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  1. Big Daddy

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    Expanded Northward and started work on a new Metropolis called Rivercross. Very grid like at the moment but as always it starts to get a life of its own. Bigdaddy's gonna live up to his name. :)

    Rivercross-Jun. 14, 061490686811.png

    Rivercross-Aug. 12, 051490686034.png

    New Region 2-1490686963.png

  2. Hartford

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    I'm starting a new city: Hartford.

    I'm using a map of Boston, so there'll be some similarities, though unlike my previous city journal Alexandria (which you can see here) there's no location or history as it relates to the whole country. I'll also be using some of the same names as Alexandria, because they're good names, Brent. In this city journal, I'll be focusing on making Hartford a realistic city, rather than the best city possible, meaning sometimes I'll make a decision I wouldn't normally do.

    Currently Hartford's at about 28,000 people. Here's some pictures of the initial construction of the city.








  3. 1.jpg.3dfee7e0b75ed83036ba8e60575c5808.jpg


    Article #4 - "Punta Retolk Highlights"

    Punta Retolk, Retolk or Ciudad de Punta Retolk is a commercial city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 20 kilometres of Wainor City, 35 of Jalai City, and 228 kilometres of capital city, Yuti. This city has an important historical and natural heritage, with great natural forests and old buildings with great value. There are great commercial buildings, multinational offices.


    Full map


    Population: 42.834

    Metropolitan Area: 98.332 (Wainor-Retolk Metropolitan Area)

    Main Activities: Commercial Services, Manufactured Industries


    Retolk Life...


    1. Retolk Downtown and his main avenues.


    2. Av. De La Costa. Great historical heritage.


    3. Parque de la Costanera. A big park. It travels Av. De La Costa. "The Lung of the city".


    4. Parque de la Costanera. An other point of view.


    5. Mirador Grand Hotel.


    6. Estación Única de Trenes de Retolk. A little train station with important conections (Jalai, Wainor and Yuti).


    7. Retolk Beaches.


    8. Parador Miguel. A beach bar.


    9. Bosque Nacional de Retolk. A Natural heritage.


    10. Av. De La Costa at night.


    11. Mirador Grand Hotel and commercial zone at night.


    12. Great buildings of Retolk.


    13. Retolk Outskirts.


    We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.






  4. alWQmyP.jpg

    Welcome back to Mountain North. This entry we will take a quick look at two small tiles in the North East Mountains, both from a drying river valley. Thunder Valley will be up first and we can see a deeper crater in the valley from an unknown source. Possibly a sinkhole but seems to be more of a small impact crater. The area does not have a town and is a nice secluded area.  Sorry don't have a region pic, but you can see part of the valley in the previous entry Jahnee Gap, using the region pic therein you can see this valley up north. 


    01 - Above - Flying Low

    02 - Overview


    03 - look close for low flying jets




    05 - Radar gets screwy in this valley so random patrols fly through, both practice and recon. Sometimes the coastal air guard take runs in the valley as part of their patrols.







    Here we transition to the portion of the valley in Iron Alley. Home to the the Stark Bridge, a means across the valley for those driving on the county rode that runs down the side of this valley.

    08 - Overview


    09 - yes it took a long time to get that road to slope and curve just right up the side of the mountain, really just wanted to see if I could do it








    There are a couple of points of interest in this small tile. Though not a town it is home to the Stark Bridge named after the family that funded it, the old Stark Mansion, an old vacation home for the technical innovative family, and the Stark Museum displaying some of the first inventions the family created. 

    14 -  An older picture of the Stark Museum


    15 - A newer pic they have changed the entrance sidewalk a bit


    16 - The circle in front of the museum and bridge


    17 - Notice the slight elevation change in the in game retaining wall


    17 - Bridge by Day


    18 - Bridge by Night


    19 - The Stark Mansion


    20 - Mansion Walking Paths


    21 - I assume by now you noticed the Jet flying in the valley


    22 - An even Closer look..just in case


    I hope you enjoyed our quick look at at two small tiles. I will most likely do some more of these as I have 8 or so more of these small tiles in the area. We will eventually get back to the tile shown in the previous region pic named Crossroads Creek, but it has some more developing to go through as it is connected to the major city in the region that is in development.  


  5. Welcome back!

    In todays entry i showcase you the newest neighbourhoods in the south,and of course a new interchange aswell















    Thank you for being here today,and see you in the next entry!

  6. Bigdaddy

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    My region sits at 700k population.58d79811c4094_SouthShore-Apr.23401490249934.png.74f5b6e2bacaca5adbf8377290fc9b8d.png

    New Region 2-1488963118.png

  7. korver
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    Our journey to Southeast Asia begins with a trip through the scenic, mountainous landscape of northern Vietnam. For thousands of years, terraces have turned these hillsides into effective farmland - with rice being the staple crop for many. For as far as the eye can see, these terraces stretch on into the distance - a never ending showcase of simple, rural beauty.


    Our next stop is the mysterious Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island in The Philippines. Some 1,776 brownish-red hills dot the landscape for miles around, and a variety of wild myths try to explain their existence. Some legends state that the hills are the leftovers of massive pebbles thrown by giants many eons ago. Others believe that the hills have a cosmic connection, with each hill representing various stars and planets. No matter what the explanation, they still leave us in awe.


    The crater lakes of Kelimutu in Indonesia are one of the more remarkable destinations on our journey - the lakes are just as stunning as they are mesmerizing. The mineral rich water that fills each of these lakes changes color many times throughout the year, so each trip is truly a unique experience. Despite the ominous steam that emanates from the lakes, the volcano has actually been dormant for quite some time.


