the green now! The sun sets on the new town:


    The rest of the debris is cleared off and the town can fully grow back:  





    It was a lovely night as I settled into my new and rebuilt home with my family:


     ...Then suddenly...the power goes out!



    I instinctively open the mayor's panel and find out the problem:

    ZKKApfe.pngThe power deal was cut off! I immediately meet up with Ben and we phone Mayor Mathew...


    *Phone Rings*

    Mayor Mathew: "Hello, this is Mayor Mathew"

    Me: "My entire town just lost power, what happened to the deal?"

    Mayor Mathew: "The deal should still be going, you're not getting any power at all??"

    Me: "Nope. You're not even showing up at all, there's no available deals at all."

    Mayor Mathew: "Hmm...that's strange. Try dragging another power line over to my town and demolish the old connection."

    Me: "Will do."


    Me: "Nope"

    Mayor Mathew: "Your town isn't showing up in my deals either, I don't know why the power lines don't accept the power, let me see how much capacity our power plants are at..."

    (Meanwhile in WL River City)


    Mayor Mathew: "We're overloaded! I don't have enough room or money for another power plant, you'll have to build one in your town until I can fix this in the meantime. I'm really sorry."

    Me: "Sighs. It's cool, no problem."  

    *End of Call*

    Ben: "Mayor, my phone's ringing off the hook! People are complaining about the power outages. What did Matt say?"

    Me: "We're on our own."

    Ben: "What?!"

    Me: "We'll have to take out yet another loan."

    So I went in and took ANOTHER 20,000 simoleon loan:


    Ben: "We better invest this money wisely, either way I think we'll be okay."

    Since we're making good income, we agreed on building a natural gas power plant:


    Although it's more expensive and produces less power than it's coal alternative, it pollutes much less and looks nice! Power is back on! 


    A new mansion is built for Ben:


    Woodland Town finally gets a city hall! 


    Ben: "What the heck is that sign doing on top of our city hall?"

    Me: "No cars allowed?"

    Ben: "I'll take care of it. By the way, I upgraded your water towers too"

    Me: "Thanks Ben! I can always count on you!"

    Woodland High School also got renovated with a brand new and improved facilities including a new track and field!


    These facilities include: A football and rugby field, tennis courts, and baseball fields. The football fields can also double as soccer fields!




    We're getting a lot of residential demand now! Especially low wealth:


    To take advantage of this, the lower eastern residential section is expanded, with a nice 2 lane avenue extending out, resulting in the very first 4-way intersection ever built in this town!


    A cozy mix of middle and lower class neighborhoods are built:ReeLoRI.png



    Woodland Town is now bigger than it has ever been before:


    A new waterpark is built along with a small park complex, including one next to the city hall: 


    A new statue was built next to the city hall to replace the old one that was destroyed in the tornado:


    Seven new advisors were hired to work along with a few senators. The town is almost large enough to have it's own government. This makes it easier for me since they'll take care of things like paperwork and other issues while I can focus more on taking this town in the right direction.


    Ben: "I think it's high time we build a police station. I don't think River City's police officers should have to come all the way over here every time there's an emergency..." (image below rotated counterclockwise once)



    News anchor: "Two people have been found dead after a hostage situation...three injured and five more were rescued. We will keep you updated as this continues to unfold here on the channel 12 news."


    Me: "Well I don't want THAT happening in my town. Do you know what happened?"

    Ben: "Yup, that's what happens when you don't have a system for dealing with criminals. Those guys went on a shooting spree and took hostages. Police shot them and thankfully the hostages got out."





    Me: "Like it?"

    By the way Ben, what did you do with the no car sign zot thing that was on top of the city hall earlier?

    Ben: "I hid it"

    Me: "Where?"

    OFA0OmD.jpgBen: "The woods. The birds love playing on it. Love the new police station! Getting tired of people breaking into my mansion every month! I feel much safer now and I'm sure everyone else does too."

    Woodland Metropolis has now reached a population of 18,000 people...

