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    Here's the busiest City i have ever made.

    City of Portsmith-May. 1, 721477530235.png

    City of Portsmith-May. 9, 721477530351.png

  1. Entry 4

    A New Style


    Over the past few years, Downtown Prowersville has been receiving some major upgrades. A new downtown, with one-way streets and some of the tallest buildings in the world. Some other major developments have popped up, including the new Two Tails Stadium, with some new residences around it, and a relocation of the high-tech industry district, mainly to make room for the new F317/Orlando Turnpike Corridor.

    The Ledbetter General Hospital is located strategically located close to the Two Tails Stadium. This is to treat the athletes, most of which are in high school who are injured. Whilst the KHSAA (Kingdom High School Athletic Association) has a very low injury rate, these injuries are often serious, and 10-12% of the time, result in death. Some new safety measures are in place for these athletes, so the rate is expected to fall big time over the next ten years.


    The Downtown area of Prowersville is home to three sets of twin towers, including the World Trade Centers Memorial (cue the reddit community getting in on this) which was built during the mid 2000s to remember the lives lost for our American allies on 9/11/2001. Another iconic building is the GZ twin towers, freestanding at 1,421 feet per, home to some major corporations and even the Prowersville Stock Exchange (PSE) on the first three floors.


    A retail park, located north of Downtown Prowersville, has its own restaurant row, which sees a lot of tourists come shopping in the area. Especially since Americans and Europeans can feel right at home with the shopping choices, all available all over the globe. A Lowe's, Walmart, and Sam's Club are located in the area, though the Sam's Club corporation is on its way out of Sparkle, since none of the longtime residents like to shop there.


    Located on the south side of the city, just east of downtown (and as showcased in he Waterside challenge) the Prowersville Boardwalk and Marina pulls in many tourists from around the world, especially from the United States and Europe. Some of the most popular celebrities in Sparkle own yachts here, including @Cyclone Boom, @APSMS, @CorinaMarie, and obviously, @TacticalTails, who is the youngest multi-millionaire in Sparkle, at just 12.


    Finally, your Sparkle Sports Update. It was celebration at Two Tails Stadium, as the Prowersville Flying Foxes won against the Seahaven Seedrians 24-21. They will travel to Fort Cream to play the Rabbits on October 29. Their record is 6-2 on the 2016 season.


    Sparkle Football Top 10 (Week 9 2016)

    1.  Rose Point Pink Hedgehogs   8-0*
    2.   St. Ellis Black Hedgehogs               8-0
    3.  Fionastown Red Foxes                     8-0
    4. Honeysuckle Golden Cats                7-1
    5. Purple Passion Violet                        7-1
    6. Zeta White Echidnas                          7-1
    7. Prowersville Flying Foxes                  6-2
    8. Ashford Purple Wolves                      6-2
    9. Hershey Black Cats                            5-3
    10. Mt. Tikal Orange                                  5-3


  2. Quote

    Author's Note: Below is the regional view of Ariosa, you can see that it has a railway and highway (a la Maxis) and has grown is size quite well. In Ariosa the hills point to the North, unlike other lands. So the top of the map is the south. To the Northeast you can see the suburb of Norta Upon Ariosa, and to the Southwest you see the wasteland. Just to clarify!


    Ariosa Blooms!

    Ariosa, the land of golden opportunity! The City-folk (Arioians as they call themselves) have a wide range of jobs to attend to. Brant Blvd crosses the river to the south and leads to the power house of industry, frankly if you want to start a business (after getting approved by CityCorp) its really easy. Also in the city there are several offices you can work at, for example Chauvet Luxury is now hireing! You can see it below.


