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City Journals

Our community City Journals

  1. So here's Part III for you guys... too little time to export in 4K, so sorry guys!


  2. Another man-made "peninsula" completed, housing some filthy industry!

    Exporting different kinds of minerals.





    The main power plant of the city is also located on the peninsula.



    New industry is moving in:


  3. mike_oxlong
    Latest Entry


    iwouhYV.jpg You!” Carol shouted at the white-skinned alien before her, “You pushed me out into space!”

    eyE3EkR.jpg Oracle pursed her lips, “Hmmm, so I did. Yet here you stand, none the worse for wear.”

    iwouhYV.jpg Carol continued, undaunted, “What have you done to me?! I should be dead from being in space! Or the cold! Or burned to a crisp! I should be dead in so many horrific ways!”

    As she worked herself into a fury, she failed to note either the warm, rushing sensation creeping across her skin or the glow emanating from her tightly clenched fists. Oracle calmly closed the distance between them and held out the keys she’d confiscated earlier. Carol began to snatch them away and finally noticed her hands. Startled, she broke her concentration and the glow faded away.

    iwouhYV.jpg “Wh... what?” she blurted out.

    eyE3EkR.jpg “Energy manipulation is one of your abilities. With practice, you should be able to project bursts of energy and even absorb energy in defense. Surely by now you realize that you are no longer a normal human. You flew with a fifteen hundred kilogram vehicle on your shoulders and withstood an environment that should kill you in the blink of an eye. As I said, here you stand none the worse for wear.”

    Oracle placed the keys on the table.

    "You are not unique, nor are you our first. We have identified many hundreds of individuals with the anomaly. We are working tirelessly to transition many who would stand up to the Brotherhood of Badoon and defend this world. Be vigilant; the threats will be grave and will not necessarily be obvious. For as past tyrants and dictators such as Vlad Tepes or Napoleon rose to power, so too will new ones by the doing of the Brotherhood. You’re familiar with the threat posed by Daesh in your Middle East, for instance? How do you believe they came to be?”


    Oracle moved to the window and gestured for Carol to follow. She was hesitant, causing Oracle to smile widely.

    “Carol Danvers, this is your purpose. You are one of the Earth’s Guardians. You will avenge those incapable of fighting for themselves. And you will not be alone. Some will come by their powers naturally and others, like you, will need a boost. Others will fight by your side and the Shi’ar will be ever present.”



    She gestured to the city visible in the distance across the lake, “People will be inspired by your example. They will rally behind you. They will marvel at your exploits.”

    She turned to Carol and extended her hand. Carol gripped it silently and the two women shook, as if in assent. Finally Oracle spoke, “We will see each other again, of that I have no doubt. Good luck Carol Danvers.”

    And Oracle vanished.

    To be continued...


    @korver - Thanks! That means a lot to me coming from someone I consider to be a master of SC4! 

  4. Abrams124
    Latest Entry

    The downtown

    Good morning!After the last teaser i saw you guys were excited,so here's the update!



    2. Abandoned mining lake























    That's it for today's update,i hope you enjoyed it!:D

  5. Bayou-Oct.+10%252C+971484160461.png

    This si how the new Crown Building fits in my Bayou district


    Also i've finished building the base for the seaport. it spreads over 5 large city tiles



    and a general view of the region



    @JP Schriefer - thank you


    @raynev1 - Miami doesn't seem to mind :D Miami.jpg

    In the next entry i think i'll do some work on the airport and after that i'll come back with some pics from Bayou because there are a lot of stuff i want to show you in Bayou

  6. philforhockey51
    Latest Entry


    Hello Everyone, welcome back, today we are going to take a quick look at the source of the region's wealth, Hero Peaks and more importantly what is located within. There is a very rich vein of a very rare element...sorry we don't know what it is, that has been kept secret. This of course has led to conspiracy theories that range from the alchemists stone to some chemical that produces superhuman powers, but Mayor Lee has vigorously denied these rumors especially the superhuman powers formula.

    01 Above you can see one of the "undercover" trains carrying some of the special freight near some of the lower industrial area.

    A peak at the Region Pic 02


    03 Not sure where to start so.. here is a train station


    04 Where the lower industry section is




    06 Let's take a look around from a little further back


    07 You can see the town is small the Truck Stop off the highway takes up most of the space in town


    08 This is an old city, one of the first I started working on in the Mountain North Region, I tried to keep some of these older cities but touched the up a bit. There was a lot of reworking of slopes using slope mods and in the end the buildings in this picture and the truck stop were the only things not demolished and rebuilt.


    09 The old town circle




    11 The High Rail, hard to see but you can see the tunnel coming out of the mountain, the rail then smoothly slopes down and around till it passes near the train station seen above.


    12 The town as seen from the mountain


    13 Here we can see a train coming into town to get loaded up


    14 We can see it pass a passenger train near the hotels, a couple of them in town as some workers come in from other parts to work and there are plenty of truck drivers needing a nice place to spend the night from time to time.


    15 A small area that I reworked so much I had to just stop at one point


    16 As the train rolls along it scares some deer


    17 Now for a quick sneaky look at the mine


    18 Since the mining company already had the equipment they went ahead and created an area for a rail yard at the mine entrance for faster loading. Production is not major as far as we know but then again when I was talking to the mayor he stayed quiet but someone in his office said "Stan will never admit to anything as long as he is mayor"




    20 What the area used to look like when starting off the region


    21 But there was much much reworking in the end


    22  The upper industry




    24 Here the train rolls into the lower yard to drop off some cars


    25 Final Overview


    Thanks for taking a look and as always comments, questions, and likes are always welcomed and appreciated.  Very soon we will take a look at the Stepstones

  7. VKWJkV.jpg


    nos.17: Thank you!

    kschmidt: Thanks! I do like to try out a variety of different building styles in SC4.

    tariely: :thumb:

    raynev1: Thanks for your kind words!

    metarvo: That's the idea with the diagonals!

    city89: Because it wasn't a very good airport, that's why. Also I have never focused on airports.

    sejr99999: Thanks!


    Highlights from Entries 31 to 40

    In these highlights there are three city tiles: Zooropa, Grethor and San Widge. These three cities are the big three which marked my transition into landscaping, MMPing and city construction with greater detailing.




