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  1. Back into the city again! This week, we start to create our transport sector, by creating a bus line to enable our citizens to get around, and get to school, which we urgently need to be able to get rid of our rapidly growing industrial section!



  2. Ben's Top Ten

    We're playing BTT catchup...  the time machine is set for November....

    The Jade Bight debuts at number one - well done. 

    Art128's SC4 Projects returns, and jamestown is new.



    Ben's +10

    Islands on the way by v701

    Anselli by TMTS

    The Waterdep Project by Urban Constanta

    Mikenstein by michae95l

    Ocean Valley by Titanicbuff

    Westbury by streetsofny

    Norgëns by streetsofny

    Twin Rivers Region by dedgren

    Lenox by matthewscott6615

    Skyline-City by OwiHH

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    I figure since I've been floating around here since 2003, maybe I should start a CJ. Better 13 years late then never huh??

    Today I'm going to give a somewhat brief back history on my region. It is based on my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It will share many similarities of the real area as well as how It might of looked if events had been different. The map and layout share some similarities as well but is noticeably different. For instance, the Allegheny Mountains are further east and my region is at the edge of it's eastern Foothills and Piedmont. The river that flows thru Lancaster, the Conestoga is a lot wider compared to the real one but it maintains its curves quite well.

    Lancaster (Lang-kiss-ter) was laid out in March of 1718 by British settlers at the site of Hickory Town, a small trading village. Lancaster at the time was part of Chester County and a year later the County of Lancaster was formed. As the years went by, the settlement and the surrounding countryside steadily grew with British, Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, and Swiss settlers. Lancaster became a Borough in 1728 and was incorporated into a city in 1742 with a population of 4,219. As the Colonies grew, so did resentment from the Native Indians who felt their land and way of life was being taken from them. Wars broke out through out the century but the Lancaster area experienced relative peace during this time and had a friendly relationship with the local Indians, the Conestoga of the Iroquoian speaking Susquehannock tribe. That all came to an end in December 1763 when a militia from northwest of the county raided their established home, Conestoga Town, killing three quarters of it's population and burned the town to the ground. Those who were able to escape were sheltered at a Quaker meeting house located in the middle of the city. A week later on Sunday December 27th, while the citizens were attending morning church services, the militia returned and massacred the remaining Indians. After that day, residents of the county vowed to protect the good and innocent from those who desire bloodshed to push their agenda. On January 1st 1764, the Lancaster Militia was formed and to this day remain in service as an active duty armored cavalry unit based a mile from the site of the massacre.

    During the Revolutionary War, Lancaster was an important manufacturing center for the Continental Army. The Lancaster Barracks north of the city was established after the Battle of Wheatland in October 1777. The post and cemetery where built over the battlefield. The winter of 1777-1778 brought extreme hardship to the Army as they hunkered down in Valley Forge just east of the county. the living conditions were so grim that the Continental Congress ordered General Washington to mobilize his troops to the newly created barracks in Lancaster. Many soldiers did not survive the march, but many more would have fallen if the stayed at Valley Forge. Once in Lancaster, over half of the soldiers were treated at the new Pennsylvania Military Hospital for frostbite, malnourishment, gangrene, and a plethora of diseases. Locals supported the troops by providing food and clothing. By spring the Army was mending and with the arrival of Baron Von Steuben, the Army was a respectable force to be reckoned with. The Army left in the middle of June and the Lancaster Barracks became a center for training soldiers and mending wounds from the battlefield as well as housing prisoners. There would be no further conflicts conflicts in the region.

    By the end of the war and Philadelphia being both the newly minted nations capitol and the state capitol, it was decided to vote on moving the state capitol away from the city to a more central location. Lancaster received the most votes due to being the largest inland city in the state (1790 population of 12,454) and quick, relatively easy access from Philadelphia and Baltimore. It had a navigable river which leads to the Chesapeake Bay, and vast resources such as metal/gunsmiths, textiles, agriculture, and higher education. In 1799 the state capital was moved to Lancaster at a site along the Conestoga River on the northern end of the city.


    Ok so maybe it's not so brief as I've only gotten to the end of the 18th century. In the next installment I'm going to babble on about Lancaster's place in the 19th century and I'll throw up a bit more pics but for now y'all get just one, the region! I'm pretty well photoshop/gimp illiterate so there probably will be no touchups to the pics besides what Imgur can do. After that it'll be the 20th century and we'll see the city and it's countryside grow big time!


    That's about it for now! I hope I didn't bore y'all too much and I'll always be open for advice and critiques!

  3. Y6BSxw.jpg


    raynev1: I sure did, I even used the second type of paths as well and integrated them together.

    michae95l: Thank you!

    tariely: The diagonal path was indeed made using SFBT's diagonal fillers. I believe the ITC The American Football Fields Project should cover this football field-

    DavidDHetzel: Yet another use for T Wreck's excellant IRM fillers!

    kingofsimcity: The parking set is hoo47's- the high wealth version.

    takemethere: I love to mix and match various BATs, from the new to the old and everything in between.

    v701: Thank you!

    Dreadnought: Cheers! Now I have imported two or three special maps, however my latest creations: Weckum, Annuq, Faverdale and Garforth were built on a flat test region I created. Only Faverdale was not built on a flat map as I wanted to explore a more rural take of SC4. I do not build regionally, but if I did I would probably do it in phases. Start with a series of small villages and numerous farms, connect it up and then proceed to gradually urbanize and expand some more. Or I could try the GTA 5 island approach and complete an entire island region.

    gviper: Thanks! I decided to let the grass textures do all the talking, sometimes pure texture work does a great job without any need for using MMPs.

    SimEMS38: Thank you very much!

    sucram17: Those flats would be Delecto's Costa Obzor-

    Belfastsocrates: Thank you!

    kschmidt: Those diagonal housing blocks would be Simcoug's Diagonal W2W tenements-



    Update 120: Tebay and the Augill Forest

    Tebay is another small village in the Faverdale city tile, the housing style of Tebay is also a sneak peak into the look of Garforth's suburb style.


    Tebay is by the corner of the city tile.


    But first let's look at a path which snakes it way upwards and eventually connects with Tebay.


    The path branches off from the B5289.




    The combination of Gobias' Sudden Valley terrain and the Arden Tree Controllers produces flora magic.


    Not a single flora MMP was used.


    Because of this the hard work of MMP foresting was taken off of my hands.





    The village of Tebay.


    Lower Tebay.



    I discovered that I actually have a whole ton of suburban British BATs.




    The Tebay holiday homes which provide a great view of Augill Forest.


    Upper Tebay because the houses are somewhat higher than those down in Lower Tebay.


    The semi-detached housing BATs are spot on.