    Few Arioians choose to use the new I-10 highway, its mostly for the industry and CityCorp surveyors. Many Norta people are angry that they must use the train to get to work. They are still petitioning for CityCorp ( or CityCrap as they call it) to finish the avenue towards the city. CityCorp was unable to comment on why this was chosen. Some of the most wealthy members are tempted to move to the WeHo district of Calli, about 60 miles southeast of Ariosa. They even have major cause to do so! The small industry heavy town of Merth has decided that the environment isn't that important and dumps toxic waste into Frontage River. Merth is just south by about 15 miles of Ariosa.  It would be nice if they could bu I-10 basiclly ends and gives them no way to Calli, so instead they petitioned to enact the Clean Air and Water Act. Ritgh now that costs 64 simolians a month with costs rising up to an estimated 400 in 10 years! Inorder to keep everyone happy CityCorp quickly built a subway to Norta Ave from 11th st Station. Hopefully Norta Upon Ariosa will be happy to stay. There is also a university on the planning table, but that is at least 7 to 10 years away, in the mean time CityCorp has raised the value of many home by establishing Cordera Park. Right now it boasts a few baby oak trees and a wellness park, but there are many more plans for more!


    The neighborhood next to it (Cordera) is going to be pretty wealthy, but CityCorp wants it that way! 


    Well Folks that all for now, please comment if you have ideas or suggestions!


    cauvet imports.png


  3. Budapest Óváros Újváros : Old Town - New Town !

    Today we for now sa goodbye to Budapest with a review of Buda Old and New town. Later we return to all cities with a special series !

    Old town Mattheus Church with marketplace !




    We continue with the Old Hotel - Restaurant district !



    Some more Old town !


    Now we visit the neighbouring Déli Pályaudvar - South Station Railstation quarters !



    University of Budapest !



    Quit modern  all dust blown away or ?



    Commercial district and Hotel district !



    High rise the latest !



    Something for the imagination; not all so new or old ! Next month I will start with the fourth city in this series what will it be ?

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !







  4. sucram17
    Latest Entry



    Let me introduce the little coastal city called Mills Peak layin on the very north east end of Kroonburg island.





    This city was founded in year 1823. The city lays at the very north east of the province Lake lands. It's a typical small city with a marked maritime atmosphere. The proximity to the sea once made Mills peak to an important harbour city. But during the establishment of the great harbours in the city of Grand further south, the Mills peak harbour has today lost its importance as an harbour city. Today the most important industy in the city are tourism especially coastal tours and fishing trips.





    At the bottom of this picture is the start of the city centre coming from the south. With the Mills peak Paper building in the south end of the Moss road which leads you to the downtown.




    Continue north on the Moss road you'll pass Whale square and the great market hall. Keep going and you'll pass the old brick school building. After you go by the bus depo and the tennis courts you'll reach the shopping area, seen in the next picture.







    Here you can find some nice restaurants, cafes, hostals and much more.

    As you can see the architecture of Mills peak is quite different comparing to Kroonburg City, with a more parisian look. This might be explained from the many canadian citizens back in the 1800s.






    see you soon...

  5. Alexandria

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    I've never been quite happy with the College Park neighborhood, and I wanted to build a modular university, so I created Greene University and the College Hill neighborhood.

    Established in 1762, Greene University is one of the 8 members of the Ivy League. It has 9,432 undergraduates and 11,269 graduate students, and it's Alexandria's third-largest employer. Among its alumni are actor Matthew Holloway and former New England governor Lydia Restrepo.

    Here are some pictures of the construction:







  6. SC4_Gameplay_01.jpg.bf6708fd14998aa1e96e249f9236a6de.jpg

    This journal entry is an example of using SC4 entirely as a simulator with consideration also of aesthetics.  Using no mods, cheats or tricks, I started a large tile city and began construction from one corner, keeping notes of my actions, and proceeding through 3 stages of development to the completion of the city and its stability.   This entry is also a monologue of my spiritual journey with the SC4 city simulation game.

    Stage 1: 


    In SimCity 2000 the game had a reasonably achievable end with the launching of the arcologies, but neither versions since are designed that way.   In SC4 I suppose you could call yourself a master if you successfully gained all the rewards starting from the most difficult setting with the disasters enabled and launched a space shuttle, but the city itself may be unstable and headed toward destruction.   The final conclusion, the mastery of the game, seems more so the social, financial and environmental balance of a city, a constant balance of dynamics rather than a static end.   

    In SC4 you can get kicked out of the game and be forced to run for the senate if your city is a complete financial failure, and that is the only programmed end point.  Otherwise, you may consider yourself a master if you can build a large city with most of the rewards and the city can be left alone to run with only basic maintenance such as replacement of utilities when they wear out.