    With Zooropa I actually started afresh with the plugins -- deleted everything! -- and rebuilt the plugin folder from scratch. The first thing I did was to ditch the CAM.


    With Zooropa I wanted to try out my low-rise skills.


    Though the eclectic RCI layout remains!


    My first ever use of retaining walls.


    I also discovered T Wrecks IRM fillers- every city since Zooropa has ALWAYS used them!


    It was in Zooropa that I stumbled across my method for creating fields with MMPs: choose one plant, then a second plant to complement it (thicken up the vegetation) and lastly lay down dirt MMPs.


    I also started using ionionion's OMCo Filling Gravel to dirty up the textures in my MMP fields.


    Zooropa was a very crucial stepping stone.


    The next crucial stepping stone is the industrial town of Grethor.


    To date it is the largest industrial area I have ever created.


    A large part of the area was the nuclear power plant I added in.




    Finally I was creating a concrete labyrinth which is exactly what industry feels like.



    MMPing on the Lowkee Appalachian terrain mod. This is a VERY forgiving terrain when it comes to MMP usage.




    Good old black gold.


    I also utilised varying railway layouts in Grethor: orthogonal, diagonal and FA.




    It was in Grethor that I became more picky about <what> emerged in residential zones. It's strange because I focused first on realistic industrial layouts, then realistic commercial layouts and finally realistic residential layouts.


    I have always liked this picture. Must be the meadow.




    The town centre in Grethor is a little muddled when it comes to the residential layout.


    Even so, I did make more of an effort to filter out the residential buildings I did not want.



    MMPs and Diggis ponds.




    Larger stadium layouts...





    And now a few shots from San Widge.


    San Widge is a cursed city but I will explain more in the next entry.



    I simple MMP landscape theme I created: adding ionionion OMCo filling gravel to add some variety to the woodland.


    And this is probably the earliest example of my current approach to industry: natural scenary, parking, fillers and space.



    Smoothing out the diagonals...


    Concrete overload.




    The next set of highlights will largely focus on San Widge, this is another important city as I focused a lot more on the CBD, railway networks, city parks and started to more clearly differentiate areas.

  8. Lake Nopreille

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    I wanted to post a bit of an overview of my city (very much under construction of course), to give a taste of where I hope this journal can go. Below I have included a "starter set" of overview images, complete with a Cimtographer OSM map.

    As I mentioned, much of the city is incomplete. There are massive sections that do not yet exist in any way (such as an international airport, country club, solar array, and lots and lots more suburbs, complete with functioning puiblic transit), and those sections that do are in various stages of completion, with most of it needing more refinements and detailing.

    That being said, here's a few overview shots of the city as a whole. Enjoy!


    Overview of the Business district, Capitol hill, and shore-line apartments. University is to the right, Highway 10 to the left, and the central park + new developments at the top.


    The central park and newer city center, from above. Older apartments around the original park on the left mix with with newer construction to the right. The main road bisects the two (disregard the Opera House just off camera to the right, as it is simply a placeholder for a proper asset). The sunken highway runs across the top of the image.

    The central park of the city, looking north. An older cathedral sits just off of the park, amongst the much newer apartment buildings.

    The office district, south of central park. The rear of Capitol Hill sits on the left of the image.

    The newly-minted university, situated in a small space between the main highway (Highway 10) over the mountain pass and the shore of the lake. An old lighthouse sits on a rocky outcropping to the right (yes, it's a lake, so no, there are no large ships. Just roll with it).

    The Central Transit Station, located just behind the university (you can see it in the background of the photo above). With the launch of the Metro Overhaul Mod, I've been in the process of rebuilding my transit system from scratch. This older station sill services the old tracking, but will soon be updated to house the newer metro system. Because having two systems necessitates multiple points of transit between inter-city rail and the local metro, this station will become one of two transit hubs, the other located on the west end of the city. Also, don't mind the wobbly highway to the left. That's getting rebuilt too (I built that before I had the newer version of Road Anarchy as well as Move It! installed).

    Business Ave, running east from Capitol Hill (this shot looks west towards the Capitol). An athletic field from the university is just visible in the lower right of the shot.

    Rt. 101 (the offshoot from Highway 10 that cuts around the north shore of the lake. Will eventually be the main route to the airport, once I build that). The sunken highway was done to try and keep views open across the route, but the larger apartments still block much of the shoreline from the western suburb here. The center of the shot features the newly minted Inter-Transit Station West (or IT West by the locals), serving as a transit point between the inter-city rail and the local metro system. Due to the release of the Metro Overhaul Mod, massive infrastructure changes are needed to introduce the system completely, although doing so will also allow for the city to introduce it's first subway system, something that has been sorely needed to alleviate traffic in the center of town. This station here represents the first step in this process.

    The beginning of northern suburbs. Because of the transit system running to the left of Rt. 101, a more "experimental" entrance/exit system was required (thanks to the Move It! mod for making this possible). The International Airport is planned to sit in the space at the top of the image, along the edge of the lake.

    With MOM now being a thing, I can finally have over-road metro systems, and I am loving it. Looks gritty and haphazard, and I love it.

    Overview of the brunt of the city, with spaghetti junction in the lower left.

    The newer suburbs to the south. Some future planning is visible off to the left.

    The city from atop Shelnutt Park, a federally owned and protected park just outside of the city. A nice get-away for the city's residents.

    A (slightly outdated) Cimtographer OSM export, showing most of the city. For some reason the lake itself did not export, but it should be clear where it is (the large gap at the top).


  9. @v701, @RandyE, @Themistokles, @Robban040 and @Elenphor thank you for the likes.

    Well everyone, here it is. The first heavy industrial area within Frontier City. The Devlin Pointe Refinery. Frontier City is located roughly halfway between two larger population centers: 200 miles east of Fljót Junction (Population 120,000) and 250 miles west of Svell City (Population 300,000). As such, the city is perfect location for a refinery servicing both cities. The Devlin Pointe refinery is the 3rd largest employer in town, employing nearly 2,500 residents with well paying jobs. The refinery is situated at the base of Mount Devlin, hence the refinery's name.

    Refinery looking towards the Northeast.

    z3Plns.jpgRefinery next to the highway.

    Devlin Pointe Refinery with downtown Frontier City in the background across the creek.

    Refinery looking towards the west from across the creek.

    Route 120 Bridge over the highway.

