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  1. New Cardiff

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    Welcome to the beginnings of New Cardiff!

    Theme for New Cardiff:

    My hope for the brand-new city of New Cardiff is to capture the feel of a fairly large Northeastern/New England city. I decided to call it New Cardiff to follow the unoriginal New England  naming scheme of copying British names (such as New York, New Britain, New London, New Hampshire, and yes, New England itself) and tacking on "New". 

    I don't want to make it like a huge, super well-known city, such as NYC or Boston, rather something a bit smaller, such as New Haven, Connecticut.

    First Step: The Road System

    Every good city needs a good highway system, so for this project I decided that would be the first thing to get done.

    There are two major highways that I've created so far; one going east-west and the other north-south. The one going east/west is I-95, a real interstate that is very important to cities like New Haven and very busy on a regular basis.

    The north/south interstate is  I-693, an imaginary road  that, from my bit of research, would place New Cardiff on the southern Connecticut shore between New Haven and New London, CT.

    Trumpet Interchange


    Here's I-95 Westbound heading towards the interchange and the future downtown on the other side.


    An overview of the trumpet interchange, with the top of the screen facing east. The elevated rail there will head north and east out of downtown, stretching out into the suburbs.


    A couple more angles, facing north- and southbound, respectively.

    The Funkychange

    I don't know of any official name for an interchange like this one, so I have christened it "Funkychange".


    Here's a full overview of the interchange. My idea was to have a functional exit off of I-693 onto an avenue parallel to the highway, while the highway curved off diagonally.


    You can get off and on to I-693 from Tredegar Avenue in any way imaginable. There's even a U-turn from I-693 North to South.


    And here's where the Funkychange  ends and Tredegar Avenue begins. I decided to call it this after Tredegar Street in Cardiff, UK.

    If you like my work please check out my YouTube channel. I'm currently building my city of Harinsburg, which is meant to capture the look of a Midwestern industrial river town. If you really like Harinsburg and want too see still images, written descriptions, etc, check out my other City Journal of Harinsburg:

    Thanks for reading, and merry building!

  2. Urban Constanta
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    1. This will be at the end of the project an entire city. It will be a region-sized city.

    2. The map is hand made by me 

    3. All the non forest tiles will be built

    4. The region is 7x4 large city tiles + 16 small city tiles

    5. All the coastal areas will have marinas (custom made)

    6. In the left that is a river and a dam 

    7. In the center we will build a very large seaport with docks on both sides of the bay. I've done the jetties and the lighthouses

    8. The almost round gap in the right in the forest is the spot for the Packard International Airport

    9. In the right that is the river with the boardwalk and the river's exit in the bayou. that is the location of our Bayou district

    10. What do you guys think. should i cut the forest from the islands in the bayou and build suburbs there?



    @raynev1 - thank you 

    @JP Schriefer - thank you, indeed i love art deco from it's begining to it's streamlined/modernist end.  Where i live there are hundreds of art deco/modernist buildings unfortunately most of them in a very very very bad shape :( that's the result of 50 years of communism and almost 30 years of eastern europe democracy :( almost all the heritage before 1950 is in a bad shape, neglected or even distroyed :( And there are no signs of things going in the right way...

    this was demolished in the 90's


    And this 


    today looks like this :( 


    @kschmidt - If you refere to the grid style network (the stoplights are on the wrong side of the road because i've installed the british version of the soplights mod - i repaired the issue) that is more common in the US and Canada. Well i'm not that good at doing traditional european street networks because my city despite its location in europe was build at the middle-end of 1800s by british/french and US companies so they've used the grid network and it's still in use today as the city expands. 

    this is a map from 1916 





    and a small update on Bayou District






  3. So guys I have changed the map for the city of San Francisco to the a smaller version of the actual San Francisco Peninsula...584b9a1f96041_NewCity-Jan.31001481172436.png.71f7a151230ec25413c716aeac71c042.png

    And we have our new Bay Bridge...which is a four-lane RHW bridge connecting downtown San Francisco to Oakland...584b99f534144_SanFrancisco-Oct.16001481348838.png.6037b2577c53dbc695da967b5c446e57.png

    New City-Jan. 31, 001481172436.png

    San Francisco-Oct. 16, 001481348838.png

  4. Well everyone, all the utilities are up and running and work on the actual city is about to begin. Below are some pics of additional work I have done on the junk yard. Additionally, I finally am happy with how the recycling center turned out, and I added a few details to the area immediate surrounding the junk yards and recycling center.


    EJLTSR.jpgSatellite image of the landfill, junk yard, scrap yard, and recycling center. This area will eventually be an extension of the towns main industrial center.

    Y8isVr.jpgBird's Eye View.

    EJXkPg.jpgEntrance to the town's waste management district. A single gas station provides service to passing motorists and residents within the district.

    Pewter Recycling Conglomerate's primary recycling hub.


    Inside the recycling hub.

    8fOzuY.jpgNo Industrial Junkyard area is complete without a nearby trailer park.

    Another shot. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not understand the games logic of having people who live in trailers drive fancy Tesla's.


    Entrance to the trailer park off of the tracks. Note the small homes built to the right, the managers of the park live in these homes. Must be a a noisy place next to the tracks.

    8JWIED.jpgThe lonely house at the end of the road.

    oY2PkU.jpgFuture location of the town. So far I am still formulating ideas on how to construct the town. Spent already several hours looking at satellite images of large towns in Montana and Wyoming to give me some ideas.

    vdZA4y.jpgMain intersection leading into the future town of Frontier City.

    q9YmVU.jpgAcross the creek into town.

    kxdGwo.jpgFrom the other direction.

    95Wk7C.jpgCenter of the intersection.