    Stage 2:


    In the tradition of gaming as in the arts, there is always a greater master, never a final master.  One can only hope that a greater master will arise, and another, and on and on, so to continue learning and being productive.  

    I fondly remember the first time SC4 kicked me out of the game informing me that I was now qualified to become a politician.  It was a moment of pure cosmic revelation, a mind-blowing insight into the true workings of the universe.   I had lost everything, I had totally failed, and yet I could now go and succeed as a politician, no longer a technician.   Is that so bad really?  I mean, I would get lots of money and power and fame, but lose my soul, lose my integrity and honor, have no mind or meaningful existence. Life is nasty, brutish and short anyway, right?  Why not go into politics and have a good time while it lasts?



    Then a feeling surged strong in me, a determination of self-respect and the urge to fulfilment of meaning and purpose...   I re-started the game and tried again.

    In conclusion, yes, I do still have my notes that I made while playing this session of the game, and I was going to publish them with this journal entry so that someone else could read them and apply some of my moves, but why boast? Why give information unless it is sincerely asked for?  It is better to incite the will of another to spar, to joust, to juggle and jest in struggle to master the game for themselves.  To become greater than the greatest indeed, always the lesser in process of victory over the electronic beast.

    Stage 3:


    Game Over, Please Try Again...   

    Any Questions?


    Here are the stats for the 3 stages of gameplay above:

    Stage 1: Pop: 5,400, §1,700, about 90 minutes of gameplay

    Stage 2: Pop: Over 90,000, §18M, about 5 hrs. of gameplay

    Stage 3:

    Below are the stats realized at the point that I stopped building and running the simulator, slightly skewed as the pic is shot after re-installing the plugins.   The third stage was developed over about a week, about 20 hrs.













    SC4_Gameplay_ Demo_Stats.jpg

  7. large.580e5e48e2bcd_PortdeCaravella-007_

    As progress on Port de Caravella is moving slowly, I decided to give you all a bird's-eye view of the town so far.
    Just a short update to let you know how it's coming along ;-)

    As always, if you like it: let me know!


  8. bitmap.png

    Welcome back to Ashford...with road retextures! Finally! 


    Yeah..that looks much sleeker than the default textures, don't you think? I changed the header back to normal though. xD Anyway...


    It's another bright day in Ashford. The trams run on time, there aren't too many jams... That's a welcome change, right?


    In City Hall, however, city planners are assembled on the High Councillor's orders. They are reviewing the final impact of the newest skyscraper in town. Least we can say is : good for real estate moguls and the treasury, bad for the residents.


    The suits over at the State Capitol even tried to block it, environmental studies showed it was a bad idea, but after just two years of building..


    1 Pelletine Plaza was finally completed, lighting the way to a brighter future for Ashford. The structure was built away from the CBD, citing lower property prices elsewhere, but close enough to a highway and transit links.


    Still, it's an impressive building allright. 60+ floors of office and retail space, served directly by the Green Line and surrounded with a beautiful plaza, full of greenery. There's only one tiny problem...


    It's in the middle of low-density residential areas, and all the traffic adjustments and road improvements won't change the fact that now, if you happen to live in the tower's shadow you can forget your 2pm garden tanning. Oh, and you're being priced out of your home. In what's already not a rich area of town. Hope you like yoga :/


    Critics yelled that this tower project is yet another attempt at gentrification - hipsters are now buying out all the condos, and new residential buildings are planned. But the question is - how did this happen? Zoning laws are clear : the area is residential, and meant for low-density housing with some commercial development on Pelletine Avenue itself. 


    But the problem is, zoning codes here are vague at best. It only took finding some loopholes, and amendment of the codes to classify the tower as, well, small commercial development. And probably some bribing of the city council as a whole - it was cheap land to build a tower on after all.


    And with such a crowded CBD, it was fairly unlikely to find land that cheap to build on any closer to town. 


    But 1 Pelletine isn't the only new tower in town. Other than the refurbishment of the Southern Metropolitan Hospital, Midtown businesses now welcome two new additions to its skyline.