    Entrance to the refinery with the tanker fueling depots in in the upper right. The gas station located next to the refinery sells the cheapest gas in town roughly $0.20 a gallon less than the next cheapest station due to its close proximity to the refinery. (It gets free gas deliveries) Lucky.


    Another closeup.

    And another.

    View from the Route 120 bridge over the highway.

    A view from the highway.

    Another view from the highway.

    Refinery at night from the highway.

    Night shot.

    oVUSpY.jpgAnother Night shot.

    Closeup at night.

    And here are some street views from inside the refinery.




    Satellite view closeup.

    And finally a satellite view of Frontier City so far.

  10. Mayon City Restored !

    At last some news from Mayon Province. This summer I might pickup on the Mayon Province II region. Europa ANNO may have a break !

    Today I show you some stuf of the former Mayon Province, Mayon City. All pictures have been optimized and edited of unnescesary stuff !

    Hope you will enjoy this enhanced tour !

    Mayon City Main rail station !

    Mayon City 05.jpg

    Down town and business district !



    Surrounding Area !


    Some residentials !



    Mayon City Fairgrounds !


    Most photographic places in Mayon City to be revisted. Some photo hosting problems due !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and  see you back next time !


    Mayon City 05.jpg

    Mayon City 15.jpg

    Mayon City 16.jpg

    Mayon City 18.jpg

    Mayon City 12.jpg

    Mayon City 20.jpg

    Mayon City 13.jpg

    Mayon City 06.jpg

    Mayon City 11.jpg

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    Bienvenue!  Whether you are here to visit, do business, or stay the people of the Baie de Métropolitain welcome you!  The region is still young with just less than 900,000 citizens, but it offers an outstanding quality of life in a variety of environs.  Today I'll be introducing you to the Capital region of Baie de Métropolitain.  While not the oldest city, it is the largest, the center of commerce, and more planned than many of the cities in the region.  Officially one city, Des Capitales is made up of devolved and largely independent départments, which are further divided into arrondissements.

    The population of Des Capitales today is 311,000, and life is centered around the départment of Etoille:


    Etoille is the central business district, and the core of life in Des Capitales.  Tech parks surround the départment on nearly all sides.  To the west of Etoille is the coast of the Baie itself and the départment of Ville de Université.  Université, while smaller in population and size than Etoille is home to three distinct arrondissements with distinct character.  The center of life is the Université Des Captiales itself, and it's surrounding tech park.


    The University focuses on science and technology and has resulted in numerous startups both in the industrial and commercial sector.  A ferry and docks helps connect the University to the larger region.  The south arrondissement is called Plage Sud.


    Few live in the exclusive neighborhood, which is home to some of the most successful companies in the region, and the beautiful beaches that give the arrondissement its name.  North of Ville de Université is the Plage Nord arrondissement.


    A reasonably exclusive address, Plage Nord is separated from the rest of the University District and accessible only by highway.  The Plage Nord business district runs into the main Etoille district, and is one of the premier shopping destinations in Baie de Métropolitain.

    Moving east of Etoille we encounter the départment of Vieux Aéroport.  Once simply called the Aéroport district, and home to one of the city's most affluent business districts, the region has been repurposed many times since the new airport was added to the south side of the Limites départment.


    The départment is still struggling somewhat, with recent new residents and businesses benefiting from the new city zoo, and the tech park which separates it from Etoille.  The airport itself is still heavily utilized, providing servicing for the eastern industrial areas.

    Moving north we come to another arrondissement of Etoille, the Foreign Quarter, also known as Midtown.


    Midtown is a largely English speaking part of the city, and varies between suburban on the south, to urban and slightly decayed north of the highway.  This highway, Routes des Etoilles separates the southern reaches of the city from the newer and once fully separated communities of the North.  Most of midtown and these northern départments were farm land until recent expansion drop citizens north.  To the far east we have La Bande.


    Many people had high hopes for La Bande which was supposed to be a rural retreat of sorts.  As industry moved in, and the district became more dense and industrial, urban blight set in and it became a mostly lower income neighborhood.  Many of the middle-class flocked westward to the newly constructed Ville Solaire.


    Once home to nine solar energy plants, the region recently got its first hydrogen plant.  Numerous energy-focused tech companies exist in this region, along with a thriving commercial market, though many citizens believe it is getting too urban, and far from its roots. Continuing our tour of Des Capitales, just west of Ville Solaire is the high growth and energy district of Passarelle.  Part of the same départment as Ville Solaire, this arrondissement is the new nightlife center for young urban professionals.


    Owing to its proximity to the Foreign Quarter, a wide variety of cuisines are available, and a variety of housing exists, from soaring and expensive, to low-rise affordable tenements. 

    The Limites départment lies just to the west of the Route de Baie highway which separates it from Passarelle.


    The northern arrondissement of Haute Ville is the oldest in the départment and was originally thought of mainly as a commuter suburb for Des Capitales.  North of the Route de Premier the arrondissement is largely working class and depressed.  South of the highway is a thriving commercial district and tech park which gives way to the low rise and wealthy estates, and eventually the Ville du Stade arrondissement surrounded by a thriving commercial section of the city, and a major tourism attraction with the stadium of the Des Capitales Faucons.

    To the South of Ville du Stade is the arrondissement of Nouvel Aéroport.


    The southern portion of this neighborhood thrives around the Studios Des Capitales, home to movies and television for the entire region, and the famous St. Etienne Cathedral.

    While many more locales exist, the final destination on our tour today is Île de Monument just west of Nouvelle Aéroport and Plage Nord.


    An exclusive community, and home to a tech park focused around data science and engineering, the island is connected to the mainland by ferry and subway only.  Cars, while allowed on the island, are rarer than would be expected, and rents are extremely high.  The northern most beach of the départment features a unique below sea-level beach front, surrounded by seawall to help prevent pollution from the nearby port.

  11. large.586d713757f5b_PortdeCaravella-025_

    Since the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga has become a popular tourist destination, the housing market has been booming. Especially apartments in and around the capital, Port de Caravella, are popular. To meet the increased demand, the city counsel decided in 2000 to demolish an old Industrial area just outside the old city walls and rebuild the area with various apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

    The new suburb build is called Abelia. The suburb is ideally located next to the old city and also has a CGLR light rail station. There is also an Aldi supermarket build on the edge of the suburb.