    HdOEwzQ.jpgOur income is also very strong and we now have over 100,000 simoleons for the first time ever!

    Our loans are all paid off and our power deal with Mayor Matt has been fixed. I demolished the power plant and he is sending me 5000MWh/mo.


    One afternoon, the traffic advisor calls me and Ben in:


    Traffic Advisor: "Mayor, look at this!"  


    "This is the third accident here this month! Mayor, you really need to do something about this traffic!

    Me: "Ouch, are they okay?"

    Traffic Advisor: "They're okay, although some are critically injured and have to go to the hospital at the next city by. You really need to widen those roads into avenues."

    Ben: "That would require a lot of demolishing and planning, it would change the infrastructure quite a bit."

    Traffic Advisor: "Well at least build some railroads and bus stops!"

    Me: "Will do!"


    Ben: "Oooh..."

    Me: "Yeah this is bad..."


    I went in and placed a few bus stops for at least some relief.

    Afternoon rush hour:





    Whoa, look at the residential demand...

    r5sPmVx.jpgHow the heck did it go from positive to negative so fast? What's going on?

    Ben: "Oh I probably should've told you, Mayor Mathew built a whole bunch of low wealth apartments."

    Me: "An entire apartment complex?"

    Ben: "Yep, some dense medium density apartments!"

    Woodland River City's population jumped from 8,000 to 18,000!

    We hiked on over to Woodland River City (West of Woodland Town) To see how it's doing:


    Mayor Mathew: "Residential demand was really high, so I zoned for these to take care of it. Now we just need more jobs. You have more room. You're gonna have to build farms, industries, commercial offices, stores, etc. This region is starting to become very popular and you need some jobs!"



    Me: "We could build more farmland around the lower Western section...let's do it!"

      Ben: "Mayor, do you know just how much traffic this will generate? Think this through before we do this."

    Mayor Mathew: "I can extend my railroad to your city to keep my citizens off your roads."

    Me: "Perfect! We'll have to call for a meeting tonight with the city planners and advisors to see where to go from here."



    ^^^This is where Woodland Town's power comes from! Woodland River City also powers two other towns north and south of River City.


    Next Chapter, I address the traffic and job issues.

    This town is really getting closer and closer towards becoming city! 



    To end this Chapter, here are some more images of the New Woodland Metropolis:











    Thank you very much for reading/viewing and I truly apologize for the long wait. I do have more time now so I won't be taking so long with updates anymore! :) 

    If you have any questions about this town or journal, or any suggestions regarding what our next steps should be that I can forward to the advisors during the meeting, then leave a comment below! All comments are highly appreciated! This is interactive and your comments can impact the development of this town and even become part of the story! 

  15. 170604011215996618.jpg


    Located in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific Ocean, the Archipelago of Brebes and a group of 67 islands spanning about 580 kilometers and also the country of Halruaah. The largest island is 120 kilometers long by 40 wide and is home to the capital Kawayan. The archipelago was colonized about 70,000 years ago by men, from 500 BC the archipelago became highly coveted by its resources and its strategic position, it will be the scene of numerous territorial clashes between several neighboring countries. It was in 1760 that the British Empire took power from the archipelago and added a new colony to its list. Two centuries later, the local population revolted, and demanded its independence. After the Second World War, the United Kingdom can not preserve its authority against revolt because it demands too much military and financial means, it folds and the independence of the country will be officially signed on June 6, 1953. The civil war will cost the life of 150,000 citizens.

    Today, the archipelago of Brebes has just over 15 million inhabitants, the majority of which are concentrated in Kawayan. The poverty line decreases ant the unemployment rate of 11.2% of the active population. The country's main economy comes from tourism, oil and copper. Have a nice trip!


    Kawayan, the largest city and capital of the country. The population reaches 9'000'000 in 2016 and demographers estimate that the city is reaching 10'000'000 inhabitants in about twenty years. The city is contrasted by poor neighborhoods, other neighborhoods rise with large buildings blending British architecture in the modern Asian and Australian era.