    Our next stop is the largest Buddhist monument in the world - Indonesia's Borobudur. Rain or shine, it's a truly impressive structure - we're amazed by the sheer quantity of artifacts on display. With over 2,500 relief panels and 500 Buddha statues lining the exterior, we've never seen anything like it before. Reaching the top brings incredible views of the surrounding landscape - but more importantly it signifies the end of a pilgrimage for Buddhists.


    As we start to head back north, a can't miss destination is Thailand's Phang Nga Bay, tucked away on the west coast of the country. With over 40 limestone islands jutting hundreds of feet into the air, it truly takes your breath away. We grab a boat and find a secluded beach on one of the islands - no better way to spend the day!


    As our journey begins to wind down, we make sure to visit one of the iconic landmarks of Southeast Asia - Cambodia's Angkor Wat. The world's largest religious monument never fails to disappoint - you could spend years exploring this vast complex. While the views from the outside are truly impressive, the interior is a different story. To our dismay, we find out that much of the complex has been looted in recent years, with bas-reliefs and relics fetching high prices on the black market. It'll take a little exploring around to find the rooms left in pristine condition - but it's certainly worth it.


    Our final stop is none other than one of the most impressive archeological sites in the world, Myanmar's Bagan. Over 10,000 pagodas were built on this vast desert plain nearly a thousand years ago - with a little over 2,200 remaining today. Despite constant earthquake damage (the ruins are built directly on top of a fault line) - the locals continue to rebuild these treasured ruins time and time again. No trip to Bagan is complete without a hot air balloon ride - despite the steep price, the incredible views for miles around make it a once in a lifetime experience.


    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!





    Please take a look at my "2016: Year in Review" entry for many more incredible scenes!


    Replies for "Moscow"





    @JP Schriefer Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! *:)

    @_Michael Thanks for the comment! It took a while for that snow effect to look just right, so I'm glad you liked it.

    @GoKingsGo Thanks for the kind words!

    @feyss Thanks feyss *:)

    @elavery Thanks for the kind words elavery!

    @Ln X Thanks for the comments *:D

    @RandyE Thanks Randy, glad you liked the rain, took a while to get it looking just right.

    @tariely Thanks for the comment!

    @Brooklyn81 Thanks for the high praise - probably around a month to make everything.

    @portlandexpos04 Thanks for the comment - I got them off 3d warehouse and imported into SC4. If you're unable to get those into the game, the walls from this pack are pretty close (with diags too), and the bell tower here is pretty good too (although a little model tweaker resizing work might be needed). This one could fill in too if needed.

    @v701 Thanks for the comment! Also, glad I could help - if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

    @TekindusT Thanks Tekindus, great comment *:D

    @Urban Constanta I had a feeling Putin might pop up in the comments section - very nice selection everyone *:lol:

    @MillionSeven Thanks, glad you liked it!

    @Silur Thanks Silur - I actually based that pic off an overhead Moscow pic of some commie blocks, but I wasn't 100% sure where it was from - so thanks for filling me in!

    @Simmer2 Спасибо за приятные слова Simmer2!

    @raynev1 Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear that I changed your perspective on rainy days. Although that effect I used in that pic a little bit addicting.. I hope I don't overuse it in all my pics.. lol.

    @mike_oxlong Thanks for the comment and nice words!

    @sucram17 Спасибо за комментарий, рад, что вам понравилось!

    @Akallan Thanks for the kind words Akallan!

    @Takingyouthere Thanks for the comment! While the first 3 pics were functional scenes w/ NAM, the last two were complete eye candy due to the unique roads - and yeah, they're 100% real. PSing roads and whatnot would be waaay off limits. I pretty much made a massive Moscow City (and Red Square) texture and broke it up into 16x16 chunks, and then took it into 3dsmax. I used the spline tool, cut it up, and even went so far to make a custom elevated highway. I then rendered everything into props (which took forever - I'm looking into GoFSH as a viable alternative instead, so I can do most of this with lot editor textures as opposed to props) and placed it onto big 16x16 lots in LE and detailed the various lots like crazy. Here's a pic of one scene if that doesn't make sense.


    And finally, big thanks @JP Schriefer, @_Michael, @GoKingsGo, @bobolee, @feyss, @nos.17, @matias93, @kingofsimcity, @_marsh_, @Ln X, @RandyE, @MushyMushy, @Odainsaker, @mike_oxlong, @Brooklyn81, @Krisman, @v701, @rathefalcon, @jakis, @Urban Constanta, @Elenphor, @mrsmartman, @Fantozzi, @Eclipticalstorm, @nRVOUS, @Simmer2, @Oerk, @raynev1, @scotttbarry, @vintagamer, @TekindusT, @sucram17, @Akallan, & @Takingyouthere for your likes!



  8. -Sorry for the long wait between chapters, folks! I went in for knee surgery and it's knocked me on my rear a little. 6 weeks off of work will give me a little time to get caught up! Now, without further ado, here we go with...

    Hammered Part III


    The meeting with Stark had, predictably, not gone well. The accusatory dissection of her tactics had perhaps been warranted, but his condescending tone had led her to not-so-politely suggest he could “proceed to engage in intimate relations with himself.” Further and much to her disgust, he’d continually failed to maintain eye contact. She’d finally had fantasies of forcibly wiping the smug look from his face as he’d casually informed her that she’d now be working for S.W.O.R.D. and she ended up storming out.

    Dr. Morse caught up to her, imploring her to stay but Carol refused.