    Looking towards the lake.

    FonAzb.jpgLooking towards the mountains.

    yNVc3R.jpgAt Night.

    The city might take a while to develop, since every since building takes hours of detailing to come out just right.

    Feel free to leave any comments or offer and suggestions.

  5. Hello everyone, thought I was dead for the longest time? Well, sort off in a span of a few months, but... I have been caught up in College work and other games and that pulled my attention off from my city journal... Also, I did feel a little burnt out from working on Mistral Isle back around August. But do not fear, I have renewed vigor in developing my work further. With this update, comes a little teaser I worked on today...longbeachmayorshouse.jpg.15d3675902c3cd3fdb961f773e48c6c2.jpg

    With the end of the semester a week away (and one more school project I have to do), I will put together the next entry to this series. Again, I am sorry about being absent for the last couple of months and I do not have any intention to abandon this journal unless in extreme circumstances. 

    - Artimus



  6. HYI5wpg.png

    Welcome to Ashford! And today, we're talking a tour on two of the major links that connect Ashford : the Blue and Orange rapid transit lines.


    Ashford is a big city, which requires some form of heavy rail to avoid traffic problems. Let's take a tour of the Blue Line first.


    The Blue Line is a 15 km long line that links the northernmost parts of the town, the CBD, and the nearer east side. 30% of all journeys made on the entire transit network are made on the Blue Line. Trains run on a 10 minute headway at peak times, though half the trains northbound stop at Empire Park while only the other half terminates further at Coleridge Heights. Most of the Blue Line used to be part of a mainline which served several towns, now suburbs, in the Coleridge valley. We started at Coleridge Heights, so let's follow the rails!


    The line is still operated by old, twice-refurbished MP54 units, usually coupled in 4-car consists. Their replacement has been long overdue, but a referendum on a transit tax sales increase that would have gone to fund replacement of Blue and Orange rolling stock has been defeated twice in the past twenty years. Oh, and here's the entry to the Coleridge Railyard.


    For at least half a mile from Coleridge Heights station, the mainline from New Wellingborough parallels the metro line. Here's where they split, though they will merge again shortly before Central Station. You'll soon notice the lack of signals on the metro - that's because the two lines use moving block technology and run on automatic train operation, with a single train operator responsible for the safety of the carriage for the length of its journey. The most obvious advantage is optimized headways and wiggle room for expansion or heavier usage - but on several occasions the system has failed, forcing all trains to stop with no signals to run on and stranding passengers across the city. The system is also criticized for being expensive to maintain and unneeded since the shortest headway on the network are about 4-5 minutes on shared Blue/Orange Line tracks.


    Another view of the line split, as the mainline goes through a windfarm, because...why not? The city's power grid isn't gonna run itself and nobody cares what the reckless, billionaire President of Cathnoquey thinks of wind farms next to his golf courses.


    The mainline then crosses a bridge over the Coleridge Valley, which is easily one of the highest rail bridges in Cathnoquey.


    But before that, we arrive at King's Hill station, formerly King's Hill Road. Note how the road itself is sandwiched between the subway and mainline tracks. King's Hill does not see many customers, though there are only one train every 20 minutes calling here.


    The Blue Line then traces its way across hilly terrain to reach Empire Park. 


    Empire Park station used to be small, too. However, it was greatly expanded on in 5E118, as the transit authority sought to adopt a hub-and-spoke model with the Blue Line as its cornerstone. Several bus lines terminate at Empire Park Bus Terminal (in the background), and half of all Blue Line trains terminate here, too. In 5E128, a new rail link, the underground, elevated Airport Shuttle now calls here too. The underground concourse linking all platforms now serves as a platform itself for the small automated shuttle. Empire Park is the largest used station outside of the CBD.


    The tracks then weave across Concord, one of the old late 4th Era plantations now merged into the city's spawling fabric.


    North Concord Station and its Park and Ride parking lot.


    Two minutes later, and we roll into Concord Institute Station. Those trains sure are rusty.


    A #10 red bus typical of Ashford rolls by Concord Institute station. The Institute itself is just a block away, and is a highly-ranked engineering university campus.


    Trains then go down the hill in a series of sharp curves across Sheldonville...


    ...then under the freeway bridge, where they rejoin with the mainline, at the entrance of the main industrial park.


    Central Station railyard. The metro tracks are on the left of the picture, you can see the Orange Line tracks merging into the Blue Line ones. Middle tracks are for mainline traffic.


    Here's a Blue Line train bound for Central Station.


    Finally, we arrive at Central Station, an important interchange point for most city buses as well as between the Blue and Orange lines.


    After a two-minute layover, we start again, and this time go underground. In the late 4th Era, not long after the end of the Civil War, Central Station did not exist, and there were three tunnel portals to what was then the main central station, State Street.


    And here it is! State Street station, nested in its trench. There were more tracks back then, now buried below where the tram tracks run. A brick building used to connect this sunken station, perpendicular to all six platforms, but it has since then been demolished and changed into that road you can see above the remainder of the station. The empty space that used to be the closed four platforms has been covered up below the plaza and converted into a parking lot.


    The Green Line tram still calls here, though, and State Street is still an important transport hub today.


    However, from street level, nobody would suspect one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture used to stand above the steam trains in the trenches below.


    We continue to University station, once known as University / State Capitol. This is the final station where Orange and Blue Lines share the same tracks, as the Orange splits northwards and the Blue continues eastwards.


    Here's where both lines split, as the tracks now run along the waterfront.


