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Greater Leeds

The City of Leeds and the surrounding areas.


Greater Leeds Transit - Part 3

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-20 2012 - * * * * *
This 3rd and final part of Greater Leeds Transit follows one of the highway routes from the Southern agricultural surrounds of the city, North into the outer fringes of the city and into the heart of the city itself. This is only one of a number of routes into/out of the city, if you're interested in getting an idea of the other routes, check Greater Leeds Transit - Part 2 and look at the transit map. If you like this post, or any others, please rate, comment or click the +1. Thanks again... Go to this entry →
149 Views, 8 Comments, Last comment by Big_Tree_Z , Jan 21, 2012 - 08:07 PM

Greater Leeds Transit - Part 2

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-19 2012 - * * * * *
Hey again, just the next part of Greater Leeds Transit, focusing on my rail transport systems and also featuring a transit map of Central Leeds. My rail experiences a high amount of usage, with alot of the stations (even large stations, off of the main route) taking much higher than capacity, it does, however, for the most part work quite well. Again, please rate, +1 and comment if you like it (or dislike, I like the feedback), or check out my other posts. A transit map of Central Leeds, Cya... Go to this entry →
144 Views, 5 Comments, Last comment by kakado_to_save , Jan 20, 2012 - 10:01 AM

Greater Leeds Transit - Part 1

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-17 2012 - * * * * *
Firstly, just a small note celebrating my first 1000 views. Hopefully it's the first of many to come.This is a part 1 post of a number of posts that centre around transit in Greater Leeds. In this post the new GLR system and El rail system will be shown. Please, view my other posts and +1, rate (5 stars ) and comment; any feedback is appreciated!Next post will show my rail system, and introduce a general regional map of transport systems.The LTA (Leeds Transit Authority) logo.The East... Go to this entry →
150 Views, 2 Comments, Last comment by Big_Tree_Z , Jan 18, 2012 - 10:52 PM

The Storm Hits

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-15 2012 - * * * * *
Hi again.This small update shows a large electrical storm hitting Leeds. Hope you like it, remember rate, +1 and commentWaves are pounding against the cliffs at Wales Head, a storm is coming.The storm has hit, and this abandoned market will likely be inundated with water.This lightning strike to Radio Tower 1 caused millions of simoleons of damage to its radio antenna.I've decided the next post will be a transportation post. Thanks for viewing! Plus 1, rate and comment Go to this entry →
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Ports and Industry

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-13 2012 - - - - - -
Here's some of the industrial areas that produce the things that companies sell and sims buy. Leeds has one major port, split over two areas; Port Wales - West is the manufacturing port (cars, steel, etc.), Port Wales - East deals with the higher tech and generally more fragile exports and imports (electronics, etc.).I appreciate your views and any comments. If you like it press the +1, vote it up and check up my other posts. Thanks in advance!The grittier side of life in Leeds. Locat... Go to this entry →
97 Views, 1 Comments, Last comment by Toothless Stitch , Jan 14, 2012 - 10:33 AM

Rural Life

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-12 2012 - - - - - -
Leeds isn't composed just of the city. Although the vast majority of the population lives within urban areas, a significant portion of Greater Leeds' area is occupied by agriculture, primarily on the Southeastern Plains. Agriculture also accounts for a large amount of Greater Leeds' economy, providing around 50,000 full-time, part-time and casual jobs.Thanks for viewing my "rural post". Rural areas are not my forte, but I do enjoy making them so any feedback regarding how... Go to this entry →
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The City

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-10 2012 - * * * * -
A more comprehensive look at the CBD. It's been updated slightly since my first post, but I've tried to vary my photos. Please, vote it up if you like it or press the +1 and leave any comments, positive or negative. - Oh and just to highlight my awesomeness, all large buildings in the CBD have grown except for the Berlin Radio Tower, the Jin Guang Centre and the Columbia Seafirst Centre.Next I'll post some pictures of my favourite rural areas.The Leeds CBD contains a number of ver... Go to this entry →
151 Views, 8 Comments, Last comment by Big_Tree_Z , Jan 13, 2012 - 03:58 AM

Regional Overview

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-09 2012 - - - - - -
Just a couple of photos for a regional overview. This covers about 70% of the regions landmass but shows all of the regional diversity (urban area, agricultural area and open spaces). Please (not to be pushy), if you like it, press the like button and maybe leave a comment. Thanks in advance. The next post will examine the CBD more comprehensively.The Central portion of Greater Leeds.The Toure Mountains, located Northeast of Central Leeds.The mid-south part of Leeds' western coastline.The... Go to this entry →
154 Views, 4 Comments, Last comment by memedoug85 , Jan 13, 2012 - 02:08 AM

Central Leeds

Posted by Big_Tree_Z , Jan-08 2012 - - - - - -
Hi,Welcome to my first post for my first journal, I appreciate any views and comments, especially regarding GIMP (the program I used to edit some of the photos) which I am new to.This journal will be a collection of pictures from my region, Leeds (nothing like the real city), which is now as filled as I wish it to be, both in terms of tiles and population, with the latter being just over 1,000,000 sims.I'm not a "professional" Sim City player. I play when I feel like it and this r... Go to this entry →
83 Views, 3 Comments, Last comment by NMUSpidey , Jan 08, 2012 - 05:52 AM

Leeds - Basic Information

Country/State: Loidis (Capital)

Attached Image

- City of Leeds: 402,680
- Urban Area: 973,739
- Greater Leeds: 1,004,245
*As of Jan 2012

Density: 6910.34/km2
(Greater Leeds)

Land Area (Urban): 145 km2 (Greater Leeds)

Founded: 2/3/1796

-Highest: 713m,
Johnson's Peak, Mt. Romney
-Lowest: -7.5m,
Bailey Field, Harrier Plain

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