    The MileEnder Center (left) and Portland Tower (right) were also erected in the same time window as 1 Pelletine, at a fraction of the cost - at the heart of the city's nightlife, and only a dozen blocks away from the CBD proper.


    This has been a much welcome boost to the local daytime economy as office workers come to visit the area's restaurants and diners. The MileEnder Center in particular has become the home of several TV and radio stations previously scattered across town, such as all three major networks (Cathnoquey Broadcast Service, Cathnoquey News Network, and Kingscote Broadcasting Company), and several minor affiliates and local station, including Dunmeri language channels. The Portland Tower, instead, welcomes musicians, labels, and even a music hall of its own.


    Critics of 1 Pelletine are quick to draw comparisons between the two projects, and the High Councilor now has to deal with the Citizen Initiative, a grassroot movement that seeks to take over City Hall in a few months. Every three years, each of the city's five Districts elects two Councillors in addition to the citywide election of the High Commissioner and Celli "Cellyfish" Ajhraari, leader of the CI, looks set to displace both major established parties, the Federal Party and the People's Party of Cathnoquey - both nationally crumbling in times of political turmoil.


    To make matters worse, city neighborhoods are banding together too, concerned that they might one day be threatened by real estate moguls. OccupyAshford, environmentalist lobbies, but also homeowners associations concerned with the municipal government's alleged abuse of eminent domain (the practice of buying someone's property compulsorily for public use) - they're all banding together and making a stand against City Hall.


    Will Celli be able to claim City Hall? Ever since Jane Haaleri, a Dunmer - a third of the country's population yet still considered a minority - managed to win Glenvale far to the south for the Greens smaller parties and fringe candidates have shown themselves more daring, and more successful. So who knows! After the Dunmer, maybe the Khajiit can take a turn in the spotlight.


    What's certain is the battle for City Hall will be tough, but then again if you're going to push more nails in the incumbent council's coffin you might as well make those nails skyscraper sized, right?


    And so we leave Ashford with a few of the central areas of town...until next time :D

  9. FqrUiA.jpg

    Nature and the wild


    This is the map I'm working on. A 18km by 18km city tile.


    Up close the map feels massive.


    I'm using texture replacements for the water and ground. The water is especially good.


    The map is Grand Teton National Park.



    A lot of the flora on the map is from more recent creations on the Steam Workshop.


    The mountains are breathtaking.


    The map creator did a great job sculpting the mountains.


    Additionally, the vanilla game has rocks and rock formations to complement the terrain. In future entries I will show the results of this.



    I am using a mod called Ultimate Eyecandy to make the most of LUTs. It also allows for exact control of lighting which is great because the vanilla lighting was always too bright and yellow.


    I am using the Roads United North America mod for road texture replacements.


    The small road snaking off to the left is where I will build the first village.


    Next entry, due sometime next weekend, I will show the finished village.

  10. The Mayor of Many

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    The City of Palu is home to 30, 000 Residents, most of whom are well educated and well off. A coastal city, Palu is surrounded by water and highways act as the main transport for all of city goods.

    Without University Way, Palu would lose most of its workforce, which is why its so important for the city that this corner of the island thrives in business and education. If University way lost their tourism business, or parks, this district would plummet and dirty industry would need to take over.

    Madam Mayor Bleu would like to extend a welcome to the second most important part of her city.

    Showcased photos are from my tour of University way, and Id like to say this is a beautiful part of the city. I will have more pictures in my next article, diving into the detailing of Bleu's thought process. 

    I arrived right before a major update to the district, so the change in scenery was a wonderful treat for my reports. Below you can see a night shot of our destination, a courtesy helicopter ride gave us great opportunity. Madam Mayor explains that our trip is a gift because her city is in trouble, which I'll explain in the next article. 

    Before the roadwork, University way encourages walking, paths from the apartments to the coast where several beach getaways lie. Many covered car parks line the roads for pedestrians, free parking for everyone that goes to college. If I were to say one thing drew me into wanting to live here, those covered car parks.

    She took me across the pond to her industry, a poor district but shes desperately trying to liven it up. A Cherry blossom park resides near the docks in hopes her office workers will stretch their legs. She is urging me to finish my University way article, before she trusts me with her 'Dirty' Industry secrets.

