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Imperial Federal Kingdom of Grand, Belluterra, and Malo (USNW)

A full member of the United Sovereign Nations of the World, with Grand & Belluterra in tropical Neridea, and Malo located in the deserts of Althena


Comic Strip: Grandian History Comics - Part 3

Posted by emperordaniel , in Comics Jan-11 2012 - * * * * -
Just some more history for ya Go to this entry →
132 Views, 7 Comments, Last comment by emperordaniel , Feb 25, 2012 - 04:38 PM

News Entry: Serious and Silly

Posted by emperordaniel , in Newspapers Jan-09 2012 - * * * - -
Ruteria is transforming!by Rupert ApataxFlag of the new Republic of Ruteria (above), which will replace the older, Monarchist flag (below)MERIDA, RUTERIA- After weeks of protests in the Ruterian capital over the ongoing civil war, the monarchy, the problems with drug cartels, the government's handling of the devastating earthquake which took place a few weeks ago, and other such things, Her Majesty from Ruteria, Queen Monica I, has agreed to step down as Queen of Ruteria, ending her t... Go to this entry →
136 Views, 4 Comments, Last comment by emperordaniel , Jan 11, 2012 - 12:43 PM

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