    This Monday the tour of Garforth will commence with some serious urban goodiness. Here are two small tasters:


  4. In the South  Nord Fill and Inner City ,are also divided by an Old Boulevard Ring, as however in the West and in the East. Only the northern part of the area is divided by the channel of the river, but is more detailed about it next time. Western Nord Fill has great success in tourists and citizens as in this part of the area important city objects are concentrated, sights, well and the well-known Quarter of Fashion in which smart boutiques of the most famous brands of clothes, footwear and accessories are located. Here too the tram final stop settles down. Across this area there passes the branch of the subway, the first line. Western Nord Fill one of the most prestigious districts of the city. In this area very expensive housing. Also here very low indicator of crime, doing this area to one of the safest and comfortable for life. In the area one of the oldest hospitals in the city settles down. Many  rich people: famous musicians, artists, architects, actors and other bohemians, preferred this area for accommodation.

    Before you get acquainted with Western Nord Fill, I will present to your attention the remained shots of Southern Nord Fill which didn't show last time.

    Wide foot Wareston boulevard. Till 1995 on the boulevard transport went, but in 1995 council of city municipality was decided to turn the transport boulevard into the foot. It was a necessary measure as the square on which the cathedral settles down adjoins to the boulevard. This one of the places which are most visited by tourists in the city. Because of a big flow of people, on boulevards there were never-ending traffic jams which very much disturbed the movement in this place. Also numerous transport incidents in it the area became one of the main reasons for transformation of the transport boulevard in foot. Now it is completely pedestrian zone, with green plantings and metro station. The boulevard connects an Old Boulevard Ring and Friedrick Boulevard Ring. To the tourists leaving the subway the beautiful Gothic St.Patrick Cathedral  which is settling down on the square of the same name 



    the Catholic temple in the center of  Norige Hills, one of symbols of the Guademian capital. Settles down in a quarter Rompton,on the Patrick square . Construction of a cathedral began in 1128, with the architect Josh Wares and ended already in 1306. As this was already told earlier, one of the most visited places by tourists



    The high comprehensive school Is the biggest high school in the center of the capital. Because of too dense building of the downtown and deficiency of the free area, in the downtown practically there are no big schools, with big sports grounds. This school is an exception, as well as one of the very first schools of the city. It was constructed by the famous writer Remindton who very strongly loved the work and wanted that the school constructed on its money served a good cause. The school settles down in a quarter Rompton, surrounded with houses. Sideways from school there is a small market.



    So! Now we pass to acquaintance with Western Nord Fill

    The Western  Nord Fill begins with a pedestrian  Boulwane street and the building of the Ministry of Finance. This multystoried modern building which was built in 1993 as the old building in which the ministry settled down became unsuitable and was demolished at the end of 1992. To tourists this area is uninviting architecture, but is interesting by little shops of souvenirs, settling down on a pedestrian street. In the area settles down not only the ministry of financial affairs, but also stock exchange and the tax inspection. These buildings, as well as the Ministry of Finance are in a Administrative quarter. There passes the tram - a pedestrian street which connects  Friedrick Bouleard Ring with Old Bouleard Ring. Here pass three tram routes:T2,T4,T5



    the senatorial palace is built in 1961 under the leadership of the architect John Rombolley. Settles down in administrative quarter, adjoins to an old boulevard ring


    Behind the senatorial palace the administrative park with playgrounds settles down



    The architectural monument representing the big solemnly issued arch. the monument in the Western Nord Fill in the Fashion Quarter of Norige Hills on Revival Square built in 1806 — 1836 by the architect Jean Goupston according to imperor Carlos order in commemoration of victories of its Great army.




    Pearl of this area: fashion Quarter. Here fashionable luxurious boutiques of exclusive brands of clothes, footwear and accessories settle down. Architecture and design of some boutiques it is possible to compare to works of art. Many tourists first of all, coming to the city, hurry exactly here, especially in the period of seasonal discounts. Rich residents frequenters of this area. Very often here it is possible to meet the well-known people. Here it is possible to find everything that the soul of the experienced shopaholic can wish... Such well-known brands as:Giorgio Armani,Gucci,Fendi,Burberry,Versace,Prada,Enrico Coveri,Mauro Grifoni,Valentino,Hugo Boss,Louis Vuitton,Chanel,Christian Loubotin,Dior,Christian Lacroix.Paco Rabanne,Marc Jacobs,John Richmond,PAtrizia Peppe,Guess,Tommy Hilfiger,Dolce &Gabbana,John Varvatos,Oscar de la Renta,Elie Saab,Dirk Bikkembergs,La Perla,Moschino,Cesare Paciotti,Salvatore Ferragamo,Brunello Cuycinelli and other.



    At the left two buildings. With an orange roof it is Chanel, to the left of it Dior


    Well and finally, tram final stop of routes: T3,T7,T9






    PS: Next time you will see a map of the city... Administrative division of areas, transport card, main streets and prospectuses, information on the city and general review of two main districts of the city. At present I already on a half of a way. To fast meetings. Thanks to all who comments.

  5. Hello everyone,

    Hope you all enjoy this update. Just playing a bit with LE.


  6. Antarctica

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    ---------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR'S COMMENTS  ----------------------------------------------------

    First entry guys. I hope you like the style of CJ that I'm proposing. Feel free to express your thoughts wether positive or negative!

  7. Just a quick post to say I haven't forgotten about my promised update. I was away skiing so time somewhat restricted me and I couldn't find the time to finish a few things and post the update before heading off. The update will however be uploaded this weekend! I'll also reply to everyone individually as well. Thank you all for your on-going support



    This post has a dual purpose though. I'd like to hear your suggestions for what you'd like to see more of from Passau and wider Perseus. I have tended to post 'complete' and pretty things from Passau, which I am aware of. Primarily that's because in my head the place exists as a functioning country and so I rarely post 'in-progress' images of the city. I also know Passau has a tendency to look a bit too 'clean', there are reasons for that but I would like to experiment with creating some rougher areas.   

    I would like to create new and different updates for 2016 and I welcome suggestions or requests. I also hope to start work on the less dense areas that surround Passau and these will comprise lower density housing, parkland and some aspects of rural.

    I'll do my best to progress any ideas, so please make as many suggestions as you like.

  8. Haring%20cover%203.jpg

    It's not really the first sign of civilization, that was when the colony was first founded. It would be more accurate to say that it's the first sign of decent life standards, but that would be too long, and the text on the banner would be tiny.

    Quite some time has passed since we last visited the quiet little colony of Haring, and it certainly has grown. It's now home to nearly 1400 people.  Let's have a look.


    This was the settlement's first waste management facility, built alongside the scenic forest trail. It turned out this facility wasn't enough to handle Haring's waste management needs.


    So they built a very high-tech Waste-to-Energy plant with some help from the eggheads over at the research facility.