    At Morningside Station, a housing promoter got the idea of building his Railside Pyramid housing development on either side of the rail tracks. Skybridges were originally planned, but the city council deemed them overkill. This piece of track is new, and was built across the district as gentrification took hold and condos replaced run-down projects; there used to be an avenue instead of the trackage, which for years was known for the Morningside Market. There isn't much of a community to bring together here these days, but at the same time, someone had to do something about all the rat-infested buildings...


    The Blue Line tracks then continues into high-density development, all built on the site of Morningside Market Avenue...


    And finally the Blue Line turns northwards to serve some of the East Side.


    Loxborough / Grove Park, end of the line! There is an expansion project to the town of Balmung which would involve the Blue Line digging into these hills northbound, but once again, lack of funding has forced the Authority to shelf the whole project.

    We've seen the Blue Line; let's now take a gander at the Orange Line.


    The Orange Line is the city's main link linking the southern suburbs, but it actually starts north of the CBD. About 20% of all journeys made on the network are made using the Orange Line, which is a 10 km long line which runs mostly elevated. This is because unlike the older Blue Line, the Orange Line was built as a metro from the onset. Likewise, the Orange Line runs on a 10 minute headway though all services start and terminate at the termini (except for a few late-night and early-morning trains, which begin at Empire Park after coming out or heading into Coleridge Railyard). Let's start at Lafayette Boulevard station, on the newer Uptown Expansion line.


    Lafayette Boulevard, at the heart of Uptown (even though Downtown separates Midtown from Uptown, a quirk of the city's growth and the names not quite following through). Uptown is nested in the Ashford hillsides, and is easily one of the most diverse communities in the city : the original Dunmer settlers still live here, along with several other Elvish races that, back in old Tamriel, would be at each others' throats. The result is Hamilton "International" Avenue, seen here at the corner of Lafayette. This expansion relieved the CBD as several bus lines could be pushed back to end at Lafayette instead.


    Waiting for the train at Lafayette Boulevard. The station is two-tracked, but in normal service only Platform 1 (signed with an orange "Downtown & Newbury") is in service. Platform 2 (signed with a blue "Downtown & Empire Park") is used either for storage, in case of a breakdown on the other platform, or as a Blue Line platform for those trains heading back to the depot using the Blue Line tracks (or in case of shutdown on the Blue Line's eastern half). It is more economical to have them be in revenue service as much as possible, after all, and so they continue as Blue Line trains from University to Empire Park.


    Using elevated tracks the line then continues to North CBD / Silverwind Casino station, sponsored by said casino. The station is moderately used, but when the Silverwind hosts galas journeys to and from this station are free of charge.


    The line then comes to street level, and then digs down underground under the CBD. There should have been an underground station somewhere inside the CBD, but it was never built because - you guessed it - lack of funds. Sadly, most people consider urban rail to be for-profit, whereas it should not be, as it is a piece of infrastructure necessary to the nation's economy much like airports or roads, but oh well.


    The line emerges above ground and quickly merges with the Blue Line for that University - State Street - Central Station stretch. Before this Expansion opened, Orange Line trains terminated in a dedicated terminal at Feltonville on the Blue Line, which is now closed.


    The Orange Line parts from the Blue Line here. Trains run on these rickety bridges over the industrial canal..


    ..Then merge back together. Note how these trains are electrified using conventional overhead lines, by the way - that's a remnant of the Blue Line's past as an electrified mainline railway, which carried over when it was time to connect the Orange Line to it.


    The Orange Line then curves over Moore Avenue, which it will now follow, with Bybury / Stadium station a staggering 5 blocks away from the stadium itself.


    View from the curve looking southwards.


    Wynesfield station with Raynoldstown station in the background, once the hill is cleared.


    As Moore Avenue swerves further and further way from the CBD, the Orange Line becomes at-grade and curves alongside the roadway.


    Orange Lines track split to accomodate a roadway pillar at the end of Moore Avenue.


    Brownsville Avenue station, serving the Wood Height Projects. Yes, that's a fairly inefficient roadway, but it looks unique and there are many roadways like that across the world. It separates the flow of traffic, it does its job, much as people might complain about the area's lack of walkability. Not everything needs to be game-mechanic-optimal.


    An Orange Line train about to enter Brownsville Ave station, bound for Newbury Quay. Talking of which :


    Finally, we arrive at the terminal station : Newbury Quay, along with a small railyard. 


    The station is located just a block away from the bay itself. Handy for an afternoon out by the waterside.


    Newbury used to be a quaint resort town, but partly thanks to the subway, it has now developed into an entire residential suburb of Ashford, more than 7 km away.


    And what would this entry be without its own subway map? The Blue and Orange lines are the backbone of Ashford, along with the Green Line, which we haven't quite visited - but worry not, a new tram line is on its way, so we'll have plenty of time exploring it soon! 

    Anyway, that's it for me, I hope you enjoy this very long entry but then again I love trains a lot - also I wanted to show that it is possible to make a compelling, yet functional metro link using conventional rail (which does make you think a lot more about spamming those subway trains, honestly). It's an extra challenge I recommend to anyone interested in some eye candy and also in a less easy alternative to subways.

    Sooo see you around :D

  7. RandyE
    Latest Entry


    This entry completes this City Journal.  Its called 'Technopolis' 1 of 4 large tiles experimenting with the game and telling somewhat of a sci-fi story along the way.


    In the Gameplay Demo I started the game in vanilla mode using no cheats or mods and constructed a large city as the game was designed to be played, also enjoying the role-playing of Mayor as a spiritually challenging experience.  

    Megatropolis was an experiment in cramming as many sims as I could into a large tile, resulting in about 6 million with almost all high-density residential and 4 hydrogen fusion reactors.

    Agricropolis was an experiment in lateral Arcology building,  a somewhat self-contained mega-structure with lots of agriculture, high-density residential and high-tech industry. 