    Screenshot 21.png

    Screenshot 11.png

    HiresScreenshot 3.jpg

  11. Branny

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    A lot can happen in 14 years of peaceful kingdom. Things we can see…






    And things we can’t…



    I present you Tesu Sami, a young boy, son of a farmer family.




    Tesu was with his father at the cabin, cutting woods, when he heard weird noises and decided to step out and have a look around, while his father kept on going with the work. It was more like a playful break. Least did he know that those noises came from mounted scouts, hasting through the woods, surely not from Fadalipe or any of Carte’s great army. Tesu recognised the insigna they sported as Ula’s army. What were they doing so far into Fadalipe’s territory? Such a trespass could cause trouble.

    Worried, he hussled back at the cabin and found his parents slaugthered. He didn’t have time to sorrow, because the cavalrymen spotted him and chased him through the woods. He had to endure the entire night outdoor in the cold, in a small cave by the Korani lake, before he could walk back downhill to the hometown of Balupite…






    The village people at first did not believe him. He stole a horse from his uncle and left in a hurry, while his uncle and aunt checked out the cabin. Later they would join him in the trip towards Fadalipe, because the army would come through the village to pillage it. What you see there is what was before the army came by. What is left now is a pile of rubble…



    Tesu’s trip with his uncle and aunt towards Fadalipe was long and exhausting. They had to travel through the woods on

    Brindham Road

    to Brindham, anoher small village leading to the Thieren river, and from there a long stretch to Keranino, galloping by the mighty MusidomaCastle…





    This is only halfway, but a number of days was passed already. Tesu wished for a faster way to travel. Remember, in those times they didn’t have railway of airplanes. Horses were the only way to go, if not maybe boats, but sometimes boats weren’t an option. In Tesu’s case, travelling by ferry would have been too expensive.

    Once at Aloravorn, on the Rompock river shore, they did board a ferry though,  to cross the river to Croravorn…





    From there, a final stretch into the woods brought them finally to the mighty city of Fadalipe, sorrounded by strong walls, although not finished…





    Little Tesu knew that, by the time they arrived, King Sono was already dead. The city of Fadalipe was locked down, and they could not enter. They had to stop just outside the gate, in the village of Vidupe, to rest and wait to find out what was going on. They waited for two days. Then finally the Supreme Court announced the details of the death of the King:



    “King Sono left us five days ago at the hands of a member of the royal court, in association with the Grandouchy of Tavulna. This person is now in prison and we cannot reveal his or her identity. It is with great sorrow that we must announce new elections for the throne as Suni Sono left us no eligible heralds. This even also marks the start of a war with the East”





    So here we are, on the first day of war. Tesu would come back home orphan, to live with his uncle and aunt, in a house of rubble than needs rebuilding, in time of war, which means they will also have to serve in the army very soon. The call of duty could come in years or tomorrow…










  12. Melbourne

    Latest Entry

    So I just wanted to give yall an update on the voting poll for the location of Melbourne. I have decided to extend the deadline for voting until Saturday, Oct 22. I want you as members to help me with this city journal and give any ides on how to make this city as realistic and beautiful as possible.

  13. Weird freight Transport !

    Lately I spotted some perculier freight transport directions ! Recently an new industrial area without freight station has been added. Normaly freight goes the shortest way to the nearest border. Maybe road traffic will take over but yet we see this traffic patern !


    My new industrial estate ! Freight truck leaves to the left to the old  estate where freight is loaded !


    Freight is loaded and the train takes his cargo all the way back to the first picture where it´s ?!? make a perculier move ???

    Would the same freight patern apply for the old estate ?


    Same freight station, but a different traffic patern, how perculier ?!?

    This estate is more near the left tile border so the logical route !

    Weird, programing would this occur with a normal 90 dgr railway bridge ? Simcity 4 dated and addition of NAM it´s most likely ! Nice to see goods distributed this all over the map, obviously the local market shouldn´t be forgoten, we know more money is made exporting, the game knows nothing else !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


  14. WORTHINGTON, January Yr201 – If you’re a mayor considering instituting a bus system in your city to relieve traffic congestion, you might want to do it for another reason: Public transit can make you a lot of money!