    They also had to build some factories to mass-produce some much-needed resources. The colony is not big enough to start relying on trade, so it has to be completely self-sufficient for the time being. This ore crusher, foundry, MP generator (whatever that is) and random shed is a step towards that.


    Of course, for the colony to grow, they need a steady supply of immigrants. This very basic spaceport and communications post that was built on the landing site of the last cargo ship has helped with that.


    And finally, this is a nearby settlement called Skovballe, which is a Danish name. Exactly 0% of the population is Danish. How they came up with that name is beyond me.

    There's not much to see here though, and it'll probably be incorporated into Haring pretty soon.



    Thanks! All of the plants are imported from the Earth, though all the crops have been genetically modified to grow a lot faster(this makes sense because sci-fi). There was absolutely no multicellular life until the planet was terraformed for the settlers.

    Ln X:

    Thanks! This is pretty much the first time I take agriculture seriously, instead of it being a zone-and-forget thing for me. I'm surprised it turned out this well, actually.





  9. Update%2048%20-%20TitleBlock.jpg
    Update 48

    The Great Debate
    Fall 1884

    Previously on New SorGun… 
    With time ticking away, Eastman T. Finch realized he needed to do something before Kitty Timworthy walked away with the election.  In an attempt to cut through the lies and gossip being spread around town by Kitty’s associates, Finch proposed a debate between the two candidates.  Kitty readily agreed, hoping to bury Finch for good.  Mayor Walker agreed to moderate…

    “Ladies and gentlemen… Ladies and Gentlemen,” Mayor Walker roared, attempting to quiet the huge crowd.
    Finally, the debate had begun.  Finch knew the election would hinge on his performance this day, and he had to be nothing but perfect.  The format allowed for the first candidate to speak for an hour, the second candidate would respond for ninety minutes, and then the first candidate would be able to finish with a 30 minute rejoinder (the same format was used for the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates of 1858). 
    Finch squeezed his hands tight – he could feel the sweat of his palms.  The businessman wasn’t new to public speaking, but the size of the crowd and the importance of the event would unease anyone.

    Always the gentlemen, Finch insisted that Mrs. Kitty Timworthy be afforded the first chance to speak, which she cordially accepted.  It was not unusual for women to speak publicly in those days, especially on the frontier, where gender roles were more relaxed.  But a political debate between a man and women was less common, and one with a mayoral election in the balance was almost unheard of.  The buzz of excitement among the crowd was electric as Kitty began her speech.  

    “Fellow citizens of New SorGun,” Kitty began.  “I am honored to be speaking to you today as a candidate for the mayoral office of this great town.  Only a few years ago, such a scenario would have been thought impossible.  But I stand before you today not only as a woman, but as a populist and a champion of reform.”
    The crowd roared with approval.
    “For too long, the businessmen and their allies have dictated policy in this town, and for too long those policies have benefited the few, while enriching their own enterprises.  They continue to promise growth and prosperity for all, but I have not seen the realization of these assurances.  Have you?”
    Murmurs of disapproval could be heard shouted by the onlookers. 
    “No… nor I, my friends.  In fact, businesses are being shuttered and a recession is smothering the life out of us,” Kitty bellowed in disapproval.

    “It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” Kitty continued.  “Almost a year ago, the golden spike was driven into the ground in Montana.  The Northern Pacific Railroad now spreads across the continent.  Our leaders promised a new era of wealth and prosperity… “ Kitty paused.
    “More promises…” Kitty groaned sarcastically and the crowd joined in with a good laugh.

    Mrs. Timworthy continued her assault on the failed leadership of the current administration.  The crowd was energized and laughing and booing at every cue.  Kitty was well practiced, as she had been replaying the same notes all across town while stumping for her candidacy over the previous months.  She spoke directly to her base, the laborers and women who were demanding jobs and an end to vice and corruption.  

    Kitty’s hour came to an end, and Eastman T. Finch was given the stage.  As he walked toward the center, the crowd responded with some polite applause and a few heckles.  Finch looked out over the large gathering and cleared his throat.
    “I know many of you gathered here today think unkindly of me.  Some of the things you have heard, read or experienced have influenced an unflattering opinion of myself… whether warranted or not.  I don’t expect to change any opinions rooted in hate, but I do hope my words can reach those of you who still hold an open heart.”
    Finch paused, and continued.
    “Like almost everyone here, New SorGun is my home, although not by birth.  Like you, this town became my home the day I set foot on Yarahi’s wharf.  I still remember that day, as clear as the natural Denenny spring that has provided our towns water since the days of the first settlers.  

    “And like you, on that day I became part of not just a town, but a family of like-minded men and women.  Like all families, we have had our differences, but despite them we forge ahead and have achieved great feats.  Who here remembers the town coming together and raising the first New SorGun school house?  It still sits behind me, not too far from this very stage.  And how could we forget the dastardly actions of the Northern Pacific Railroad?    While the nay-sayers were writing off our town, we pulled together and built our own railroad!” Finch finished with a shout, and many in the crowd whistled in approval.  

    Finch waited until the cheers abated. 
    “Together we have built this small town into a leading force in the region, one that even the railroad barons cannot ignore.  Through industry and trade, New SorGun is the envy of the northwest and we continue to lead the way.   The new school house next to Denenny Creek only cements our commitment to educating our citizens and building a community that will endure.”

    “And each new factory that springs up along our wharf means new jobs and financial stability.”

    Eastman continued to outline the progress that New SorGun has witnessed over the past few years.  As his time allotment wound down he paused and looked out over the crowd.  
    “Now, some believe all of our accomplishments bear an unacceptable cost.  Businessmen and industrialist are hoarding untold mountains of cash earned at the expense of you, the working men of this great town.  Certainly, I have been accused of such dastardly behavior,” Finch paused while a few murmurs and shouts in the crowd burst out.  

    Finch raised his hand while the shouts subsided. 
    “It is true; I have managed to build a considerable amount of wealth here in New SorGun.  Deservedly or not, that is a question could be debated until the end of time.  Does the lumberjack working an additional day deserve his extra dollar and a quarter?” 
    The rustle of mixed emotions could be heard from the crowd.
    “Or the barkeep who stays open late to service the late night patrons, is his time and extra energy not worth a dime?” continued Finch.
    “hard work, extraordinary effort, uncanny persistence… these qualities have built up this great nation and we continue to thrive because we are rewarded for such endeavors.  Our home, this blessed town is no different.  New SorGun stands here today because we’ve given our sweat and blood to make it happen. “ 

    Many in the crowd cheered as Finch paused, while others still offered their obligatory boos of disapproval.  
    “Yes, it is true, I am a rich man.  I’ve earned great riches while living here in New SorGun.  Some would dismiss it as luck, while others may give a nod to hard labor and industry.  My aching hands and tired back remind me where I stand on that debate.  But let there be no debate about this…”
    Finch finished the last sentence with a bellow so loud even the deaf man near the back of the crowd could feel the energy.
    “I would spend every last penny, use every last muscle and give every last breath I have to keep New SorGun alive.  New SorGun is my home, and I will protect her like a father.  So long as I stand before you, by the grace of God, our town will not perish from this land,” Finch’s fist pounded the podium with a thunderous crack after his last word.
    The crowd remained uncharacteristically quiet for a while.   Anthony Myers began to clap, and he was quickly joined by others, until finally a raucous crowd was hollering in approval.  Even the dissenters were quiet for a while.