    Technopolis  integrates elements of the previous 3 tiles, but utilizes a fictional advanced technology somewhat like alchemy and modern physics combined, resulting in virtually unlimited power and material construction.   The Energy Data Packaging Plant is the centerpiece of Technopolis. 


    A high-density residential area is surrounded by heavy industry, not usual in the design of SC4 cities as the pollution is extremely dense.   In the center of the city the Energy Data Packaging Plants begin to convert pollutants into water and air.


    Soon the pollution disappears, fresh water is pumped into the city, massive power is available, industry expands, population grows, and a commercial ring develops around the city.  In the top-left corner a highly specialized waste management facility is added.


    The completed city is surrounded by low-density residential and forested areas.  Electric highways radiate from the center and a monorail connects each sector of the city.


    Welcome to Technopolis City Center...







  8. Ln X
    Latest Entry


    _Michael: It took a lot of terraforming and road laying to get them roads smoothly rolling over the hills.

    tariely: That final mosaic was an absolute nightmare to do. Crashes, crashes and more crashes every time I was moving away from the city centre. Finally I got about six photos and the game crashed, so what I did was carefully note my position on the map to carry on taking pictures. I was only two pixels out!

    raynev1: Exactly- BAM! And thanks for that comment, all I do is show what is possible without using the Lot Editor or Korver's style of photoshopping.

    aciaKa: Thanks!

    whiteshark365: It took six weeks, I would go to work and then come back home and spend most of my time laying down grass and tree MMPs.

    JP Schriefer: I like both, the urban and the nature, equally.

    _marsh_: Put it this way- I couldn't take enough pictures which is why I used a lot of mosaics.

    MeMyself&I: Erinsberg is a fantasy-styled Los Angeles.

    kschmidt: Thanks- for the woodland I used the tree controller and then used MMPs to increase flora density. I had to use the road as the parking nearby had a road transit-enabled lot. Thank you very much for your kind comment!


    Update 152: West Erinsberg

    This area is a mixture of commie flats, apartments, shops, light industry and of course the Staples Centre.











































    Next weekend the next entry will be back to the countryside and to the mountains...

  9. xNBJdfX.jpg

    Welcome back everyone, it's been awhile since we've had a tour so I hope you enjoyed your break. I've decided to bring us over to another area of the region of Mountain North, an area known as the Six Sister Cities, though they are really just large towns at best.  Our first look will be at Augusta Ridge but the locals call the mountain ridge that juts out of the landscape the Twisting Spine. This is going to be a long entry with 45 pictures full of detail so get out the snacks we have a lot to look at. Here is a region shot to show our location:


    Let's take a look at the city tile in development



    03 and what the older layout looked like


    04 after some work


    05 How about we start taking a closer look at some of the areas of the town. Here is the Bridge Area:


    06 and the transit area leading into it


    07 the Old town area


    08 The lower river area




    10 The New town north area






    13 There used to be one mayor that quite enjoyed the look of a terracotta roof so his home was built on the cliff


    14 but the new mayor wanted something a little different with a better view


    15 I mean what a view right?


    16 Here is the southern circle


    17 which crosses over the rail tracks and heads into the hightech industrial area




    19 This is a fairly busy rail line with rather long trains running on it


    20 Which leads to a problem at the station. The train is longer than the station.




     ^ I think the bear chased the horse onto the tracks but the horse froze at the train at the bear is running away, didn't know there are wild horses in these mountains

    22 Here are some shots of a foolish/brave track checker whom decided to go in front of the train as it was pulling out of the station. Think in your head of the Jaws theme baurm baurm baurm ... Run little track checker Run!!




    24 RUN!


    25 taking that curve at speed hope he makes it


    26 There are two other areas of industry in town. One is the research center on a piece of land west of the highway


    27 and over in the Old town section there is a brewery that has been producing a special brew for decades. It has it's own rail connect to distribute it's brew all over the region.




    29 Here is the old train station and center of town when there were only a few stores. One is a bar serving the local brew which is of course named Twisting Spine. 


    30 the circles in the old town mark the first areas of town


    31 The west road runs north into a tunnel that runs into the Transit Area shown in picture #06


    32 on the other end of the road is the main church in town where the cemetery is on a slope and you can also see the hospital on the hill


    33 just below this area is a little sloped area that required a little thought


    34 so I did this with it


    35 final results a couple of new apartment buildings with what I think is a nice layout with a landscaped slope and stairs


    36 Just past the brewery as you're driving out to take the scenic road you will cross over an interesting stretch of road with a nice pier/retaining wall layout


    37 Down below this area on the banks of this side of the river there are some recreational areas and houses


    38 Here are the trails under the shadow of the mountain


    39 Here is a closer look at the boat ramp. ( I used to have the street with the peg dirt or peg gravel SAM but then near the houses it didn't look right. Now the sidewalks don't look right in this area. I wonder if there is a technique for having two different types of SAM streets on the same street, like a starter/blocker piece.


    40 and here is the area with some nice houses with boat sheds


    41 Here is what the area looks like at night


    42 and some of the trailside campsites at night


    43 and just a little further down river is a favorite fishing spot


    44 Up the river are the bridges and I really like the way these turned out. It took sometime to terraform and then use the rain tool and build the bridge then delete it and terraform some more until I got them to look like this. You can see the rail bridge runs over a drop on the cliff then extends across the river so the bridge looks like it was built to conform to the curves and ridges of the cliffs and the road is at what I remember as the max it can get stretched out without forming another arch under it, typically there are many arches when running that road bridge.