    The most iconic building that was build in the new Abelia suburb is the Abelia tower. With 96 meters it is the highest tower in Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga to date.


    On the edge of the suburb are various commercial buildings. Beside the Aldi, there are also car dealerships located for Volkswagen, Dodge/Jeep, Chevrolet, Audi, Kia and Fiat. There is also a large Shell service station and the Red Roof Inn, a motel.


    @Ln X @mike_oxlong @JP Schriefer @whiteshark365 @123deoliveira4 @Akallan @Takingyouthere : Thanks for all the positive feedback! :-) :-)

    @jmsepe : Progress is slow ;-) But yes, it does take some time ...

    @kschmidt : Thanks for the feedback! The trucks do need a tight turn  ...


    If you like it, let me know!

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    This developing neighborhood is just north of downtown. It's actually now comprised of two neighborhoods, but is itself a converted industrial area that I redeveloped. I always felt the original was an eyesore, especially so close to downtown. So the area is comprised of two parks - Ironwood Park & Eastwood Park - and both have mixed use residential/commercial sections. There's also a soccer stadium on the northwest edge of the neighborhood




  12. jcBWhSq.jpg

    Happy New Year! To continue the tradition of a yearly New Year's Update, here is the 2017 edition of Kotaro-sama's New Year! 

    Due to the massive scale of the update (~60 pictures in the update), a special webpage has been created for it. There are four parts to this update! Please view the pages in order as intended by the author. You will miss out on the action and some fireworks as well. There is also a concert and a movie embedded in the update that will be used to determine the next steps for this year

    Author replies are deferred to the next update. Thanks for a wonderful 2016, everyone! 


    A preview for the update is below. Still recommend you to watch the update!






  13. 161230074429489836.jpg


    And here is the second part of Eréphore! I wish you all with a little bit of advance, good holidays of end of years!


    A small village in the area, a few tourists pass by here to visit the fort and hike along the river.


    One of the two arms of the Thylis, The flow of the river is not very large and fertilizes not much land. Over the past thirty years, the flow of the river has further diminished due to increasingly intense farming.


    In the mountain of Gormios there is an ancient ruin of an ancient temple. It was destroyed by an earthquake around 500 AD and plundered intensely after that.


    The city center of Erephore and capital of the region, there are about 120'000 inhabitants.


    Upon returning to the "Blue Line", we can see the old desalination plant built some fifteen years ago and still functioning today. Due to demographic growth, in recent years, this plant is not enough and a second bigger one has been built.





    On 30/12/2016 at 10:50 PM, kingofsimcity said:

    Amazing work and attention to detail! The mosaic with the farms hugging the winding river is definitely my favorite shot here.

    Thank you! :)


    On 31/12/2016 at 5:11 PM, raynev1 said:

    I second that . That winding river flanked with farms in the mosaic does look fantastic . You also made nice use of SM2's pipe set . :thumb:

    Have a safe and Happy New Year .

    Thank you, and Happy New Year! :)


    On 31/12/2016 at 5:12 PM, JP Schriefer said:

    Very nice pictures :)

    Thank you!


    On 31/12/2016 at 11:21 PM, kschmidt said:

    Very nice mediteranien scene; mmp´s very lovely, rugged, maybe some more olive trees and vineyards and varied rock fields and potholes, italian houses set very nicely used. Desalnitation with the present drought is of vital importance. Local business in countries like italy at the coast is so busy any spot is used to the max, any where maybe less, well done !

    Thank you very much pour your comment!


    On 01/01/2017 at 6:44 PM, Tonraq said:

    Looks great! Good job :) 

    Thank you! :)


    On 01/01/2017 at 6:50 PM, jmsepe said:

    Nice work! Those are really some wonderful scenes.

    Thank you very much jmsepe! :)


    18 hours ago, v701 said:

    Very cool countryside and city !


    Thank you. :)


    16 hours ago, Urban Constanta said:

    this is amazing can't thinkl about the countless number of hours you put in this. It's just pure art. great job

    Thank you. Yes, that's a lot of work! :)

  14. SouthAmericaBanner.jpg?dl=1


    After visiting the world's tallest waterfall and largest rain forest, our small Cessna finally lands at our next destination. We've got quite the trip planned, so enjoy :)




    Our first stop in our journey is the capital and largest city of Suriname, Paramaribo. It's truly a one of a kind city, with its mixture of beautiful colonial Dutch architecture on the edge of the rain forest. The Dutch architecture serves as a reminder to the past - the country was under Dutch rule for nearly 150 years as Dutch Guiana until it gained its independence back in 1975. Our time in Paramaribo is brief - and unfortunately, the rain never seems to stop during our stay, as is common in much of the country.







    We board our plane once again and head back out. Cloaked in heavy rain clouds, Mount Roraima on the Brazil/Venezuela/Guyana border is truly breathtaking with its imposing sheer cliffs. Countless waterfalls plunge off of its tiered slopes - yet another sign that we're in the middle of rainy season.







    We land our plane just inside the Amazonas state of Eastern Venezuela for a quick excursion. We're up for a challenge, and the imposing Autana Tepui provides just that. After a couple of days of nerve wracking climbing, we finally reach the top and put up our tents for the night, taking in the view.







    We get back on our plane and land a couple hundred miles north in Valencia. We'll be traveling by car for now on, and the first stop is the small town of Puerto Colombia on the southern coast of the Caribbean Sea. It's a charming little village, with its small river filled with brightly colored riverboats. No trip here would be complete without taking one for a cruise through the village, and we do just that.







    After driving along the Caribbean coast for a couple hundred more miles, we finally make our way to the Pan-American highway. Taking that south, we travel high through the Andes mountains of Colombia for quite some time until we finally reach Colombia's Cocora Valley. This place seems almost unreal, with it's famed wax palm trees climbing to heights of up to 200 feet tall. The surrounding landscape is equally impressive, with quaint farming villages surrounded by rolling hillsides and steep, rocky slopes. The locals are quite hospitable, letting us stay the night.







    Not too far from the Cocora Valley is another one of Colombia's famous attractions, the Las Lajas Sanctuary. Built between 1916 and 1949, this church is one of the most impressive sights in all of South America, standing high above the steep Guáitara River canyon. Between the location, waterfalls, and reports to this day of "mysterious healing" - it's truly a magical place.