    Finch began walking from the stage while acknowledging the audience.  Mr. Myers caught his attention as he neared the edge and gave him a little nod of approval.  Eastman Finch had given the town a rousing speech for sure, but would it be enough to win the Mayor’s office?  
    Stay tuned. 

  10. Mayor Haylo Stachoo
    Latest Entry

    Underground ramps helped to relieve the left turns and lineup to get onto the motorway...


    It does get busy!

    And the asset interchange made for Foggy Heights (the u-turn was taken out and made farther down from the outside under and reattached outside).  The idea was to get traffic off on a exit before letting new travelers on.  


    The modified underground Autobahn interchange at Ashton.


    Now one cause for the crisis of, "Not Enough buyers" was the Castle Condo which started after the rail cargo harbor was demolished (for lack of use).  The demolishing may have started the crisis and coupled with the mass influx of new J. Garnerians forced a snowball down a mountain.  We really should have waited for the impact study before demolishing, but the bulldozers were already there!


    Least I forget, the modified Franklin access to the rail cargo terminal...


    Notice the Carey Loftin look-a-likes?

    I'm told our luncheon is cancelled!  I was so much wanting to get those Buffalo Wild Wings... just have to wait.

    Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo



  11. Industrial sector G is one of 5 large industrial areas built in Pretoria. More than 90% of Dresden's industry is located here and it employs 12,061 people.

    The map below shows the juxtaposition of each sectors within the region.

    As seen in entry's 22 & 23, the region's largest power plant is located in this sector. A medium sized traditional port with only a small intermodal facility is also located adjacent to the south shore of Cisco Bay. This entry however will focus on the industrial zone located between the port and downtown Dresden.

    Industrial Sector G overview - not including the Port(beyond the upper left) & Power Plant(beyond the upper right)

    I'll be taking what I think is a unique approach in this entry. Instead of just showing random locations I'll preview each industrial facility one-by-one in order of the largest employee base - so as to better help you find suitable employment of course! :)  The employee count is the total amount of sims that actually travel to the building in question for work. 

    Dresden's 25 largest industrial employers (not including government or infrastructure related facilities)

    Company -
    Gusslov Pipelines Inc.
    Business Type - Pipe Mill
    Address - 80 Portland Rd.
    Total Employees - 1,472  Dresden's largest private industrial employer
    Job Satisfaction - 3/5



    Company -
    Golden Dragon Sorting Facility
    Business Type - Freight and Parcel Processing
    Address - 192 Pincer St.
    Total Employees - 1,150
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Rand Textiles
    Business Type - Textile Manufacturing
    Address - 1,2 & 4 Textile Place
    Total Employees - 611 (all three buildings)
    Job Satisfaction - 3/5

    Company - Mondi Paper Products
    Business Type - Pulp & Paper, Forest Products
    Address - 15 Connection St.
    Total Employees - 606 
    Job Satisfaction -
    Aside from the power plant this my 2nd favorite industrial facility in the city.




    Company - Backstien Industries
    Business Type - Industrial Machinery
    Address - 52 Edison Rd.
    Total Employees - 562
    Job Satisfaction -


    Company - Simland Food's
    Business Type - Food and Beverage Distribution 
    Address - 12 Pincer St.
    Total Employees - 548
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Longfellow's Inc.
    Business Type - Heavy Equipment(forklifts)
    Address - 125 Genosha Blvd.
    Total Employees - 457
    Job Satisfaction -


    Company - Elemental Technologies
    Business Type - Research & Development(classified)
    Address - 19 Rubbish St.
    Total Employees - 451
    Job Satisfaction -



    Company - Hapag-Lloyd Logistic Center
    Business Type - Consumer goods distribution
    Address - 10 Comex Drive
    Total Employees - 404
    Job Satisfaction -

    10 & 13
    Company - Acme Boiler Co. & Diag Inc.
    Business Type - Boiler Makers & multiple
    Address - 69 & 71 Edison Rd.
    Total Employees - 396 & 323
    Job Satisfaction -
    2/5 & 3.5/5



    Company - Mill Street Brewery
    Business Type - Brewing 
    Address - 45 & 47 Portland Rd.
    Total Employees - 349
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Gratiot Motors
    Business Type - Automotive Components
    Address - 28 Edison Rd.
    Total Employees - 328
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Coca-cola Bottling
    Business Type - Beverage Maker
    Address - 1 Coke St.
    Total Employees - 318
    Job Satisfaction -


    Company - Larkin Admin.
    Business Type - Computer Software
    Address - 60 Portland Rd.
    Total Employees - 310
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Gleaners Industrial Supplies
    Business Type - Industrial Products
    Address - 49 Edison Rd.
    Total Employees - 288
    Job Satisfaction -


    Company - Organ Works Inc.
    Business Type - Corn Wet Milling
    Address - 13 Qzar St.
    Total Employees - 285
    Job Satisfaction -



    Company - GWR Packaging
    Business Type - Freight Distribution
    Address - 1 Pincer St.
    Total Employees - 276
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Lafarge Cement
    Business Type - Concrete Batching plant
    Address - 11 Solpadenie St.
    Total Employees - 274
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Unidek Ltd.
    Business Type - Thermal Insulation manufacturing & distribution
    Address - 55 Portland Rd.
    Total Employees - 263
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Piglatin Clays Ltd.
    Business Type - Kaolin Processing
    Address - 10 Solpadenie St.
    Total Employees - 253
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Vestor Acetone
    Business Type - Chemical Manufacturing
    Address - 9 Edison St.
    Total Employees - 176
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Jack Wild Conductors
    Business Type - Semiconductors
    Address - 145 Genosha Blvd.
    Total Employees - 172
    Job Satisfaction -

    Company - Sovereign Distribution
    Business Type - Freight Distribution
    Address - 28 & 30 Power Ave.
    Total Employees - 166
    Job Satisfaction -

    That concludes the top 25 list. But even if you are not successful in your job application(s) with any of those companies there are still dozens of other potential employer who may want to hire you, so keep at 'er. Of course, if you actually have some big bucks in your pocket already and don't need to look for a menial job why not buy a property instead?

    This lot at 61 Pincer St. is now available after a company by the name of dead paper products literally went dead.