    That wraps it up for this entry I hope you enjoyed it and I warned you there were a lot of pictures to look at. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and as always don't forget to hit the rep/like button, it takes a lot of time and effort for people to put these CJ entries together so the likes and comments help to make it worth it to share.

  10. Earth 41269

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    Latest Entry

    In the Tau Ceti solar system, an immense starship drops out of warp space. The host of Celestials has arrived and will pass judgement on their experiments.



    AuSYm0P.jpg     On the ship’s bridge, several armored figures sit in silence, contemplating the planet visible in the view screen.
                           The One Above All turns to the helm, commanding, “<Nezarr, set bearings for optimal orbit.>”

    “<Course plotted and laid in, One Above All>”        d9e2kit.jpg                                    

    The enormous vessel responds to the new coordinates, bearing down on the distant blue-green planet and settling smoothly into orbit.



    AuSYm0P.jpg   “<Arishem!>” The One Above All addresses the Celestial at his side, “<You will lead the away team. Take Gammenon, Tefral and Jemiah and make your judgement.>”


    Arishem acknowledges the command with a nod and gestures to the three who will accompany him to the planet’s surface. Together, they swiftly make their way from the bridge.

    The judgment is swift and dispassionate. Gammenon the Gatherer samples the planet’s lifeforms while Tefral the Surveyor notes the system’s geographic features. Jemiah completes his analysis of the samples Gammenon has collected and reports back to Arishem the Judge.


    8eR54wc.jpg     “<Arishem, our experiments have failed to produce any tangible results. The standard lifeforms have not made any significant technological progress and the offshoot of Eternals has failed to mutate into a higher lifeform. Worse, the Deviants have apparently died out altogether.>”


    Jemiah gazes upon the cowering humanoids he holds in his palm as Arishem judges, “<Among our greater successes were the inhabitants of Skrullos who,      eXbag7p.jpg                                    

    in a barely greater span of time, have established a flourishing interstellar empire. These ones have likely reached the peak of their evolution.>”                                          


    Jemiah kneels down and gently returns the terrified primitives to the ground. The gargantuan Celestials ignore the prostrating humanoids and return to their orbiting vessel.  


    AuSYm0P.jpg     “<What is your judgement Arishem?>” the One Above All asks.           

    “<Failure.>”    eXbag7p.jpg                                                                                                      

    AuSYm0P.jpg     “<To what extent?>”

    “<Complete.>”     eXbag7p.jpg                                                                                                     


    The One Above All lets out a barely audible sigh and gestures for another Celestial to come forward.

    AuSYm0P.jpg     “<Exitar, this planet has failed our tests. It will die.>”

    Exitar turns toward the view screen, raising his hand. A gem embedded in his palm begins to glow red.

    tlYiDYj.jpg    “<It is done,>” he simply states.

    The One Above All addresses the helm, “<Nezarr, plot a course away from the system. Set bearings to avoid the bow shock and make ready for warp. All hands brace.>”     AuSYm0P.jpg

    The Celestials’ craft accelerates swiftly out of orbit. Their collective attention turns to the screen as the asteroid Exitar has summoned approaches and the doomed planet is struck a mortal blow.


    AuSYm0P.jpg     “<Ashema, open a channel.>”

    “<Channel is open, One Above All.>”     8dTgcHO.jpg                                                                              

    A new figure shimmers into view on the screen; Eson the Searcher.


    AuSYm0P.jpg     “<Eson, have you found a new candidate world?>”

    The reply comes, “<Behold; A spectral class G2V star system with multiple candidate worlds in the habitable zone. The most suitable has an axial tilt of 23.5° and experiences 4 distinct seasons across the majority of the planet. Composition is a molten iron core and rocky surface with active plate tectonics. The surface is approximately 71% water; of that 96.5% saline. Atmospheric analysis is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% trace gases. There is high biodiversity and the world already hosts a likely dominant life form. This hominin will readily accept mutative experimentation as has already been confirmed by Ziran the Tester. Transmitting detailed analysis of prospective life form now.>”



    Nezarr the Calculator receives the transmission and rapidly determines the destiny of the candidate planet, “<The species will require 1,204,729 of their yearly cycles under average     d9e2kit.jpg conditions to achieve basic success. Under optimal conditions, 43,116 yearly cycles can be subtracted. Given poor conditions, an additional 122,046 yearly cycles would be required. If the Skrullos experiment is held as a baseline comparable, an additional 234 yearly cycles would be necessary to achieve interstellar capabilities.>”


    AuSYm0P.jpg     The One Above All ponders a moment, “<Very well. Oneg the Prober will implement. Nezarr, set course for the Sol system.>”


    As the ship enters warp, a dying planet breathes its last gasp and perishes…





    To be continued soon...

  11. large.5841ee420f5ca_PortdeCaravella-016_

    With the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga being a group of islands, travelling to mainland Europe is vital to the economy of the Principauté. In the past 10 years air travel has become the main way of transport from Port de Caravella to Mainland Europe, but the 'good old' ferry is still very popular with transport companies and locals.

    In the late 70's of last century, the local governement turned an abandoned part of the port into a Passenger Terminal to accomodate the growing number of people using the various ferry services. Today, the Passenger Terminal is still looking the same on the outside, but has completely been renewed on the inside.


    Port de Caravella is connected by ferry to  4 destinations on the European mainland. These destinations are Marseille (France), San Sebastian (Spain), Porto (Portugal) and Lisbon (Portugal). The services are operated by Trasmediterranea, an Acciona company.