    After driving for seemingly an eternity through nothing but the barren deserts of Central and Southern Peru, we eventually reach a sight worth looking for. There's one landmark here that you'll want to keep your eye out for - they're easy to miss. Eventually we find one of the legendary Nazca lines - the condor. Created between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500, the Nazca culture created these lines by removing the rocks from the desert floor, revealing the lighter colored ground beneath. The best way to view these lines is by air however, so we catch a quick ride and do just that.







    After checking out the famed Nazca lines, we start to head our way inland towards Cuzco and finally make our way towards the legendary Machu Picchu. There's no more roads from this point forward - the only way to the top is by foot. After stopping at a local village, we get out our backpacking gear and get ready for the adventure ahead of us. It's quite the climb up the mountain, but after numerous days and nights traversing through dense rain forest, finally seeing these majestic ruins makes it all worth it.







    We get back on the highway and start heading south once more. The landscape initially is barren - but eventually it turns into something much more beautiful. The steep slopes of the Andes mountains have been terraced by local farmers for thousands of years, and there's no better example of their work than the Colca Canyon. Through advanced irrigation strategies they transformed these steep mountainsides into workable farmland, and to this day the locals make their living off them.







    Our trip through the Andes slowly gets higher and higher in elevation as we start heading eastwards. Eventually it becomes hard to just catch out breath, but we soon adapt to the massive height difference. Perched in the middle of these mountains is the world's highest lake, Lake Titicaca, a sight that we wouldn't want to miss. One of the most remarkable sights here is the floating islands of the local Uros people. By taking the tough reeds that surround the lake (totora) - they've managed to build floating islands that entire families can live on. They allow us to have a glimpse into their daily lives, allowing us onto one of their island and to observe some of their ancient traditions.







    We're finally out of the mountains, but the adventure as just begun for us. This swampy, densely forested area of Brazil is known as The Pantanal - and there's only one way through it, the transpantaneira. The road acts as the only safe route through the wetlands, and we run into numerous herds of cattle on the road along the way. It doesn't take long for us to get into our first standoff - as a couple of crocodile-resembling caimans need to make their way across the road.








    We finally reach the capital of Brazil, Brasília. Seeking a more centrally located capital, in 1960 the capital was changed from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília and an entire city was planned and built from the ground up. Architect Oscar Niemeyer designed many of the important buildings here, giving them a distinctive flair. There's no better example than the Palácio do Planalto - the official workplace of the President of Brazil truly comes alive at night.







    From Brasília, we start traveling eastwards towards the Brazilian coastline. Every Brazilian beach side city is magnificent, but Rio stands out from the rest. Standing atop of Corcovado Mountain is the famous Cristo Redentor statue - a must visit for any tourist, especially at sunrise. Completed in 1931, its arms were placed in an open stance, symbolizing peace.







    A couple hundred miles west is another Brazilian beach side city that you don't want to miss, Santos - one of the most beautiful cities that we encounter during our journey. It's gardens (the world's longest) and beaches are truly magnificent, stretching for as far as the eye can see. After all the traveling we've done thus far - some time spent relaxing on the beach is more than overdue.







    When traveling through Brazil, you're bound to run into a number of favelas (slums) on the outskirts of many of the larger cities. We saw a number of them in Rio de Janeiro - and as we travel through São Paulo, we see quite a few more. The people here make the most of their situation, gathering whatever they can find in order to create a house for their families.







    We begin the final leg of our journey with the mighty Itaipu Dam, located on the Paraná River on the Paraguay/Brazil border. You truly can't underestimate the size of this massive structure - it's the largest hydroelectric scheme in the world. This dam alone provides nearly 80% of Paraguay's electricity, as well as much of the power to many important cities in Brazil - but it did come at a steep $20 billion cost. It's the rainy season - so we get to see an up close view of the spillway in action, which drains out any excess water from the Itaipu reservoir.







    Our next stop is some 20 miles south - the world famous Iguazu Falls. From miles around you can hear them rumbling - you can just sense the power of these falls. There's a seemingly infinite amount of waterfalls here, and the best way to experience them is to get up close. One way is to board one of the many boats that travel along the lower river - and we do just that, getting as close to the falls as possible. But no trip is complete without visiting the "Devil's Throat" (seen in the top left corner of the picture) - an elevated walkway takes us as close as we can possibly get to it, witnessing a one of a kind wonder.



    - Full size link here -





    Finally, our journey wraps up when we reach one of the premier destinations in South America - Buenos Aires. Once you see the avenues and architecture, it's not hard to see why it's called the "Paris of South America". 9 de Julio isn't just wide - it's the world's largest avenue - and right in the middle of it is the famous Obelisco de Buenos Aires. Built to commemorate the founding of the city in 1536, it's truly amazing at night.





    - Bonus Pictures -

    Everything else that didn't make it into an update this year, so here's their final destination. Enjoy!


    Yaounde, Cameroon




    Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania




    Agbokim Waterfalls, Nigeria




    Ancient City of Djado (1000 A.D.), Niger




    Rubber Farm, Liberia




    Mother and Child Balancing Rocks, Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe




    Great Blue Hole, Belize




    Sutherland Falls, New Zealand




    Great Wall of China




    Prague's Christmas Market




    New Year's Eve in Prague :party:




    - Tutorials -

    Itaipu Dam

    Itaipu Dam was one of the more difficult projects I did, and after many trials and tribulations I was able to successfully get it into the game. To make it, I first downloaded the pieces from here, here, and here. After I brought it into 3dsmax, the next objective was to break it up into small pieces so it would render properly. This picture illustrated what exactly I ended up doing. Next, the pieces had to be edited with the Reader to make their occupant sizes 1x1x1, so other things such as MMPs could be plopped around them, and most importantly so they would fit onto 1x1 tiles. Then, all the pieces were put onto 1x1 tiles, and moved around countless times to ensure they would line up as close as the game would possibly allow. Finally, it was a matter of placing everything in the game and plopping water and MMPs around the entire dam structure. Some minor editing was done after the fact, such as to add extra steam on the spillway in addition to the plopped JENX small + medium waterfall lots, to add power lines between the plopped power poles, and to clean up any small imperfections between pieces.