    The factory was demolished 2 years ago and the lot has remained empty ever since, just waiting for a willing buyer to come along and redevelop it. So why not take a chance? ;)  Granted it's located near a lot of nasty chemical manufactures, boxed in by a busy freight rail corridor and built on uneven ground but don't let that deter you!


    To conclude this already ridiculously long entry here's a couple mosaic shots for the road.




  12. rvEjP5n.jpg


    Part 1: The Central Train Station- Early Days

    Kings Town's awe was the high capacity central station which has been built the third year from town's foundation. It was a delicate brick station located on the entrance of town designed by Enzo Parmeziano, the architect of the Old Water Tower. The station was accessible by bus and provided 2 large car parks. Firstly, the station serviced international lines and connected Kings Town with the whole country. Nowadays, there are secret plans for two new regional lines towards Black Lake and Silvercastle. However, the authorities are not commenting over the issue.






    Part 2: The Central Train Station- Nowadays

    The Central Train Station remains the busiest part of town. It is connected with the bus line 1 (Town Hall-Coach Station-Central Train Station) and serves 150 citizens and 70 tourists per week. [Cars plopped (Hyundai Tucson-Sonata and dream's van), added some more parking space and bushes.]






    The authorities accepted London-Midlands service to migrate into Kings' Town line for both regional and national connection.
    However, a secret society called ''Chirpy'' is behind plentiful donations to the Kings Town Municipality. Thus, the authorities named the train service department ''flying chirpy'' !!!!









    Part 3: The Utilities.

    Both Greater and Lesser Assembly decided to ''go green'' in terms of power needs. So after the outcome of the binding voting (97% for, 3% against) the authorities established an Aeolian Park over the Mountain Aruralis and two solar farms. 











    Part 4: Services.

    Kings Town is obliged to offer the best possible services to its citizens. It has already a metropolitan police and fire station and a new established medical practice. In the same area it is also located the Old Bus Station and the Central Train Station. The location provides an easy reach both inside and outside the town.









    Here you are going to see the brand new ploppable Volvo engines into ''static action'' ! 






    I hope you liked this new entry !

    Join the Journey! See you in Agrophilia !!


  13. zTwhlqF.jpg

    The Jade Bight 15:

    Having toured the hideaway of the rich and reclusive in Greeseil for our last installment, we now travel southeast -- and once again, away from the sea.  We will be spending a bit of time in the small and very prosperous village of Nordholz.  The thriving hamlet is nestled in the smooth and fertile heart of the North German Plain mid-way between the bustling seaport of Emden on the west and the major maritime center of Wilhelmshaven on the east.  Surrounded by all that industry and commerce, it is small wonder that Nordholz opted for more agrarian pursuits.

    I have chosen another small map to work on this time.  There will be one more small map to follow this one as I work my way around the edges of a medium map and a large map.  Having decided to attempt working on a more "regional" approach, it is important that smaller surrounding maps be populated before attempting the medium and large ones.  I'm working on the theory that the larger maps will be able to focus more on industry and commerce without having to take up too awful much space with residential zones.  It may or may not work -- since smaller maps do not sport large populations, either.  But we shall see when we reach installment #17.  

    NORDHOLZ: Overview

    This is my second effort at a farming community -- and it has had mixed results.  I don't have as much experience with farms as I have with other types of zones, so I figured a little practice would be in order.  I downloaded and installed the BSC Fields material and found the results disappointing.  The BSC farms grow quite readily, but the results are not nearly as impressive as the SPAM lots.  I had to resort to heavy detailing and a good deal of filler lots to offset the difference.  I did devote a bit more space to the farms in an effort to improve the scale aspect.  Small farms are OK -- but I feel they are more realistic on a larger scale.  I did extensive work with fences and invested heavily in MMP work to try and boost the realism.  I find that I am drawn more to "livestock" farms than crops, and these will require even larger acreage to implement.  I will soon be doing a medium sized map based on agriculture, and this one has been good practice, as well as providing ideas for the future.



    Nordholz is bordered on the east by Wilhelmshaven (a large map), and will be providing a power source and trash removal services for that major port city.  I assume a single, medium-sized, Nuclear facility will be enough to supply the needs of Wilhelmshaven.  But -- since it will be home to the bulk of the heavy units of the Imperial Fleet, as well as being a seaport and industrial center -- I have made arrangements for another "sister city" to be available as well.  Wouldn't be too bright to build a gigantic military / industrial complex if you can't keep the lights on! (lol)


    A small and slightly upscale neighborhood in the southeast corner of the village.  I still haven't managed to get away from the "grid patterns" of the game, but I do think I'm getting better at breaking it up a bit and disguising the grid to some degree.


    I do like those BSC parkways!!  They are amazingly flexible and maintain a simplicity that is almost "minimalist beauty" in itself.


    I tried to keep the civic clutter down to a minimum and managed to concentrate it at the "hub" of the roads coming in from the four edges of the map -- much like real small towns.  And you have to look closely in order to tell it's the main intersection.


    I've been downloading a bunch of "City Halls" and "Council Chambers" (Matt325b makes some very good ones!) -- but I was between downloads when I needed one for Nordholz.  I trotted out the small Maxis City Hall and dressed it up a bit.  I never actually considered how many "City Halls" (or substitutes) you need to provide variety for a region.


    You've got to have a good, dependable, train station to keep those commuters headed for Wilhelmshaven!!


    Nice little park on the west edge of town with a path leading through the woods to the local riding school.


    I had such fun with a horse ranch on the last agriculture map -- I decided to expand on the theme a bit.  This is "Red Ryder Arabians" -- an equestrian ranch of the first water.  (And -- for you trivia buffs among us -- there's a Saturday matinee trivia question worth 50 points in that name !!)  This is a combination farm, horse breeding ranch, boarding stable, and equestrian school -- all rolled into one!  It's owned by a wealthy breeder named "Jay Rockyfeller" and he's not only amassed more than twice the acreage of my last effort, but his operation is quite extensive.


    The school is on the right with a parking lot and public entrance for the pupils and folks that pay to board their horses here (a select clientele).  Just below that you find a paddock with two stables.  And across the road are the hay barns, feed silos, etc, etc.




    Here's a close-up of the well kept stables.  One crowd is gathered down by the horse trailers -- socializing (some folks ride -- some just come for the society).  At the other end of the paddock, you see a small group at the hitching post -- mounting up and preparing to head for the bridal paths.  All the while, some of "Jay's" prized Arabian Greys enjoy munching the clover, while others gather at the corner to watch the traffic.  (I forgot to let the cars run before taking the picture!)





    Here you see the "Rockyfeller" homestead.  Jay thought about building a mansion -- but decided the paddock in front of the house could be put to better use.  "Jay's" wife is partial to rhubarb pie -- that's what's growin' on the back twenty.  They often invite the farmer from across the road to dinner -- G. Keilor -- rhubarb pie for desert is his favorite! (Another 50 trivia points up for grabs!)