    @_Michael i believe that the platforms are part of the St. Paola Train Station
    @Takingyouthere@feyss @JP Schriefer @MushyMushy @whiteshark365 @raynev1 Thanks so much for positive feedback - glad you all enjoy it.
    @kschmidt The Ritz project is interesting to use, thanks for the tip!
    @sucram17 the tram is part of the nice work done by Simmer2
    @mike_oxlong there is not much to teach ... i'm  not using mods so it's a matter of creating a lot with various base textures, overlayers and props ...


    Next to the Ferry Passenger Terminal is also a Cruise Ship Terminal which can accomodate small and medium cruise ships that visit the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga on a regular basis.


    If you like it, let me know!







    The winter has arrived at the central highlands.

    Today we're gonna zoom in on an area called Alkon crown. The nearest settlements are about 80km away. And the last 40km you need to go by foot since the roads is to end.







    In this pic you can see an expidition with mechanics which are on their way to a military radiotower.

    On a journey like this you need to be prepared to hike in the wild. To get here is no easy walk especially in the winter, and this crew are well trained.






    Mile after mile with frozen soil.







    After a two days hike the crew will arrive at this spot.

    I can't give you the exact location since the army don't want too much people creepin around.








  13. München, Muenchen, Munich HBF

    Welcom to Munich, fourth city in the Europe ANNO series ! The Third german city; more or less; there will be a fourth one, but that will have to wait for some other scape´s ! Let´s have a look at München HBF, a very nice replacement for such a large structure is Queen Elizabeth station !


    Karlsplatz, on a short walk into town !


    Famous, Muenchner Frauenkirche and New cityhall !


    Odeonplatz and Theaterkirche !


    Now we have a look at the surrounding area !


    Bayerisch wald, Tegner and Schliersee !


    We end with the yet incorporated Starnbergsee, well some distance from Muenchen but still nice



    Next time we take a wider look at the inner city and perhaps make a stroll along the Isar !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ, see you back next time !







  14. Palmdale is the capital of Professional Polo  held at the Ralph Lauren stadium , This area of the city is called the polo district one can get off the train n walk around pretty much see

    everyone in the polo attire ready to watch n play !!! the area also has a football/baseball stadiums the polo district is one of the most popular spots around .


  15. Nurn Grows Day by Day

    As everyone probably wants to see, here's some growth... just a little though. Can't let anyone get too excited now.

    Wow, what the hell is this? These farmers are funny, thinking they can last much longer as the pollution and noise interrupt their day to day operations. 


    Their crops yield less with each passing season, the dirt farming a plight upon the ritzy wealth of central Nurn. ..

    ...well would you look at that, they've already abandoned their homes! Not looking too bright for agriculture. Immigrants want some of that prime downtown land before this place gets too populated! Some of them see the potential. 


    Finally they sold out...! It's about time too, marina expansion propositions are starting to pop up down at City Hall. Residents are starting to wonder why agricultural zoning and those nice down to earth farmers still think they have any business and gall trying to operate on Nurn island. 


    While it's not a farm, many agreed to keep the rare block of redwoods that still grow this far within the city limits. It's a miracle they're even still alive! As Nurn's first official park, residents are appalled to see unused land fall into government hands under the premise of... ugh... "beautification" as they call it. Although once the planned paths and parkland is built the others will be happy to have a place to sit read books like Atlas Shrugged in public so that they can prove how intellectual and informed about capitalism they are to all the other sims. 


    Despite their differences the Sims will have to learn to deal with each other some day. They all live on the same island (not "technically" an island) after all. 


    That's all for now! Tell me what you want to see of Nurn and Gorgoroth in the future.

  16. Manhattan, NY

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    El Argentino
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    It's 4:00 AM, and I, very vicious with this, my first 3D model of my life. Believe me (or I believe),
    I never thought I could do this, because my pc is oldStart with this 3 days ago.
    First, it was learning how to $%&^! how to make a simple box! Then, with some ingenuity, I could start to shape it.



    When I saw this walking, start all over again, trying to be as orderly as possible, and there it goes. I plan to do everything in the flat and then give it height, build the sides (which I have seen are very detailed). Aaaaa the textures... the UV Mapper, all these thing drives me carzy..









    And well. Nothing. Jajaja. In the end I will need some modeler with a powerful computer so that it can render as many polygons, if someone offers, enchanted (? Ah, y maeby tomorrow post a new entry about Battery Park City, now that I know modeler, umm

    Bye Bye!

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    Downtown Sheffield lights up during the nighttime, as waves crash on the banks of the Ashtabula River.

    Some General Information about the City of Sheffield, CC

    Current Mayor: John Tillsburgh

    Population: 104,000 (2010 Census)

    Rank in population (In CC): 1st

    Largest Employer: Sheffield School System (2,230 employees)

    Largest Private Employer: Cacciatorian Energy Company (1,966 employees)

    Brief History: Founded in 1774 by Italian-British explorer Alfonso d'Cacciatore, Sheffield was originally named Fort Sheffield, in honor of the town d'Cacciatore grew up in. The town quickly grew as a trading area, mostly dealing in furs, weapons, and other frontier necessities. During the Revolutionary War, the town was attacked by nearby Natives, and set ablaze. In retaliation, the remaining townspeople banded together and sacked and burned numerous Native villages. At the turn of the century, the town grew even further, becoming the second largest city in the Northwest Territory by 1801. In 1806, "The City of Sheffield" was established, and was made the capital of the new state of Cacciatoria. 

    Throughout the nineteenth century, Sheffield saw the same major growth that was commonly associated with Midwestern cities. Factories, particularly in the northwestern part of town, grew tremendously, and became the major source of income for the city by the Civil War. During the later half of the twentieth century, Sheffield saw a decline in industry, and a growth in the service industry. Downtown Sheffield, mostly flat prior to the 1960s, shot skyward, as new skyscrapers formed the Sheffield landscape. Today, Sheffield serves as the economic, political, and cultural center of the state of Cacciatoria, and continues to grow as a city.