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “He’s an insufferable egomaniac. Who does he think he is, busting my chops and then basically telling me I’m joining your little gang?”

    u581qYb.jpg  “Well, you’re not wrong.” Bobbi agreed, “The thing is that what we do here is so much more than taking any orders from him. But I do think there’s a lot more similarity between us than you realize. Aside from my training, there’s nothing special about me. I don’t have your abilities or any kind of super-powers. However, I’ve found a few others that do and have helped to recruit them into S.W.O.R.D. Like you, our goal is to keep those that can't help themselves. There have been a number of disturbing incidents over the past few years that point to a coordinated effort to destabilize governments around the world. Unfortunately we have few leads and we're desperate for someone as powerful as you to join with us.”

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “It’s a hell of a recruitment process you have here.”

    u581qYb.jpg  “It’s not always like what you had to put up with. However, you’re the first one Mr. Stark has personally taken an interest in.”

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “With the way he was leering at me, I could never have guessed he was interested,” Carol snorted. Bobbi held her gaze, frowning and Carol was silent.

    u581qYb.jpg  “Yes, he’s pretty confident in his approach and is used to having women flocking to his side. I’m not making excuses for him or condoning that behaviour. There’s no excusing his disrespect. Truthfully, we're not even his primary focus. Stark industries is a military contractor and he's too busy with advanced weapons research to bother with managing us, let alone, being here to practice his particular brand of 'charm'.”

    jWsmp8T.jpg  Carol was mollified, “Has he ever tried that crap with you?”

    u581qYb.jpg  “Only once.”

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “What happened?”

    u581qYb.jpg  “I used a shime-waza on him. Specifically a hadaka-jime.”

    Bobbi noted the confused look on Carol’s face and explained, “A hadake-jime is a Judo rear choke hold. You should’ve seen the look on his face! I wrapped him up so fast, I’m sure he thought he was about to get lucky! At least until he blacked out,” she laughed.

    jWsmp8T.jpg  Carol couldn’t help but to laugh along, her mood broken. “So, I take it you’re good?”

    u581qYb.jpg  Bobbi nodded, “That’s the other reason I’m here. I’m hachidan, an eighth-level Kodokan judoka. Not the highest-ranked, by any means, but I teach Judo to our team. Tactical combat and martial arts are an incredible supplement to their abilities. Stark provided me with additional resources that help to make up for what I lack in super abilities.”

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “What, like guns?”

    Bobbi shook her head, no, and asked Carol to come with her. They got into an elevator and descended several floors. Bobbi brought her into a gymnasium space, lined with mirrors on the far end and an array of weapons on racks on the adjacent wall. There was a padded area in the middle of the room and sparse oriental-themed decorations adorning the space. Several mannequins were located at various points in the room along with what looked like speed bags and punching bags. In the weapon racks were several Japanese swords, spears and club-like objects. Some looked familiar, others Carol had seen before only in movies.

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “These all yours?” Carol asked, admiring one of the fine Katanas in its rack.

    u581qYb.jpg  “No, they are for practicing Kenjutsu and other weapon fighting. I use these,” she said reaching for two non-descript metal bars, each around 3 feet long. Bobbi turned and bowed solemnly to Carol, then began to practice her craft.


    Vaulting into the center of the padded area, she struck three targets almost simultaneously. Her attacks were fluid and the bars were wielded as an extension of herself. At times she would join the two halves into a single six-foot bar and attack the mannequins in a blur of motion. Just as quickly the bar would be separated again for a close-in attack on a pair of targets. She combined her weapon attacks fluidly with judo strikes, throwing roundhouse kicks and targeting vital spots on the mannequins. She instructed Carol to pay particular attention to those vitals as she demonstrated a Gammen-tsuki strike in the Getsuei.


    u581qYb.jpg  “For a right-handed attack, a hard blow to the left floating rib, “the Getsuei”, can cause a dislocation and cripple your opponent. Though competitive judo forbids the use of striking techniques, in a real fight you would definitely need to know these kinds of moves.”

    Bobbi wound down her demonstration and bowed again to Carol, who felt obligated to bow in return. She passed the bars to Carol who accepted them with as much respect as she could muster. The mechanism to connect the two was readily apparent, needing only a simple twist to click together. They were lightweight but inexplicably sturdy.

    The bars were handed gently back to Bobbi who then replaced them on the rack. To Carol’s shock, Bobbi then began to remove her top.

    u581qYb.jpg  “I also wanted to show you this,” she explained as Carol began to protest, her unease showing. Bobbi laughed, “No, no! This is what I want to show you,” and she pointed to the material underneath her t-shirt. “It’s one of the other perks of working for a weapons manufacturer. This is an advanced material called graphete. It’s stronger than solid steel, with less than half-a-percent of its density yet it’s as soft and pliable as cotton. It’s like a high-tech suit of armor, far better than Kevlar.”

    jWsmp8T.jpg  “Well, I’m impressed. I really am. And you’re amazing, Dr. Morse, but I really don’t see a future for myself here under the control of a raging narcissist like Tony Stark.” She held out her hand to thank Bobbi. With a grimace, she accepted and ushered Carol to an exit near the top of the building.

    u581qYb.jpg  Watching her fly off, Bobbi held her palm to her forehead and muttered, “Ugh Tony. You really screwed this one up.”



    To be continued...

  9. Bern, der Schweizer Kapital !

    This month we first visit the land of watches, chocolate, cheese and beyond ! This month three part "Show us what your building" took some effort away of this CJ build but gives a showcase of what might lies beyond the city building corner; specialy I like to see the grow of the SFBT Bern set wich would be awesome. Landmarks for this city aren´t well available so a lot to research. This map just like the Munchen map covers a imaginative part of the Berner land.

    Let´s start with innercity area !



    Bern tram network got like a T shape in the downtown area, line to right going to the station area !


    Kirchenfeld area accros the river on the left, houses a lot of educational facilties like the State library, Natural and Historic Museum.


    Rural west of Bern developing into a modern town !