    There are a multitude of small villages like this spread over the entire archipelago. Most of these villages depend on fishing and agriculture, for some of them tourism operates the local economy.


    One of the four airfields in the country. Built in 1940 during the Second World War, it served the British Army for military operations on the islands neighboring archipelago. The aerodrome has been classified as one of the worst in the world by an aeronautical review because of its delicate position between the ocean and the cliffs, the pilots have courage ... There have already happened a few accidents, but never anything serious.


    An old colonial house of the British Empire isolated from everything.


    In the archipelago still lives some indigenous tribes they live mainly of the fishing. There are about 1,700 natives scattered over several islands.


    After the war, the country developed to the detriment of the natives.


    One of the few stream in the whole archipelago.


    The Hainia Atoll. It takes millions of years for an atoll to form: at first it is a volcano to which coral is formed around it in shallow and warm waters. The volcano collapses until it disappears completely leaving behind only a coral reef in the form of a ring. This process takes several million years.


    In 2006, a man was found on an island in the archipelago, surviving for a dozen years before a fisherman's boat noticed an unusual activity on the island. The man had made a huge fire and kept it up for several days before anyone noticed his presence. He says he had a great holiday!





    On 04.06.2017 at 6:53 AM, Silur said:

    This is very good work. I really like the picture with the airport. I wish you continued success.

    Thank you Silur.


    On 04.06.2017 at 10:10 AM, Chief ZDN said:

    Inspired by this? 

     Impressive CJ! Thanks.

    Thank you. No, I was not inspired by this CJ, although it is very beautiful. *:)


    On 04.06.2017 at 11:26 AM, _Michael said:

    MMP overload!

    Really amazing work - I love how you've integrated such variety in your use of MMPs, layering them all up. That second picture is truly stunning. :O 

    Anyway, always eager for more from you Akallan!

    Thanks Michael, the next update will be in a long time. As soon I will not have much time to dedicate to SC4, and also I want to prepare something huge that will take me a lot of time.


    On 04.06.2017 at 11:44 AM, feyss said:

    You could make a new season of Koh Lanta in those islands!

    Why not! *:rofl: Thank you for the comment!


    On 04.06.2017 at 1:23 PM, Talla 2XLC said:

    i like how the airfield blends in :)

    Thank you, I enjoyed doing this little aerodrome.


    On 04.06.2017 at 2:26 PM, mrbisonm said:

    The airfield is good, but the peninsula with the Lighthouse is something else. Damn, that's good *SC4 detailing* ! I wish I could take a hike around this........



    I'm glad to hear it, thank you very much. *:)


    On 05.06.2017 at 5:41 PM, CdMadero said:

    :thumb: Viewing this entry while listening to this song:

      Reveal hidden contents







    Yes why not. *:yes:


    On 07.06.2017 at 1:57 AM, GoKingsGo said:

    2nd picture though.  Fantastic work! 

    The airport is chill too

    Thank you GoKingsGo!

  16. 94AEF6F6F8308F5AB6819184F05AB17DA3111BC7

    This entry is going to be fairly brief, as I haven't found much time to develop anything specifically new, so is mostly just a repeat of the previous entry. This time I have developed the residential area north-west of the mini stack interchange. The design is similar to the area south of I-10, but the amount of industry is slightly toned down, with mid-wealth residential and commercial services taking a larger role.


    Above is a small residential square cornered by E Palm Ln on the north side, N 18th St to the west, N 20th St to the north and E McDowell Rd to the south.


    The other feature that breaks up the grid pattern is the bow shaped street formed by N Whittier Dr which meets E Granada Rd to the north and E Almeria Rd to the south at their respective intersections with N 16th St. I may return later to N 16th St due to its width. Here is is picture as being 6 lanes wide, but the real life version is only 4.


    Above is an image of the reduced industry seen in this area of development. Most of the industry here appears along E McDowell Rd and N 16th St, mixing in with the commercial services available.