  17. Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some industrial warehouses/manufacturing + a Pepboys and Lowes.
    More industry
    Bonus substation + grungy warehouse + brewery
    Logistics, warehouse, Dollar General, and the back of Tina's Grocery
    Caldor, bank, and front of Tina's.
    Firestation, inn, theatre, old threatre, italian restaurant, old Shell station, starbucks, arby's, car repair, Sam's Club, small convienence + condo
    Industry, cellphone tower, dye vats, warehouses, etc, you get the drill





    Onto the suburbs

    That's it for this segment
    Windmills, gas station and some low-midrises
    Windmills + low-midrises. 
    That's it for this segment.
    Crematorium + suburbs
    Sheep farm + family house and backyard
    Pig farm + that old guy who has a motorcycle and a car
    Guy who has friend over at house who owns an rv he never uses + cow farm
    That's it for this segment
    Lastly, farms. That's it for this segment.
    That's the whole of Numty, everyone.
    Thank you all so much for tuning in, it validates this entire process and it makes me feel really great knowing people like my hard work. Seeya next time!!

  18. A. Gates
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    Westfield is great, it's the best, the most beautiful, bla bla bla... But.. how good does it feel to be able to have fun from time to time without taking into account all the realism, aesthetics and any other aspect that makes me take months to build just a block.

    Here is Arrandale, an entirely vanilla city. I am quite satisfied with the result :D

    Let's go back in time !




















  19. sabstion
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    Alexandria's rail service has never really been adequate. This map shows how the ATA (Alexandria Transit Authority) rail doesn't cover much of the area:


    City leaders have been trying to expand the line into a full network for decades, but have been unsuccessful until recently. The project secured $1.5 billion in federal funding, allowing them to turn this:


    into a reality. The network will be rebranded from ATA Rail to the Capital Connect. The Durham/Lafayette line's tracks will be doubled up, allowing trains to run on separate lines to each destination and run trains more frequently. Two tunnels, one under Wellesley Hill in western Alexandria and a much longer one under the Financial District, Brookline, the Seneca River, and Brownsville will be constructed. Viaducts and embankments will be constructed to Tyson's Corner and Charlestown. All 4 lines will terminate at the new Sanders Station on the western end of Downtown. Finally, extensions of the M's Purple and Red lines will be built to connect them with the Sanders and Brookline stations.

    Here's a timeline of the project:

    July 18, 1978: The Alexandria Rail Master Plan is introduced at a city council meeting by the city's Department of Transportation. It is considered but ultimately rejected, citing its high cost and redundancy, with Alexandria's highways and M system.

    November 5, 1996: Hartford County Voters approve Measure H, requiring a grade-separated rail line to be built with stations in Alexandria, Seneca, Durham, and Halifax.

    February 12, 1998: Work begins on the ATA Rail. The line is also built with a branch to Lafayette.

    May 9, 2003: The line is completed, bringing rail service to Alexandria for the first time since the Alexandria Railway closed in 1965.

    August 4, 2005: Transit advocates petition the Alexandria City Council to expand the rail network, presenting a proposal similar to the 1978 plan. The council agrees to a feasibility study.

    March 4, 2007: The study is released, projecting congestion relief on the highways and M as well as economic benefits.

    November 4, 2008: Hartford County Voters approve Measure Q, providing a half-cent sales tax increase to raise $2 billion over 10 years for the rail expansion.

    February 17, 2009: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is signed into law, providing $1.5 billion for the project.

    April 7, 2009: Ground breaks at the site where Sanders Station will be constructed.

    May 15, 2012: Sanders Station opens. Trains no longer run to Central Station, and service to Halifax ends, due to lower-than-projected ridership.

    September 25, 2012: The Seneca viaduct widening is finished, allowing double the trains to run to Durham and Lafayette.

    June 4, 2015: The Tyson's Corner Line opens.

    February 8, 2018: The Charlestown Line opens.

    November 11, 2018: The M Purple Line extension to Sanders Station is completed.

    March 9, 2019: The M Red Line extension to Brookline is completed.

    Summer 2024: The M Red Line Extension through Seneca to the Seneca train station will open.

    Here's photos of the construction.


    Sanders Station under construction.

    Another extraction site and the future location of the Brookline Station.


    A tunnel-boring machine extraction site and the future site of the Brownsville Station.


    The six tracks of the Tyson's Corner, Durham, and Lafayette lines. Here, the Tyson's Corner line turns west before tunneling under Wellesley Hill.


    Preparations for constructing the Wellesley Hill tunnel.


    The entrance to the completed tunnel.


    Construction begins to widen the Seneca viaduct.


    The new double-wide Seneca station.


    The newly-built Burrell Heights station.


    The finished Sanders Station.


    And finally, after 3 years of construction, the first train pulls into Sanders Station.

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  20. SparkleCity

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    To a new Series

    Prowersville has been a brand new city since 1993, when it began to build its skyscrapers amidst the damage of the Furry-Offensive War of 1986-1992. The city was ravaged by the Offensive Empire, a nation of people who worship MLG and rappers. Furries in Sparkle were one of their biggest enemies until the fall of Westbrook in 1992. The national animal has been the red fox since 2003, primarily because of the cleverness of the soldiers who fought the Offensive Empire for over 6 years. Had Prowersville fallen, it would have probably been a furry holocaust, which would have even dwarfed WWII in severity.  Ever since the reconstruction era of the 1990s, the region has been rebuilt to be stronger and more efficient than ever. The only problem with the cities is the apartment companies, who have built the same building over and over again. This has led to the repetition problem plaguing most major cities.