    Swiss gantry is quit different from German & middle european one´s , not completly acurate but to give this a little bit of accent I now use the swiss gantry mod with faded pole´s to give it a more modern look !

    To conclude some pictures of the city tile !




    The basic city layout is established, next time we continue filling in some gapes. This city will be on of the three swiss cities in this series !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


  10. bHEsSU.jpg


    Abrams124: I appreciate your dedication!

    matias93: Thank you very much for this fix!

    hammerb32: Cheers!

    feyss: :yes::yes::yes:

    BugeyedDragon: Those roads are actually part of a lot.

    Silur: Cool stuff, glad you liked it.

    tariely: The river banks are a bit flakey in places, while I think the size of the rapids is not proportionate to the flow of the river. So you've definitely got a point there- God rivers are so hard to do right! Thanks for your comment.

    kingofsimcity: Thank you very much!

    mike_oxlong: You've seen the best rural stuff. Now see the best urban stuff! As for korver... He is my polar opposite, he goes out of his way to tweak the game and mod it for aesthetics and beauty. With me I push to the limit functional cities which look very nice. In each one of my city tiles everything you see can be plopped in, nor have I used the Lot Editor for anything.

    MissVanleider: Thanks for your comment and thanks for providing the link!

    Akallan: Thanks for that!


    Highlights from Entries 121 to 130

    The bulk of these pictures are from the city tile of Garforth. Garforth was an experiment but because the city tile was medium-sized it allowed me to focus on details and try out different strategies, but without having to worry about filling in a large tile. I reckon my urban design peaked with Garforth. Now, taken as a whole Garforth looks like a slice of city, but its real beauty lies in the close-ups. So without further adieu...




    There are a few more highlights from Faverdale.




    Where possible I tried to snake paths through the C.P. trees (of the Arden tree controller).




    A small village in the countryside. Sometimes English villages can be split in two but be in close proximity, they may be called by different names.




    It was the semi-detached houses of gascooker's (from the BSC LEX) that got some cogs whirring in my brain.




    I started thinking about creating a British-styled city but combining it with the other influences in my urban designs: American, European and heavily industrial.







    It was in Garforth that I discovered FrankU's Dutch Parks (see in the centre).




    A miniature graveyard.




    A larger graveyard. I mixed in Paeng's cemetery set with FrankU's parks.







    For the first time ever I used SFBT's soundwalls to really separate areas from the railway.




    Always go full-on NYBT W2W.










    moonlight's canals in action. A VERY cool canal filler set! You can find them on moonlight's webpage- http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html.




    I also began utilising bixel's skyscrapers. Some of them have such a generic design that they can fit into any skyline. My favourite two are SF 680 Folsom Revisited and TG SF 425 Market St. A great pair of office blocks! The two buildings can be seen in the middle of the picture.




    I combined Reddonquixote's Melbourne Arts Precinct Part Two: Arts Centre with FrankU's Dutch parks.




    The two diagonally-facing skyscrapers are from Bixel.







    And here is the British theme kicking in hard: terraced rows. Most of the low-rise terraces you see are gascooker creations, which can be found on this SC4D list- http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=6234.0.




    The power of diagonals!







    I like to call this part of Garforth the British Quarter.







    On the centre right are a selection of buildings from JBSimio's Smalltown USA set (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=642), very good for W2W 2-storey and 3-storey fillers. The back parts of these lots can be completed by adding fenced car park fillers from T Wrecks IRM I-HT filler set.










    Terraced mode: engaged.




    And here are gascooker's semi-detached homes. The complete collection of these homes can be found here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=354 and http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=356.







    The grid-busting roundabout of dreams...







    I squeezed the hell out of SFBT's diagonal fillers. And the reason for this? Diagonal texture consistency.




    Once more utilising the grungy road pieces found in Bipin's industrial essentials.




    FrankU's parks can be fitted into even grungy areas and still look good (see the thin strip in the middle right). They are probably one of the best filler sets of 2015.




    My most grungy industrial estate yet- so many concrete textures!










    By combining SFBT's diagonal fillers (the orthogonal tree filler piece), FrankU's parks (the tree filler pieces) and PEGPROD's tree fillers, I was able to create a very diverse and varied set of suburban tree lines.







    The small urban stream is another one of moonlight's creations. It fits in well with -- you guessed it -- FrankU's parks.







    And now we say goodbye to Garforth.




    At last we come to the highlights from Erinsberg. This FA factory is one of them.




    In a nutshell the Erinsberg urban area (in the city tile) is Garforth but three times bigger, while the north is incredibly rural and MMP dense.




    Commie blocks for the grunge win!







    Sometimes canal pieces can make for interesting park fillers...




    A rather cutting diagonal line of houses.


    Next week there are highlights from Erinsberg- the last city tile I completed. Erinsberg has a bit of everything and I pushed to the limit visual beauty in a functional SC4 city.

    Finally I would like to say that the finale for this CJ is going to be happening in about two or three weeks time. I do have something very special planned so stay tuned...

  11. bitmap.png

    Hey there! It's been a while since I updated my CJ, because I've been busy making a new town. More to the point, I've decided to try and detail a little more. I've upgraded my PC to the point it can actually run a lot of props and CJ on decent quality settings, and while I still do not want to use CSL as a "city painter", I do want to go the extra mile in decorating and detailing.

    It's also been two years since I update this CJ and so far it's been my longest running one, and that's partly because I really enjoy Cities Skylines. Most great CJs are SC4 CJs, I'll say that much, but in terms of gameplay CSL is, for me, the superior game and it's keeping me coming back for more. 