                    Let’s take our Worthington City (WC) as an example. Its citizens enjoy a tax rate of 6.5% -- which is 28% less than the standard Sim 9%. WC enjoys a host of services, including plenty of well-funded hospitals (plus free clinics), schools, parks etc. Its Treasury takes in $134.1 million a month and has expenses of $128.8 million, for a monthly surplus of $5.3 million.

                    What makes all those services possible at that price is the bus system. WC public transit takes in $27.6 million a month, with expenses of $0.9 million, for a whopping surplus of $26.7 million. Transit system profits make up almost one-fifth of the city’s revenue. Without that transit money, the tax rate would need to be increased to 7.8% (which is still low by Sim standards) to make up the difference.

                    Toll plazas can make an even bigger impact.  In the town of New Bain, the local government takes in $26.6 million a month, with expenses of $23.5 million, for a surplus of $3.1 million – this despite a residential tax rate of zero, and a miniscule business/industrial tax rate of 2.8%. Part of the reason for these extraordinary figures is New Bain’s small government philosophy – low taxes/fewer services. But most of the reason is the toll plazas present at all but one entrance to/exit from the city. Because almost roughly 70% of New Bain is made up of business districts, and because so many of the workers at these businesses live outside its borders, city fathers decided several years ago to shift more of the cost of running the city from its locals to commuters by charging tolls. They had no idea how profitable that decision would be. Last month, New Bain took in $15.8 million from tolls – 59.4% (!) of the city’s total revenue.

                    It should be noted that unlike bus fares, which pay for a specific, optional service, tolls are in effect taxes. But they are a tax burden shared by those who work in the city as well as those who live there.  

    PICTURED: A typical bus stop, this one at Gallery Plaza, the entrance to the National Gallery of Art in Worthington City.


    Screenshot (49).png

  15. nedal2001
    Latest Entry

    There has not been much progress when it comes to this story because of Cities Skylines, but I was thinking about it the other day, and I decided Desten is going to have two storylines from two cities in it - Sophara (SimCity 4) and Springfield (Cities Skylines)! Somehow, I will intertwine the two (Springfield will be found sometime in the early 20th Century), but for now, here is a single teaser shot!


  16. France (Postponed)

    France Anno CJ for this month is postponed ! Research and work on the upcoming next Europa ANNO city unfortunaly takes up to much time, I decided to postponed the episode for this month ! When the next Europa ANNO city is established I will resume France ANNO series, this wil occur before any future Europa ANNO series city. As yoo can see in this series I like to have certain kind of infrastructure and terraforming in place before building up zones and landmarks. Showing I little bit of variety I don´t want jump right out to the next city; deciding wich city to start is very hard and  should be taken with great care. Obviously there will some of the recurring lots and transit modes. Street porps, MMP´s, tree´s other custom stuff will be different in every case !


    Hope you enjoyed this see you back next time !

  17. This entry continues from where I left off last time at Aizen fall's. Here's a couple of wide pano shots to jog your memory in case you forgot where we were on this trip down the Akallan river ;)


    I spent a lot of time experimenting with mmps and creating different landscapes in the next area. I particularly like how these scenes look up close so as with the last entry the photo are from the closest two zooms. More of the area around the base of Aizen's fall. The first bridge crossing the Akallan river at an angle is Vermont Drive.

    Crossing Vermont Drive by foot is not recommended, unless your prepare to get soaked from the fall's mist.

    The Akallan river then meanders under a several bridges the first being the aforementioned Vermont Drive, followed by the twin span of highway 705. Hard to believe but there was a time when I didn't use mmp in developed areas at all. But now meshing together functional urban development with mmp covered area's is definitely one of my favorite thing to do.

    On the north side of the river is a small city park(Jessibel Park).



    Further south there are two final bridges. The first is the Energy East oil pipeline and the last bridge to span the river is a rail bridge, carrying the ICR Lakeridge Sub.

    Three different modes of transit, road, rail & pipeline.

