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Horneby & Marienkirchen - The Grid Is Dead

Posted by MandelSoft , in Rural surroundings Jun-17 2013 · 27,830 Views

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"Just fantastic! Picture 10.6 really shows that the grid is truly dead. "
-- riiga
Be prepared for more grid-breaking. The next update shows that the grid is not only dead, but it has been burried too!

"That must have taken forever to do. It was well worth the effort, great job!"
-- NMUSpidey
Actually, it didn't take that much time. A few hours maybe, but I've spent longer time on a single city. But still, you've got to remember all the FAR patterns ;)

"Awesome Mandel. Loving that picture of the town square with all the people it looks so vibrant and full of life."
-- 89James89
The town square is the key feature of this town. That's where I started development. I like how it turned out and with the people on the square, it does look like something is going on there. So, full of life indeed ;)

"Its... Back?! 10.6 is superb. I can't believe you've actually managed to break the grid there. Its not even just about diagonals anymore, you've made the roads look like they will go in any direction."
-- ROFLyoshi
"Wow, I absolutely adore the first picture. That town square is fantastic. I'm also a huge fan of your farmland. The whole city just feels so...real. The lack of a grid really helps sell the idea that this is an old rural town. Really nice job!"
-- mb1.0.2
Then my mission was successful: making a convincing old town by breaking the grid. I actually started with a few roads on the edge of the tile and decided to converge them to this town. Therefore it looks like roads go everywhere from this town. I like the spider-web pattern it created ;)

"Pic 10.6 = Death to Rectangles"
Posted Image
-- Hellken
I'm so awesome, even a non-SC4 player is clapping for me :D

"Killin' the Grid!! This is FAR better than I could ever do!"
-- TekindusT
Grids? Where we go, we don't need grids...

"Specamazatastic return entry, GREAT work! "
-- ggamgus
Specamazatastic? Is that even a real word? :P

"You could say that town is really

( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

-- Mama Luigi

"Great return update, the FAR and the town look great"
-- Samerton
-- Titanicbuff
"All those gridless roads, its very impressive! I'm glad you're back doing Schellingen Stadt "
-- mystic_destiny
"Schellingen-Stadt is back !
Awesome update, I really like the last picture"

-- katherman111
"Your road layout is unique. I'll keep a watch on you for now.
Great update!!"

-- Luiz P. Romanini
"How could someone on the NAM team not use curvy and diagonal roads? Very nice city, and nice road layout "
-- Alex_1210
"Good to see that Schellingen-Stadt is back!"
-- simonvangenderen
"Wow an update, and a great one at that! Nice work!"
-- Haljackey
"Great update! Good use of FAR. "
-- RepublicMaster
"Very Great Old Town!"
-- Hazani Pratama
"Fantastic work. Great imagination and realization."
-- MilitantRadical
Thank you all for your kind replies ;)

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Today we're going to take a look at two small rural towns, Horneby and Marienkirchen. Located 3 km away from each other, they fit in the same city tile. But most notable is: both towns don't conform to the grid. How? Well, let's find out!

We first start with Horneby:

Posted Image

It's a small town like you know from everywhere. Low density buildings, one shop, a church and hey, a roundabout. Not that much eh? But look at the layout: almost all roads are diagonal, with a lot of smooth curves in place! And the best part is: it's all dragable!

As we zoom out, more and more grid-less things start to appear...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here we have our main rural highway, the Bundesstrasse 17. It's classified as a "Schnellstasse", allowing maximum speeds of 110 km/h and having no at-grade intersections.

Posted Image

Both Horneby and Marienkirchen have a parclo interchange with the B17. I just love to build parclos!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now on to Marienkirchen. It's slightly bigger than Horneby, but again, we see a broken grid here too!

Posted Image

And to conclude, we get an overview pic of Marienkirchen, showing it in all it's gridlessness...

Posted Image

See you next time!


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Death to the grid! That last picture is :evil:

The sprawl is amazing :O

Amazing Maarten! You clearly murdered the grid with that creation D:
The moment you think you see a grid forming, it twists and melts into organic beauty. Also the town's look vibrant and charming. The broken grid isn't the only good thing about this update!

Brilliant! Very smooooth and very inspirational :)

Luiz P. Romanini
Jun 17, 2013 - 10:31 AM

The grid is dead??


SC2013 IS DEAD!!!


This is one of the very best entries I've ever saw in this 1 and half year of Simtropolis!


Great Job!

Jun 17, 2013 - 11:42 AM

nice! love the second and seventh pictures! it is good to see that people are doing more with diagonal/curved roads... the town also has its own special feel to it...

Brilliant use of the FAR.

Buddy you earned my vote!

I see you're not the only one who pours catchphrases from Back to the Future in regular conversations! I thought I was the only one who did that...


As for the update, well, still wondering if you're conning us with real life pictures...

He is indeed conning us with RL pics... :P For the grid is immortal. D:


Excellent work! :D

I get the feeling I saw this towns before...


Or maybe they are just too similar to the ones in the Drag-able FAR video of NAM 31.

Bye bye grid lol.


Looks awesome Mandel, loving all the non grid like farms and housing estate.





This is awesome. The death of the grid is something we've been waiting for since literally the release of SC4. Those RHW2 parclo interchanges look great, I'll have to change some of my interchanges in my rural region into those, I think :) 

I really wish for a SimMars version of N.A.M., to make my colonies much better. Oh well...

Your gridless town is way more superior than Simcity 2013 and it proves what is possible to build in a 2003 game. Way to go :D

NAM Team roads > SC (2013) roads

Ding Dong! The Grid is dead. Which old Grid? The Wicked Grid! 
Ding Dong! The Wicked Grid is dead.

Maarten that is a very impressive road system, it's amazing how far we've come with mods :O. Although one thing, I really don't think the houses fit with the Germanic/European style much...

OlScare / Benoit
Jun 17, 2013 - 04:04 PM

Fantastic layout, very inspiring !

Works well with that kine of low density town, much harder with wall-to-wall unfortunately. :(

A namesake city for the gridless revolution!

Just gorgeous. Such a nice organic road layout, maarten. I love it. 

Maarten that is a very impressive road system, it's amazing how far we've come with mods :O. Although one thing, I really don't think the houses fit with the Germanic/European style much...

On the contrary, I think he has made them look okay. But yes, we definitely need more suburban European (German/Dutch/Belgian) style homes,

Hazani Pratama
Jun 17, 2013 - 11:51 PM


Jun 18, 2013 - 03:30 AM

RIP Grid...not! :P


Great update! :D


R.I.P. Grid


I didn't know you are the grid killer, Mandelsoft. :D

Awesome update! I hope you'll kill more grids next time!

Jun 18, 2013 - 08:06 AM

sorry for my ignorance but how did u do it? is there a mod to download?

sorry for my ignorance but how did u do it? is there a mod to download?

Maybe the Network Addon Mod?

Love the amazing road layouts. Now if only the same thing could be done with buildings then SC4 would live on for another decade XD

Jun 19, 2013 - 05:52 PM

Wow that's really sweet what you did there :) Really realistic looking Town there with cool looking roads. Thumbs up for you :)!

Wonderful non-grid area!!!! :D

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