    Machu Picchu

    Now, I'll probably get some questions on my Machu Picchu so I'll try my best to explain my method here as well. I've struggled with terraces in the past (that's why you haven't seen any so far :P), but now with this method, you'll probably see things like terraced rice paddies in the future as well. So pretty much what I did was firstly download a couple of Machu Picchu models I found off of 3d warehouse. They're actually pretty easy to make though, so I'd recommend that if you can do it. I took the good elements of each, moved things around, rescaled, rotated etc and combined them to make a really nice model. Retextured it, then converted it to an editable poly, selected faces, and carefully selected and removed all the flat grass faces on the model. Cut out a section of it, rendered it, made the LODs 1x1x1 in reader, and placed it on a 1x1 lot. Opened up Model tweaker, then offset it something like 500 ft so now it's hanging way off the lot and the 1x1 lot won't interfere when I'm terraforming. Once in game, I plop it, terraform hills to the contour of the terraces, and put down lots of MMP grass where the grass used to be on the model. This picture should help illustrate that a bit (taken right at the beginning, so terraforming/MMPing wasn't done, but hopefully you should get the idea). Finally, the last adjustments were made in PS, the biggest of which included adding shadows (which is important here because models won't cast shadows on MMPs)


    Base Textures

    A couple of the city streets were MMPed, but the rest were not - and they're not actually traditional "base textures", like the ones you would expect to find in lot editor. Instead, I'll prepare a large, highly customized texture for each city scene I'm working on based on a number of pictures. Once it's done, it's placed on a big flat plane in 3dsmax and rendered, ready to be placed in game. It takes way longer than simply using modular road sets (usually a day or two) - but the increased realism is worth it, and I'll probably be using it fully moving forward.


    - - -


    Special thanks once again to all the various creators on 3d warehouse for providing invaluable models for this update.

    Attribution for the pictures:

    Waterkant Paramaribo, CCSA3, Forrestjunky | Tepuy Autana (Kuaymayojo), CCSA3, Fernando Flores | View from Mt. Roraima "Window", CCSA2, Paulo Fassina | puerto colombia (choroní, venezuela), CC2, Olga Berrios | Ceroxylon Quindiuense Cocora, CC3, Diegotorquemada | Santuario Nacional de Las Lajas 02, CCSA3, GameOfLight | Colca Canton Puno, CCSA2, world-wide-gifts.com | Machu Picchu, Peru, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike2.0, Pedro Szekely | Nazca Lines - Condor, CCSA2, Paul Williams | Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca - panoramio, CC3, Frans-Banja Mulder | Por do Sol Pantanal em Mato Grosso Brasil, CCSA3, Filipefrazao | Yellow Jesus, CCSA3, dabldy | Panoramica Santos, CC2, Diego Silvestre | Sao Paulo, Brasil, CC2, Francisco Autunes | Usina Hidroelétrica Itaipu Binacional / Itaipu Dam, CC2, Deni Williams | Iguazu National Park Falls, CC3, Tomfriedel | Obelisk Buenos Aires, CC2, Nestor Galina. Notes: Various edits were made to each picture, including color, slight blurring, and sharpening. All these banners have the same license as the original pictures.

    - - -


    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! :)


  15. I am glad to welcome you in the capital of the Guademian republic again. Today you will get acquainted with two more districts of the city (more correctly with their southern parts). This districts:  Broonwick and Baydfall. Their southern parts border in the south on North Nord Fill and are divided by Weits River. These areas aren't so popular with tourists as they the historic center of the city, but at the same time aren't less interesting and not less important. These areas have the main important role for permanent residents of the capital, though to guests of the capital these areas can be remarkable (in particular some quarters of these areas). In these two areas some universities, the market, important administrative objects, the ministries, the former prison, and nowadays being the museum, one of terminals of a city-suburban electric train are located. This area is also crossed by the second boulevard ring(Friedrick Boulevard Ring) that does these areas by important transport hubs of the city. The most part of quarters of these areas is sleeping, but also there are some historical sights. These areas were included in structure of Norige Hills in 1896, and earlier were its  suburbs.


    Broonwick — the third district of Norige Hills. The southern part of the area (about which we speak today) adjoins to the central part of the city, as a part of Norige Hills is educated in the 19th century. Is the densely populated area with a set of municipal housing though there is a historical architecture (mainly in the southern part of the area which developed because of proximity to the city). It is known approximately since 1200.The area is located in the northwest of the central part of the city of Norige Hills. Occupies the space of 7,42 sq.km. This area is in the center of the municipal districts of Norige Hills. The area borders on the area Hadilston in the north, in the south borders on Nord Fill(northern part), the East borders on the district Baydfall.The Weast Borders on the district Nidhans. In the south it is separated from the district Nord Fill by the Weits River.In comparison with other central regions of the city, is rather planted trees and shrubs, thanks to big space in the southern part which is built up in the majority with municipal buildings.The area is most known for the concert hall built in 1979 in which there take place all main concerts of the country which are broadcast on all central channels of the country. It was constructed by Evgeny Bluming. In the territory of the area also the market with the name of the area of the same name is located. On the Clapham square Saint Rupert's and Virgil cathedral is located.Has been attached to the city in 1896, and earlier was the suburb of the capital.

    The big sleeping quarter Vauxhall has been built in the period of 1960-1970, instead of shabby housing, for working class. Sleeping quarter has been divided into two blocks. The block A settles down to the southwest of the area on the Weits River, overlooking the small park on quay.The quarter is crossed by a boulevard ring. This sleeping quarter has a convenient arrangement, thanks to existence of the main thoroughfare of the city and a wide choice of public transport (many bus and tram routes cross this quarter) therefore it is very convenient to inhabitants of this quarter to reach for work practically any point of the city. In Blok A also there is a kindergarten and school. There are playgrounds, parking spaces and several large supermarkets within walking distance.



    In the Block B there are two schools, 1 kindergarten, city policlinic. With the Block A it is divided by a Friedrick boulevard ring, and in the east it is limited to Marshwood Avenue which is in turn crossed with a boulevard ring. The Avenue is an important transport artery of the city, stretching from a northern part of a boulevard ring to the district Hadilston. According to the Marshwood Avenue trams and buses go. Also near a quarter the main concert hall of the city, and to the closest metro station of only 10 minutes on foot is located.