    Sooo... Here's the 44th entry, but if you want a comparison of what I did (and the game supported) back two years ago, feel free to look back towards my very first entries. Back then it was...rough to say the least lol. Forum link here

    Anyway, we're leaving Ashford behind for a bit, and we're going to Santa Linna, the capital of the Anabon Overseas Commonwealth. I planned to reserve it for a Tropico entry, but well. :>~


    Downtown St Linna! The island is located in between mainland Tamriel and the Thalmor dominated Summerset Isles; it is one of the main small tropical islands that dot the Abecean Sea. With 65'000 people, it is a fairly well-sized town, and easily one of the richest. About 15% of the population of the entire state live here.


    St Linna itself is known for its bricked or brownstone buildings. Built in the colonial age at the end of the Fourth Era and early Fifth Era, a lot of its downtown are still packed with intricate brickworks and small, narrow square buildings. 


    That's not to say everything is grim and gritty. Some of the city's buildings are...colourful to say the least. This is the Parish Hall, by the way - the mayor's office is on the top floor.


    So what's to do in Santa Linna? Amongst the narrow towers full of finance and reinsurance companies, you could go dine and gamble at At The Penny's Casino and Cabaret! It's usually a must-go attraction for tourists willing to part with their cash.


    Or, you can wait for the evening and enjoy yourself in the city's many nightclubs. It's always warm, you might even enjoy a night dive in the sea!


    Many tourists also come to watch the Abecean Sharks play blitzball, too. They're one of Cathnoquey's finest teams, though because of the remoteness of Anabon, their stadium is also the smallest.


    For many tourists, however, the best hotels and attractions are outside of town, on one of the island's many sandy shores. Take the nearby town of Belle-Pointe : just off the Route 22 freeway, the once Breton town is no longer a commute village and fishing community, but instead a hub packed with casinos, five-star hotels, fine beaches and luxury condos. 


    Santa Linna's public transport system, one of the best in the country, links Belle-Pointe and other towns together. Tourists and locals alike can spend the morning in their hotels, then take the bus into Santa Linna proper for an afternoon spent exploring the city or shopping, before coming back in the evening to enjoy the sea.


    As you've probably guessed, tourism is critical to the economy of Santa Linna. A lot of infrastructure has been built across the state to accommodate that.


    However, tourism isn't everything in Anabon. It's also a major offshore trading hub, thanks to generous taxes and loopholes, with reinsurance companies especially well settled in the CBD's high rises. 


    Critics can complain about the lack of financial transparency, but most agree the island wouldn't be so well-off without the financial institutions that call it their home.


    Moving on, to the corner with the passenger train station, and a typical high-rise housing district. 



    And yes, Santa Linna does have a railway. Mostly it carries freight around the island, but there are about 15 trains per day per direction that leave Santa Linna and bring commuters into the city. The trains are air conditioned, and there are also special tourist trains that run excursions along the island.


    The islands aren't just beaches and settlements; inland, one can find plantations and farms dotted across the land, too. 


    Finally for this overview, let's have a look at the roads. Most roads are small, 1x1 roads, such as Route 25 here pictured.


    However, due to the large amount of traffic to and from Santa Linna and its busy harbour, some roads have been or are being upgraded to freeway standards.


    The interchange between Routes 2 and 22 - the two heaviest roads in the entire state - is the oldest piece of freeway infrastructure on the island. 


    At such, Route 22 (here entering Santa Linna from the north) is undergoing heavy maintenance works to accomodate an ever growing population. 


    And rural exits, such as the Route 22/Route 230 junction to Altmer's Cove, are being upgraded to full freeway standards.


    In the coming years, Santa Linna is expected to grow by 10 to 15%. It is going to be a massive challenge for a city that already cannot feed itself.


    Most of the food is imported from Tamriel, and routed through the state's many harbours into Santa Linna. This is one of the reasons why the rail network is so important - there is no single main harbour due to the geography of the area, and ships are instead routed to five satellite harbours linked together by railway.


    Anyway, let's close this overview now. We'll be coming back to Santa Linna later, so here's a view of the downtown area at night...


    As well as one of Belle-Pointe High Street, next to the Cathnoquey National Post Office.

    But I wouldn't leave without a map of the state, including Santa Linna. So, hope you enjoy, and thanks for the support I got with my CJ for the last two years :D

    And since it's been two years since Cities Skylines has been out, this is also the opportunity to give a massive thanks to the modders of Cities Skylines, as well as to the other CJ makers, and to everyone on and off site who shared pictures and videos of their creativity - it helped me, and I'm sure many others immensely, and I can only hope that I, too, give a bit of inspiration to others in building all these amazing cities. ^_^ 


  12. I've been gone for a really long time, my apologies for those I've left hanging for over a year and a half since the last update.


    Now we finally find out what happened....



    But first!


    For those new to this CJ, or need a refresher, here's the first entry, to learn the history of this town and how it all started:


    It is recommended to read through the beginning or previous chapter before coming back. ^^^^



    Previously on...

    Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of an Era - Part 1

    "Massive super-cell thunderstorms are coming due to a massive atmospheric instability that occurs ever decade or so...


    "Police Chief Robert, get everyone to the high school or anywhere safe! This town is in serious trouble!"


    Massive Hailstorms begin pummel the city early as the super cell moves in^^^


    A few rare images taken by a news crew in a news helicopter just as they got drenched in the rain water...X6njNdf.jpg







    This was over the course of 2 minutes. The 3D images were taken from the crew just as they headed back. They may even have images of the tornado from this angle too.


    Thousands rush into the high school shelter as the skies grow more ominous...be it the gym, or anywhere safe, while others evacuate...



    An EF3 tornado touches down northeast, moves southwest, tearing through the town...   


    Manufacturing Sector:



    It spares the downtown, until an even MORE massive F4 tornado touches down and rips through the heart of the town...