    This is Rye Farm -- a good size spread -- but a short name.  But then again -- that's what he grows.  G. Keilor is a man of few words, though elegantly simple.  They say his humor is much like his crop.  (If you haven't figured out the last trivia question -- this was another hint!)




    This is "Korngold Farms" -- pun intended -- 'cause he grows corn!!  Erich Wolfgang Korngold's family has farmed this land since written records were first kept.  Notice the two family dwellings.  The smaller one belongs to Errol, his first born son, who will one day inherit the land and quite possibly go on to be the royal governor of the province.  (The trivia question burried in there is worth 100 points!  I saved the toughest one for last.)

    We come again to the end of this week's journey.  I hope you enjoyed it.

    Please leave a comment and feel free to offer advice or criticism.

    Next week we will spend a few pleasant moments in an outdoor cafe in the unlikely little village of --

    -- Zetel  


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    Hello Simtropolis!

    It has been awhile since I posted anything to this site. I have been busy with real life and attempting countless times  to perfect my region. But here it is! Finally. With this City Journal I am interested in updates from the role of a planner who works for the city, but that will come later after a few introductory updates.  

    Welcome to Algonquin City!








    - thanks, canadiansim - 


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    From the previous thread, we have gathered the resources in the form of maps to start laying the foundation of the city. I will start with railway, as these are the least flexible and therefore it is easiest to building things around the railway rather than vice-versa. I'm going to pull up the map from the previous entry and post it below this paragraph for reference. You can see the railway lines marked by black-white dashed lines. The main line goes from south-east to north-west. This is a quadruple track and it carries both freight and commuter trains. There is also a line that goes directly north from the main line. This is double track and can't be that busy, as there is a road-crossing. The rest are single tracks serving industrial facilities. Indeed, a look on Google Maps indicates there are quite a few spurs leads to industrial sites not on this map. Finally, there is a gigantic rail maintenance depot to the north-east of the city tile. With this in mind, it is obvious to start with the most major track (the SW-NE).


    To get a reference point to start work, I will find out the furthest west and east point of the line (where it reaches the city limits). There are 256 tiles across one axis in the map, and my map is 606 pixels wide; therefore there are 0.42 tiles per pixel. Why did I calculate this? Well, I can measure (in pixels) on my map how far down from the top of the map, the railway line is at the boundaries and multiply this by 0.42 to get the distance in tiles and then to plot it on Simcity. The western point is 281 px (119 tiles) down and the eastern point is 87 px (36 tiles) down. I can also deduce the angle of my railway line from this. The difference along the northern axis is 83 tiles across the whole city (256 tiles). Bit of trigonometry and you get an angle of 18°! The fractionally angled railway that comes with NAM is 18.4°; hence the exclamation mark. However, things won't be quite as a easy as plopping one straight line of FARR, as the only FARR interface with road networks is a Maxis road crossing. There are four road-rail interfaces across the main rail line, so it will need to bend into orthogonal at these points. This will render the line slightly off track. But I will intend to start from the west and work my way eastwards. The final road interface will be at the rail maintenance yard, so I don't mind switching it to diagonal before getting back on track at the eastern city boundary.

    The next step is to make a note of where the road interfaces occur. Similar to as before, I will measure (in pixels) how far the roads are from the map in Photoshop and then convert this into city tile units to measure across on the map. So far west to east we have Browns Line (49 px, 21 tiles); 30th street (in grey; 189 px, 80 tiles); Kipling Avenue (345 px, 146 tiles); and Islington Avenue (509 px, 215 tiles). I think they are all avenues (two lanes either side), so I will plot them onto the map roughly where I think they will intersect with the railway line and start building a FARR railway line. As I mentioned earlier line uses quadruple track, but I will be using the standard dual track instead. Why? Quadruple track doesn't exist (or at least not yet) and if I were to do two parallel dual tracks, it would be three tiles wide at fractional angles (48 m, compared to the real-life scenario of about 16 m!). Also, the two tracks wouldn't be used by in the game, as I have no way of separating freight and passenger trains.


    Next step are the detailed interfaces with road and rail, as they are currently just rail crossing... not ideal for a busy commuter line in one of the largest urban areas in North America! I will work from west to east. The first one is Browns Line and is composed of a an avenue bridge with a very gentle slope from the north and to the south it immediately splits into two one way roads and turns perpendicular with a moderate slope as shown below in Google Maps:


    This was mostly successful. I haven't covered the topic yet, but I did have to check the location of Lake Shore Blvd W to see whether I would have room between the bridge to get a nice curved ramp to Browns Line. Unfortunately I couldn't use the NAM curved pieces, but I did move Lake Shore Blvd by one tile so I could get a smoother gradient:


    Next up is 30th Street. A rather simpler affair with this one. As shown by Streetview, a simple avenue under rail underpass should do.


    Looks like I've hit my file upload limit. I will carry this on as a second journal entry or hopefully as a second post in the entry. Still have Kipling Avenue underpass and Islington Avenue bridge coming up!


  14. For those of you who weren't aware, Nyhaven and Kendall are part of the same metropolitan area. In fact, they're the two largest cities in the metro area. The following animation shows my progress in building and merging the two cities over time (up to about a week ago):


    I've done even more work on the metro area since the date of the last region view here, but Photoshop refuses to export an updated GIF (probably due to a memory shortage or summat). EDIT: After shrinking the image and reducing the animation length, Photoshop finally exported a new GIF. I've edited it into the space above. However, you can see some of my latest work in the Kendall thread.

    At this point, even the two subway systems have merged, creating a 20-line monster that's so big, it would be a nightmare to try to name each line the way I'd been naming them. Hence my decision to replace the names with letters and numbers, as the latest subway map shows:


    My latest work on Kendall was almost lost due to the city contracting prop pox. Thankfully, after doing a great deal of reading on prop pox's causes and preventive measures, I was able to continue from a recent, pox-free backup, and my preventive measures have kept the pox from reappearing. Here's some of that work, which includes my efforts to merge Kendall and Nyhaven into a single metro area.


    The Lords of Parliament, Lower Columbia's two heads of government, now have a residence and office that suits them. The leaders of Parliament's two chambers live and work in separate wings of Columbia House, shown here. This executive mansion is right across Upper Columbia Avenue from Parliament House itself.


    Based on earlier comments, I've worked on reducing building repetition around Federal Circle. I've also begun expanding the business district that surrounds the circle, so it hasn't completely filled in yet.


    I also acted on comments regarding the proximity of the seaport to central Kendall and completely rebuilt the area. Now, housing projects rise where cranes and stacks of containers once stood. I also rebuilt Edmonds Junction, the rail junction connecting Kendall's Library Terminal to the port and points beyond, to take advantage of the new FlexTrack features in NAM 34.