    Finally, some work I attempted on the mini-stack interchange. I'm getting to the point on this where I think I am going to use my free will to modify the interchange to actually work, instead of trying to make it as realistic as possible. The main problem at the moment is the flex-fly fun I{m having at the top of the image, but I think I may have a solution to that.

    Something to note before I leave, I have changed the texture pack, so I am now using CPT Painted Desert Terrain Mod, which I hope will give a slightly more realistic appearance to the general map.

  17. Hartford harbour !

    Mayon province CJ makes a little reboot this summer with the second largest city in Mayon Province, Hartford. Hartford from establishment was and is a important industrial gateway into the eastern part of Mayon province. Providence city maybe compared in industrial sence as a venue but the layout beside the Maroon river makes it a real port city. We start with the port area !

    Hartford has three large harbours. Logical oldest harbour closest to the city !


    Fìrst harbour is split into a modernized container part and a bulk goods dock !


    Second dock is completly modernized container terminal !



    Third harbour is mostly used by chemical shiping !


    Future may see some extra container cranes beside this dock !

    Last we have the LNG and Oil facilities Updated !!!






    Chemical area at the head of the third harbour !


    Last we conclude with the supporting infrastructure !


    Shunting area !



    Logistic enterprise !



    Shunting Yard !


    Large shunting and sorting facility, with a lifted hill !

    Well that´s what I would like to share with you for this month !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !



  18. MisterBlueStar4
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    Lost every save I had including Arden County for no reason,I couldn't recover the saves at all so hundreds of hours placed into San Prudenico and Arden County all for nothing.Fear not I will come back bigger,better and stronger than ever.

  19. Branny

    After 12 years of bloody war, both the West – Carte – and the East – Ula – had ran out of resources and people. They had to sign a peace treaty but business was unfinished, so tensions remained.

    However, with the war over, time and effort could be put into reconstruction and technologies of war like ships and guns could be put to use for trade and policing.


    Some major new projects in Branny include two aqueducts:

    Project 10 - Vidupe aqueduct



    Project 11 - Sama-Branny Aqueduct





    But also the extension of existing ports to accommodate the new bigger ocean-fairing ships...


    Tearu before year 15S extension project


    Tearu after the project


    Constructing the Sama-Branny aqueduct...








    This was also the start of King Norada Utama, also known as Utama the first, long and prosperous kingdom, marked by ocean exploration, diplomacy with other cultures, and as you can see, architectural projects and expansion. Trading also became a big part of daily life, a real business, with the birth of the first associations, making use of ships as the main means of transport.

    In the end, war didn't just bring death and destruction, but also advancement and prosperity. The paradoxes of life... 


    But, as I said earlier, Ula was not satisfied with the peace treaty. There would be a second war in the foreseeable future. In the next episode... 

  20. Hello, welcome to another entry from my CJ. Today I'm going to explain a little trick for adding some realism that I use in Bellingham, the Traffic Oriented Development, the SimCity 4 cousin of the Transit Oriented Development

    - Why the names are different?

    Because the concept is a little different. Mixed zone is the appropriate, not the mandatory to apply in this system; My system allow use of big avenues if they're the commanding way of the neighborhood, TOD means sharp roads; For TOD, Public Transport Traffic is good and Road Traffic is bad; In my system, traffic is just traffic and the hibrid use is oriented, and you can have things like this:


    A walkable historic city center that can be accessed by avenues and transit stations. There's two stations in this image, can you spot it?


    Neighborhood walking to a Traffic Oriented Development; The Subway station will complete the process

    - Why use this type of development?

    * The scale in SC4 is monumental. So sometimes we will not repair in the pedestrian props, or they will even exist at all. So a Vibrant city can be done by cars and people in the same environment, using car for long distances and walking the short ones.

    *Flowing: it's a challenge and a compromise. There's flowing for cars passing thru, with the expressway. There's organized flowing for people and the cars of the neighborhood, with aligned viaducts, what permits that the desired flowing pass thru without difficult over and under the expressway. There's flowing with the buildings, the major part of the image keeps the same average size.