    GO!! LET'S GO! To the high school! NOW! 


    The tornado shreds everything in sight, moving downward, Ben and his family is in the blue car seen above, and the Mayor and both his kids are in the red car, not seen in pic above as they're too far below.

    Let's go!! We need to get in NOW!! 






    The town's mayor and Ben (his best friend and business partner) has made it into the high school's shelter with their families along with thousands of others after narrowly avoiding a massive EF4 tornado. Unfortunately, the tornado targeted the Maxis-designed school, which wasn't designed for winds this strong.

    The deafening roar grew louder and louder as we braced, and I could already hear the building beginning to come apart. You could feel it in your chest, almost as if a space shuttle was talking off right outside. I huddle with my wife, son and daughter, thinking this is it. We're going to be wiped right off the map, just like that. Me, my family, and thousands of people. Just moments later however, the roaring began to subside, giving way to the sound of torrential rain and terrified cries of everyone around me.






    Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of An Era - Part 2


    We're still alive. I look around the gym, with the only lights coming from the small windows, as well as frantic chattering from everyone around me.


    "Everybody stay inside! We don't know if another tornado's coming..." Yelled Chief Officer Robert  


    I turn on the radio and I can barely make out the reporter through the static:

    "A massive EF4 tornado has been spotted north of *static* storm chasers the last couple hours...Several small towns in this area...cold front...*Static*


    There were at least 2000 people taking shelter throughout the school, with about 500 crammed into the gym. The city's firefighting team, police and doctors were in here with us too.


    I walk outside and felt the cold rain sting against my face. I could almost make out the track and field under the flood, and what was left of the apartments in the distance. The trees were completely stripped of their leaves, and branches. Just then I noticed the wind pick up again. I walk back inside. We come out about an hour later and see some people out there:



    Downtown is completely gone:



    Nothing left of the theater or forest. The tornado left a serious trail of destruction: (WLHS is to the left)



    Night falls and the rain finally subsides. The next morning is cloudy, cold and gloomy as a cold front will move in later that day. Families all come out of the school to see if their homes made it. Me and Ben would be driving with a crew that clears the roads to help people get around again.

    It wasn't long before the true extent of the damage was revealed...



    The tornado barely missed Woodland High School (WLHS). Was heading southward then just barely touched it as it turned west to obliterate everything (See the pic above this one). It may have come back around but the school was spared, along with 2,112 lives that were in it. The death toll is over 100 so far. No chance for anyone who was caught outside during this monster's onslaught.





    Downtown as the crew already cleaned up most of the mess. Most roads (except northern road) have been cleared.



    Some houses were somehow untouched. The Western Residential Sector is in shambles.


    8XLm6Ms.jpg  That USED to be the Manufacturing sector of town. Fun fact: That lake wasn't even there before.




    Me and Ben drove through the town, helping wherever we could. 


    Hey...remember that beautiful blue mansion seen at the beginning of the previous update?


      "It's gone. All gone." Said Ben, as we looked around. It was one of the few mansions in the city. It belonged to a humble friend of Ben, Chief Officer Robert, who's helping set up temporary tents with the crisis crew.

    We cleared a path:  


    Distraught families try to salvage what's left of their Woodland homes. Robert returns with this wife later to see their mansion...much to their dismay of course.

    "I'm impressed," said Robert, at least the porch survived. 
    "What about your stuff?" Ben inquired as he looked at the wreckage.

    "Don't worry about it, material things are only so important. That tornado was the most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I got to watch it eat this beautiful town, and spit it back out. but...

    "What?" I inquired...

    He looked back at me just as the sun comes out for the first time "It spared us. I was outside the school from a distance when the monster went for it, then, right as I watched it get swallowed up, it just turned. Almost like it could sense everyone there."

    "That's incredible. That had to be a sign without a doubt. Now we rebuild..." I said.

    Ben looked, paused and said "better make it tornado-proof this time." The sun set was the most beautiful golden sunset in a while, as the sun peaked through the clouds and temperatures went below 60 degrees. 


    Mayor Mathew sent many resources from Woodland River City, including generators, food and water supplies. Turns out his town was spared from the storm, although suffered a lightning strike. 


    Chief Officer Robert wasn't kidding. As it turns out, the town was hit with two tornadoes, one smaller F3 and one F4.

    (F3 is the yellow, and F4 path is red, which came shortly after the yellow F3 one)


    The paths with their damage radius...



    The green arrow in between is Robert's location. He was in an underground shelter just as it hit the police station. He stayed out driving through the town telling everyone to go to their shelters and directing his officers beforehand. He came out of the shelter from the nearby building and took to the fields just in time to see the F4 tornado (red arrow) as it headed for the high school.


    The final death toll was 228. Over 1242 were injured, 22 life threatening, but survived.




    The Next Morning was nice and crispy. 

    Dry, cool air from the north made the weather nice and windy, with perfectly clear blue skies.

     While most of the population has moved to various shelters in the nearby towns, less than a thousand of them stayed in several tent shelters set up through out the town, and the few remaining houses in the city that actually did survive.    

    This is the main tent shelter area, there are three smaller shelters throughout the town, but the majority stayed here: 


    ^^^^Note: On the lower right of the image, is the remains of Ben's mansion. It is right above the path of people walking in, by the four white tents, where a 5th one separated by a yellow one right next to the main road.




    Now...back to the mayor panel...


    Only 3000 simoleons in my funds, and population of 736. Whoopee. We're still receiving 1000MWh/month from Woodland River City. Re-adjusted the funding sliders for the schools to cut expenses.


    Rebuilding Begins...


    A small temporary water tower is built, and demolition crews clear off the lots and make room to rebuild:











    After some time, a landfill at the edge of town was built, putting me back in the red, but no problem, we now have 20,000 in the bank! Population is now over 2000.