    The rebuilt Port Brunsmjöd now sits on its own island, with many more berths for ships and greatly improved rail and highway access. Pacifica State Highway 32 (visible in the top-right corner) runs through the port areas next to the port's rail line.


    PC-32 begins at this rebuilt interchange with the R-50, where the latter highway turns south into central Kendall. Due to this interchange's proximity to another one, the R-50 widens to 10 lanes here.


    That other interchange is where the R-250 ends. This freeway gives Kendall access to Nyhaven International Airport and runs through a number of new suburbs. The R-50, meanwhile, continues east into midtown Nyhaven.


    The largest of those new suburbs is Clifton Mesa, a massive planned community near the formerly-small village of Clifton. Huge earth-moving operations leveled the hills that once stood here to collect land reclamation material for Port Brunsmjöd in the 1960s, and city planners took the opportunity to build a suburb that would serve both Nyhaven and Kendall. Clifton Mesa is home to one of the metro area's largest shopping malls, and is where several subway lines from both cities intersect.

  15. title028.png

    Hello and welcome back to Cathnoquey as we return in (hopefully) better definition! So today we're going to take a tour of Westport's bigger attractions and more defining buildings.


    Small reminder of where Westport is in Cathnoquey. Visited cities in yellow!


    Westport features a lot of wall-to-wall buildings, as well as sprawling suburbs made of mostly terraced houses. It is the capital of the state of Perwyn, as well as the biggest city on the island of Perwyn itself, with 95.251 inhabitants. It does have its fair share of taller buildings though, so let's take a look at some of them!


    Most of the high rises in town can be seen on this picture. Most were built before 5E125, when new strict laws banned any further high rise development in the downtown area.


    The Cheese Wheel is one of Perwyn's more iconic attractions, despite the fact that it's really just a normal Ferris wheel. Tourist trap or genuine genius? You decide. Westport is a seaside resort town, after all.


    The second-biggest tower - though by far the most well known - is Belmont Tower. It is an all-office building, and home to quite a few big companies. However, half of it is empty as its rent has only gone up after the tower's first owners, Morrow Cloud Holdings Ltd, defaulted on payment and went backrupt.


    Belmont Square, at the foot of the tower, is an important transit hub in Westport. It's also the starting point of most cycle paths in the city. Westport aims to boost its cycling traffic by 200% in the ten coming years.


    The Sirta Corporation, focused on medical research, also built its own labs and HQtower in the middle of Westport.


    The tallest building, so far, is Primrose Tower. It was built before the other two, in 5E06, and sits right next to the Capitol. It houses offices as well as several state departments that had to move out of the ever so crowded Capitol Hall. At such it was funded by the State of Perwyn itself, and half its floors loaned out to various companies.


    Wigmore Bell Tower, in the middle of Wigmore Square, rings every hour from 7am to 7pm. It is also a popular meeting place for political rallies, and is one of the bigger tourist attractions in Westport.


    City Hall Square, with the City Hall in the background and the Cathedral of Stendarr to the west.


    There are several churches, temples and houses of worship in Westport, though most of the population follows the Cult of the Nerevarine. The Nerevarine is the Protector of Morrowind and all Dunmer. Legend holds that the Nerevarine left Tamriel for Akavir, stopping at various places on the way - including Westport, if the archeological evidence is to believe.


    This makes the Temple of the Nerevarine especially important : beyond serving as the Great Temple for all of Cathnoquey, it is one of the Seven Temples that every follower must visit as part of their mandatory Pilgrimage as they retrace the Nerevarine's steps towards Akavir. 


    The polytheistic Aedric faith is still strongly represented though, especially in the non-Dunmer population. Communities such as the Fellowship of Mara are strong in the city. The Cathedral of Mara is known for its extensive Valentine's Day celebrations, which starts the Westport Winter Fair. After all, what would an Aedric chapter focused on teachings of love and harmony be without its own Valentines celebrations?


    Let's move on to Castle Island...without the centuries old castle. A fire broke out, which forced the castle's demolition. The terrain remains empty as the council simply cannot decide if the land should be redeveloped, or if a new mock castle should be built in its stead.


    Now that is one tower complex that generated a lot of controversy. The Lucky 42 Twin Towers are the island's highest residential towers, and were built in 5E125 right on the riverfront. Many residents were very angry at the construction, and these are the towers which pushed a height ban on all future downtown buildings.


    View of the towers. 


    It's by far not the ugliest building - many consider the Freeside Project towers to be some of the least appealing buildings in all of Cathnoquey, but their construction was needed during the 5E90s housing shortages.


    However, in the 5E130s (a few years ago), massive state deregulation in the sectors of gambling and entertainment, coupled with increased domestic tourism, especially to the more natural beaches of Westport, have led people to build more hotels and casinos. The problem is that there was very little land available in the city centre, and they came too late to build tall buildings.


    So what happened is that the formerly residential areas of Briarwood were redeveloped as massive hotel complexes, and in five years no less than eleven hotel towers have sprung up in the middle of the district. Nightclubs and entertainment venues were also built. Critics of the redevelopment have dubbed Westport "WestVegas" or "Glenvale without the sun", though it also strongly boosted the municipal coffers.. 


    Westport is still more of a traditional seaside resort, but there are fears that hotel projects like the Jubilee Resort are changing it into a more costly, less natural destination.


    The municipality has declared that some of the taxes from the hotels and casinos would go towards cleaning up and maintaining the beaches around town in order to ease up some of those fears.


    Not that there is a lot to clean up. Westport has always been a forerunner in green energy, and strives to stop all polluting industry by the 5E140s - though there is still a strong manufacturing economy, and Westport Harbor is a major node in the oil trade.


    Westport Lighthouse, right by some of the most used beaches...


    The Cheese Wheel by night! 


    A fire rages tonight, as Westport slumbers...


    Belmont Tower by night. Several of the offices are illuminated even though they're empty to give the illusion of activity, or at least to mitigate the embarrassment of city officials.


    Here's one last landmark : the clock tower, in front of Primrose Tower, the main Fire Station and very close to the Capitol (poking in the background along with Belmont Tower).


    All of these landmarks make Westport a better seaside resort (at least better than Wodenbury), and locals are generally happy here. That's quite a change from mainland Cathnoquey, isn't it?


    And so we conclude our tour of Westport for today! Many more pictures and stories coming soon though, so stay tuned :D


    Map of Westport, including the major roads and all the bus lines! 

    Hope you enjoyed, see you soon!

  16. AbbeyAcresDirtRoad.thumb.jpg.00712633d2c

    First of all, I apologize for how long it's been since I've posted an update. Life has been crazy busy, but I took some time this evening to work on the expansion I mentioned in the last entry. Here is a nice dirt road that borders a citrus farm in Abbey Acres (currently the only farm lol). 