    Here is how in general quarter looks. As you see building of municipal buildings is mixed with historical buildings. It was affected by proximity to the historic center of the city. Therefore this area partially is sleeping (at least in the south which we discuss today)


    The cathedral is devoted to Saints Rupert and Virgil. The building is located to the East from the Marshwood Avenue, on the Clapham Square adjacent to a boulevard ring. The present structure is executed in Baroque style and has length 101 meters with a width of 45 meters. Height of the main building — 32 meters, dome height — 79 meters, height of towers — 81 meters. The cathedral has 11 altars, 5 bodies and a set of bells, the oldest of which have been cast in the XVI—XVII centuries. The principal organ belonging to 1703 has been replaced in 1988 with the new tool manufactured in Mikenstein. The cathedral has 900 seats, all at the same time can be in it to 10 thousand people.



    On the square the Ministry of Education is also located.There are always a lot of people. Tourists, students, citizens, shopaholics, constant guests of the area and nearby streets


    To the East from the area, parallel to it, one of the oldest universities of the country is located. To the middle of the 19th century, the building belonged to one rich aristocrat of that time, but after disintegration of the empire when the country became the republic, the government has decided to arrange in this building university.



    Near the Clapham Square there is an elite night club in which celebrities, athletes and other bohemians like to have a good time.


    On eastern frontier with the district Baydfall the market is located. It is the main market of the Broonwick, the smallest, but with the most wide choice of fresh vegetables, fruit, souvenirs and other goods. The market is located in a quarterWhitechapel. This quarter the headquarters of some corporations, some important administrative objects, such as tax authorities, the central district mail, several supermarkets and various retail stores also located. This quarter there are buildings built in the 17th century.



    Also private clinic.


    To the South of a quarter on the Weits River in 2001 the elite housing estate with own private parking, with football fields and tennis courts has been constructed. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays use of sports constructions is available to everyone (to residents of houses adjacent to sports constructions, it is free). In the south it is limited to Weits River, and in the north a Friedrick boulevard ring.






    Fourth district of Norige Hills. As well as Broonwick, is located is very subcentral therefore treats the central part of the city (we will discuss detailed administrative division of the capital soon and very in detail). In the area there is a pedagogical university with the big park adjacent to university and the football field, and also the large residential sleeping quarter which settled down on the river bank adjoins to the park from South side. Also in the area there is a medical research center, medical college, city clinical hospital, 3 schools and 2 kindergartens. The main thoroughfares the Vernand Avenue beginning at a royal garden in Nord Fill and stretching to northern border of the city. Also Ronkley Avenue which is crossed with the Vernand Avenue and stretches to the Marlhays district. These two important roads do this area by the important transport hub. Also thanks to the settling-down on the western border of the region of the Terminal A of a city-suburban electric train, the metro station 4 lines, terminal point of many bus routes and trams. The terminal is one of the main transport hubs of public transport. At the station square the station of a taxi is also located. From here it is possible to move conveniently around the city on public transport, it is convenient to reach any point of the city at any time. It is quite noisy area, cars, important administrative objects, for example the Ministry of Health is a lot of here. Here the dense population is enough. In the area there are no special sights therefore tourists are seldom and that in transit here, using the terminal as a starting point to other districts of the city.
    the terminal A is terminal and transit point for routes

    Bus: A13, A27,A84,A85,A67,A133,A95,A55, B33,B77,B150,B340a,B601,B89a,R50,R721,R11,R734, R677,R652a,C5,C9.C12,N63a,N98,N25
    Tram: T3,T4,T7,T9,T10,T14,T18
    Subway M4
    City-suburban electric train SR1,SR2,SR3,3a,3b,SR4,SR9,9a,9b,SR10

    (is more detailed about public transport of the capital and agglomeration you learns later, with detailed maps, explanations and routes)



    It is based on August 16, 1809 at the initiative of Wilhelm Gamboldt. In 1828 has received the name Wilhelm Gamboldt's University in honor of the famous philologist.

    Occupations at university have begun in 1810, 256 students have been at that time enlisted. In their 2008 there were 34 612.

    In the 19th century the university was one of the largest Sim National World scientific centers.



    The large inhabited massif built for people of middle class adjoins to the university park.



    To the East from the Vernand avenue, on the Friedrick Boulevard ring, to the West from the university park, one more dormitory area for people of middle class was located. In general all quarter (which the housing estate, university with the park and enters this white quarter) are quite prestigious quarter of the city



           The promised bonus in the form of a general panorama of the central part of the city:



    Island Garfield. In east part of the island you see the former prison in which the museum which is very popular with tourists nowadays is located. Here it is possible to reach by bus from the central station and from the Terminal A


    Next time you will see:
      The most prestigious, modern, bohemian district of the city after the historic center. Unusual skyscrapers, shopping centers, bohemian quarters and botanical garden

  16. Welcome back to Winton, ready to begin the new 20th century? I can't wait to see the technological ideals arising, and to rise. Maybe more trains, and transportation, heck even maybe horses made of gears! It'll help out at the corral that's for sure. We do as the new year begins for us, have a new landmark for our little town.


    Welcome back, we see the general store and such at night lit up along Goodwin St.


    People gathering at the courthouse for a New Years celebration. Inside a band will be playing, food, and all in the first floor! Square Dancing, and so much more. All is welcomed! Free of charge!


    The neighborhoods are quiet, people are gathering at the courthouse, to see the quiet small streets like Broadmoor street here in its fine beauty.


    The school is also planting a small community garden, wish them luck in our climate; but it teaches the kids about real outdoorsy skills, and them not stuck inside on their washboards and guitars. This is the future, all of us outside, having a fun time!


    Now for the big landmark we were talking about! Which is named the, Alan Coleman Gazebo, after Doctor Alan Coleman, who was the town doctor till 1899 when he died at the age of 74. A great doctor he was, we miss him much in our town.


    We'll see you all in 1903.


    Hint hint, 1903 is going to be a change for all of us!


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    Views of beaches, major attraction and nightlife.forestcity49.jpg.ff51d4d51c7f8999480ccbf0b17dd80b.jpg




































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    Photos of different areas in New Alexandria city

  19. 6tO6brK.jpg




    We only have nine more cities left to establish.  Our population has reached 12.1 million.  This means the voting for cities has closed.  There will be some time after this update and the next.   Here is a little more insight to how our government works.   We have an election day too.   Government positions: <State> Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, and Chief Justice!   <County> County Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, County Treasurer, County Judge, County Representative, County Delegate! <City> Mayor, Vice-Mayor, City Treasure, City Representative, and City Delegate.