    That is the end of this Chapter, thank you for reading this, I hope you all enjoyed it and the 3D images, and we'll see you in 2 more years for the next update! Jk...jk. :D I will not take as long, promise! *:golly:



  13. Hightonia

    A Cities Skylines Project!


    Entry 1: Welcome to Hightonia!


    So, this is the first of these new projects that I'm working on, going by the name Hightonia. Now this came about when messing around with highway systems and finding a pretty interesting (at least to me) way to distribute traffic without having clogged highways.

    This is the system.



    It's basically a slower two lane highway running alongside a 3 lane highway with ramps leading down into the city. This seems to work really well at distributing traffic throughout the city without causing any back up's at the interchanges. (please note that realism isn't a huge concern here, I'm happy with steep ramps as the idea is to test the system)

    Anyway opening up my old Sinatoa map, I started building a densely packed city around the highway without using any sort of public transport (planes and ships are allowed though seeing as its a island map) Below are a couple of images of it growing.




    Now, unfortunately, the system wasn't fool proof as I found out when I put all the incinerators in the middle of the industrial zone and gave them a single exit to share with a load of high density housing blocks. The results were this, though I think this is just bad planning on my behalf. As you can see I've begun to try and figure out a filter system for the industrial and bin lorries.



    Which seems to have fixed the issue



    Then, I got to talking in the chat here and decided to try and implement a interchange which led to a harbour being planned on the other side of the existing city. Below is the various stages of creating the overly complex interchange (yes, this is all to feed them two harbours, apparently I decided they needed separate entrances so this turned into a tightly staggered double t junction or very tight angled 4 way interchange and took a while to sort out).





    Still it works a treat and the separate harbours to the west mean that traffic from only the east use the two connected to the highway.

    So, this is currently where I've got to with this project. I think I next plan on trying to expand to the north-east and see what sort of strain I can put on the grid layout of the city traffic wise. I also want to get a passenger ferry in somewhere near the harbour so that should be interesting.


    Current overview:



    Join us next time to see how this goes!

  14. Replies:
    kschmidt:  Lol, yer it does. Luckily there's no damn to flood in the city so we should be safe. Though on the plus side, if it flooded it might put the fires out!

    Entry 7: Let's all catch a bus to Perrin Head!
    So, welcome back to Rokton where we've had a few problems, some new buses and several new settlements springing up like daisy's!
    Let's start by getting the boring bits out of the way with a look at several improvements to Roktons transport system and network with a couple of interchange upgrades being done. Firstly with this one, where as you can see a bonfire gone wrong ground the area to a complete standstill resulting in a slight decrease to the trees and farm buildings in the area.
    Deciding that we needed to prevent this in the future we gave the junction some slip lanes. These did precisely nothing in helping out with the traffic which is when some clever soul suggested improving the roundabout on the Henning Bay side. Thankfully this seems to have cleared it up completely which is useful when bonfires inevitably go wrong.
    Meanwhile in Rokton, the interchange was still giving us issues so we needed a solution for it fast. Luckily some tunnelling seems to have solved the problem of traffic trying to cross each-other and causing congestion. Its beginning to look a bit chaotic though.
    Speaking of Rokton though, we saw the tip of the peninsula that used to house the wind turbines until we built the WTEP (Waste To Energy Plant) be renovated with sea walls and some piers. No real word on what's going here yet but it looks like something's planned!
    Something else that was evidently planned had to be Henning's Bay new 'I want what my neighbour has!' craze where everyone has built pretty much identical houses across the board. Oh well, as long as their happy and paying taxes I suppose......
    So, your probably wondering where Perrin head is given that its in the title (ok, your not, but I needed a segway into this so were rolling with it). Its this small town that's begun to develop on the coast down from Henning Bay, I assume by people that wanted a quieter life.
    And, for people who wanted a even quieter life than that we have Riverbend and Cliffside which have developed inland from the rest of the settlements.
    And, for the other part of the title being a bus ride the city finally has a actual bus line. Well it has several lines (one for each of the three centres of population and then a regional line that visits every settlement (except Cliffside but their tiny anyway). Here's the lovely new bus terminal, right next to the fire heli depot which in turn, is right next to the WTEP (yes, it probably won't to shiny for too long).
    So, because I like abrupt endings to entries here's a current overview with all the lovely new towns and villages that have popped up over the last couple of entries. No idea what we'll be doing in the next entry but I'm sure it'll be interesting as always (don't laugh!).
    Till next time!
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    Entry 2

    The Northfields

    Named after the famous Knight within the kingdom, Sir Cidius III, this side of town is home to some of the richest people in Sparkle. Some notables of Simtropolis own some penthouses here, including @Takingyouthere, @CorinaMarie, @Cyclone Boom, @Hamish, and @APSMS. The city is infamous for its building repetition, and it's not done in a good way either. I'm gonna try to download some medium density residential buildings to fix this, and will try to fix it in the YouTube series in this region as well.


    Some of the nation's best prospects come from Cidius Central High School. This is one of the best scoring public schools on the Sparklian College Placement Exams (SCPE) with a score of 1376/1500 (92%, A-). It is also the home of the National Champion Cidius Valley Knights, who defeated Hershey Pointe Black Cats 26-21 in American Football.


    The CVX international Airport is the most famous airport in the country, and the one that most American and European tourists choose to land at, no matter where they go in the country. This airport is also the most famous for being the safest, as it is the farthest away from the Offensive Empire.


    This is where most people in this area of the city shop, the Cidius Township Target, which is the largest store in the area. It is where most people in the area do any of their shopping for just about anything, and there are even plans to open a mall in 2030.