    Here is a picture of the barn for the citrus farm. As you can see from this direction, there is much left to develop and turn into farms.


    In this shot, you can see downtown in the distance, giving you an idea of where Abbey Dell is in relation to this new area.


    The farming community has brought many people to the area, and they have founded a small, rural-ish town, Abbey Acres. The main plaza/park is the centerpiece of the small development. (I'm not a fan of that building's shadowing in this shot, but it captured the park pretty well)


    A night shot of the park from a different angle gives you a better idea of the small town feeling of Abbey Acres.


    A shot of downtown from Abbey Acres. No matter how far from the city, the lights and skyline still loom in the distance.


    Here's an overview of the area I'm currently working on. As you can see, it's very much a work in progress, but I'm excited to work on it and see how it turns out.


    As always, I hope you enjoyed this entry. I apologize again for how long it's been since I've posted an entry.

    Feel free to comment, rate, like, and all that jazz. It's very appreciated.


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    This is Rock Dale Reginal Airport when the power gets turned on It will house FEDEX, DHL, and KLM Administration hubs for the western United States. A subway location and a transit train station I am 1/4 done and have never posted on this site yet have seen many inspiring realistic photos that I hope you can see in my city Created on city skyline...


    The Rail Transit station 




    Main Airport entrance...Taxi awaiting your arrival!



    Private Jets way...1st class overnight delivery




    Delivery in the morning!


  17. Hello. Today I add an university to the city because some of the businesses needed higher educated workers to functions. I rebuilt the road across the river so the traffic would go over the dam instead of into the residential area. I added a second way across farther done and added another dam on another river farther down. I also added more high rise residential to the south end of town. 

    Please follow me on Facebook and YouTube. That would be appreciated. 

    Video for this entry:








  18. jST2wdC.png

    Well, it's been a while and this presentation is based off of the airport I created for my city Capistrano. Unfortunately this city file was saved corrupted so I no longer play it and the airport area has been "re-purposed" in the playable Capistrano save.  Nonetheless, here it is, obviously it's not to scale (as I didn't want to dedicate an entire large tile solely for such) and isn't entirely polished. I've included a couple of misc shots with some new image editing software I am working with (though it's not Photoshop, which I can't afford right now) to add a little extra flavor to some work I've done in the past. Interestingly, the portion of Capistrano seen in these pics has largely been reworked as well. So in a way this will be a glimpse into the city's past.

    On to the pics!


    Here we have the two largest gates serving the largest of the Boeing and Airbus fleets conveniently located across from the Capistrano Convention Center!




    Runway approach south...



    Runway approach north



    Northeast perimeter of the airport:



    Daytime shot:



    Similar shot a little further north of those above...




    Night shot of the terminal:



    Day operations north terminal section:




    Overall panorama of the airport at night:



    Miscellaneous Shots:

    "Thunderstorm on the course"



    "Ocean's Embrace"


    Well, that's all. Unfortunately, my span of activity in SC4 has markedly dwindled (still love the game) I only have one other project in the works and still hoping my journal reaches 10k views at which point I'll showcase the current city of Capistrano (which I think is my best work)...who knows what'll be next! hope you have enjoyed!

    Thanks for the comments!






  19. lGb3TfC.png

    Reaching New Heights: Downtown Ocean Valley- part 1

    Welcome to downtown Ocean Valley- A beautiful part of town, Midtown Ocean Valley is a hub of activity. Located off the Central Express road, Midtown Ocean Valley is a beautiful edition to the city.
    As Seen from Skyline Park, Downtown as you can see is reaching new heights. With constant construction, the area is growing rapidly. More people ant to live here as it features the most commanding views of the area. Not only can you see the river, but the ocean can be seen from select apartments along the city's streets.
    The Midtown curve as it comes off the Midtown Switchover Interchange. An amazingly beautiful turn, this is a commanding view along the Central Express Road.
    A Skyline to remember- Along the Central Expressway the city stands out as a city of the future. This is the Financial District of Midtown.
    The newest skyscraper of the city- The Cocoon-  A rounded a futuristic styled skyscraper designed by Peter Grupen of GTW Enterprises, this structure is one of the most identifiable buildings of the Financial District.
    The oldest Skyscraper of the city, The Belmoor Building, designed by Trace Brookford (1877-1950) in 1923 and completed in 1925, Belmoor Building made an impact on the future of the city. This art-deco styled building features a lower level cafe with sidewalk plaza, and its the first building you encounter when you enter downtown on Reckmore Road.

    Hope you enjoyed a look at the beautiful downtown. See you again.

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    Republic of Tropea,Tropea and International Airport Giuseppe Colucci more information on the wiki.


    27/1/2016 10:30 TROPEA International Airport Giuseppe Colucci Runway 9R.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to land at Tropea, if you can see the Windows you'll see Tropea Beach located near the airport. Thank you for choosing KLM.

    This is a classic phrase for those who land at International Airport Giuseppe Colucci who is close to the beach of Tropea, here is a picture of our flight.


    A few minutes later our plane arrives at its destination gate here begin our adventure.


    Tourists began to visit Tropea especially its historic center.


    The beach of Tropea is a beautiful tropical beach very equipped. Someone wants to make a football game on the beach?


    The sun sets is the beach of Tropea has a key piece much famous in tourist destinations. the Beach Airport




    And after an afternoon in the sea we go to do some shopping in the Centre of Tropea


    Finally we arrive at the casino hotel Mirage in all its splendour during sunset


    After the Sun went down finally comes the night is time that is unleashed: MOOSECAAA (cry of a guy "ignorant" you want spliffed overnight)

    Here is the central square of Tropea overnight.


    What beautiful historic buildings that unfortunately have been spoiled by Disco Concorde.


    It was a beautiful old town but now it's too noisy due to Disco Concorde and the damn roundabout.


    Italian-siculian mafia and Colombian cartels in their favourite area overnight

    PSSS. Been silent are selling drugs and weapons better not ping them.


    And with this news silent, is now closing! See you in a next weeks.


    Welcome to Federal Republic of Siculia

     Themistokles:Thanks for the comment after some time off I am back

    city89:Thanks for the comment is this version will be very rich in content

    wes4:Thank you very much


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    It's been days of wading through the steam workshop, but I finally compiled enough collections to feel ready to start up again. I also made a custom map of Staten Island, the least interesting place in New York City!

    Platten Island is a go. Get ready for Moscow in the West.

    Transportation collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608135494
    Terraced houses and shops collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608116941
    Rowhouses collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608116689
    Blockhouses collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608116506
    Plattenbauten collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549043148
    Schools and service buildings collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608115400
    Parks collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549078056
    Parking lots collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549125546
    Mods collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549077111




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