    ICR Train # 303 is seen going over the bridge. This is a regularly scheduled high priority inter-model train which can sometime be almost a mile long, which is the maximum length of trains allowed to operate within the city limits of Pretoria.


    A small pumping station for the oil pipeline.



    After passing the last of these bridges the Akallan river comes to end having reached Cisco Bay.


    To the west of the river along the north shore of Cisco Bay is Varsity Park, another popular recreational area in Baycole.


    ICR 303 rumbling through the neighborhood.

    Closes ups of the park.



    The shoreline here is a swampy marsh, spent a lot of time working on the land to sea transition here.



    This angle is probably my favorite



    And a couple more mosaics to go.


    The next entry will probably be the final entry from the city of Baycole and will feature the few unexplored areas of the city and plenty of large scale mosaics to show everything the city has to offer.

  18. BillyBobJoe5600
    Latest Entry

    Welcome back to Aureus! Since the last entry, I have constructed two yacht clubs/marinas, a large downtown marina and a smaller one in the Aureus Estates. I have also finally divided the new areas of the city into districts, although I haven't named them yet. The city was also recently hit by a death wave which killed about 10000 people, so the population is lower than it was in the last entry. And last but not least I have added new unique buildings to North Aureus as I am trying to go for a midtown Manhattan look in that area. Enjoy! 








  19. L17OZIV.png

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg!

    I lied. I said this would be a weekly journal. I'm sorry.

    On the bright side, I finally remembered to turn grid lines off!

    Shameless plug alert!! Check out the corresponding build video to this journal entry!


    The Mighty Cowanthe River


    The Cowanthe River flows south through Harinsburg, cutting right by our new-and-improved downtown (more on that later).


    Every good American Midwestern city needs a river!


    Downtown Harinsburg


    Standing proudly in the city centre are the beginnings of a decent-size metropolis.

    Any suggestions for W2W buildings that would fit this space are appreciated!


    Harinsburg au Nuit


    Weltham and Weltham Heights


    The main part of this nicer neighborhood, closer  to the highway, is now simply known as Weltham, whereas the subdivision of our more wealthy residents retains the name Weltham Heights.


    The wealthy citizens of Harinsburg have been... elevated... in status.


    ^^ And now, to answer your burning question: why is it called the Cowanthe River? ^^



    That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more (hopefully)!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week (again, maybe).

    Link to the full Imgur album

    I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.

  20. OwiHH
    Latest Entry

    Massive upgrade on the interchanges due too high traffic it runs pretty smooth now even on rushhour times.

    People like to use the SuburbanTrainStations.

    3 new ditricts.


  21. 161011110206715669.jpg


    The sun shines draining land in early summer, the south wind sweeps before the doors of houses. Today, the thermometer rise to 34°C on average across the country, the region of Eréphore was most affected by the heat wave, could be measured around noon a temperature of 39°C! Eréphore is one of two regions of the southernmost countries and their Mediterranean climate, the olives trees are thriving and are walking in part with the local economy behind tourism. This part of the country yet still remains very poor, people live mainly from agriculture, fishing and a few small travails often not reported to the state.

    Have fun watching these images, this is only the first part of Eréphore. Indeed, the work done so far is huge and is not finished yet. I have many ideas to run for the next update always on the same topic, and I do not want to wait several weeks before a new entry (soon it's been a month that I work on this update ). I wish you all a good viewing, see you soon!


    The "Blue Line" is the line of the oldest railway in the country, it has that name because it runs along the sea. Built during the First World War, in 1915, it was used primarily to link the north the territory to the south for the supply of the army. The end of the war, the line will operate for civilian use, and rail will grow in the country.


    The Thylis, a small River rises about 50 km to the west in the massive Gormios. The river is known for the motorway viaduct that crosses from east to west. Completed in 2008, it serves the Eréphore other region.


    The old tower, so she is appointed. This type of building built in the Middle Ages is common in the south. It was used to alert the town in case of an attack with a trumpet. At that time, there were often raids in villages.


    The plateau Eréphore with its abbey overlooking the semi-desert terrain, it is crossed by the National Road 7.


    A small village almost deserted, there are still 13 people... The houses each turn fall into ruin.