    This is FoxxWorld, the home of the country's largest amusement park. Legend has it, that at night, Urban Foxes roam the amusement park, looking for food and a home.

    This is the Northfield Country Club, where the Sparkle Open PGA tournament is held. The torunament will be held just after the Masters at the middle of April 2017.


  15. 58ceb73063c8d_Opportunity4.png.e6790c37da042dd34207f299b4cb2a43.png

    On the edge of the river lies the somewhat secluded, high end communities of Cemetary Shores and the University of Opportunity.



    This amazing little neighborhood has everything you need to live, and thrive in Opportunity.  With parks, recreation, the Botanical Gardens and amazing shoreline views from one of the many tall residential buildings - this little community has it all!



    Opportunity is somewhat known for hosting some of the finest doctors in the world and the University Hospital is no exception. As home to Dr. Robert Wishinghouse, the worlds leading doctor on removing those disgusting blackheads you see in YouTube videos, the University Hospital receives a TON of visitors with huge pimples to pop.


    The residents of Opportunity LOVE their trees. They have a saying around these parts: "If its not a building, its a tree" and that is a motto they've kept with them for generations. City planners have been militant - if there is no building, a tree should be planted. You will see a LOT of green space in Opportunity!








  16. mike_154
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    still growing.

    beta x-Apr. 4, 12591489910719.png

    beta x-Apr. 4, 12591489910737.png

  17. MisterBlueStar4
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    Everyone who has been following my Arden County project,I've planned to stop working on this until I get equipment that can run this game without issues.For now I am shifting my focus onto European Cities for now.I plan to use less assets than I would use in American cities.

  18. Poemia (AIN)




    1. Berghmann Central Station
    Berghmann Old Marina-Sea Promenade
    Berghmann Sea Tower
    4. Royal Theater
    5. IGS Tower
    6. Bank of
    Poemia Tower
    7. CultBer Tower
    Poemian Times Tower
    9. Congress
    Berghmann's Administrative Center
    11. St.James Cathedral
    12. MOH Museum
    13. PMOS Museum
    14. Presidential Palace
    15. Patriot's Park
    Berghmann Ancienne Cinema
    17. GENTAR Tower
    18. HTIndustries Tower
    Berghmann Stock Exchange
    20. Patriot's Theater 
    21. Supreme Court
    22. Gorden Tower
    Poemia Plaza
    Berghmann Sea Eye
    25. New Marina Hall
    Berghmann Old Fish Market


    Berghmann Downtown is the heart of the political and economic life of the Federation of Poemia.
    Among the palaces of the capital city, corporations and the government choose the future of the nation while tourists flock to the many monuments that displace along the streets of this teeming City area.
    The Berghmann Downtown despite extends for a not particularly large area, cover the 43% of the GDP of the entire New Benelux and 73% of all Berghmann.


    Berghmann is the capital and the biggest city of The Federation of Poemia. With a livability rate among the highest in North America, the city is the economic center of New Benelux and of the Federation. In the city has an important weight the presence of students who make Berghmann a lively city that looks to the future with optimism and serenity. As well as a center of studies and city of work the capital is also seen as one of the fashion city with its Fashion Week that attracts the best stylists from around the world. The city has great museums like the Museum of the Parliament and the PMOS. Berghamann is also a popular holiday destination with unique beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

    .The Central Station


    .Suburbs of Berghmann


    .The Parliament Building and the MOH Museum on the left



  19. 170315100833874645.jpg


    Hello everyone,

    For a moment I did not return to the forums because I had quite a lot to do. So to come back nicely I decided to make a video before continuing my Dahammas area. It is a video related to the creation of a pond, I hope you like it! ;)





    Water :

    STEX - Paeng's Free Waters

    Rock :

    STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1
    STEX - VIP RuralPack

    Vegetation :

    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe cattails
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe daisy
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe elms
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe poppies
    LEX - BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis
    LEX - RRP Pasture Flora

    Various :

    LEX - Mayor Mode Ploppable Livestock
    LEX - SFBT Craftsmen House by voltaic
    STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon
    STEX - Nams 48people MMP
    STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP




    On 16/03/2017 at 8:37 AM, Takingyouthere said:

    Thanks for another great tutorial. It always amazes me how your about to work so fast. I know the vidoe is sped up but what I mean is with how you switch between and move on to using different mmp's very quickly without worrying about making a mistake and going back to retouch an area. 

    It's a bit like a habit, and even if there's a mistake you have to keep going because the video is spinning and I can not do too much time. Despite that, we do not see it, but I sometimes have moments of hesitation during the video. Thank you for your comment! *:)


    On 16/03/2017 at 6:41 PM, raynev1 said:

    Wonderful entry , I always enjoy seeing your "How To" tutorials . Some cool music to go with the video as well . 

    Thank you very much raynev1! *:thumb:


    On 16/03/2017 at 8:26 PM, _Michael said:

    What a great tutorial - I'll be taking note! Thanks for sharing. :D 

    Thank to you! ;)


    On 16/03/2017 at 11:43 PM, Ernestmaxis said:

    Even when I can make the same I allways love to see others works! Thanks for the tutorial and sharing this :)

    Seeing elsewhere is always interesting even when one is able to do the same. :)

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  21. Saffron City - Part 2

    As we continue into Saffron City, the valley of honey continues to grow as a whole, and the city is starting to take shape. Or at least the suburban region...



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    SO. My game caught a virus (I have no idea what from) but I had to reinstall my game, delete all assets, all of that stuff. My game plays perfectly now, except for one teeny issue. The lower half of the screen is totally blurry. And it gets worse as you zoom in more. First person camera mods do not help. So goodbye. I am currently trying to do something with it but up to now nada. It was nice while it lasted.



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