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Jennai | The Name's Poor, Rather Poor

Posted by ThomasSimpson , Jan-05 2013 · 1,129 Views

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SC4L0ver: Thanks! You're welcome.

Hazani Pratama: Thank you very much!

Forthwall: Thank you. I really like those trees.

Ggamgus: Just. Thank you. :P

dubaidude303: Thank you, I'm glad you liked the fireworks!

raynev1: Thank you, that's very kind.

Fox: Happy new year to you too, especially for two comments!

Johan_91: Thank you.

Kruness: Haha, thanks! I'm glad you liked it all.

SirLegoZach: Thank you, and welcome to Cattala Sir!

NMUSpidey: Well I'll never reach a million in game. I've done the centre of Celeste and at the moment the region is at around 140,000 yet Celeste is supposed to be around 300,000. But Celeste has lots of parks like your cities!

Cyclone Boom: Thanks, I'm very pleased that you like it. It's always a joy to hear from new fans of Cattala, and I do hope to see what you think of today's work!

Ottoh11: Thank you! It's a shame you preferred the other ones, these ones are much more flexible and actually come up on the rails automatically, whilst the other ones had to be plopped alongside. So I'll probably stick with the new ones.

Efkin: Thank you :)

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Welcome to Cattala, and our first 2013 update. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Now today I'm going to show you Jennai. Of course, I haven't even begun building Jennai yet, as I explicitly said last update. So, here's some countryside outside Jennai: it's Tamer.

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The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted my little lie there. Tamer is in Fieranti, and is north-east of Cydonia. So... if we're in Fieranti, why did I say we were in Jennai...?

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Because we are. This is Rene, in Jennai. The actual city.

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Rene isn't the nicest part of town, that's why we're in the car with the blacked out windows today. Despite government expenditure on new housing projects to try and improve the housing stock and the lives of residents, this borough remains one of the poorest in the city.

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Just yesterday five men were arrested for the murder of a teenager in a gang shooting outside Rene Elementare. With government cuts beginning to bite, it seems unlikely that this part of the city will be turned around any time soon.

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Thank you for visiting Cattala today - perhaps next time we'll visit a nicer place? Somewhere sunny, like Santa Cecilia maybe. That would be nice.

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Very nice slums! :P

jk, LOL
Lovley use of asian buildings, it seems that they become mediteranian the way you use them ;)
Nice use of the danchis in Cattala! Lovely rural scenes.. Stop making it so over the top. :3
Oh dang! That's beautiful! I see you're beginning to use more plazas now Thomas. They look very nice in the more urban environments :)
Very nice!! I love how you mixed American, Asian and European buildings creating this piece of art. Congratulations!!
Hazani Pratama
Jan 05, 2013 - 09:57 PM
Very Beautiful city!
Well done! Not sure about the rowhouses tho
I like everything here.
Jan 06, 2013 - 03:23 PM
Nice job with these! And its funny how the 100th update was almost the first update in 2013, since this on is 98...
Wow even the slums in Cattala are beautiful in their own way. Good stuff Thomas :D
Cattala even makes the poorest areas look good :P Amazing job there :)

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