    -Traffic Oriented?


    Real life example; The Tallest buildings faces the biggest avenues. Where the roads are sharper, the buildings are smaller.


    Open That image: You will see the same phenomenon!


    See? There's a backbone.

    - But what about that Sears Tower and the super high buildings in that block?

    They have a subway station, so no need for big avenues.

    -OK, you have my attention, show me how to do this

    You need to know few things to do this:

    -Traffic Capacity and Urban Planning
    Plan ahead and plan first. No, squarish-squaring-square is not a good plan. It lead you to side streets crossing major avenues and transit signals everywhere. This system leads also to traffic jams and transit collapse faster than any rational system. lay down a road system that leads to the follow: side streets>side roads>neighborhood arterial road>city arterial road(or Highway if it's the case)>Highway (optional if there's none)


    Networks capacities in different levels


    RHW capacity chart


    NWM capacity chart

    This capacity chart and your previous plan will define what type of development you will have in that particular area. Take from example the green corridor in last image. It's two RHW-6S (50000) side to side with an avenue (8000); What give us a notion of what I've been waiting from that develop.



    (Maybe not that accurate :( people aren't using both sides



    But the important part of it is: The Capacity of the corridor is equal to the sum of the capacity of all it's members.


    28000 sims capacity corridor

    Should I stay or should I go?



    Your road will attend traffic that is going or they will stay in the way? This will define if there will be full controlled access (highways and expressways), semi-controlled access (Bigger avenues with few intersections and interchanges with other big avenues or highways) or no controlled access (roads, minor avenues and side streets). 

    If they will attend both, you'll need bigger avenues, to attend both traffics (I Like OWR-4 Corridors in that cases)


    - Zoning and development


    C'mon man, we're in 2017, as @A Nonny Moose said, Read the Famous Manual. CAM is not a mod-pack to add buildings to the game.

    If you need more information about Colossus Add-on Mod, read the text on @Tarkus blog

    but the important part for us in that text is:

    "The centerpiece of the mod is that it adds new growth stages for each type of zone.  The notion of a growth stage is roughly equivalent to the concept of density.  A Stage 2 residential will have more residents in it than a Stage 1 residential.  A Stage 4 commercial office will have fewer jobs than a Stage 5.  The default game settings include 8 growth stages for Residential and Commercial, and 3 growth stages for Industrial.  The CAM ups the number of Residential and Commercial growth stages to 15, and the number of Industrial growth stages to 10, excluding Agriculture, which has 7 growth stages with the CAM.  The reason for these new stages is to better distribute population and job density.  The default settings end up introducing a pretty wide variance at the upper stages (especially Stages 7 and 8).  The CAM smooths out this variance."

    In a text that the central part is the relations between densities and road capacities, CAM has to be your first thought. and we will explore that variance smooth pretty much.



    Can you see? all buildings has the same average size. this is a CO$$8 that I'm developing and will appear in the next entries of the CJ. It still has no name, and there will be some parks in it. Diagonal buildings are wanted. But I still miss some transit stations in that avenue, maybe a BRT Project would help

    Real spoiler:


    Maybe will be the background for the airport too with that hotels:ninja:

    The use of the same stage growth buildings creates a sensation of flow and the different types of size creates the sensation of filling. The avenue don't seem clogged too, because there's a relation between the OWRs and the buildings. see the buildings making shadows in the other side of the OWRs. This is what I've been waiting for. I expect to have 40000 sims here per peak. the ones that I expect 60% will stay in that commercial center. the rest will follow to the intersection and to the city center.

    The zoning also lead us the possibility of creating that flow, using the same type and average size of zoning.


    (Even that Maxis Bigger school fits nicely in the zoning, wow)

    This will create a ton of buildings related to each other, but nothing impede you that if you don't like that building (or doesn't fit in the style of the other buildings), click B in your keyboard and bulldoze it.

    That's It for now. I hope that you enjoyed it.

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