    On 12/10/2016 at 1:14 AM, feyss said:

    Nice pictures!

    (Yeah it's an original comment... but I have nothing else to say)

    Thank you feyss! No need to say more, if you do not feel it! ^^


    On 12/10/2016 at 8:18 AM, rathefalcon said:

    Beautiful landscapes! The abandoned village scene reminds me a bit of the landscape in Jean de Florette. You have such great command of MMP placement.

    Thank you very much! :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 10:18 AM, Takingyouthere said:

    Wow are you kidding me... You've really outdid yourself this time, that is a ridiculous amount of mmp work. We need an option to give two likes or something, this certainly deserves it. And just how much free time do you have on you hands? Then again knowing how fast you work it probably didn't take as long as one would think.

    Thank you very much for your comment, I'm really glad to hear it!
    It took me a little time to create these five photos, Eréphore was born there about 20 days, but I have not worked on it every day. I think in total I had to make between 35 and 40 hours to get the results you see. :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 3:26 PM, Ln X said:

    OH YEAH! You have perfectly captured that semi-arid Mediterranean feel. Good job on the MMP rock placement too, that is probably the hardest part of using MMPs. I would say the last three pictures are my favourite, I just love that rocky, dry shrubland.

    Thank you! Yes, rocky parts are a bit more complex to do. I had to try several samples before making a decision. I'm usually bad for this type of MMP. :P


    On 12/10/2016 at 5:58 PM, _Michael said:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. 


    But seriously, this is incredible. Like really beautifully incredible.

      Reveal hidden contents

    @korver, are you watching your back? There's finally an opponent to you. :P :D 


    Thank you very much Michael! :thumb:


    On 12/10/2016 at 6:31 PM, Simmer2 said:


    Thank you Simmer2! :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 9:37 PM, kschmidt said:

    A work of art ! Like those hard to find lots like the Medieval Tower, North African housing and rural house set´s TSC ?! Well done !

    Yes rural houses from the TSC:  Nams BATS PROPS PACK Vol 01

    Thank you for the comment! :)


    On 12/10/2016 at 11:07 PM, sunda said:

    Ótimo trabalho!! Congragulations!!


    Thank you! :)


    On 13/10/2016 at 2:34 AM, _marsh_ said:

    Beautiful scenes and mosaics. Love the dry stuff particularly well

    Thank for you comment! :)


    On 14/10/2016 at 3:57 AM, Hellken said:

    Absolutely fantastic. So Beautiful!


    By the way how did you get the MMPs under the bridge? Most people use MMPs that extend for more than 1 tile but yours seems so seamless. 


    Thank you! There is no need to build particular MMP under a bridge. You just have to click below with the MMP and it's all good! ;)


    14 hours ago, sucram17 said:

    now that is some great mmp-ing! very nice done.

    Thank you very much! :)


    2 hours ago, TekindusT said:

    I hadn't been so close to the Mediterranean sea since the Summer holidays! Sir, you have my respect and gained a new hardcore fan.

    Thank you for your nice comment TekindusT! :)

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    • Thanks! I love the Columbia Tower so I am always quite happy to use it in-game - though stripped of its neighboring buildings it takes on a more ominous shape I find. At least Seattle has tighter zoning codes. In fact the building of that tower in the real world led to more restrictions on building heights, so I found it fitting for my entry And here's to hope that other city journal eventually completes, talking of Seattle :>   Thank you  I will tone it down in upcoming updates, I'm not terribly fond of it, but it was a fun experiment nonetheless. Thanks  
    • Good try, though the labelling is very haphazard and random, and it doesn't really help you navigate the system (aren't there more stops?)  Likewise with those points of interest - they're of minimal help to understanding and navigating the tram, even with so few stations overall. Not sure depots help the customer navigate the network unless of course they're terminal stations. The lines could be made better as well - for instance in one single dash instead of these   The labels should be all horizontal or at least in a few directions, not put at random in five different angles.  All in all a good first draft - but there could be a lot more to improve :> bit of a shame, as the Old Town layout itself looks really interesting and I feel there could be a lot to talk about and map out etc Oh, and you forgot to name the Gold Line stations, and even give it a terminal station.