    The local Walmart in the area, being surrounded by these apartments, built by these companies... most of the people in the area go shop at Target, just to the west.


    The Sparkle National Zoo, located in between downtown, and the local boardwalk. It sees over 20,000 visitors a day, and has never had an animal escape.


    Downtown Prowersville, with very little repetition from the apartment corporations. To its north is a small office park, with over 5,000 jobs to offer nearby residents.


    Just west of the Walmart, Target see most of the customers in the area. Even Sam's Club has little people supporting it, since nobody like membership fees.


    An up close view of the office park north of downtown. You can see it still has a lot of jobs available, as its parking lot is nowhere near full, even during a Christmas party.


    Being the well educated nation it is, the Sparkle Kingdom has found a reliance on nuclear power. Given average SAT scores are rising beyond 1350, it should be relatively safe.


    The parliament center, located right next to the convention center, which is scheduled to host AnthroCon 2020. It sure will be busy here when that day comes.


    The local boardwalk, now improved, with some small beach houses around it. Also, the local marina is located directly adjacent to it, so the rich can keep their boats here.


    The famous lakeside place, is located directly next to the industrial district. It is home to the NVIDIA Corporation for Sparkle, and the graphics cards are made in adjacent factories.


    Finally. we have Prowersville's tiny, but bustling Central Park. It may not be home to a zoo, but a lot of people come here to relax from regular city life.

  21. wApLkRk.jpg

    Now, I am undertaking a huge project in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism in regards to a specific site to the city. It will be the first time where I use my city building skills to the test. Quite excited really, since it is also the first time that I presented my background to my professor. The university is affected by a major strike though. It will affect my update cycle through December and January so please bear with me while I deal with the matter. Replies from previous updates are below. お知らせを見てくださってありがとうございます。


    Tonight, we come back at Okaiken's Street Scene, but at nighttime. Consider this as the continuation from the previous update.


    "It's 8pm. Aren't you coming home yet?" Asked a woman on the telephone. "Not yet," said a person on his office. Just a few more documents to do and I'll be home soon.


    "Sorry, okyaku-sama, but that is the last fish that we have for today," said a vendor. "Oh, ok," said a businessman who looked a little disappointed. He looked toward the street and saw a couple of street cars preparing for a night of 'illegal racing'. "It's time to go home, I guess," he said to the vendor. 


    The clock turns 12 and the street scene become a little more interesting. At this time, illegal street racing is rampant and the usually quiet central business district roars with the sound of powerful engines. 


    "Are you guys ready?" asked one member. "Yeah, let's do it," said another while bringing out the DJ equipment. Okami is known for its hip-hop scene. Famous artists such as AK-69 and Anarchy hail from Okami. 


    By 1:00, a movie crew had set up filming equipment in front of Okami castle. AK-69 is performing his new music video there. "Yo, can you give me a smoke," asked him. "Here," said one of the crew. "


    "I'm done," said a manga-ka, who is completing his new manga for a release on Tuesday.






    From Update 33:

    @tankmank thanks for the usual reply, glad you enjoyed it :) . @sunda gracias :P. @BugeyedDragon thanks! Trust me those ports took a while to place and demolish. I think it was already like a 2-3 year project when I built it. Glad it was finished. @TekindusT and @kschmidt thanks for your comments! @kingofsimcity it's usually light photoshopping. It can really take you far lol. @MushyMushy now that I had a grasp of density, what do you think is the sweet spot for density? :P @nos.17 I know, right? screens are usually "fun to deal with" (actually not.) So many standards for quality but none of them match. @tariely that's as much as I can do lol. Those containers I believe are from a mod from moonlight's blog, but check simcityedit.com for more info (it's in Japanese but you can figure it out easily. @CT14 thanks! I think he wants to know where I got my rail over container. @Ln X thanks! @Leszczyk you can do it! I started at the same place as you back in 2011. @Roman_Samudra thanks! @Takingyouthere I was known to not be overly dramatic with images. I let the mixed media do the emotion, and that depends on the content of the update, careful selection of colour and the organization. I may not beat @korver's standards when it comes to realism, but a little application of context will make your update pop. :P @Mr. Bluescreen it does sink down but you can compensate by flattening the area around it, using the road tool. Do not plop over high areas!!! @_Michael it's a secret formula that I have done at photoshop. :P

    From Update 34:

    @rathefalcon thanks! @raynev1 as I said, it depends on the other media and the structure of the update. I guess rationality prevails? lol. @RandyE thanks! City planning knowledge really helped a lot with the update. I hoped I can continue to expand my knowledge into the journal. @feyss@jmsepe, @_Michael, @v701, @slickbg56, @sunda and @kschmidt thanks guys! HAHAHAHA. @tariely If you think the first images are oppressive, you've never been to La Defense. :P 




    VISIT THIS SITE to learn about the 2017 edition of the New Year's update. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. We will deliver you one of SimCity's most anticipated events, The fourth edition of Kotaro-sama's New Year!

    As a special, you can take a look at my other, continuing work at this wiki to know more about Okaiken. Who knows that we had a wiki?

    Also, don't forget to visit the Okaiken website. Who knows that I have a website?

    じゃあ~ いってきます!(^も^)>


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    Hello, today I'm going to show You second and the last part of update from Jaruna Islands. There's no photoshop, all shots were taken during weather effects developed by JENX. And please don't miss the end! :rofl:








    Summer time on Jaruna Islands lasts only one month. Most part of the year is rainy and snowy. Here some autumn shots.






















    And now... winter is coming! Brrrr....















    Finally, a special GIFT for all of You, check it! :party:


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