    Everyone gets a ballot they vote for city level, laws, one rep, and at least one delegate. For county level, laws, one rep, and at least one delegate.  There is one rep for each of the 245 cities, and one for each of the three counties.  There is a delegate for each 10,000 city population count.  There are five delegates for each 500,000 county population.  There will be more about this in later updates.   We think education is important we have 235 elementary schools and 128 high schools, 57 college campuses.  Our fine state has 189 police districts with 492 buildings.   We also have 236 fire districts with 1,170 buildings.  Finally, we have 235 medical districts with the same number of buildings.  If recreation gives you satisfaction, each of our 236 cities has a city park.  We also have 151 soccer fields, 14 beaches, 44 zoos,40 baseball stadium and 51 country clubs. 



    Today’s highlighted program is “A Merry Christmas”

    Chapter 2:

    Scene 1: Found a spot

    Nar: The Innkeeper comes back. “The manager said all our rooms are full.  If you wouldn’t mind staying in our manger we could find a room in a day or so.” 

    Joseph says, “That sounds homely.  Do you have a doctor around?”  

    Mary says, "A doctor sounds really great right now.” 

    Innkeeper3 says,   “Sure thing I’ll have the doctor meet you at the manger in five minutes.”   

    Joseph and Mary make their way to the manger.  Once they arrive, a beautiful feeling comforted Mary.  Dr. Frankysence came soon after he got the message.  

    “Greetings, my name is Mur Frankysence, I’m the local doctor.  I see you are going to be having a new member of the family.” 

    Joseph says, "Yeah, are you a PI as well?”   

    Nar: so the doctor asks some questions and then goes to get some equipment and medicines he might need. 


    State Budget:  

    3,127,133 Income   2,678,972 Expenses

    Projection State Population :   12,591,182




    Focus City:

    Los Lobos rings in at 169,079 founded 12/25/1854.  Mr.Aire Davis won the election for mayor.  The city uses 56K, power 293K water, and produces 2K units.  This city has the state’s largest supply of ketchup.   They have my elementary, high, and private school and library.  The city provides 4 police stations, 8 fire stations, and my hospital. We also have 46k commercial jobs, and 30k industrial jobs. Los Lobos has an airport.  We also have a soccer field, zoo, baseball stadium, and country club.  Its zip code is 92542.  Its phone exchange is 520 – 660 – 664.  Our city receives it utilities from City 56.





    Phatamento, Casa Quesadilla, Pillsbury Town, Karp City, Wood Vill, Year Hear, Phatidious, Hey Hey, Fletcher City, Worker City, Hair, Rules, Monster City, Jerome,  Kool City, Eighties,Peter Place, Jehosiphat, Mt. Phatta, Atkins Valley, Sam Town, Toasted Towne, Lake Angel, New Springfield, Monder, Maggie Ville, Ben Think’n, East’r, Fresh Towne, Fish’n ,Town, I Coast, Hazard City, EmPhatic, Fort Marzipan, Genesis, Burn Phone, Dersun City, Ted Heights,  Highest, Silver Side, Topped, Ponzi Acres, Cosmosis, Dos City, Mandelbratwurst, Ranger, Peyton Valley, Buckeye, Love,  Wyndough Township, Santa Jilliana, Peek Fork City, InPhanta Real, Pirate Creek, Smart Town,   Slider Ville, Harper, Foot Laker, Carrotsburg, Murkle, Zion, Moxy, Oak Point, Dirkenburg, Quack Valley, Meep Meep, Scootle Ville, Acme Anvils, Chattering Chimpmucksvill, Port Angel, Trilogy, Jolly Towne, Lissy Towney, Spoon Town, New Fudd City, Watermelon Farms, Left Out, Century, Forest Town, Melton Township, Heavenly Hills, Musk Kity Phat’n, Dawg Ville, Foster Vill, Reeseville, West Hershey, Rolo City, Carmel Falls, Gravitation, Rancho Malt, Muki Cyty, Rancho Carroll, San Edo, Golden Rod, Puero Matteo, Hill Town, Dawg Lake, Monster Villa, Hammer, Trufflebury, Phatiform Falls, Hummingbird Haven, Griffith Park City, Bell, Kathryn Kity, Gray Hall, Narducci Township, San Sonata, Knife Vill, Rocky, Clock City, Two Too Town, Cross Ville, Slick City,

    Snickersburg,  Glory Acres, Boyes Balloon, YuleLog City, Town O Tinsel, Praying Peace, Coco Lot A,  Grace Point, Bladder City, Colt Cove, Boster, Flights Peak, Rain In, Heinz Town, Zamboni Slick, Carter's Fold, Marklesburg, Yellowbird, Jones Town, Twentysix Cyborg City, Mount Reindeer, Dasher Valley, Vixen Hills, Blitzen Town, Wondrous Gift, Blessed Bounty, Donner Passage, Comet Lake, Angel Bay, Lance A Lot, Tea Party, Frog Valley, Quick Sand, The Peakz, East Range, Voter Ville, Bluebird Nest, Zevende, Cavalier City, New Jack City, Triumvirate Town, Sithalburg, Common Wealth, Birkinfield, Chalmers,  Buckley, Val Valley, The Cryb, Third Town, Apollo, Chocolate Towne, Snow Cone City, Park Central, Mount Tuckajack, Lake Ness, Chupacabra Corners, Wright On, Rummy Ridge, Lawsonville, Mikeville Creek, Hike the City, Fish Head, Hall Town, James Town, Park South, Peak Valley, Bread Vil, Butter Ball, German Valley, Fast Gone, Slow Foke, Rest Coast, Los Lobos, Noah’s Ark, Oyster Gallery, Cincinnati, Eugenia Corners, Kingston, Williamson, Belvadera, Harlodton, and Jamesville.

    Neighbor Deals:

    Part of the reason this update was so long in coming is I changed how some of the neighbor deals worked across the counties.  The original idea was to have the neighbor deals to spread out from the three county seats.   That is how it has been, and why the later updates took longer and longer was I had to keep stretching out the deals.  I have now changed only parts of the neighbor deals.  I filmed parts of what I did.  I hope enjoy that bonus feature.     I’ll be going into more detail on neighbor deals in the next update.

    {Christmas present]






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